The Best Jobs
Senior Citizens - 2021

last updated February 22, 2021
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best jobs for senior citizens

Here Are
The 37 Best and Favorite

Part Time Jobs
for senior citizens

Are there rewarding part time jobs for senior citizens?

You bet there are!

Whether you require more income,
you just want to stay active and connected,

there is a great job waiting for you

A new job can be fun. Rewarding both financially and emotionally. And, it can be  part time.

So, let’s take a look and see what’s happening in the senior citizens jobs marketplace.

Common Questions and Answers:

1)  Do many retired seniors still work?

2)  Where do I go to find jobs for senior citizens?

3)  Can I find a job I really like?

4)  Do employers wan

t to hire senior citizens?

5)  What if I don’t know what I want to do?

6)  Can I find jobs for senior citizens on line?

7)  Will I need to use a computer?

8)  What do YOU want from a job?

9)  Can I get paid while training?

10)  What will employers want to know about me?

11)  How can I do a job search?

12)  Where should I start looking?

13)  What if I want to have my own business?

14)  What are:

The 37 Best and Favorite Jobs for Senior Citizens?

We’re Still
In Good Shape

best jobs for senior citizens

Seniors like us are more active than ever before. This is allowing us to work into our late sixties and seventies. And, yes there are plenty of great jobs for senior citizens available to us. Especially in part time work.

By the time we reach retirement age (65) most of us are still in pretty decent shape. Right?

Most of us, also, do not feel like working 40 + hours a week any more. These are our “Golden Years”. We want to enjoy them. We’ve earned them.

At the same time, isn’t having a nice income, being productive, and doing things we enjoy with other people a lot more appealing than doing nothing and worrying about how much we are spending every month?

Well, you’ve come to the right place.

In this article we’re going to be talking about all kinds of great part time jobs for senior citizens.

And, if you don’t know where to look, we’re going to be giving you some great ideas on where to go to find the best jobs for senior citizens. The kind of jobs you may be searching for. And, wanting to have.

Jobs we can enjoy. And, jobs that will give us that extra income we desire for all the little nice things we enjoy buying.

It doesn’t matter if you’ve decided to go back to work out of necessity or because you just can’t stand sitting still in retirement.

There are plenty of great jobs for senior citizens
just waiting for you.

Do Many
Retired Seniors Still Work?


At first, many of us think we may be one of the few seniors who still wants to work, or, has to keep working.

That’s not so.

Did you know:  Working in retirement, interestingly enough, is something more than half of retirees plan on doing? More than half.

Yes 55%. According to Transamerica Center for Retirement studies:

  • 14% of new seniors will continue to work full time.

  • 41% of seniors will go on to work part time.

Our reasons for continuing to work vary.

According to Transamerica:

  • 53% of seniors want additional income

  • 35% of seniors say it’s because they could not otherwise afford to retire

  • 47% of seniors say they want to stay active and remain sharp

  • 34% of seniors say it enables them to maintain social connections and gives them a sense of purpose

AARP has a similar survey.

In an AARP survey, both pre-retirees and retirees were asked the reasons they were working in retirement. Here's what they had to say:

Pre-retirees tell one major factor to work in retirement:

  • Need money: 22%
  • Need health benefits: 17%
  • Stay mentally active: 15%
  • Be productive or useful: 14%
  • Stay physically active: 9%
  • Help other people: 6%
  • Do something fun: 5%
  • Be around people: 4%
  • Learn new things: 3%
  • Pursue a dream: 3%
  • Don’t know/Refused: 3%

Interesting. Yes? You are not alone.

The numbers don’t exactly match on both surveys. But, what they do tell us is that over half of all seniors want to continue working after retirement.

And, there are plenty of part time jobs for senior citizens available.

"Where Do I Go
to find
Jobs for Senior Citizens?"

finding jobs for senior citizens

This is not as hard as may think it is. In fact, it's quite simple once you know where to look. And, no, we don't use a newspaper anymore. Yes, I miss those too.

If you have just retired, and are not yet familiar with AARP, you should join. It’s the single best resource for seniors in the world. It costs only $16 per year for a full membership.

