Selecting a Home Security System

Selecting a Home Security System

Selecting a home security system for seniors can become a major ordeal sometimes. Am I right? Are you going through this now?

Have you already started shopping for one and been getting overwhelmed and confused?

How do you figure out which home security system is best for senior citizens? For you, and your senior citizens?

Well this page is here to help you out. We’re seniors. We survey seniors. And, we find the products that perform best for Seniors.

When selecting a home security system for seniors there can be so many variables. Especially on price. Some of them are so very expensive. Thousands of dollars. Others say they’ll do the job for $99.

All we wanted to know was: What’s right and works best for us seniors?

How did we select a home security system for seniors? With some very basic criteria. It must be:

  • High Quality

  • Meet all the needs of Seniors

  • Work effectively for the whole house (even if the power goes out)

  • Reasonably priced (under $500)

We found just two. And, when you read all we found out, we think you’ll agree with us.

Things you'll want to know when
Selecting a Home Security System for Seniors:

Yesterday's $2,700 home security system is now only $400 - $500

Most Burglars and Intruders
 Want the "Easy Houses"

What is The Cost 
 Being Burglarized?

What is The Most Important Thing 
a Home Security System Can Do?

What Do SENIORS Need and Want?

"Is it
 Easy to Use 

"Can We Get Rid of Possible Intruders
 BEFORE They Get In?"

"How Much
 Will We Need to Spend?"

The Two Best Home Security Systems for Seniors

"Will We Have “Smart Home” Integration?"

"Can We
 Try it Out First?"

The Reason
 We Chose Frontpoint

 as #1 for SENIORS

Yesterday's $2,700 Home Security System

is now only $400 - $500

Selecting an Affordable Home Security System for Senior Citizens

32 years ago, when our Dad passed, our Mom was left alone in their house. We wanted to get our Mom a high quality home security system. One that would help keep her safe. Day or night. It cost $2,700.

Today, you can buy the same quality system, with more features for $400 - $500.

It all has to do with the advancements in technology, WiFi, and wireless sensors which are so easy to install that they don’t require professional installation.

Did You Know:

You Probably Don’t Need
The Best There Is?

It’s true. Selecting a home security system for seniors doesn't mean buying the most expensive or most complex one. It means selecting a system that meets our senior needs.

Most of us just don’t need to drive a Bentley to be happy and meet all of our travel needs. Am I right?

Is Selecting a Home Security System like buying a Bentley?Bentley S3

Sure, if cost was not a factor, most of us would love to be driving a Bentley. But, we all know, a Bentley is not at all necessary to get us where we want to go.

The same holds true when selecting a home security system for us seniors.

Yes, if you can easily afford a Vivint home security system, get one. Just like the Bentley automobile is the finest you can get, Vivint is the best home security system you can get. A properly designed Vivint home security system will cost you in the $2,500+ range to do it right. And, it’s an amazing system.

If that’s in your budget when selecting a home security system, Vivint beats all the others. Including ADT, Brinks, Simplisafe, Frontpoint, and all the rest. But, do we really need all of it’s possible capabilities?

Usually not.

A good basic Home Security System

that is reliable

will be all most homeowners need.

On the other hand, if you just want excellent reliable home security, that will keep 99% of burglars and possible intruders away, you can get a terrific system for a very affordable price. Under $500. Even under $300 if you only want the basics.

Here’s what you need to know: If you’re willing to spend $300 - $500, you can get most of what the very best systems are offering, and, sleep pretty darn well at night. As well as feel safe and secure during the daytime.

Is selecting a home security system for seniors beginning to feel less monumental?

Great! Let's continue:

It’s All Gone

And that saves you a lot of money

Selecting a Wireless Home Security System that you can install yourself.A high quality Wireless Home Security System
you can install yourself.

How can selecting a home security system for seniors give such great service at such a significantly lower cost then 30 years ago?

First: Technology has advanced a lot in the last 30 years. Everything in the home systems can be done wirelessly via WiFi. This means you don’t have to pay thousands of dollars to have professional installers come and wire your house like crazy.

Second: The wireless sensors mount easily to your windows and doors. No drilling or hiding wires is required. And, there is no shortage of quality of efficiency with these easy to install wireless devices.

Third: You buy direct from the manufacturers. This means there are no added middle man costs.

Fourth: Unless you have severe mobility issues, you can easily install the system yourself.

Why You Don't Need
The "Best"

Installing a Home Security System can be very easy!

You're home is not Fort Knox. And, you don't need that kind of security.

When selecting a home security system for seniors, it's important to know why the "Best" ones are so much more expensive. And, why you probably don't need them. There are two main reasons:

1)  The very "Best" high end security needs a lot of work done by professional installers.

2)   The last percentage point of refinement, that most of us do not need, costs a bundle.

Here’s a Similar Example most of us seniors can relate to:

If you are a music buff, you know that a decent home sound system will cost the average person about $400 - $500. They sound pretty good. Most people will truly enjoy this type of music system very much and they will be enjoying about 97% of the technology available today.

Now, if they want 98%, they’ll pay more in the $1,500 - $2,000 range.

99%+ will take them into the $10,000+ range. Yes, thousands more for that little extra perfection.

The same is true when selecting a home security system for seniors.

The fact is: $300 - $500 will get you a very well made and reliable home system, for the normal size home, that will scare away 98% - 99% of burglars and intruders.

If your home is a Fort Knox and you need the ultimate in home security, you’re going to pay thousands for it. And, it is available if you feel you need that.

But, is that something you really need?

Probably not.

Here’s why:

Most Burglars and Intruders
Want the "Easy Houses"

Burglars avoid homes with a security system.

You’re living in a private home, apartment, or condo. And, that is what you are selecting a home security system for.

You’re not a bank. You’re not a high end jewelry store. You’re not a major company that handles a lot of cash.

Those are the places where the really skilled burglars go.


There’s a lot more money there. If they’re going to risk jail, they want to make it worth it.

But, you’re in your home. There's a limit to how much security you need.

Did you know 88% of home burglaries are by people who are supporting drug habits? They’re not highly skilled thieves and robbers. They just want to grab stuff they can take fast and run away with. A high quality system will easily scare them off.

Now, only about 1 in 4 homes have security systems. The sensors on the windows and the cameras by you door are easy to spot. Even by common untrained unskilled burglars. The sight of these sensors alone will scare off most burglars and send them to another home where no security system is visible.

