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are there any?

jobs for seniors over 70Jobs for Seniors Over 70

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Are there GOOD jobs for seniors over 70?

Yes! All kinds of jobs.

Good Jobs. Even some very Great Jobs.

There Are Employers
Who Want US! 70+

If you were let go from your job for whatever reason, in your 50s or 60s, you probably found getting a job difficult. If even possible.

Usually trying to get the same kind of work we were let go from is an ordeal. Mostly because every other company with employees like you were are letting their older folks go too.

And, yes, “ageism” (age discrimination) does exist all over the place.

Now you’re 70+ and you still want to work. But, the idea of looking for a new job may be making you nervous and unsure. Am I right?

Is it impossible to find decent new jobs for seniors over 70?



there are lots of good jobs


Seniors over 70

And, there are some Great Jobs for seniors over 70 that younger adults won’t qualify for because they lack the experience and know how.

For Example:  Who really has a 28 year old mentor? Maybe some of the tech (computer) people, but, no one else. Mentors are the most experienced in their fields. The Sages. The Gurus. The old and wise. Both companies and individuals both know this.

“What Will I Do

The Next 20 Years?”

mentoring jobs for seniors over 70

I’ve mentioned my former dentist before. One of my true mentors. And, I have to mention him again here as we talk about jobs for seniors over 70.

Although I never ever wanted to be a dentist, I loved going to see this man because as he worked on my teeth, he would talk to me. I always learned something that was useful in practical life.

The wisdom he passed on to me more than 30 years ago still plays a part in my life and well being.

One day, when he was 81 years old, he was cleaning my teeth and telling me he was going to retire from dentistry that year. But, he wasn’t sure what he wanted to do “for the next 20 or 30 years”.

I was about 35 at the time and was astonished by his remark! He was totally serious.

He wound up buying a house in another neighborhood and he added (built) the entire second floor of it himself! At 81!

I certainly won’t be doing that. And, I don’t know anyone else with his physical abilities at 81. But, that’s what he did!

He lived to be 95. And, he was productive until then.

His wife, who also lived to 95, was a nutritionist and she she gave lectures and consultations all around the world until she was almost 93.

The whole idea is: Productivity and a job you enjoy is not over at 65 if you don’t want it to be.

Where Do We Go
to find
Jobs for Seniors Over 70?

There are a large number of jobs for seniors over 70 that you may not have even thought about yet. So, we’re going to help you get those thinking juices going and see if we can help you get started.

The easiest way to find a new job is to have someone else do it for you. Right?

Most senior Job agencies like Senior Job Bank cater to Seniors in their 50s and 60s. Although, they also do have connections for Seniors 70+.

Better Yet: There are actually agencies that specialize in jobs for seniors over 70. Yes. It is their specialty. Their purpose is to hook you up with employers that are looking for YOU!

VERCIDA is one of these agencies that you may like.

There Are
New and Different Opportunities

jobs for seniors over 70, newWonderful NEW opportunities are waiting for you!

Being over 70 does limit our opportunities. Obviously. We’re not going to be doing heavy physical work, nor, are we going to be traveling the globe for meetings every week or month…..

That is totally natural and understandable.

And, we probably won’t be doing the kind of work we spent most of our life doing. That is where most Seniors get hung up and frustrated. Their line of work is often “no longer in demand”.

9 out of 10 times, if you’re not working as a consultant for your previous boss, or, some other employer in the same field, you’re going to be doing something totally new and different.

That's more fun than it may seem like right now!

If you will embrace that idea of change and can get excited about it, finding jobs for Seniors over 70 is not that difficult at all.

The Only Qualification
That Really Matters


As long as you are able to do the job as efficiently as anyone else, age should have nothing to do with your ability to be hired.

Your age should always be a bonus in these cases because you possess a vast amount of experience that can not be bought anywhere. Not even in the post graduate courses of the most acclaimed Universities in the world.

Remember that when someone tries to say you are “a bit old for the job”. If they do, just smile and say: “That’s why I’m more qualified than anyone else."

A Plus Point!

Never ever ever, not ever, never (am I being clear?) let your age discourage you from looking for work. There are companies that need you just as you are in the most dire way.

We may be little slower than we were before, but if we can still get the job done, our experience and skill put us at the top of the list for being the best possible candidates for work we are able to do.

Always keep that in mind and you will never be intimidated. We deserve every single opportunity that younger persons have.

Always remember that. If you hear, “You’re a bit old.” You tell them that:

First: You have more experience and and know how than any other candidate.

Second: Age discrimination is frowned on. (They’ll know exactly what that means legally.)

Here's What YOU Have

why hire seniors over 70?

Let’s review the most important things for you to remember when you are applying for your new job:

  1)  You have more experience than anyone else

  2)  You have highly developed skills from decades of work

  3) You can see things, and work with situations, that the younger inexperienced eyes just can not perceive or handle

   4)  You are Valuable

Going to school, college, and beyond is great. But, when men and women come out of the classroom, they have only the knowledge they learned from books and professors. They don’t yet have “street smarts” yet. Real world experience.