Yes, AARP is just the best single resource we have found for seniors searching for anything. If you haven’t yet joined, we strongly suggest you stop right here and do it now. It’s a great place to begin a senior search for anything.

Now, when it come to jobs for senior citizens, the AARP Foundation operates SCSEP. The Senior Community Service Employment Program.

Here’s what they say:

SCSEP helps people age 55+ find work, develop new skills, and build their financial security. Through SCSEP, 55+ job candidates like you: Receive up to 20 hours/week of paid training and work experience.”

Paid training!

55 and older.

Just when it’s hard to get hired.


You bet!

"Can I Find a Job
I Really Like?"


Naturally when we go job hunting we want to find something we enjoy doing. Not just any old job.

And, yes, there are lots of great jobs for senior citizens that also fit our own personal desires for what kind of work we would enjoy.

So we need to focus on what would make us happy in a job now.

What is important to you may be very different than what is important to someone else. But, here are some things you may want to consider as you think about your job:

In the AARP survey on jobs for senior citizens these are the things that came up as most important:

  • Employee opinions are valued

  • Working for a company that lets older employers work as long as they want

  • Being able to take time off to care for relatives

  • Setting their own hours

  • Health benefits


  • What kind of work do you really want to be doing?

  • Do you want to work part time? Full time? Or, maybe just seasonally?

  • Do you want to be an employee with a salary? An independent contractor? Have your own business?

Do Employers Want
Hire Senior Citizens?

jobs for senior citizens #2

That’s a great question that we get asked a lot.

You Bet They Do!

There are a number of reasons seniors are in demand as employees:

  • Experience. 40 - 50 years of experience means a lot to employers.

  • Seniors are no longer parents. No work day emergencies with their kids. No maternity leave is necessary.

  • Seniors don’t need health insurance. After 65 they have medicare.

  • Part time employees are less expensive to hire.

  • Seniors are generally more mellow as a group and are easier to work with.

  • Seniors tend to be very dependable.

All of these are some of the reasons there are so many jobs for senior citizens available.

"What if I Don’t Know
What I Want to Do?"

Maybe you don’t really know what you want to do yet. Or, what you may be able to do that you’ve never done before.

That’s OK.

You may want to try a number of things that you’ve always thought about trying.

Maybe you’re not ready to commit to anything whole heartedly yet because you’re not quite sure what you’d enjoy doing. Maybe you just want to try different things because it seems interesting.

You don’t have to make a life commitment to the first thing you try. Just try it first. If you don’t like it, try another. A temporary job is the best way to do that.

There are temporary employment agencies that have jobs for senior citizens like KellyAdecco, and Robert Half.

You can call and talk to an agent at any of these agencies to see what’s available now. They offer temporary jobs for senior citizens that range from a single day temp job, to jobs that have up to a 1 year contract, to 2nd career full time jobs for senior citizens.

It’s a very good place to start if you’re really not sure what you want to do yet and you want some help looking.

"Can I Find Jobs for Senior Citizens
On Line?"

jobs for senior citizens on line

Most jobs for senior citizens can be researched on line.


“Oh my God! On line…..”

That dooming feeling of: “Oh NO! I don’t know how to use a computer.” immediately comes up for many of us. Because we haven’t yet learned how to use a computer, or, be comfortable on one. Right?

That’s natural for our generation. In fact it’s the norm.

It’s OK. Relax. Most seniors have computer phobia. It’s not where we came from.

You’re going to be OK and everything is going to work out. Learning computers is easy Really.

It’s:  No Problem!


The first thing you should do is take a basic computer class at your local library. It’s easier than you may be imagining right now. And, you can find these classes for free at most libraries.


You don’t need to become a computer genius, geek, or expert. You just need to learn basic computer skills because most jobs these days require at least some small degree of computer ability.

"Will I Need to Use

Do you need a computer?

Not necessarily. BUT, it will make you job search 20 times easier. Literally.

As we said, learning the computer is not hard. Even if you never learned how to type (like me).