Should these possible intruders be real pros and still attempt a break in, a properly installed indoor motion sensor will set off an alarm and police will be summoned immediately. A breaking glass sensor will do the same. When potential intruders hear the alarm siren, or your voice on the intercom, they will run away. Fast.

Burglars and possible intruders want the "Easy Houses". Houses with no security system. If they see you have a system, they will prefer just to move on to a safer easier target, like the home next door that is totally unprepared

What is The Cost
Being Burglarized?

What is the cost of being burglarized? Selecting a Home Security System.

"Is it worth spending $400 - $500 when selecting a home security system?"

This is a question most of us will ask ourselves when selecting a home security system. So, we thought you might like to know what an average burglary costs the homeowner.

Data analysis from the FBI and the US Department of Justice finds:

1)  The average cost to the homeowner of a burglary is $2,800. This includes the average loss of $2,416 of valuables.

2) 95% of burglaries involve a forceful entry into the home, which means physical damage to your personal property.

3) A home with no security system has a 300% greater chance of being broken into.

4) 83% of would-be burglars check for the presence of an alarm system before attempting a break-in. (FBI)

What is

The Most Important Thing

a Home Security System Can Do?

The most important thing a Home Security System can do.

Selecting a Home Security System for seniors means you want a system that is going to scare off a thief or possible intruder before they can get inside. Right?

If they don’t come in, if they run away before trying to get in, you’re safe. And, if they know the cops are on the way, they’re also going to run away.

That means your stuff stays in the house.

And, The Most Important Thing: You and your loved ones don’t get assaulted or personally threatened.

Isn’t that the best reason to keep in mind when selecting a home security system?

That is what the systems we’re going to show you do. And, they do it more efficiently and reliably than any of their many competitors.

When Selecting a Home Security System
this is

Problem #1: Too Many Options

Selecting a home security system for senior would not be so difficult if there were not so many companies competing for your business. OR, if all the companies had products and monitoring services of equal quality.

They do not.

This is what causes most problems when selecting a Home Security System for the first time: A lot of people want their homes to be protected with a security system. And, marketers know this.

So, it seems like (in the last 20 years or so) every marketing Tom, Dick, and Harry jumped on the band wagon and put together some kind of very inexpensive, unreliable packages that they hope you will buy. Especially on line.

Some will even put their equipment in your home for free, just so you will sign a year or two monitoring contract with them. And, this doesn’t mean they have high quality monitoring either.

But, many people think monitoring is monitoring. Right? Wrong!

So, what should you look for when selecting a home security system for seniors?

  • A good reputable company

  • With reliable products

  • And high quality 24/7 monitoring that works even if the power goes out

Is $99
a Reality?

When selecting a home security system one of the first things you're going to see is the "Starting at $99" offers. I'm almost embarrassed to say that even our favorites do this too.

The fact is: No single family home is going to be protected at all it's entrance points with a single sensor and central control hub for $99. Let's take a look at why that's true:

Selecting a Home Security System for $99?The $99 Single Entrance package

This is who the $99 offers can help:

If you live in an upper story apartment with a single entrance and no balconies, you probably only really need one basic sensor and a master control pad. That's what $99 will cover.

But, what about a house, or lower floor apartment, or a condo with all the easily accessible windows and doors? Your garage? Possibly a basement with windows too? A porch or balcony?

There are just too many ways for an intruder, especially an experienced one, to get into your home with ease.

In reality, you need to protect every possible entry way. Every door and window

Don’t worry. It’s not as hard as it sounds. And, it’s not that expensive if you do it right.

Remember: Most home security systems can be install easily, by yourself, in under one hour. You can customize them for your exact requirements. And, you can add to them later if you feel you need more.

Besides the entry sensors, if an experienced professional intruder gets past a window or door, a room motion sensor (that even the experienced intruder can not disable quickly enough) will pick them up immediately and help will be alerted and on it’s way.

Also, as a point of interest, the quality motion sensors that our top two companies use can distinguish between a pet and a person. So, you don’t have to worry about false alarms every time your pet crosses a room.

In Reality: $99 won’t cover a normal house no matter how good the equipment is. Not even a small house. When selecting a home security system, plan on spending $400 - $500 to cover most normal size houses with good basic high quality equipment.

If you want a lot of extras like cameras inside and out with video recording, and all kinds of other nice goodies,… of course it will cost you more. But, those are really not usually necessary. Unless of course you feel better having them.

Need and Want?

What do Seniors want when Selecting a Home Security System?

OK. So, what is most important to us seniors when selecting a home security system? What do we need and want most?

At we, we shopped for home systems for us seniors just like you are doing now. We spent weeks on this task so you won’t have to.

Selecting a home security system for seniors wasn’t the easiest most straightforward task for two reasons:

#1) Too many of the sales people in stores had absolutely no idea what us seniors are really concerned about, need, or really want.

#2) Shopping on the internet didn’t really make the job of selecting a home security system for seniors much easier.


Because the internet is so overloaded with home security systems (23 different ones at our last count) that selecting one can usually become all too confusing.

Now, as seniors, our needs are a bit different than the young family with kids. Or, the newly married young couple. Or, even the middle aged couple.

We’re senior citizens. We’re older. We’re more fragile. And, we’re more vulnerable now. We’re certainly not going to be fighting anyone off. And, we don’t want to be in danger or frightened at any time of the day or night when we’re home. Right?

Did you know, at, 8 out of 9 of us are seniors? We know what we want and what our friends and other seniors talk about. So, when we made our choices, senior needs and wants were what we were specifically looking for.

Here’s what we found:

Why It Can Be
So Hard to Choose the Right One

When selecting a home security system for seniors the first thing that causes so much confusion and frustration is the number of companies selling different kinds of equipment. Frankly, there are just too many companies out there selling home systems. 23 by our last count. Not all of them are even decent.

And, as you may already be aware, they all look pretty much alike. That's confusing to someone with no experience in this type of security equipment.

Unfortunately, many of them are just not that good. Especially for us seniors. Maybe that’s why they can sell them so cheaply, or, give them away free if you sign a lengthy (1 - 3 year) monitoring contract.

So, how do you choose?

Well, you can read all the popular electronic magazines, the home making magazines, the pc magazines, etc., etc,… just like we did…. and talk to people who own them already….talk to electricians and installers.... just like we did.... and, still be left a bit baffled.

