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Seniors - 2022

fun classes for seniors

Are there fun classes for seniors?

You bet!

Come take a look.

It’s Time for
Pursuing New Experiences

One of the very best things about retirement is we finally have the time for things we always wanted to do but never had the time to pursue before. And, this includes learning new things.

Great Benefits

the benefits of fun classes for seniors

Fun classes for seniors give us intellectual, physical, and social stimulation.

They keep us challenging ourselves. We continue to grow. All things we need to have happiness and enjoy our retirements better. And, longer!

First of all, we’re going to having a lot of fun learning things we always wanted to know and gaining new skills we always wanted to have. We’re also in for some other really wonderful benefits.

Besides the absolute Joy we get in our new endeavors, there are some other very nice benefits to our new learning. These include:

#1)  Keeping Sharp Upstairs

fun classes for seniors, keeping sharp upstairs

We’ve all heard how important it is to keep our minds active in order to prevent decline. And, yes, after working hard our entire lives we really want to chill out when retirement begins. And, that’s great for a while. We should. Just not forever.

Taking some weeks or months to just do practically nothing is a blast! It’s fun. And, well deserved.

If we do that for the rest of our lives, however, we’ll get very bored, feel crappy, and lose a lot of our thinking abilities. Basically…. we’ll rot. Something no one wants. We want to have the best years ever now! And, we can.

So, after a nice period of rest and rejuvenation, we all need wonderful, fun, exciting things to do. Right? Not another full time job. No. But, things that are fun and productive. Things we always wanted to do and didn't have the time for before. And, things that our senior bodies can comfortably do.

There is no better way to enjoy the rest of our lives than by learning and enjoying new activities with fun classes for seniors.

Learning and enjoying new activities that challenge us to think improve:

  • Our Concentration

  • Our Memories

  • Our Problem Solving Abilities

  • Our Well Being

Interestingly: It doesn’t matter what you choose to learn or study, as long as you are actively learning and studying.

#2)  Exploring Our Passions

fun classes for seniors, exploring our passions

This has to be one of the best things about retirement. If we grab the chance. Fun classes for seniors give us this opportunity. We get to do things we’ve always wanted to do. Or, spend a LOT more time on activities we already love.

When we were younger most of our thinking revolved around our jobs and raising children. And that was very important. aIt also was often very exhausting. There was no time or energy left for many things we wished to do.

Well, the job is gone, the kids are grown and on their own. You did a great job! And NOW you have gobs of wonderful time to explore and enjoy all those things you always dreamed you’d do “Someday”.

Congratulations! Today is “Someday”!
What is something you have always wanted to do?  Take cooking classes? Woodworking? Start a band? Learn a new language? Sail a boat?

What is something you wish you had more time for? The Piano? Golf? Chess? Reading? Hiking? Traveling?

It’s time to get going on these things. And, fun classes for seniors can help get you on your way.

#3)  A New and Wonderful
        Social Life

fun classes for seniors provide fantastic senior socialization

This is one of the most important aspect of taking fun classes for seniors: Socializing.

Do you wish you had more people to hang out with, do things with, and have a good time with?

Take some fun classes for seniors. You can start with just one. And, your world will change.

When we take fun classes for seniors, even just one, we have a chance to make lots of new friends. Friends who share our passions and interests.

Taking fun classes
can eliminate the feeling of isolation and loneliness
that so many seniors feel after retirement.

It not like taking classes in Algebra or The History of Egypt… These are classes where we learn things that we want to lean with others who enjoy the same things.

Did you ever try talking to someone about something you like and they had no interest or even an idea why that would be so much fun?

Well, in your new fun classes for seniors, EVERYONE THERE wants to talk about the same thing you like. And, with enthusiasm. It’s really quite fantastic. Once you start this type of study, you’ll never want to stop.

And: Socializing is the way to get rid of and end the feelings of isolation and loneliness so many seniors have when their careers end. If you have a droopy friend, get them going to a class!

No More Social Isolation and Loneliness
Fun Classes for Seniors

fun classes for seniors eliminate isolation and lonliness

This Benefit is so enormous that we wanted to take an extra section just to tell you a little more about it.

Ending the feelings of social isolation and loneliness.