It seems scary at first because we are used to doing things by hand. A pocket calculator is the extent of computer skills for very many of us seniors. Right?

Don’t be worried about that.

Computers are basically friendly. And, you’ll feel comfortable with one in a very short time when you have someone to help you get started.

Basic computer skills only take a short time to learn. Once you get the hang of them, all the basic skills are very easy to understand and utilize.

Plus, besides searching jobs for senior citizens, you’ll now find a whole new world of fun and exploration.

I, Personally, Avoided a Computer
As Long As I Could

Does this sound like you?

We’re dinosaurs!! But, that’s OK too.

Here’s my own personal computer avoidance story:

At first, yes, I avoided computers like the plague. For as long as I possibly could. My 10 year old nephew used to laugh at me because I didn’t know how to even email. I told him I didn’t want to know and to leave me alone.

He was persistent.

Finally, I broke down and got a used computer on ebay for $200 because I learned I could watch movies without commercials and shop.

It was not as terrifying as I imagined (I had NO previous computer experience and I couldn’t type). And, it was not difficult at all. I got up and running in just a few hours.

It’s fun!! Now I'm sorry I waited so long.

Now, I can use email and I stay in touch with my whole family and my dance friends easily with email. (I still type with two fingers). I shop on line, and the things I buy are delivered to my door. I watch movies and TV uninterrupted. Fantastic!

OK. Back to jobs:

What Do YOU Want
From a Job?

jobs for senior citizens, satisfaction

OK. Back to part time jobs for senior citizens:

Knowing what You want from a job will really help you find the right place to look. Do you want to work outside? In an office? In other people's homes?

Maybe you already know exactly what you want to do. That’s GREAT!

Maybe you have no idea at all. That’s fine too.

But, you have to be ready.

So, here are some questions to ask yourself that will help you find jobs for senior citizens you may like:

  • Do you really want to work?

  • Do you have to find a job for financial reasons?

  • Do you want part time or full time employment?

  • Do your hours need to be flexible because you take care of someone?

  • Do you want to go to work somewhere, or, work from home?

  • How much do you need to earn?

  • Do you need to have benefits?

  • How flexible are you? Can you work nights? Weekends? Only mornings or afternoons?

  • Are you willing to learn an entirely new job type? Or, in an entirely new industry?

  • Do you want to work with people and the public? Or, just have specific tasks only?

  • Would you consider self employment?

And Very Important:

What do you definitely not want to do? (If you definitely don’t like something, don’t even consider it. There are a multitude of other choices.)

I know. That’s a lot of questions. But, if you ask yourself those now, your search will be much easier. And, Happier.

"Can I Get Paid
While Training?"


That’s fantastic. Right?

There are a lot of positions where you can get paid while you train.

Again, the AARP Foundation sponsored Senior Community Service Employment Program (SCSEP) can help you find this kind of job placement.

Are You Ready to Apply for
Job Interview?

jobs for senior citizens, how do I apply?

This is the scary part. Right?

For a lot of us seniors it’s been a very long time since we had to apply for a job. Maybe over 40 or 50 years.

Don’t worry. There’s plenty of help for you.

Our interviewing skills may be a bit rusty. Or, even non-existent. Again, don’t worry. Here’s a place where you can get yourself all tuned up and ready to go. It’s called Experience Works .org.

Also, the organization you read a little about above: SCSEP. They can help you get hooked up with a job that has paid training. "Participants earn minimum wage while performing community service duties and participating in training – averaging approximately 20 hours each week."

Those are both fantastic places to start looking if you don’t know what to do or where to get started or trained.

"What Will Employers Want to Know
About Me?"

This is important. And, the thing that scares a lot of seniors. We’re often afraid that we: “Won’t be right for the job.”. That we “Don’t have enough skill.”…. Rubbish.

There are so many employers that want seniors because we have a load of experience. In life as well as work. They love that we are mellowed out and easy to work with. That's why there are more jobs for us senior citizens than you may imagine right now.

Still, when you apply for the new job(s), you have to know what you have to offer the prospective employer.