But, if you’ve been doing a lot of searching, you’ve probably found that Frontpoint and Simplisafe are always at the top of the lists. And, there is a good reason for this. These are the two best, most highly rated home security systems, that require no professional installation, and are highly affordable.

They both take less than an hour to install all by yourself. And, they both work great!

There is a little difference in the two which we will explain in a moment.

And, Remember This: Get the basics first. If you think you need more coverage later on, you can always add more sensors, cameras, etc… So, you don’t need to go crazy in the beginning spending too much money and trying to do too much.

We Researched Them All
for Y0u

Here at, we are constantly trying to find the best products us seniors want and need at the very best prices.

Our research team does extensive work comparing the products that are available. And, surveying seniors to see what they really want.

How did we base our evaluations for selecting a home security system for seniors? These were the criteria:

  • #1  Will you have a Panic Button?
  • #2  System capability
  • #3  Ease of use
  • #4  Reputation
  • #5  Monthly monitoring cost
  • #6  Quality of monitoring
  • #7  What do the "Reviews" say?
  • #8  Are you paying for a “name”?
  • #9  Is there a long term monitoring contract?

Let’s take a look at each of these criteria individually:

When Selecting a Home Security System for Seniors:

#1  Will You Have

A Panic Button?

Selecting a Home Security System with a panic button.Wall Mount

Selecting a Home Security System with a panic button on a pendant.Pendant
that you wear under your shirt or blouse

This is a most important feature for seniors. Especially older seniors.

When all is said and done, when everything is installed and ready to use, how well does it get you the help you need when you need it?

A Panic Button

is one of the single most important must have features
for Seniors.

This is the one item that really put our own Mom’s mind at ease. And, ours as well.

Be sure your system includes at least one. Or, two, Or, three. Make them very handy and easily accessible.


If you fall and can’t get up, or, feel frightened or unable at any time, if you need 911, just press the button on or pendant, or your wrist, or on the wall by your bed, and help will be on the way. You don’t even need to speak. Just press the button. Help will be on it's way.

We find the panic button to be one of the absolute most important features for seniors, and, the most desired feature, when family members are selecting a home security system for seniors. This is why we mention it first.

When Selecting a Home Security System for Seniors:

#2  What is the
System Capability?

When selecting a home security system for seniors, you want to be sure of a few very important things.

First of all, you want to know:

Do all the components work well? Yes, that sounds almost like a stupid question. But, it’s not. Some parts are poorly made and don’t perform reliably.

Are the components dependable. This again sounds almost like a silly question. But, it is not. May inferior systems use inferior materials.

How dependable and how fast is the central monitoring service? That’s where the signals from your system go to the people who call for help and assistance.

Will the system continue to work if the power goes out? And, will it signal the monitoring service if a burglar smashes it?

These are all important questions and concerns.

When Selecting a Home Security System for Seniors:

#3  "Is it
Easy to Use

A lot of people, when selecting a home security system, decide on a system that they wind up having trouble using. Or, it’s difficult to install. Or, one they accidentally set off too many times. (And, those calls for local assistance are not cheap. Your town charges you.)

If you can’t turn your system on and off easily and reliably, or depend on it to work if the power goes out, or, a burglar smashes it and it doesn't signal your monitors, it’s not going to do you a lot of good. Right?

And, if you can’t install it yourself properly, it may not function the way you thought it would.

Take a look at how easy it is to install a Frontpoint Home Security System:

When Selecting a Home Security System for Seniors:

#4  What is the
Company's Reputation?

What do other people say about the system you are considering?

How are the reviews from the national magazines? What are the down sides of your possible choice?

Also consider:

Is the system best one for your type of home:

  • A House?

  • A Condo?

  • A Townhouse?

  • An Apartment?

When Selecting a Home Security System for Seniors:

#5  What is
The Monitoring Cost

What should you pay for Home Security System Monitoring?

Monitoring is what makes a home security system so effective. There are live operators monitoring your service all day and night. When there is an alert, this is who dispatches the assistance. Police, fire department, emergency medical assistance. Monitoring is a monthly cost.

Don’t let an inexpensive monitoring deal have you make the wrong choice.

And, don’t let a slightly higher monthly fee send you away from the best service. Reliable monitoring, under all circumstances, is equally important as the equipment you use. The extra dollars are well worth it.

When selecting a home security system, you’re going to want to be sure you are connected to a fast reliable monitoring center. This is where the signal from your system goes and where the live operator contacts the police, ambulance, or fire department.

If you get a system with just a loud alarm…. well, the average burglary takes place in under 8 minutes. Your intruder will have plenty of time to do his work and leave with your valuables before anyone arrives. If they arrive at all.

Getting a good, fast, reliable company can sometimes be a tricky thing to choose.

Is a $10 or $20 monitoring service just as good as a $49 one? Usually not. You almost always get what you pay for when it comes to monitoring.

When Selecting a Home Security System for Seniors:

#6  What is the

Quality of Monitoring?

Who has the best Home Security System Monitoring?

If you’re new to home security monitoring, here are two most important considerations:

1)  How fast do the operators respond and have assistance on the way to you.

2)  If the power in your home goes out, will your system still be working?

Simplisafe has a much lower monthly fee than Frontpoint. And, Simplisafe has one of the better monitoring systems.

However, we found Frontpoint monitoring to be superior in response and customer satisfaction.

When Selecting a Home Security System for Seniors:

#7  How Are
The Professional Reviews?

Not every “Award”, or positive review, of a system necessarily means a lot.

However, if you are consistently seeing the same brands at the top of the different Professional Reviews (and you will), it’s good to keep those companies in mind when selecting a home security system.

When Selecting a Home Security System for Seniors:

#8  Will You Be

Paying for a “Name”?

Just like everything almost else you can buy, the most famous names in home security systems cost more because of their name and long history.

For example: Names like ADT and Brinks are totally top of the line with their products and service. But, you will pay top dollar, or even top dollar plus to use their products.

When Selecting a Home Security System for Seniors:

#9  Is There a

Long Term Monitoring Contract?

When selecting a home security system for seniors, don’t get suckered into one of the long term monitoring contracts. Forget about the systems that want to sell you these 1 - 3 year contracts. There are too many good systems that no longer require them.