Can you remember, back when you were back in high school and college, all the happy times and fun days? It always make most of us smile to think of those days. Not from Algebra or Ancient Egyptian Studies, Calculus….  But from the clubs we were in, the bands, the sports, the parties, the dances…. Right? Good times!

When we left school these things ended. And, we began to pursue our adult lives that also included many terrific social activities.

...Then we retired.... and boom… we were suddenly far too alone.

Social Isolation and Loneliness are two major problems many seniors and retired people face each day.

And here lies a solution: Take some fun classes for seniors!

Taking classes for seniors, particularly at local colleges and Universities can get us involved with other like minded seniors. We can also take dance classes and exercise classes at local studios.

Fun classes for seniors provide us with not only the fun of learning new things and improving our existing skills, we suddenly have a great source of wonderful social interaction. We make new friends.

With fun classes for seniors we invigorate out lives! We have our most lovely and humanly necessary social connections again.

We Can
Improve Our Minds!

Want to know what else fun classes for seniors can do for us?

The studies show that taking a class in almost any subject can improve:

  • Memory

  • Cognitive Ability

  • Concentration

  • Problem Solving Ability

The recent studies show that seniors who stay mentally active enjoy all of these benefits. And, this intellectual stimulation has been proven to help us keep from slowly losing our marbles as well.

All that from a fun class in almost anything! Anything. Pretty great. Right?

Here are More Great Benefits

Fun Classes for Seniors

Other Great BENEFITS of taking classes include:

1)  Improve your overall skill and knowledge

2)  Gain self confidence

3)  Taking classes for seniors gives us goals to achieve. Goals give us purpose. Achieving goals, no matter how small, give us a real and deep feeling of satisfaction and self worth.

4)  We discover new things about ourselves as we do new things.

5)  We feel a sense of fulfillment in our lives. Isn’t that what we’ve always wanted and enjoyed?

Spending our time doing things we love and enjoy makes us feel satisfied at the end of the day. Wasting time just sitting around makes us rot. And, we feel that too.

This is our golden time.

Learning and enjoying new things makes us feel happy, alive, and energetic. And, we get to return to a much more social life. Let’s take advantage of these most special years by enjoying some fun classes for seniors.

Do You Think You May Be
Too Old to Take Classes?

Too old? NEVER.

There are tremendous fun classes for seniors of every age.

Just for example, I want to show you a VIDEO now of an art class where most of the students are over 90! Ben and Phyllis are both 95 years old. See how much fun this is and the really Beautiful pictures they are painting.

What Can You Study?

Is there much available for us seniors?

You bet there is!

Many of us are looking for fun courses that involve our hobbies and personal interests. And, there are plenty. Others of us want to learn something new.

Here’s just a partial list of fun classes for seniors that you can take:

Fun ART Classes for Seniors:

fun classes for seniors in the arts

When we are creative, we get in touch with our souls, what’s deep inside of us. It sometimes takes a little while, but if we continue the most wonderful things start to happen.

When we are creative, we enter what professionals call a “Happy Zone”. A place where we connect to who we truly are and what we truly feel and care about.

This promotes a feeling of well being, reduces stress and anxiety, improves thinking and problem solving. Isn’t that what we have been waiting and working for all these years?

What can you study? Here's just a partial list:

Art History
Bread Baking

Cake Decorating
Creative Writing
Fashion Design
Flower Arranging
Glass Blowing
Graphic Design
Interior Design
Music Lessons
Painting (Watercolors, Oil, Acrylic)
Wood Carving

Fun LANGUAGE Classes for Seniors:

fun classes for seniors learning new languages

How many of you ever wanted to speak another language (or two) and just never had the time to do it?

There are so many beautiful languages to learn. And, you may just want to learn one (or more) to make your traveling a lot more fun.

There are all kinds of ways to learn a new language. You can take local classes, buy tape or classes on CD, even go live in a country for a while (how good does that sound??).

Here’s a list of popular languages to study:

Cantonese (Chinese)
German French
Inuktitut (arctic Eskimos Language)
Mandarin (Chinese)
Quechua (Inca Indian Language)
Signing (deaf)

Fun EDUCATIONAL Classes for Seniors:

fun educational classes for seniors

When we were all in school there were so many courses we had to take. Right? Some stuff we really hated too…. And, there were so many other courses we wanted to take, but, couldn’t take because our schedules were so full of required courses.

Many of these subjects we missed back then may be things we’d still like to know about and explore now.

