5 Minute
Look Younger Workout

 - for seniors!

Is there a 5 Minute Look Younger Workout for us seniors?


Can it make us feel more refreshed and invigorated?


Can we start looking younger today?


And, before we even get to the “5 Minute Look Younger Workout”, we’re going to tell you how to start looking younger right now!

Helen Mirren age 64Helen Mirren, age 64

Tricia Cusden, age 70Tricia Cusden, age 70

Melissa Gilbert (Little House on the Prarie), age 63Melissa Gilbert (Little House on the Prarie), age 63

We Can
Start Looking Younger Today

First of all, as most of us know already, there is no workout in the world, 5 minutes or even one hour, that is going to make us seniors over 60 look 20 or 30 again. Right?

But, there are two things we can do right now to start looking younger today.

Elegant Lady, age 80Can you believe this Lovely Elegant Lady is 80 years old?"

Stand Straight

5 minute look younger workout, stand straight

Yes, always stand as straight as you can. Sit that way too.

As we age, our bodies tend to slump from the constant pull of gravity combined with weaker aging muscles. Nothing makes us seniors look older than a slumped posture.

So, the very first thing you want to start doing is: Stand as straight as you can. This alone gives you some immediate results.

You’ll look stronger, more vital, and you’ll have amore youthful presence.

I understand, not all seniors can perfectly straight anymore due to bone issues. Still, hold yourself as straight as you can. Head held high. Slight smile on your face.

And, that is the second “exercise” for looking younger: Smile.


5 minute look younger workout, remember to smile!

Smile. Yes. Smile. All the time. Just slightly. Now, isn’t that the easiest “exercise” ever?

And, smile with your whole face. Not just you mouth. (You know what I mean) This will also put some brightness and light in your eyes.

You’ll just be an even more appealing person to talk to.

Wherever you go, and, with whomever you are talking to, keep that slight smile on your face. Even when you are alone and just talking to yourself. It works wonders for our spirit as well!

Of course you can’t do this if someone is telling you something tragic. But, the rest of the time you can.

Over time, this little constant smile will also strengthen and tighten many of the muscles that keep your face from drooping. So, yes, it actually is an exercise.

In my own case, when I let my mouth droop, I tend to look angry. When I’m not angry at all. So, I am always conscious to keep a small smile on my face.

You’d be surprised how other people’s attitude toward you changes when you do this. I couldn’t believe how friendly people started to become.

When you wear a gentle smile wherever you go, people start smiling at you and treating you better. Try it out for a day. It’s quite fun!

Next: Attitude
This is a great one

The thing that often makes us look younger is attitude (yes, don’t worry, I will get to the 5 Minute Look Younger Workout very soon…).

If we are grumpy, grouchy, irritable most of the time, complaining, etc….. we’re never going to look good. Or, younger.

These terrible attitudes can creep into our lives slowly over time and play havoc with our faces. They make us look mean, miserable, and old.

We need to keep a joyful attitude everyday. Not only does it make us look years younger, it makes us feel a whole lot better.

And, believe it or not, just keeping that little smile on your face throughout the day, will greatly lift your attitude.

Older Seniors
Who Always Look GREAT!

5 minute look younger workoutApasra Hongsakula, 67

Did you ever notice there are certain individuals that are in their late 70s, their 80s, and even a few in their early 90s who just seem to “Sparkle”?

It’s fun talking with them. And, just being around them is pleasurable. Right? They seem so young for their age? Have you noticed how beautiful they look no matter how many lines and wrinkles they have?

When you were younger, did you ever say: “When I’m old I want to look as good as she/he does.”

I sure have.

How do they do it?

Is Everything

Attitude is everything!Günther Krabbenhöft, 80 Years Old

Did you notice that those people we just talked about who “Sparkle” in their later years have good, kind, and emotionally generous attitudes.

They are happy to see you. Happy to be alive. Happy to be participating in life. And, it shows. They “Sparkle”.

If you want to look younger, the first thing to do is take inventory of your attitude toward…. everything.

Once you get a grip on that (it may take some time and it’s not always easy) you’re ready for your next step (finally! Right?):

Your 5 Minute Look Younger Workout.

Your Rejuvenating Face Workout

A rejuvenating face workout for seniors.Practicing her face Yoga (you will learn this in just a moment!)

You won’t be going to the Gym for this workout. It’s for your face.

With this “5 Minute Look Younger Workout” you’re going to learn how to get yourself looking refreshed every morning.

This short and fun little workout will help tone and lift the muscles in your face. It will help them look fresher and more youthful.

I’m not talking about erasing our lovely lines and wrinkles. No! They were so well earned. And, charming when our face is filled with joy.

Remember: Worrying about lines and wrinkles when we are 60, 70, 80+ is just absurd. Forget about that. Those lines are Beautiful! And, well earned.

It’s the drooping of our faces, especially our mouths, that makes us look old and worn out.

You’ve already learned about the power of that small beautiful smile you have. Now, you’re going to learn how to put some freshness back in your face.

Exercises That Help Us
Look Fresher and Younger

When we were putting this article together, we found a number of excellent exercises to help our faces look fresher and younger.

But, honestly, how many of us want more exercises? And, even more so, how many of us will actually do them each morning if no one is there helping us? Right? Fat chance….

So, we needed to find someone to guide us through the perfect short 5 Minute Look Younger Workout, with the best fun and easy exercises, that would be just right for us seniors.

We spent weeks searching this one out. And, it’s a winner!

The 5 Minute Look Younger Workout


This VIDEO is by a charming young European model named Anna Veronika Meyer.

Now, honestly, none of us are trying to look twenty something again. That’s not the point with this workout.

The point is to look fresh. More youthful. More appealing. No matter how old we get.

Anna’s Video is so spot on, not just for a young model, but for us seniors as well, that we chose it for you. Try it right now. It’s:

  • Fun

  • Refreshing

  • Feels great to do

  • Gives wonderful results

  • Takes only 5 minutes, and

  • It Works!

Are you ready to begin?

Here we go:

Did you do the workout with her? It’s feels great. Right?

You Can
Look Younger Than You Do Today

We don’t have to look as old and droopy as we may look now.

We can looked more refreshed and vibrant by holding ourselves tall, smiling, and doing a little face workout each morning before we start our day.

If you will do these things every day for just one week, we think you’re going to be very surprised.

*note:  Take a selfie (picture of yourself, with your phone) before you start. Take another at the end of the week. Compare….


And, here are some more Beauty Tips from women over 80!

And, here's a Beautiful read to inspire you: Beauty After 50: What Real Women Wish You Knew

It Can Be
A Real Mood Changer

The 5 minute look younger workout can be a real mood changer.

The funny thing is, we get constant comments from the seniors who have tried this out. They keep telling us this little program makes them feel better. Not just look younger.

They say standing tall, smiling more, and using this short 5 Minute Look Younger Workout makes them feel:

  • More Refreshed

  • Happier

  • More Energetic

We’ve seen this totally add to our own vitality too.

You have to give it a try to see for yourself.

The 5 Minute Look Younger Workout


It doesn’t matter how old you are. You can:

  • Look and Feel Younger than you do today

  • Have More Fun, and

  • Feel More Vibrant

with just these two simple daily changes and by using the wonderful 5 Minute Look Younger Workout.

5 minute look younger workout #2

For Your More Youthful Tomorrow!  ~ William, Fiona, and, Charlotte

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