With Frontpoint and SimpliSafe you are not bound in any long term agreements with a monitoring company you may not be happy with.

It’s month to month.

Do you know what that really means for you?

It means Frontpoint and Simplisafe want to keep your business. So, they are going to do their absolute best to keep you happy and feeling secure with their services at all times in order to keep your business.

Make sense?

Now, How Much Security
Do You Actually Need?

Selecting a Home Security System for senior citizens. How much security do you actually need?

This is a very important question to ask yourself and your spouse when selecting a home security system.

You’re not defending Fort Knox. At, the same time, this is your home, your valuables, and your own feeling of safety.

So, how much do you need?

Well, if you live in an apartment or condo above the second floor, as you already learned, you may only need a front door sensor and possibly a camera at the door. The chances of anyone repelling from roof and through your bedroom window are extremely remote. Right? $99 of equipment might take care of all your needs by simply securing the front door.

However, in a normal private house, or a ground floor condo/apartment, with all the possibilities of entry, you have multiple doors, windows, maybe a porch or balcony, a garage.…

Still, you can get darn good full home coverage and good security in the $300 - $500 range.

Honestly: No $99 system will be adequate for a normal single family house. And, the "install for free" ones? Forget about them. Unless you really don’t care how well the system will perform as time goes on.

At the same time, you don't need to spend thousands to get a very reliable, high quality home system.

This is your home. For a wisely spent few hundred dollars, you can protect everything in a normal size house quite well and have assistance for any emergency with just the touch of a single button.

"Can We Get Rid of Possible Intruders

BEFORE They Get In?"

Selecting a Home Security System that can keep burglars out before they get in.

When selecting a home security system for seniors, the ideal system should have would be intruders running away before they ever could get inside.

We're seniors now. A lot of us are getting a bit fragile. And, the thought of an unwanted intruder is always uncomfortable. Even horrifying. So, we want a system for our home that helps us feel comfortable, safe and protected inside. And, should we need quick assistance for any reason, we want to know it would be there.

Many of us also want fire alarms, smoke and carbon monoxide alarms, flooding alarms, etc…

And, that’s what we want this article to help you find when selecting a home security system for yourself and your loved ones.

"How Much
Will We Need to Spend?"

How much do we need to spend when selecting a Home Security System for Seniors?

When selecting a home security system, price is an important question and consideration for most of us seniors. Right?

Normally, for a single family home, you will be spending between $300 - $500. It's not peanuts. But, neither is it terrible. When you consider the average home burglary costs the home owners $2,800, this begins to sound like a real bargain.

And, some more good news: Having this kind of protection will usually get you some discount on your homeowners insurance.

It's All About
Safety and Peace of Mind

All of us want the good feeling of having a great system and the peace of mind it can bring. Right?

At the same time, money is usually an important consideration for most of us. We want something easily affordable, but still high in quality and reliability. And, we can have that.

Here’s the reality:

As you already learned, if you live in an upper floor apartment, with no balconies, you may only need front door protection. $99 is probably all you’ll need to spend on the system for your home.

If your home is a house, or bottom floor condo/apartment, it has more points of possible entrance (doors, windows, attached garages, porches). You’re going to need to have sensors in all these areas, and/or motion detectors in the rooms that contain these entrance points.

No, that’s not the $99 you were probably hoping for that you see advertised by many companies all over the place.

But, doing the job right is important. And, let’s take a moment right now to consider what you are wanting to protect: The most valuable things in the world: You and your spouse. So much more important than all the valuables you own.

$300 - $500 is a heck of a lot less than a $2,800 burglary, or, the $2,000 - $4,000 wired systems like our Mom’s system cost 30 years ago. And, the secure feeling for you and your spouse.... that makes the entire set up worth it. Do you agree?

Start With
The Basics

Selecting a Home Security System for seniors. Start with the basics.

Start with the basics.


Because: You don't need every piece of home security equipment ever invented to have a very secure home.

This is something we love about Frontpoint:

Get a good whole home basic set up first. If your basic system does everything you want, you're done! Just enjoy the excellent security, and, the good feeling it gives you.

But, if anytime after you get your basic package, you want to add additional components to your Frontpoint system, it's no problem and very simple. Say you want to add a camera or two, a smoke detector, an automatic front door lock, a glass break sensor.... Just call Frontpoint, order what you want to add, and the items will arrive at your door pre-configured and ready to integrate with your Hub. That's it! So simple.

With Frontpoint, if you desire, you'll also be able to sync your hub with Alexa, Siri, and Google Home. This way you will be able to control ALL the smart home devices you have using just the sound of your voice.

It's amazingly simple these days.

Getting Very Affordable
High Quality Security

High quality home security systems
have become very affordable


Senior Citizen’s Homes

High quality home security systems have become very affordable for the average senior citizen. It’s why we are so happy we can point out these two very best ones to you.

Now, if you want all kinds of additions to your system (such as flood monitoring, smoke alarms, multiple cameras, and video recording,….) of course that is extra.

But, a very well designed wireless system, that you can easily install yourself (with no drilling of the walls and no wiring), can usually be had for about $400.

Here Are

The Two BEST
Home Security Systems for Seniors

When selecting a home security system for seniors, we found there are just two companies that continually top the list for fulfilling all the needs us senior citizens have.

These two systems are also the two that almost every reviewer will place at the top of their list for people of any age. Or, at least somewhere near the top.

Both of these systems are fully customizable and have ALL the features we seniors want.

These two systems are:




Now, we’re going to tell you why.

You Will Be Buying
Direct from the Manufacture

Since you can easily install these systems yourself, there is no need for a "middle man". The middle man used to be the company that did the installation. Now, with today's wireless equipment, you can buy direct from the manufacturers.

Buying direct from the manufacturers, cutting out the middle man, is what cuts out 70% - 75% of the cost of a high quality system.

Years ago security systems were all “hard wired”. That means an actual electric wire ran from every sensor back to the main control panel. You required professional installers and lots of drilling in the walls to hide the wiring.

The very best and most intricate security systems still sometimes use some hard wiring. And, you pay dearly for that.

How much extra do you pay?

Literally thousands.

The very best home security systems you can buy these days are made and installed by Vivint. If you have the money and the need for that much security, they are the best. Superior even to ADT and Brinks, which are the most famous companies.