Well, this is our time!

Did you know that FREE college is available to seniors over 55 in every state?

Yes, F R E E college courses. The same ones that cost a bundle when we were 18.

You can even take the courses and get credits toward a degree in many colleges and Universities. How cool is that?!

What can you study? Things like:

American History

Business Management
English as a Second Language

Learn a Foreign Language
Life Coaching
Online Marketing
Real Estate

Fun EXERCISE Classes for Seniors:

fun exercise classes for seniors

We all know we need to exercise. And, many of us hate the idea as well as the discipline. Right?

Well, taking exercise classes with other seniors just like us makes exercising fun. And, a great social event. Just going to the class makes it easy to do the exercising, and, it removes all the possible boredom of exercising alone at home.

What exercise classes are available? How about:

Balance Ball Exercise for Seniors
Ballet (for seniors!)

Exercise for Elderly Seniors

Hiking Clubs
Senior Fitness
Senior Aerobics
Tai Chi

Walking Clubs
Water Aerobics

Fun HOUSE MAINTENANCE Classes for Seniors:

fun house maintenance classes for seniors

We all want our homes to be clean and beautifully kept. Right? Especially now that we are spending more time at home. We also want everything to work properly too. Right Again?

The thing is, most of don’t want to have to spend a bundle hiring all kinds of people to do these things when we know we can save a lot of money doing them ourselves. Especially if they are not too difficult.

The problem is, we never learned a lot of simple home maintenance skills.

Well now we can!

We can learn:

Electric Wiring
Furniture Refinishing
Handyman Skills
Property Management
Simple Carpentry

Fun TECHNOLOGY Classes for Seniors:

fun technology classes for seniors

All this new technology can be a bit daunting to many of us seniors. Including myself. But, believe it or not, these classes can be fun too.

You don’t have to be afraid of getting some lessons for how to use a computer, smartphone, tablet smart tv, etc…. It’s not nearly as difficult to use these things as they often appear. And, even for the most technically challenged of us seniors (like myself), it usually doesn’t take very long to start having fun.

Especially once you learn that you only need some very basic instruction to have a whole lot of fun!

FORTUNATELY, as you now know, we don’t have to learn a lot of technology to enjoy using most of the new tech devices quite easily. Like driving a car. You don’t have to know how to build one or repair one to have a ball going wherever you want whenever you want.

But, if you are new to your computer, or your smartphone, tablet, etc…. there are places just for us seniors to learn what we need to know.

Most online tutorials are free. You can check the videos on YouTube for a multitude of instructional videos.

There is also a most wonderful tech resource for us seniors called “SeniorNet” (short for: senior internet). This is a fantastic non-profit organization that helps seniors (and disabled people) learn to us technology at a super low class fee.

Where Can We
Find These Classes?

All of this sounds really great! Right?

But, where do we go to find these kinds of fun classes for seniors?

Let’s take a look:

where to find:

Art and Creative Classes

1)  Contact your local senior center for local classes offered.

2)  Google “_________ classes near me”.

3)  Check YouTube for online Art Tutorials (I’ve learned so much from YouTube videos).

4)  Ask other seniors where they go.

5)  Join Masterclass for online masterclasses from famous people.

where to find:
Language Classes

1)  The very best way: Go live in the country (if you have the time and money). It’s the fastest and best way to learn to speak a language correctly. You can learn all about this at Language Schools.

2)  Buy a language package online.

3)  Learn languages online at places like  Babbel, Duolingo or Memrise

4)  Get an online tutor at Verbalplanet.  You get Skype language lessons with native speaking online language tutors.

5)  Contact your local colleges and high schools to see if they offer programs for seniors.

6)  Google search: “ ______ language class near me”.

where to find:
Educational Classes

1)  SeniorResource has links to find the colleges in your state that offer FREE tuition to seniors over 65.

2)  Check with your local Senior Community Center for available free courses.

3)  Google search: “Educational classes near me”.

4)  Contact the local colleges, universities and high schools near you.

where to find:
Exercise Classes

1)  Contact the local sports and fitness clubs (like 24 hour fitness, and your local YMCA)

2)  Contact you local public swimming pool

3)  Ask  your senior center

4)  Ask other seniors and younger neighbors you know

5)  Look on YouTube for “Exercises for Seniors”

6)  Take a look at Trails for hiking trails near you

7)  Try Meetup for clubs and groups near you

where to find:
House Maintenance Classes

YouTube Videos!

