Thrilling International Travel
Senior Citizens - 2022

International travel for senior citizens.
Exciting international travel for senior citizens.

International travel for senior citizens should be an amazing and wonderful adventure. It’s definitely an exciting time. Thrilling if you do it right. It's something many of us have waited for, for most our entire lives. Am I right?

Being properly prepared is the #1 thing that will make your trip a true joy.

And, we want to help you prepare properly so that your entire travel experience can go smoothly and be a pure pleasure from start finish. With no unpleasant mishaps or disasters along the way.

All That Matters is
The Desire to Go!

International travel for senior citizens. How to!

If not now, when?

That, we think, is the #1 question for us seniors.

If you don’t do your traveling now, when will you?

If international travel is something you’ve been dreaming about, if you have that burning desire in your guts, let’s start making a plan!

The reason you want to travel is not important. Because you want to travel… that’s what matters!

Some of us (like our own Mom) want to see where their ancestors came from. Others want to immerse themselves in a culture they have always enjoyed reading about. Some want educational opportunities. Time to learn or perfect a new language with native speakers. Some just want new adventures.

The reason doesn’t matter. The desire does!

Don’t know what to do? Does it seem overwhelming?

Don’t worry. Besides all the important tips for traveling you’ll see here, we’re also going to give you a list of 15 of the best travel agencies that specialize in international travel for senior citizens.

So, if you’ve been dreaming about it, and you have the ability, there’s no reason not to get started.

International Travel for Senior Citizens


We have a lot of information on international travel for senior citizens for you here.

So, we’ve divided the article into 3 sections. This way you can get where you want to go quickly, just by clicking the highlighted words:

22 Important Travel Tips to help insure you have a wonderful, easy, smooth trip. From the time you start until you return home.

15 of the Very Best Agencies who specialize in international travel for senior citizens.

A Special Video by Rick Steves who will show you how to pack efficiently and effectively.

The Top 22 Travel Tips
International Travel for Senior Citizens

OK. You’ve made you decision to go. Maybe you already booked your trip. But, don’t just go flying off without some proper preparation. International travel for senior citizens needs to be planned a little more carefully.

We all want peace of mind, complete enjoyment, and no unwanted surprises during our travels Right?

So, when it comes to international travel for senior citizens like us, it's wise to take some extra safety precautions before international travel vacations.

By following just a small list of EASY travel planning tips, we can avoid misfortunes and even disasters that could ruin the entire experience. That’s why it’s important for us to be as fully aware as possible and plan for the unexpected.

It’s easier than it sounds. Take a look:

#1  Book the “Shoulder Season”

International travel for senior citizens. Book the "shoulder season".

You want to have fun on your vacation. You want to move around easily and be able to go where you want to without having to fight crowds and wait on endless lines. Right?

Of course!

So, travel on what is called “the shoulder season”. The weather is most beautiful, you’ll save money, and you’ll have a more relaxed and enjoyable time. You also get to avoid the summer heat and the worst part: crowds.

April through mid-May and September through October are the months of the “shoulder season”. Good weather . Not too hot. Not too cold. Not too many travelers.

#2  Print and Share
Your Travel Documents

International travel for senior citizens. Share your traveling plans and information with your family and your best friend.

Let your family and best friends know where you are going and give them your necessary information. This may sound like a waste of time and energy, BUT, it is not. You want to plan for the unexpected.

If your flight is canceled, your prescriptions are lost, your passport is lost or stolen,… your family or friends can help you out.

Here’s what you should copy and give to both a family member AND a friend:

  • Travel documents
  • Itinerary
  • Passport ID page
  • Visas
  • Travel insurance documents
  • Emergency contacts
  • Medical information
  • Prescription meds and issuing physicians

#3  Buy Travel Insurance

International travel for senior citizens. Don't forget Travel Insurance.

We often hate admitting it, but us seniors over 65 are a bit more fragile than we used to be. Do you agree? And, we may have developed certain conditions that need, or could need, some unexpected special attention when we least expect it. Right?

Medicare won’t cover international travel for senior citizens. So, you’re going to want to have some added protection.

Hopefully you’ll never need to use it. This is money I always fell is “well wasted”. But, knowing you’re covered if there is a sudden problem can give you great peace of mind and the confidence to travel where ever you want to go.

Travel medical insurance ensures that you get the medical attention you need without facing mountains of medical bills later.

Yes, travel insurance for us seniors does cost a little more. But, it’s far less than the astronomical bills we might face without it. To me, that’s part of traveling peace of mind.

#4  Buy Travel Insurance with
“Cancel For Any Reason” added

International travel for senior citizens. Make sure your travel insurance has a "Cancel for Any Reason" clause.

When making arrangement for international travel for senior citizens, one of the things that comes up, more than any other age group, is the need to change our travel plans.