Evaluating yourself honestly, ahead of time, will give you a lot more self confidence and poise when you go to meet prospective employers.

This will give you a great edge over those who don’t know what to say in their interview.

It also makes you much easier to hire.

Here’s a wonderful resource for assessing yourself:
Career One

Here you’ll learn:

  • The things you like, and, the things you don’t want in a job

  • What your own strengths, skills, and weaknesses are

  • Where you need to improve your skills

These things will help you focus on:

  • What you want

  • What you will enjoy doing

  • Where to look for employment

You’ll know yourself better. And, you’ll be able to articulate your answers in job interviews with confidence and clarity.

Your confidence (and the poise this confidence creates) gives the prospective employer confidence in you. In your ability. And, actually makes you more likable and easier to hire.

So, take some time, ahead of time, to really assess yourself know what you have to offer.


Everyone (including you) has something special and unique to bring to their job.

"How Can I Do
Job Search?"

finding jobs for senior citizens

Now that you’ve assessed yourself, and, you know what strengths you have, it’s time to start applying for that first new job.

So, how do you do a job search?

As you learned, a little bit of computer facility is  probably going to be necessary at this moment in time. You’ll need it to search for the jobs. And, then, possibly type a  resume and an inquire letter.

Again : Don’t feel overwhelmed.

It’s just a new day and age and we use computers to search for jobs instead of news papers. Same idea.  But, it’s actually easier. And, you can often specify that you are looking for part time jobs for senior citizens. The newspaper never gave that choice.

You’ll need to type a little.

And, if you can only type with two fingers and it takes you a full minute to type ten words, that’s OK.

As long as you can spell, you’re in good shape.

Unless the job is specifically for a typist, you’re not going to be judged on your typing speed.

Once you type those tens words, they are there. Practically etched in stone if you like. Neat and clean and as sharp as they can be! And, they are as good as the ten words any master typist (who can type 100 words a minute) can type.

Then you add your next ten, and your next ten,… until your resume or letter is complete. It doesn’t matter if it takes you the whole afternoon. It will look great!

Now, you are ready to go job hunting and create applications professionally.

Sound doable?

There Are Literally Thousands
Part Time Jobs for Senior Citizens

This is the great part:

There are literally thousands of part time jobs for senior citizens available.

Yes. Literally thousands of jobs are available on line. Many are just for seniors. And, they are so easy to sort through on line.

Remember when we used to have to buy a news paper and search the classified ads?

We had to comb through everything in alphabetical order. And, there was no “Jobs for Senior Citizens” headings or “Listings for Seniors”.

Now, it’s all so much faster and easier.

You can direct your searches with almost pin point accuracy. It’s really quite wonderful. I don’t think the young adults, who never even saw a newspaper up close, realize what a gift this is.

And, if you can not bear that thought of searching by yourself, call one of the agencies (like the three listed above) and ask them what they can do for you.

"Where Should I
Start Looking?"

Where should you start to look for jobs for senior citizens?

We already talked about SCSEP above.

Another favorite place to go is called Retired Brains .com. Here you will find a lovely catalogue of jobs for senior citizens as well as help on how to write your resume and how to search for just what you want. You can also learn about starting your own business and working from home.

A truly great resource!

Here’s a list of what you’ll find on their jobs page:

  • Seasonal Jobs
  • Free Employment Assistance
  • Tips to Help Your Job Search
  • Job Resources  
  • How to Search for a Job
  • Resume Writing
  • Start Your Own Business
  • Work at Home Info
  • Continuing Education
  • Supplement Your Military Pension
  • Jobs in Law Enforcement
  • Interviewing Tips
  • Job Search if You Have a Disability

"What If I Want to Have
My Own Business?"

jobs for senior citizens, starting my own business

Having a business is not for everyone. But, if you’ve always thought about it, and, if making extra money right away is not a necessity, maybe you want to try your hand at having your own small business.

This may be your time!

Turning a favorite hobby into a business is something many of us find very exciting.

Or, if you don’t have a hobby now, how about crafting?