Here again, if you don’t need to drive a Bentley and a lovely Ford, Dodge, Chevy, or Toyota would make you as happy as a clam, and get you happily wherever you want to go easily, Frontpoint and SimplySafe fill the bill better than any other wireless system out there. And, surprisingly, they are as affordable as the other competing systems of lesser quality.

Normally, you can easily install these two home systems yourself. The reason, again, is they are wireless. You simply place the sensors and the master control panel where you want them (they have self stick adhesive) and they work much like your cell phone. It’s almost unbelievably easy.

If you find you do need assistance for any reason, professional installation is available also at Simplisafe.


Selecting a Home Security System from Simplisafe.

When selecting a home security system for seniors, Simplisafe is one of our top 2 picks.

We like SimpliSafe because you can have whole home protection. You can secure every door, window and room. Not only against intruders, but against fires, smoke, carbon monoxide and water damage.

You can be prepared for medical emergencies, and falls.

You can be entirely monitored by 24/7 professionals who are ready to dispatch the necessary assistance at any hour of the day or night.

Simplisafe consistently receives high praise from top sources:

SimpliSafe Features:

Here are Eight Features you want to be aware of when selecting a home security system. SimpliSafe has ALL of them:

#1 Trained Live Professionals
Monitor Your Service

The personnel who monitor your system call you when trouble is detected. They will contact the necessary assistance for you. And, they stay with you until it’s solved.

#2 Video Verification

If you add Video verification to your monitoring plan, your monitors alone can verify whether you alarm is real so, police can be dispatched faster

#3 Lower Cost

With SimpliSafe you buy direct. No middlemen. So, you get more security for less money. And, as we mentioned earlier, there is no lengthy monitoring contract. Should you ever want to, you can disconnect at any time.

#4 You’re Prepared for
Unexpected Outages

If the power goes out…. You lose WiFi…. You have a natural disaster…. Someone attacks your system…. SimpliSafe is ready and still working.

#5 Protection
Against Fires and Flooding

Simplisafe not only protects you from intruders, Their professional personal also monitor against fires, flooding, leaks, and more.

#6 You Can Keep an Eye
Inside and Outside Your Home

Their HD security cameras for both inside your home, and, outside your home can see what’s happening all the time.

#7 No Bulky Equipment

Their tiny size sensors and easy one touch control are designed “to disappear”. You probably won’t even notice it unless you are looking for it.

#8 Detect People
Not Pets

You definitely don’t want your system triggered every time your pet enters or crosses a room. SimpliSafe motion sensors use a precise detection algorithm that detects human form and distinguishes it from your pets.

How Long Does It Take to
Set Up and Install?

Besides the getting fantastic protection of the SimpliSafe home security system, it is very easy to install yourself.

You can usually install a Simplisafe home security system yourself in about 30 minutes.

What Kind of Sensors
are Available?

When selecting a home security system, the first thing to consider is: What areas can it protect?

So, let's start with the available sensors:


When a door or window is opened, the system is activated and an alert is sent. We recommend one for every ground-floor window and door.


These motion sensors are precision engineered to differentiate between human movement and that of pets. You don't need an alarm going off every time a pet crosses a room. These sensors are designed for traffic areas like hallways that intruders would pass through. When motion is detected, the alarm sounds.


There is a difference in the sound of a smashed window and a dropped plate or glass. These sensors can differentiate and sound an alarm when there is a break-in.


Fires and floods can result in costly damages to your home. The hazard sensors can detect danger before any damage is done. These include:


If your home temperature falls below 41° F -  an alarm is triggered. This enables you to remedy the situation before pipes freeze or burst.

You can also set an upper temperature limit to protect pets when you are away from home.


Did you know floods are one of the most expensive home insurance claims? These Water Sensors trigger an alarm whenever it comes into contact with water.


When smoke is detected an alarm sounds. With your monitoring plan, operators are notified immediately and the fire department will be dispatched right away.


You can’t see, smell or taste carbon monoxide. The CO Detector sounds a siren when carbon monoxide is detected. Again, with your monitoring plan, operators are notified immediately and the fire department will be dispatched right away.


In case of an emergency, you can customize your Panic Button to send a silent or an audible alarm to the monitoring center.

In case of an emergency, just press the Panic Button and you will alert the monitoring center.


More than actually a sensor. The video Doorbell allows you to see who is there and have a two way conversation. Welcome guests. Or, scare off intruders with two-way audio. Capture everything happening outside your front door at any time.


Your Base Station already has a 95dB siren. If there's a break-in, an extra siren or two can really scare off intruders and alert the neighbors.

Your Keypad

Selecting a Home Security System for seniors with an easy to use keypad.

This is your master control. You can arm and disarm it in one click.

This is the central unit that burglars try to smash so that it won't function. If this keypad is smashed or broken it will still send an alert and the police will be dispatched. You can even customize your keypad and panic button to send silent alarms.

Front Door Defense

Did you know the majority of burglars enter through an unlocked front door or an unlocked window?

Did you know the Simplisafe Smart Lock automatically locks your door? Even if you forget to. How great is that?

And, with your monitoring plan, you can give access to your home remotely when you need to let family members in and you are not home. Plus you can keep track of who comes and goes.

The SimpliSafe
Camera System

Selecting a Home Security System for seniors with outdoor and indoor cameras.

It’s not just major hotels and corporations that can have video monitoring. You can too. At a very affordable cost.

When selecting a home security system for seniors, a lot of us want a front door camera so that we can see who is there before we answer.

So, let’s take a look at what their fantastic cameras can do.

Adding an outdoor camera or two to your system discourages intruders even more. No burglar or possible intruder wants to be identified. Once they spot a camera, they tend to run. And, having a possible intruder run away is so much better than catching them in your house. Right?

The SimpliSafe cameras, like their sensors, are wireless. They are as easy to install as the rest of the system. No wiring required. So you can place them virtually anywhere on or in your home. And, take a look at what they can do:

  • The camera has a full 140 degree view with practically no blind spots.

  • At night, a motion-active spotlight will switch on and illuminate anytime someone steps into it’s sight. That alone will send most possible intruders running.

  • And, you’ll be able to zoom in up to 8x to see faces and read license plates from 15 feet away.

Scare Off Possible Intruders
Before They Enter Your Home

When selecting a home security system for seniors, we're not really interested in catching intruders that have come in. We want them to run away before they even try to get in. Right? Isn’t it much better to send possible intruders off before they get in your home?

