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Dec 06, 2021

The First Date - As a Senior Citizen

The first date, after not having dated for 20, 30, or 40 years can be enormous fun if you just know what to say.

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Dec 03, 2021

What's a Good First Date for Seniors?

What’s a good first date for seniors?
 Wow! GREAT QUESTION! Here are our 36 best ideas just for senior citizens.

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Dec 03, 2021

The First Kiss

The first kiss when you’re a senior citizen. The anticipation can be even more unnerving than when you were a kid.

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Nov 29, 2021

Dogs For Old People - The 15 BEST

Are there dogs for old people? We don’t mean just seniors here, we mean old people. Answer: Yes, there are.

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Nov 21, 2021

What Age is Considered ELDERLY?

What age is considered elderly? You'll be surprised to learn how greatly that has changed in the last 70 years.

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Nov 18, 2021

Getting an EASY Smart TV for Seniors

Getting an easy smart TV for seniors is not always an easy task. So, let us show you the simple method for finding one.

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Nov 18, 2021

Best Home Security System - FOR SENIORS - 2021

The BEST Home Security System for Seniors: Summons help immediately, and, sends intruders away before they get in.

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Nov 18, 2021

What’s Another Word for Senior Citizen?

Our survey, "Another Word for Senior Citizen" brought back some hilarious responses. We want to share them with you.

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Oct 17, 2021

About Us

Here's who we are and what we do!

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Oct 16, 2021

Fall Prevention for Seniors 2021

Fall Prevention for seniors is our focus today because falling is the most serious problem many of us will face. Learn

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Oct 16, 2021

Fall Prevention Games for Seniors

Fall prevention games for seniors? Is there really such a thing? YES! And, they can help us keep from falling.

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Oct 16, 2021

Exercise for Seniors OVER 75

Exercise for seniors over 75 can be a lot more pleasurable and fun than it may seem to you right now. And, it can help

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Sep 19, 2021

The Great Senior Citizen Discounts List - 2021

Senior citizen discounts are all over the place. Whoever said getting older was a bad thing obviously didn't know about

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Aug 25, 2021

What Makes You Look Younger?

What makes you look younger? Here are some secrets from a 72 year old former Vogue Cover Girl.

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Aug 12, 2021

Easy Coloring Pages for Seniors

Easy coloring pages for seniors may be just what you need for you diminishing senior. 
We have them for you!

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