Keep in mind, that a business takes some time to get going and make a profit with. But, if you have the time, and no financial pressures for the next couple of years, it can be very rewarding.

It’s best to do something you either know about, or, something you are willing to take the time to learn about.

Some things to consider are:

  • What are you good at?

  • What do you enjoy doing?

  • Do you have teaching skills? - Tutoring

  • Are you good at fixing things? - Handyman

  • Do you have some very specific knowledge(s) that other people and companies need and are willing to pay for? - Consulting

  • Do you like working with pets? Many people need their dogs walked. Or, need in home care for their pets when they are out of town/

  • Babysitting?

  • Do you play a musical instrument well? - Give private lessons

Get the idea?

If you’ve always wanted to have your own small business, now is the time to consider getting started on it. If not now, When?


Many small personal businesses can be started with very little investment.

Some only require the investment of your time.

AARP’s List
The Top Part Time Jobs for Senior Citizens

AARP has put together a great article on jobs for senior citizens called:

“Top 25 Part-Time Jobs for Retirees”

In this article you will learn:

  • What you need to qualify for the job

  • What percentage of the workers are seniors over the age of 55

  • Average hourly pay

  • How satisfied men and women are with this job

  • If the job gives them a sense of meaning

  • How much time standing and walking are required

Now it’s time for:


The Best And Favorite

Top 37 Jobs

Senior Citizens

We did our own extensive survey on jobs for senior citizens. From our survey here are the top (most popular and favorite) 37 jobs for senior citizens (in alphabetical order):

1) Administrative Assistant

best jobs for senior citizens, administrative assistant

Average Hourly Pay $14.75

Administrative assistants are the people required to do all the odds and ends that keep an office running efficiently. And, they are very necessary employees! The job may even include things like supporting the high level execs. Unfortunately, the job opportunities are diminishing due to a lot of work being done by employees at home by computer. But, a good admin assistant is always considered a great asset.

2) Babysitter

best jobs for seniors, babysitter

Average Hourly Pay $16.50

Don’t overlook this one. Babysitting is not just for teenagers. It is one of the favorite jobs for senior citizens. If you only want a night or two of work each week this is the place to be. This is probably the most fun of the part time jobs for seniors if you love taking care of children.

3) Bookkeeper

best jobs for senior citizens, bookkeeper

Average Hourly Pay $17.71

This is a specialized part time job. Prior experience counts.The pay is close to a full charge book keeper, and, you have much less responsibility because you do not have to supervise and be responsible for other bookkeepers. This position is usually most available from smaller companies who only need limited bookkeeping.

4) Cashier

best jobs for senior citizens, cashier

Average Hourly Pay $10.00

The lowest paying job on our list also requires you to stand on your feet the entire time in most situations. Workers say it gives little satisfaction or sense of meaning. We think it’s a poor choice unless you do it VERY part time.

5) Customer Service Representative

best jobs for senior citizens, customer service representative

Average Hourly Pay $11.75

If you don’t mind soothing complaining customers all day long and you get satisfaction from cheering them up with good assistance, this job may be very satisfying for you. It is a job usually performed on the phone at a call center. BUT, there are opportunities from some companies to work from home via email and live chat on the computer. That possibility makes this one of the jobs for senior citizens that can be performed by the home bound.

6) Delivery Person

jobs for senior citizens, delivery man, delivery person

Average Hourly Pay $14.00

If you have a good driving record, and, enjoy driving around town, this can be a very pleasant part time job. You’re outside a lot. So, that is a plus or minus depending upon your own likes. You also get in and out of the car/truck regularly which keeps you physically active. The pressure is low and you’re on your own most of the time. Restaurants and other businesses often offer these jobs for senior citizens because they feel seniors tend to be very trustworthy and responsible.

7) Dog Walker

best jobs for senior citizens, dog walker

Average Hourly Pay $14.00

\If you love dogs and you love walking outside, this job for senior citizens is a dream! You have to know your abilities with different sized dogs and breeds. Hours are often flexible. If you run it as your own business (like babysitting) you can set your own rates, higher or lower, and choose your own customers. A  simple ad on a supermarket bulletin board or at the local pet shop can get you started. Or, you can sign up with a company like Rover.