There is no better place to learn all the skills for home maintenance than from YouTube Videos. AND, they are ALL FREE!

I recently took up furniture refinishing. One early problem I had was making table tops super smooth without leaving sanding marks. Those marks ruin the entire look of any refinishing job.

I searched “Using a sander”. I found exactly what I needed to know in about 5 minutes. And, then spent about 30 minutes watching a few of the videos where they showed me exactly how to use a sander and leave mo marks. I tried what they showed. It worked! Perfectly.

YouTube Videos are Great! No enrolling in night school. No books and manuals to study. No need to leave home. And, boom! In about a half an hour I was sanding (with complete confidence) just like a pro!

Any home maintenance project you’re thinking of tackling? Search it on YouTube. It’s one of the best free classrooms in the world!

where to find:
Technology Classes

1)  Our local libraries often have free computer classes for seniors and beginners

2)  Local Senior Centers and Community Centers often have classes

3)  YouTube

4)  If you have some basic skills and just need help with something there is usually no better place to go than: The Grandchildren. Forget about their parents. The kids are usually way more advanced. Even the kid next door can most likely help you out.

Let Us Tell You About


Masterclass for seniors

“Masterclass” is a very interesting and unique place. These are definitely fun classes for seniors!

Did you ever wish you could study with some of the best professionals in all fields? Doesn’t that just sound like the ultimate class experience?

Well, that’s what Masterclass is all about. And, it doesn’t matter what skill level you have starting out.

The teachers are the best in their professions. For example:

How about a tennis Masterclass from Serena Williams?

A cooking class from Garden Ramsey?

An interior design class from Kelly Wearstler?

Film making with James Cameron?

Dramatic writing with David Mamet?

Conservation with Jane Goodall (yes, the real Jane Goodall! One of my favorite people on the planet!)

How cool is that?!!

You can explore music, acting, business, sports, cooking, writing, and most everything you can think of. All taught by the best professionals in their field. Don’t you wish we had this when we were 20? Or, 30? Wow! What a difference it might have made.

You can subscribe to a single master class. But, for $2 more a month you get access to ALL the classes. The only catch is you pay for a full year in advance.

Still: These are worth a try because if you try it out and don’t like it, you can get a full refund in the first 30 days.

Yes, it’s $204 upfront. That may be a bit steep for some of us to shell out right away. But, look over their programs. If there are enough things that interest you, bite the bullet and give it a try. Use it for 3 or 4 weeks. If you are pleased, you’ll know you found something very worth while.

If, not, cancel and get your money back. You lose nothing.

The classes are 2 to 5 hours long. Each class has several lessons that run between 5 and 25 minutes. You can rewatch any class as many times as you want. So, you can go at your own pace.

And, you watch any time you want.

Fun? You bet!

This is one of the best investments in learning that exist for us seniors.

* return to: where to find ART AND CREATIVE CLASSES

What About: FREE College
and University Classes for Seniors?

free college for seniors

Did you miss out on college? Or, finishing college? Or, not take all the interesting classes you wanted because your schedule was already full?

Maybe you want a second degree….

There are so many great reasons to go back to school. And, one of the best reasons is that as senior citizens can often return to college with free tuition. How wonderful is that?

Yes, one of the GREAT perks of being a senior citizen (the minimum age and the programs vary by state) is we can go to college somewhere in almost all 50 states for free.

That’s right. There are colleges in every state that have free or (drastically reduced) tuition for seniors. All we pay for is materials (books, etc….). And, many of the colleges will let us use those credits toward a degree.

The Osher
Lifelong Learning Institute (OLLI)

fun classes for seniors at OLLI, the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute

This is another amazing place for us seniors to find some of the best fun classes for seniors, and learn things we want to learn. The Osher Lifelong Learning Institute (OLLI) is a non-profit organization for seniors 50 and older. It was set up for seniors who wish to continue learning with other like minded seniors. There are currently 123 OLLI institutes nationwide.

OLLI was founded in 1977 by Bernard Osher. The foundation was set up to improve the quality of life through the study of higher education and art. “Osher Lifelong Learning Institute…. There are no entrance requirements or grades and tests; it's your experience, and your love of learning that count, no college background is needed.”