Of course!

With Simplisafe, if you see someone lurking, with the built in 2 way communication, you can tell them it’s time to leave right through the camera’s built in two-way audio. Press your panic button and the siren will sound.

This warning usually makes them jump and flee immediately. When they know they are being watched, and possibly recorded, do you think they will stay there and continue their evil pursuit?

Even more: Should the burglary sensors go off for any reason, your camera’s built-in spot-light and siren will go off too. This alerts your neighbors and sends the intruder running.

No Wiring Needed

When selecting a home security system, this wireless feature is what makes it possible for you to easily set up and install your home security system all by yourself.

Unlike old fashioned security cameras that must be professionally wired to the main panel, SimpliSafe cameras require no wiring. The signals are all sent wirelessly.

You simply attach the screwing mount and place your camera on it. That’s it! The super strong mounting magnet will hold your camera in place.

Then, just press the button to connect it to the main system. You’re all set. Simple.

These cameras have:

  • An ultra wide 140 degree view

  • 1080p HD video

  • Digital zoom

  • A built in spotlight with:

  • Full color night vision

Take a look:

What About

Your SimpliSafe Cameras run on a rechargeable battery that recharges in only 5 hours and usually runs 3 - 6 months between charges. With a backup battery in while you’re charging, you’ll have no security downtime.

The two Wi-Fi antennas provide a strong connection to your router no matter where your cameras are located on your home.

Your cameras are designed to operate in all weather extremes, in rain and snow, from -4 degrees Fahrenheit to 120 degrees. You’ll also have IP65 (industry standard) water and dust resistance

Two Way Audio

When selecting a home security system for seniors, this is a feature you don't want to miss. Many seniors will find this is one of the most comforting features of the system.

How many times do we worry and get frightened when some rings the bell at unusual time of day or night?

Want to see who is there? Just look at them and ask. If you are frightened for any reason, just press your Panic Button and the police will be dispatched right away.

For us seniors, this is so reassuring. You can see who is at your door before you get anywhere near the door. Friend or stranger? And, if you choose to, you can have a conversation with them without getting near the door or opening it.

What Happens
When the Burglary Sensors Sound?

When the burglary sensors go off, the built-in spotlight and siren switch on automatically. This makes possible intruders run away quickly.

With SimpliSafe you never feel abandoned.

Try These Cameras Out
Risk Free!

Want to try a camera out before deciding?


When selecting a security system for seniors, cameras are an extra expense. We believe you will find them well worth it. So, Simplisafe lets you try them yourself, in your system, risk free, before you decide.

These cameras, with two way audio, can give enormous peace of mind and add a lot of extra security to your home system.

Put one or more of these cameras in your home security system. Test them out. If you’re not 100% satisfied, you can call SimpliSafe within 60 days for a full refund. They will even pay for the return shipping.

Nice! Right?

"Can You
Try the Whole System Out First?"


Just like the cameras, Simplisafe is so confident that you will like their home security system that they tell you: You can try the entire system out for 60 days. If you’re not happy with it, simply send it all back for a full refund.

That's the kind of peace of mind we like when shopping. Right?

Customer Reviews

When selecting a home security system, how do you know you can trust the customer reviews?

These reviews are from affairs (not a government agency).

Did you know 3,911,915 reviews on ConsumerAffairs are verified? also requires contact information to ensure reviewers are real.

Moderators read every review to verify helpfulness and quality.

Dale of Johnson City, TN

Verified Reviewer

Original review: Oct. 6, 2021

"The alarm system is very user-friendly. The monitoring is very effective, staff is very professional and responsive. Overall, using the in home equipment is quite easy and verbal notifications are flawless. System notifies when battery changes are needed. Highly recommended home alarm system!"

Keith of Sneedville, TN

Verified Reviewer

Original review: Sept. 21, 2021

"Easy to set up, very reliable even in rural areas. Battery backup, internet out, no problem, you're still connected by your cell network. Easy to manage as well. I have had the police in my driveway 2 minutes after accidentally entering the wrong code. I have been notified at work as well when there was an alert. This is a system I highly recommend using SimpliSafe."

Troy of Winchester, KY

Verified Reviewer

Original review: April 30, 2021

"Very flexible system and easy to install as a DIY project. Many device options make it easy to customize to perfectly fit individual needs. Highly recommended as a first choice when it comes protecting your home and those you love."

Timothy of Parma Heights, OH

Verified Reviewer

Original review: May 2, 2021

"Affordable, reliable, easy to set up. Especially like the away feature that allows the dogs to stay home with no false alarms. All contact with the service department have been very positive, from alarm response to general questions. The camera has a great picture."

Valerie of Las Vegas, NV

Verified Reviewer

Original review: May 5, 2021

"Our family has found SimpliSafe to be reliable, affordable and a plus was; it was a breeze to install! No high pressure sales pitches whatsoever... You pick and choose what you feel would be best for your family. Our alarm has gone off a few times and they call within a few seconds to find out what is going on and if we're ok or need police, etc. We wouldn't hesitate to recommend."


Selecting a Home Security System for Seniors from Frontpoint.
Selecting a Home Security System that has everything seniors want and need.Whatever your home security needs
Frontpoint has you covered

We saved the Best for last! Frontpoint.

Now, we're going to tell you about the Home Security System that we found to be #1 for Seniors.

Yes, Simplisafe is a very good system. It get some very good reviews. And, many of our readers use this system.

But, if you want the Best of the Best when selecting a home security system, that is high quality and affordable, Frontpoint is that system. It offers the most professional type system you can install yourself. And, the cost is only about $100 more than Simplisafe.

If you are selecting a home security system, and you want most of the features of a high end professional system, without the high end price, professional review after professional review will say Frontpoint is the system for you. And, we agree.

Frontpoint also doesn’t stop at burglaries. From floods to fires and smoke alerts, their state of the art technology is always there for you.

Want to
Live In The Safest House on The Block?

Selecting a home security system that is just right for SENIORS.

Yes, they all look similar. BUT, 83% of the burglars know the difference.

Remember: When selecting a home security system, professional burglars know which home security systems work best. And, which are hardest to bypass. They also know which send emergency help the fastest.

Do you know what else they know? They also know that homes with no system are the easy pickings. In those home they have less chance of being caught. And, the professional bad guys, even the amateurs and drug addicts, will choose those homes over yours every time.