8) Full Charge Bookkeeper

best jobs for senior citizens, full charge bookkeeper

Average Hourly Pay $20.56

A great job for those who are good with numbers, and, managing a few others. Again, previous experience is greatly preferred here. The opportunities are best with a small firm that has relatively simple finances.

9) Handyperson

best jobs for senior citizens, handyperson, handyman

Average Hourly Pay: $20.65

There’s a guy in our neighborhood who I regularly call on for minor home fix ups. He does a great job and I’m glad we have him around. What about you? Are friends and relatives always asking for help with odd jobs such as mending fences, painting a porch, or fixing a broken door? Get the certifications, licenses, and insurance described by the Association of Certified Handyman Professionals and start making money off those skills.

10) Housekeeper

jobs for senior citizens, house keeper

Average Hourly Pay: $11.00

This job has some obvious physical demands. But, some men and women find a zen-like peace and pleasure in cleaning. Part-time house cleaning can also be lucrative. The hours are flexible. Work might be just as easily found independently as by visiting websites for housekeeper recruiting such as

11) House Sitter

jobs for senior citizens, house sitter

Average Hourly Pay: negotiable, usually by the length of the stay.

This can be fun for those who like experiencing different home environments AND getting paid to stay there. As far as jobs for senior citizens go, there is nothing easier. You get to enjoy some very nice homes. Kind of like little vacations! Offering to take care of people's houses while they are away means often staying somewhere new, but not all placements pay — some people look at it more as a way to save money, since they're not paying rent, and travel. Explore the possibilities on sites such as House Sitters America.

12) Landscaper in Your Neighborhood

jobs for senior citizens, landscaping

Average Hourly Pay: $15

If mowing the lawn, and trimming the hedges and trees in the yard seems more like fun than a chore, it can be a great and enjoyable way to make a little extra money while you work outdoors. You make your own schedule and work your own hours. Wonderful!

13) Librarian

jobs for senior citizens, librarian

Average Hourly Pay: $18.98

If you love a quiet peaceful work environment, working at a library may be perfect for you. Working in a library generally involves listening to people describe the kind of information they want and helping them sift through possible sources — like a human search engine. The work is usually quiet, without pressure, and suits those who enjoy working with people.

14) Merchandise Displayer

jobs for senior citizens, merchandise displayer

Average Hourly Pay $11.80

Window dressers and display personnel. This can be a creative pursuit for the artistically inclined. Unfortunately the pay is low. Artists are, unfortunately, too often undervalued.

15) Nanny

jobs for senior citizens, nanny

Average Hourly Pay $17.50

The pay is not the highest. BUT, being a Nanny is one of the jobs for senior citizens that has the highest satisfaction and “high meaning”(makes the world a better place feeling) ratings for the workers. If you love working with children, and don’t mind the physical demands, this is a favorite of very many seniors.

16) Neighborhood Chauffeur

jobs for senior citizens, neighborhood chauffeur

Average Hourly Pay: $12.00

You don't have to sign up with Uber or Lyft to help people in the neighborhood with transportation. Whether they be young parents wanting to get kids to after-school activities, seniors who can no longer drive, or others who don't own a car. Sites such as Monster can be a resource for finding clients.

17) Office Clerk

jobs for senior citizens, office clerk

Average Hourly Pay $12.60

Sorting mail, filing, answering phones are typical tasks. If you enjoy an office environment and have limited skills, this may be a productive and enjoyable choice.

18) Office Manager

jobs for senior citizens, office manager

Average Hourly Pay $17.25

If you have previous office managing experience, this may be for you. It does require experience because the competition is tough. A lot of seniors who used to do this full time are applying. But, if this is something you’re good at,  and, you have references, you can easily beat the competition.

19) Office Records Clerk

jobs for senior citizens, office records clerk

Average Hourly Pay: $14.00

Those paper forms at offices that we hate but have to fill out, must be filed by someone. Often typed into electronic record storage (the fancy term for: computer storage). It’s a type of solitary quiet work that some people enjoy. If this is your personality style, there are always companies who need this service.