“The Foundation provides post-secondary scholarship funding to colleges and universities across the nation. It has a National Resource Center at Northwestern University.

Classes include:

Current Events
Political Interests

The Virtual Senior Academy

fun classes for seniors at the Virtual Senior Academy

A great place to study online.

“If you’re looking to expand your horizons and make new friends, the Virtual Senior Academy is for you! We offer live learning experiences using video chat software that cover topics like wellness, arts and music, book clubs, history, current events, and much more. Class facilitators are community members like you who want to share their passion and knowledge with other Pittsburghers. Not a Pittsburgher? Not a problem! Everyone is welcome.

The Virtual Senior Academy was created by the Jewish Healthcare Foundation in 2017, as a free program to connect adults age 50 or older in the Pittsburgh region through interactive courses online. The program has expanded and is now run by AgeWell at the Jewish Community Center.”

reference: Virtual Senior Academy

Fun Classes for Seniors

fun classes for seniors ONLINE

One of the BEST things about all this new technology is all the information we can get online right in our own homes. Most of it is free. I am continually learning with online instruction. It’s incredible!

We no longer have to trek out to the library and sort through the card files to find our materials (which too often may not even be in our local library).

EVERYTHING is online these days. Need a dictionary? Just put in the word and 20 dictionaries are right there with the definitions.

What about an encyclopedia? A text book? A music book?…. It’s all there. And, a LOT of them are free.

Now if you want to take a “Virtual” class (that means you’re not in the classroom, but somewhere else. Like at home….) you can do that too on your computer.

This is great for all of us, but especially wonderful for seniors with limited mobility. You can study with some really amazing and even famous instructors right in your own home.

You can learn almost anything in online classes. All you have to do is search “_______ (whatever you are interested in) classes”. If you want to find actual classroom situations near you, just search: “_________ classes near zip code xxxxx”. EASY.

And, to get your appetite going: Here’s a list of “22 Free Online Courses for Senior Citizens”.

The 12 Main BENEFITS
Fun Classes for Seniors

We get so much from being involved with fun classes for seniors. So, we want to take just a moment to review all the wonderful Benefits we can enjoy from these classes:

1)  First of all: They’re FUN! No required subjects. Just things we are interested in right now.

2)  Seniors who take classes they like, and learn new and exciting things, are happier.

3)  Fun classes for senior citizens give us intellectual, physical and social stimulation. And, we keep challenging ourselves. So, we keep growing and enjoying more things.

4)  All these things help us have a better, more wonderful,  more joyful, and longer retirement.

Here’s what else:

5)  Learning, doing, and experiencing new things gives us a feeling of fulfillment and satisfaction each day.

6)  We gain new experiences and get to meet new friends.

7)  Fun classes for seniors give us new social experiences and new social connections. This can get rid of the loneliness and feeling of isolation that so many elderly seniors experience.

8)  We gain confidence by improving our knowledge and skills.

9)  With physical exercise we maintain and gain strength, flexibility, balance, and endurance. Exercise releases endorphins in our system and give us a feeling of euphoria and happiness. We see things more clearly. Thinking is easier.

10)  We discover new things about ourselves and the world around us.

11)  We feel a sense of satisfaction at the end of each day because we accomplished something.

12)  The constant thinking, learning, and creating challenges us and this stimulation reduces the risk of “losing our marbles”. Concentration, memory, and general problem solving improves and becomes easier.

When we participate in fun classes for seniors
we set new goals, however great or small.
These goals give us a purpose each day.
We grow.
We experience more.
We feel a sense of fulfillment and joy.

Want a Senior Education
Tax Deduction?

Senior educational tax deduction

Want a BOUNUS?

How about an educational tax deduction on your fun classes for seniors?

Did you know Uncle Sam has a $10,000 lifetime senior deduction for higher education? You can find that link at AgeWise Home. A great resource for seniors aging in place (at home).

Fun Classes for Seniors


treat yourself to some fun classes for seniors

Even if you weren’t thinking about taking classes now that you are a retired senior, do you think you may be considering some now?

We hope so!

Fun classes for seniors are one of the most enjoyable and energizing things we can do in our golden years. And, the benefits we reap from these classes, as well as the social interaction, is wonderful beyond measure.

Wishing You Many Fantastic New Experiences!  ~ William, Fiona, and Charlotte

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