Experience and actual “Know How” takes many years to acquire, and, is the most valuable attribute in any new employee.

If you ask any successful entrepreneur which he would prefer to have working for him, he’ll tell you the guy or the lady whose been around the block a few time and knows how things really work.

That’s Y O U!

Job Longevity

jobs for seniors over 70, longevity

Another doubt that some employers inaccurately have is: because we are older we won’t last long in the position.


Did you know that seniors who obtain new jobs tend to last longer at that job than any other age group?


Because we are dependable!

Keep that in mind, and tell anyone who may pose the job longevity objection to your age.

“Seniors are more capable workers than ever and employers are taking notice, evidenced by historically low unemployment rates for seniors despite a greater number of seniors in the workforce.” reference: SimpleWise .Com

Can You Swim?

Our value as experienced human beings is something most of us don’t grasp fully enough when going into a new job interview when we are 70+ year old Seniors.

Remember: “We can swim!”

What does that mean?

Take a look:

Any person can watch world champions swim for years and learn every single technique that won them the races.

BUT, until that person jumps in the water and starts swimming, they won’t really know how to swim. Much less, win races. Or, get the sale. Or, calm down the agitated customer, or grow bigger roses, or know the best way to maximize office workers efficiency, etc, etc, etc…… Right?

We seniors know how to do all those things. Very well in fact. Yes: We can swim! Like champions!

I’m not saying college or book learning has no value. To the contrary. It’s a quickest and best way to get a base of knowledge. But, book learning is no match for decades of real world experience, and, the developed skills that come with that kind of experience.

And, that is what we 70+ seniors have!

Did You Learn
The Hard Way?

There is also this case:

Maybe you obtained ALL your knowledge “the hard way”. By experience. You never even went beyond high school in education. Still, you became one of the best in your field. Kudos to you if you did! That takes a lot more willpower and determination.

It doesn’t matter how you became a master.
What matters is that
you now have the know how to make things work.


Every true master in any field has been in the field, working with people, for decades. Businesses need these people.

That’s Y O U!

Jobs for Seniors Over 70:




jobs for seniors over 70, teacher, mentor, tutor

These are Great jobs for seniors over 70 who have mastered any field of work. Whether it’s running a business, a restaurant,  teaching a musical instrument, singing, laying bricks or doing surgery.

You are just like the great Olympic coaches.

The Greatest Olympic coaches can’t perform one tenth of what they teach. Their bodies are too old. But, they know how to get the young athlete to do everything it takes to win the gold!

Think about this: Do the young potential champions hire another young person who has studied at Universities? Or, do they hire an old coach, who knows exactly how everything should be done? AND, who knows how to get that done.

Again, That’s Y O U!

You have a LOT to offer. It doesn’t matter what field you were in.

And, even if you have no really expertise in any field, you may have great compassion or a love for children. So, crossing guard, teacher’s assistant, nanny, baby sitter, pet sitter…. all may be just right for You!

Jobs for Seniors Over 70
Are Available?

As you are probably beginning to realize, there are so many.

If you stay in the field you’ve always been in, you are most likely going to be a supervisor, trainer, or consultant.

But, if you are just looking for some new pleasant, not too demanding work (whatever your reason for working) the opportunities become vast.

Private teachers, tutors, mentors, coaches, drivers, tour guides, private music teachers, information center staff, hospitality agents, customer service, sales trainers, greeters, receptionists, paralegals,…..  See?

And, that’s only the tip of the iceberg!

Things to Consider
When Looking for
Jobs for Seniors Over 70

jobs for seniors over 70, what is most important?

You want to find a job that fits you, and that fits those of us over 70. And, most important: Something you will enjoy doing.

Here’s how to begin looking:

Ask yourself:

  • What skills and experience do I have?

  • What do I like to do?

  • How much money do I need to make?

  • How much longer do I want to work?

  • What will my present physical condition allow?

  • What can I contribute?

  • What are my strongest assets and abilities?

Jobs for Seniors Over 70
What Do We Want?

Yes, it can be a bit frustrating to reach this point in life/career and find that job opportunities are now limited, or, have changed a lot. But, if you ski, so are the hills we are willing to ski down… Right?

Still, some of us ski many times each winter. See? We don't have to be champions to continue being productive and happy.

So, what do we want in our new job? We don’t have to compete with younger people. In fact, that’s the wrong approach all together. We are a very special group.

We can become the very most qualified teachers and mentors.

OR, we can just find a pleasant occupation that is enjoyable and not too taxing.

Some of us only want the income from a job.

Others of us want some additional income, but also, the opportunity to use our skills productively and put our knowledge to good use. Skills and knowledge we spent our whole lives acquiring. We want to enjoy being able to use these things productively.

Others of us want merely to contribute. Volunteer our abilities to meaningful groups.