20) Online Instructor

jobs for senior citizens, on line instructor

Average Yearly Salary:  $49,635 has a guide to get people started teaching online, and the National Education Association has advice on teaching secondary school students online. Sites such as Udemy and Teachable allow instructors to create their own courses and earn money based on their success.

21) Paralegal

jobs for senior citizens, paralegal

Average Hourly Pay $17.50

This is a job for seniors citizens who enjoy keeping things orderly and doing some technical research. Education and training requirements vary by region, field, and between companies, but usually involve a minimum of two years of post-secondary study. This second career can be extremely interesting to those fascinated by the law and how it works. The demand for this service seems to be increasing yearly.

22) Park Ranger

jobs for senior citizens, park ranger

Average Hourly Pay: $12

Fresh air, scenery, wildlife, surrounded by the beauty of Nature! — sound like an appealing workplace? Some park ranger jobs require a degree in a related field such as forestry, and sometimes emergency training as well.

23) Personal Chef

jobs for senior citizens, personal chef

Average Hourly Pay: $33.42

For people who enjoy cooking, becoming a part-time personal chef may be the most fun job there is! And, it pays well. A personal chef must be able to accommodate personal tastes and needs. So, your style might need to be flexible. On the other hand, if you specialize in say, Italian food, French food, or any specific country’s food, you may be just the chef someone is searching for!

24) Pet Sitter

jobs for senior citizens, pet sitter

Average 24hr Day Pay: $40 - $85

Many people who love to travel don’t want to leave their pets in a kennel. That seems like doggie jail and punishment! It is. They want a warm compassionate person or couple to take care of their precious best friend(s). This is what a pet sitter does. The job involves walking, feeding, and just plain hanging out and playing with their pet(s). Just as if he/she was your own. A perfect fit for seniors who love animals and want to work from home. If you think this sounds good, you can make yourself available or join an organization like

25) Postsecondary Instructor

jobs for senior citizens, post secondary instructor

Average Hourly Pay: $25

It's not only university professors with master's degrees who can create and teach college classes. Community adult education centers and community colleges often use people with bachelor's degrees and life experience. If you have a field of knowledge that others may find useful, and you enjoy teaching part time, this can be a very rewarding experience.

26) Project Manager

jobs for senior citizens, project manager

Average Hourly Pay: Varies

If most of your career has been spent managing projects, don't leave that huge asset behind. You have great value to many companies who don’t need a full time person. Stay connected in your industry and offer your experienced services for contract project management work. The website Upwork can help find project manager jobs.

27) Receptionist

jobs for senior citizens, receptionist

Average Hourly Pay $12.00

We all know who receptionists are: The welcoming face of a company, organization, or restaurant. The opportunities exist in a huge variety of industries and the tasks are generally very simple. A pleasant voice and face to greet customers/vendors and answer the phones.

28) Repair Person

jobs for senior citizens, repair person

Average Hourly Pay: $15.00

For those who understand how things tick, literally as well as figuratively, there's money to be made fixing everything from watches and clocks to lawnmowers and sewing machines to squeaky doors that won’t stay shut. You are your own boss. You work your own hours, and, only take the jobs you want. Nice! Right? You can get started by placing free ads on local supermarket bulletin boards and by word of mouth.

29) Retail Sales Worker

jobs for senior citizens, retail sales

Average Hourly Pay $10.75

The pay is not so good, but, you may make that up with employee discounts if you’re working in a store that sells a lot of things you like and enjoy! If you’re a people person and enjoy working with a lot of people, this job may be quite enjoyable. The down side is: You’ll spend a lot of time on your feet.

30) Sales Associate

jobs for senior citizens, sales associate

Average Hourly Pay $10.60

Considering the physical demands (on your feet most of the time) the hourly pay is just not worth it. However, if you are good at sales, have the physical stamina, and work for commission on high ticket items like cars and electronics, it can be quite lucrative.