Frontpoint Features

Frontpoint of course has all the features listed for Simplisafe, which include:

  • Trained Live Professionals

  • Monitor Your Service 24/7

  • You’re Prepared for Unexpected Outages

  • Protection Against Fires and Flooding

  • You Can Keep an Eye Inside and Outside Your Home

  • Detect People Not Pets

  • Superb Cameras

  • Two Way Audio

  • No Bulky Equipment

  • The Sensors Available Are:

  • Entry Sensors

  • Motion Sensors

  • Glassbreaking Sensors

  • Hazard Sensors

  • Temperature Sensors

  • Water/Flood Sensors

  • Smoke Detectors

  • Carbon Monoxide Detectors

  • Panic Buttons

  • Doorbell Camera with 2-way Audio

  • Sirens


With Frontpoint you also have “Smart Home” capability. This is becoming more and more popular with seniors every year. Simplisafe does not have this capability.

"Will We Have
Smart Home Integration?"

Selecting a Home Security System for seniors with Smart Home connection.

For those who are not familiar with “Smart Home Systems”, these are interconnected systems where you can control a wide variety of functions throughout the home from an app in your smartphone. There is no need to physically go to each item to set or adjust it.

Frontpoint can integrate with Smart Home systems, which Simplisafe does not.

When selecting a home security system for seniors, the "Smart Home" feature becomes more and more important as we seniors get older and older. And, this capability makes Frontpoint the best choice for seniors who have any kind of mobility issues.

It's also one of our personal favorite features because it is just so darn convenient.

Here are a number of things you can do, all from one app on your phone, when you have a “Smart Home”:

  • Controll the TV

  • Lock or unlock the doors

  • Controll the thermostat

  • Controll the security system

  • View the security cameras

  • Controll the garage doors

  • Controll your music system

  • Turn your lights on and off

Can you imagine how convenient this is when your are tired and just want to go to bed?

You don’t have to go to other rooms to turn your security system on, your TV off, your thermostat down,….. You do it all right from your phone app.

Those of you who already have "Smart Homes" know what I am talking about. Those of you who don't are in for a wonderful, comfortable new way of living.

One Touch Control
from your iPhone or Smartphone

Selecting a Home Security System for Seniors with One Touch Control.

Here’s a little more on the Smart Home “One Touch” convenience you have with Frontpoint:

The app for your phone allows you to control all your Smart Home functions from wherever you may be.

The Frontpoint mobile app sends you customized alerts so you can monitor and control your entire system from your phone.


Now you can turn on your lights before you get home, close the garage door you accidentally left open, and turn your smart thermostat to the perfect temperature—all with the touch of a button. Simply set your home automation preferences using scenes for one-touch control through the Frontpoint mobile app. Plus, if your system detects anything out of the ordinary, you'll be notified instantly with customized alerts.” reference:

ID Protection

Frontpoint is ahead of the pack in so many ways when it comes to helping you achieve the best in security. Here’s a great feature of Frontpoint that can give a lot of added peace of mind:

Did you know Frontpoint had ID protection that is powered by Allstate Identity Protection?

This is a $24.99 service that is FREE with your Frontpoint monitoring. It’s one of the things that makes the Frontpoint monitoring worth the slightly higher cost.

It can detect credit card fraud and dark web data breaches.

Frontpoint is always trying to give you all the security you are looking for.

“Can we count on the system to work?”

Now, when you have all these great things working for you, you want to be sure your system is always working. Right? What good is all this if it fails when you need it?

So, here is what else a Frontpoint Home Security Systems does to insure it is working for you:

- With Frontpoint you get automatic hourly checks of your sensors. You’ll always know your system is working as it should be.

- You have 24 hour battery back up in case your power goes out. As well as Frontpoint’s best in class customer service.

- You have their “Crash and Smash” technology. This means the system works even if a bad guy smashes it.

- And, your system will be 100% wireless. This means a burglar can’t disarm it. Even if he smashes it, it will alert the system monitors. We love this feature. It is what sold my wife.

The Frontpoint

Selecting a Home Security System for Seniors with outdoor and indoor cameras.

The Frontpoint outdoor cameras are State of The Art.

You can view what is happening outside your door at any time right on your Computer, iPhone, Smartphone, or Tablet. You can also view what's happening on your device from anywhere in the world.

If your camera detects movement, you'll get an alert right on your phone. It will also generate a Video clip when motion is detected. You can store up to 1,000 of these clips on the Cloud and access them anytime.

Take a look at this short Video from Frontpoint to learn how much more these cameras will do:

The Doorbell Camera

Selecting a Home Security System that has a doorbell camera.

When selecting a home security system for seniors, we have been finding that Security Cameras are becoming more and more popular with us seniors. So, we wanted to be sure you know you're getting the best cameras, at a comparable price, with your Frontpoint security system. The Doorbell Camera seems to be the favorite.

Here's what you should know about this incredible Doorbell Camera:

"The Frontpoint Doorbell Camera is equipped with motion-sensing technology that can catch them in the act of stealing deliveries — and capture it all on video — even in the dark. Same goes for any other attempts to steal or damage your property. The camera’s infrared vision and 180-degree viewing angle can see what’s happening in front of your door and beyond, day or night. Plus, unlike many other security companies, we’ll store your video footage in the cloud — for no additional fee.

Let’s not forget this is also a traditional doorbell, but with features that deliver enhanced security and convenience. Someone at the door? Use the Frontpoint app to see who’s there without getting up from the couch. Plus, the Doorbell Camera features two-way audio. So you can say “I’ll be right there” or “No thanks, we’re not interested” with the push of a button.

That two-way audio also comes in handy when you’re away from home. If your Doorbell Camera senses movement, you’ll get an alert on your smartphone. So you can tell a delivery person to leave the package by the back door. Or surprise a would-be thief by telling them that you’ve called the police and they’re on the way (even if you’re really hundreds of miles from home)."  reference: reference: Frontpoint Security

What About
Professional Rating?

Selecting a Home Security System for Seniors that has an A+ BBB rating.

How is Frontpoint rated?

Frontpoint has a 4.5 star Trustpilot rating as well as an A+ record from the Better Business Bureau (BBB).

"Can We

Try it Out First?"

When selecting a home security system for seniors, you may want to know if you can try it out first. So, can you try Frontpoint out?

You bet!