Some of us want to try something brand new.

Most of us probably want to work part time. An enjoyable amount of hours. We’ve already slaved long enough.

Some of us want to try out a small business venture we always dreamed of (just like our Dad and his summer roadside vegetable stand).

The diversity of available jobs for seniors over 70 is enormous.

Are you beginning to feel better about the possibilities?

What would you really like to do?

Jobs for Seniors Over 70:

Getting Started (the hardest part!)

jobs for seniors over 70, finding good ones

This is the absolute most difficult part for seniors over 70:  Getting started.

We know we are not as fast as before. Or, as physically strong. Or, as good looking! So, too often we become too shy about our abilities.

A friend of mine used to say: “Every pot has a lid.” That means, there is something for everyone.

It also means: Your “lid” does not belong to anyone else. Or, any other age group. It belongs to you! And, it is waiting for You!

There are a large variety of jobs that are just right for Seniors over 70.

Unfortunately, we have heard so many negative things about our age and getting jobs that we feel afraid, nervous, not at all confident. Well, forget about all that nonsense.

We’re not looking to run in the Olympics now and, likewise, we’re not trying to run Microsoft, or Nabisco, or Coca Cola now either.

“Every pot has a lid.” And, there is a job that is just right for any of us who are looking for one.

It’s Just Like
Dating Again!

What a horrible thought! Right?

When we’re 70+, looking for jobs for seniors over 70 is just like someone who was married for 30 or 40 years and tries to reenter the dating scene.

It seems AWFUL!

They may have been a real hottie, or, a real ladies man 50 years ago. But, now,… it feels worse than trying to land that first Jr. High School date (remember that feeling?).

This is ONLY because we are nervous, self conscious, seeing all of our negative features.... We have become shy, and are out of practice. We often feel inferior. We are not. Remember that. And, remember: “Every pot has a lid.”

You’re Going to Be Fine!

Looking for that first job when we are 70+ is daunting. Intimidating. Stressful. OK… it can be downright scary! And, we start to wonder if there really are any good jobs for seniors over 70. Will anyone hire us?.... Am In right?

RELAX.  You’re going to be just fine. And, yes, as you are learning, there are many good and even some really great jobs for seniors over 70.

After reading this article, we are hoping you have a much greater sense of your value.

You now realize, “Every pot has a lid.” It’s true. And that means: There is something out there just right for you!

Even though you are over 70 years of age, you have skills and abilities that companies and individuals need and will pay you for. In fact, you possess qualities and abilities that most younger people do not yet have.

Yes, you may really flub the first couple of interviews. Badly… Welcome to the club! Unless you were the class Queen, or handsome beyond words, how good were you finding your first date(s) as a kid? Right? Remember?

Looking for a job at 70 is the same thing. The more you interview, the better you will become at it.

applying for jobs for seniors over 70

Each time you interview you become more and more able. More relaxed. More self confident. A better applicant. More likely to get hired.

Once you start looking and seeing what’s available, you will realize there is a whole big world of opportunity just waiting for you. Over 70. Jobs you didn’t even know existed. Jobs you can do! Jobs YOU can have.

What is Interesting
to YOU?

Whatever seems interesting to you is the best place to start looking.

Don’t just look because you are thinking, “Maybe they may hire a 70 year old senior citizen.” NO! Look for something you would like to do, that you know you are capable of doing.

Did you know that whatever passions, interests, hobbies, activities and anything else that has interested you in your life, has a way to be monetized?

Once you start really looking at the skills, experience, and knowledge you possess, you will start to realize that you have a LOT more potential than you were imagining at first. That you are a lot more valuable than you first thought.

Don’t be discouraged by any preconceived ideas of what might be expected of you. Or, if your first interview finds you in front of a very horrible and rude employer. Just go on to the next. And, keep going until you score!

If you watch sports, let’s say basketball, you know that even the very best players don’t make every shot. Job interviews are exactly the same. We won’t get them all. We just keep shooting until we get one we like!

Remember:  Embrace your experience and knowledge for the valuable assets they are. Likewise with your skills. And, your wisdom that only age and experience can bring. Then you can go proudly and confidently into every interview.

You have more potential and more marketability than you probably presume. Let your age feel like the great advantage that it is!

Here Are Some
Places to Look for That Job!

finding great jobs for seniors over 70Finding that new job is a Joy!!

We want to give you the links to two other articles we have for seniors seeking jobs. There are a number of jobs in these two articles that are excellent jobs for seniors over 70.

Take a Look:

The 37 Best Jobs 
 Senior Citizens

24 Great 
Part Time Jobs for Seniors

Now, I’ll say it one more time just for good luck: “Every pot has a lid.” There is a job that will fit you just right! And, an employer who wants YOU for that job.

Jobs for seniors over 70 can be found in so very many places. We hope these three article help you find the one that is waiting just for you!

You Can Do It!  ~ William, Fiona and Charlotte

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