31) School Bus Driver

jobs for senior citizens, school bus driver

Average Hourly Pay $17.00

This is one of the popular jobs for senior citizens. You’ll need to get a commercial driver’s license and you need a clean driving record (obviously…). And, you need to know that you won’t just be driving kids around. You’ll have to be able to enforce school rules on a bus filled with kids who can’t sit still. BUT, if you love working with children, and enjoy seeing their smiling little faces each day, this can be a very refreshing part time experience each day.

32) Secretary

jobs for seniors, secretary

Average Hourly Pay $12.90

We all know who secretaries are. Every executive wants a good one! Outside of specialized secretaries (medical, legal, executive…) the functions can be quite varied. Communication with the public and vendors tops the list. Making appointments, and doing odds and ends jobs, emails and errands are the usual. For some seniors with good communication and typing skills this is an ideal situation with generally low pressure.

33) Security Guard

jobs for seniors, security guard

Average Hourly Pay $12.35

The drawback may be standing on your feet all day. Employment positions where you remain seated and observe TV monitors are usually more suited as jobs for senior citizens. Be sure you know what the demands of the particular job are applying for. You may also need some training in other areas such as public relations and report writing. But, those seated security monitoring jobs are often the ideal jobs for seniors citizens who enjoy a quite atmosphere.

34) Swim Instructor

jobs for senior citizens, swim instructor

Average Hourly Pay: $12.90

If you’re still an avid swimmer, becoming a part-time swim instructor and lifeguard is a way to get paid to stay in shape and meet community members.

35) Tax Preparer

jobs for senior citizens, tax preparer

Average Hourly Pay: $13.85

If you've spent some tax seasons being asked by friends, associates, or relatives for help, you probably have the skills and experience to be paid for it. So, why not? Anyone can be a tax preparer, so long as they have a preparer tax identification number from the Internal Revenue Service.

36) Translator

jobs for senior citizens, translator

Average Hourly Pay: $20.10

This is a great opportunity for people who are bi-lingual. Age is not a factor, making this an excellent opportunity for seniors with good bilingual skills. And, you can often work from home. Speaking and/or writing another language is a huge asset in many sectors, including tourism, government services, and business services. The translation industry is showing increasing demand yearly.

37) Tutor

jobs for senior citizens, tutor

Average Hourly Pay: $17.47

Because of our vast knowledge, this is one of the most ideal jobs for senior citizens. Especially seniors who have physical issues. And, the part time pay is very good. Private tutors generally can command $20 - $30 per hour with no problem.

Many of us grew up needing a tutor for one subject or another. Right? Those tutors really made all the difference in our schoolwork. If this sounds like an interesting job, set up a meeting with local schools and the local board of education. Let them know your skills and that you are available for private tutoring. There are also lots of tutoring services in need of people, including Kaplan, Golden Voice English, and Chegg. This is an especially emotionally rewarding part time retirement career.

See anything you might like to try?

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Is There
Something for Everyone?


Finding good, rewarding, enjoyable jobs for senior citizens is easier than you may be thinking right now.


Getting started is the hardest part.

There is something out there for everyone interested in working.

If you’re too afraid of the computer, have a family member help you with the search. It’s fun. Pretty soon you’ll want to be doing it yourself.

Part Time
Full Time

Although we have concentrated on part time jobs for senior citizens in this article, there are available jobs for seniors of all types. Full and Part Time. You can even find some that are only a few hours a week.

And, with the internet, us seniors have more resources than we ever did before. Right at our fingertips. Quick and easy.

So, first, take a little time to decide what you’d really like to try. Or, check in with one or more of the services available above where they will help you with this.

Then take your first step!….


Go For It!

There are loads of great jobs for senior citizens out there. Loads!

Whether you are looking to continue working as you did before, or, you’re just looking to work part time. Doing something you enjoy. Jobs for senior citizens are more plentiful than you may think right now.

Don’t be afraid of making a mistake the first try. Or, the second or third try….

You may need to try a number of different things before you find what you like and what meets your needs. When you do.… keep that one! And, enjoy!

For a Happy and More Independent Tomorrow,   ~ William

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