Want to be sure it’s really what you want? And, that it does everything you want it to?

You get a 30 Day Risk-Free Trial with your system and a 3 year warranty. This way you know you like what you bought and your investment is protected too.

Customer Reviews

How do you know you can trust these reviews?

These reviews, are from (same source as the SimpliSafe reviews above).

3,911,915 reviews on ConsumerAffairs are verified. requires contact information to ensure reviewers are real.

Moderators read every review to verify helpfulness and quality.

Jason of Sparks, NV Verified Reviewer

Verified Buyer

Original review: Jan. 16, 2021

"I had a break-in and it made me need to get something right away. I did it on a holiday and Frontpoint were the only ones open. The process was very easy. I like the fact that I didn't have to deal with anyone personally. It was just a phone call and it was set up. The equipment was sent to me and I installed it myself. Everything's fine with Frontpoint. It's worth the money."

Amanda of Melbourne, FL Verified Reviewer

Verified Buyer

Original review: July 5, 2022

"We recently came back to Frontpoint. We started using them almost seven years ago. We just did a web search and we called a few companies, and we liked the fact that they let you purchase your equipment so that you own it outright. Their system is able to run on cellular backup if you don't have Wi-Fi…..We have experienced before where we've actually set it off, and they called us very quickly to make sure that we were okay."

John of Mcdonald, OH

Verified Reviewer

Verified Buyer

Original review: July 6, 2021

"I was able to install the Frontpoint system myself and set it up. The installation was super easy. The reps have been phenomenal and they do a great job with me. We have an ongoing issue with the battery and they sent me another one free of charge. Other than that, the system is very reliable. We monitor it. We see any activities while we're here or while we're coming home or while we're leaving. It gives very good peace of mind and sense of security."

Miguel of Rio Hondo, TX Verified Reviewer

Verified Buyer

Original review: May 18, 2021

"Frontpoint is really nice because it's all wireless and simple setup. The customer service has always been pretty good. They have that feature where they don't keep you on hold forever. They call you back. The installation was really easy. The system came already set up. We just put those sensors where we want them. The app works really well. I can pretty much change some of the settings from there and see what kind of alerts I'm getting, or if there's any problem with the system itself, I get a notification. I would definitely recommend to get Frontpoint because of the ease of use and it's monitored 24 hours a day and it's cellular, so there's no wires to cut, so nobody can disable it from the outside."

Jimmy of San Jose, CA Verified Reviewer

Verified Buyer

Original review: May 21, 2021

"I like the cellular part of Frontpoint. Also, every time I call, they always answer or try to send me to reps that can answer my questions. Then they always offer free devices just to incentivize the renewal process, which makes it a lot easier for us, the customer. As for intrusion, alarms and whatnot, they call within 30 seconds after the alarm goes off. Some time I trip it myself and they called and asked for the passcode. After I gave the passcode, everything was squared away."

The Reason
We Chose Frontpoint

as #1 for SENIORS

Selecting a Home Security System for Seniors. Why we chose Frontpoint.

When selecting a home security system for seniors we found both Frontpoint and Simplisafe are the best home security systems that you can install yourself. Period.

Both have excellent reputations, and, both work extremely well. You’re just going to get a little more professional quality for your money and more professional capabilities with Frontpoint.

Frontpoint’s basic packages and monitoring plans cost a little more than Simplisafe’s. However, when you include all the add ons you will want for the Simplisafe system, the cost difference is small.

Here’s the reason to choose one over the other:

Cost: If you’re looking to spend as little as possible on a good quality home security system that can meet senior's needs, with a no monthly fee option, Simplisafe is the choice for you.

Capability: If you want a more versatile, and, a more professionally expandable system, that is closer to a top end $2,500+ professionally installed systems like Vivint, ADT, or Brinks, with the highest quality monitoring, you’ll want to choose Frontpoint.

Smart Home: If you want “Smart Home” integration, Frontpoint has it. Simplisafe does not. This becomes more and more important as we get older.

That’s the basic difference and the reasons to choose one of these two companies over the other.

That is also why we chose Frontpoint as #1. And, it is why Frontpoint is the system we chose for ourselves.

What About
The Other Brands?

When selecting a home security system, you will find a LOT of brands. Yes, there are 21 other brands by our last count. And, all of them, including Frontpoint and Simplisafe, look pretty much alike.

They all cost pretty much the same also.

Remember: When you’re selecting a home security system for seniors, you’ve spent a lifetime getting to where you are today. And, we’re older now too. We don’t have time to rebuild all that we have.

We also are more fragile than we were before. We're not going to be fighting off intruders. We want them to go away before they get in.

As our Mom used to say:

Don’t be: “Penny wise and pound foolish”.

Remember: When selecting a home security system for seniors, it’s only about $100 difference between having a really great home security system you can count on, and, one that just isn’t going to make you feel confident and secure. Only about $100. So, get one of the good reliable ones that has a good history and reputation.

If you’ve read all the professional reviews, Frontpoint and Simplisafe are the two best, highest rated, easy to install, reliable, low cost systems you can get for your home. Anywhere.

Sure, if you can afford $2,500+ for a high end Vivint system, go for it. Why not?

But, if 98% of what those high end systems will give you will satisfy you (as it does us), and give you all the features us seniors want and need, Frontpoint and Simplisafe can usually get you all set up for just $300 - $500.

Selecting a Home Security System
for Seniors


Selecting a Reliable Home Security System for Seniors with all the features they want and need.

When selecting a home security system for seniors, we know Affordability, as well as High Quality, are important to you. Just as those things are to all of us here.

The two best choices for us Seniors (by our staff and almost every electronic reviewer) are Frontpoint and Simplisafe.

In our extensive research, from own surveys, and, from personal use, we found that these two systems can reliably meet the needs of almost every senior citizen at a very affordable price.

Although both systems top our list, we did find Frontpoint superior. It has more professional quality components. It can also integrate with a “Smart Home” system (Simplisafe does not). And, Frontpoint has the best 24/7 monitoring.

If you are selecting a home security system for seniors, both of these brands are easy to install yourself and we found them both very reliable.

Now that you know which systems can do the most for us Seniors, selecting a home security system should be feeling a lot easier for you. We hope so.

Selecting a Home Security System for Seniors that you can count on.

Be Safe, Confident, and Secure! ~ William, Fiona, and Charlotte

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