Unexpected events occur and there’s no need to waste our money on something we’re not going to use. Right? The regular travel insurance normally covers natural disasters and airline issues. But, what about any “unusual” event? You’re left high and dry. That means, you lose all the money you already spent.

This is why Cancel for Any Reason Insurance (CFRA) is what you want to get added to the normal policy.

CFAR is an add on to your regular travel insurance. Yes, it’s another extra little cost that you may try to avoid. But, don't avoid it. It is more than worth the cost if you should need to change your plans suddenly.


Because it will save you a bundle by enabling you to recoup your pre paid costs if an unexpected event comes up that forces you to cancel your travel plans.

For Example:

Say your destination country suddenly experiences a COVID-19 surge right before you’re getting all set to depart. And, now you no longer feel comfortable traveling there. What can you do?

With normal travel insurance you lose all your deposits and prepaid expenses. With a Cancel For Any Reason policy, you can cancel and get those monies reimbursed.

Yes, international travel for senior citizens takes a bit more preparation than for the younger folks. And, "Cancel for Any Reason" coverage costs a bit more. But, the little extra cost is so worth it if anything unexpected should come up and we need to change our plans suddenly.

#5  Select Aisle Seats

International travel for senior citizens. Select isle seats.

International travel for senior citizens often involves long flights. Sometimes very long ones. On long international fights we all need to get up sometimes and move around, to stretch, go to the lavatory, or get something from an overhead bag. It's important to do this even if we don't feel like it. We need to keep the blood moving.

If you’re by the window, you constantly have to maneuver around the person, or persons, between you and the isle. And, what do you do when they are sleeping?

With an isle seat, you get up easily whenever you want to.

If you and your companion both want isles, choose seats across the isle from each other. You’ll still be nearby and you’ll both have the ease of maneuvering.

#6  Get to the Airport Early

International travel for senior citizens. Make sure you get to the airport early.

Boy oh boy, don’t all of us who have ever traveled a few times know about this one? Right?

It’s 5am. We think we are up long before the crows. We arrive at the airport. Get to the terminal and find a line that looks like it started two miles away with everyone waiting to get a security check. AND, your plane takes off in an hour…..

Or, maybe your terminal is far far away and walking is not your strong point. Maybe you need a wheelchair or other assistance. (these things can normally be arranged when you book the flight)

And, you don’t want to rush and get all sweaty, with a racing pulse and become a ball of nerves.

Allow at least an extra hour over what you think you need. You’ll be cool, calm, relaxed and comfortable. And, if by chance you have a lot of time left over when you get to the gate, relax with a snack, a magazine, or a good book. You’re on vacation now!

#7  Keep Your Medicines Handy

International travel for senior citizens. Keep your medicines handy.

Don’t just ration out the minimum of these things that you need either. Take plenty in your main luggage and a nice bunch in your carry on.


It’s not just for the extra convenience.

If your pills are in your checked baggage, and the flight is delayed, or, your luggage is lost, having a nice large supply of extras in your carry on will ensure you have what you need when you may need it.

#8  Skip the Alcohol
and Drink Lots of Water

International travel for senior citizens. Drink plenty of water. Here's how to make sure you stay hydrated.

How the heck are we going to get dehydrated sitting for so many hours?

Most people don’t know that flying at high altitudes is very dehydrating. And, this is how a lot of us seniors get into trouble before we even land.

So, creating comfortable international travel for senior citizens also requires some extra water planning. Planning how we will stay nicely hydrated during our flight.

Have a good size water bottle in your carry on. An empty one. Yes, empty. They’ll take anything over 4 ounces away from you at security. But, after you pass through the check point, you can fill it up at one of the cafes or water fountains for free. This way you don’t wind up spending $10 (plus tax!) to buy one inside the terminal.

Drinking plenty of water on the flight has another bonus: It makes you get up and walk to the lavatory. That little bit of exercise is great for keeping the circulation moving on long flights.

* Note: Make sure the water you drink on the plane is bottled. You don't know where the other water came from.

#9  Don’t Be afraid to
Ask Attendants for Assistance

International travel for senior citizens. Don't be afraid to ask attendants for assistance.

International travel for senior citizens involves getting all kinds of odds and ends at different times and moving a lot of stuff around.

If you need a beverage, or, help getting something from an overhead bin, don’t be afraid to ask. All of us, even trying to pack light, usually jam too much stuff into our luggage and carry on bags. They get heavy. Don't throw your back out right from the start. Ask attendants for assistance.

And, you know what? They usually are very happy to help.

Our dear Mom had the most wonderful technique for asking that we have ever heard. She would look at someone, maybe put her hand on their arm, smile and say: “Would you mind helping a little old lady?”

I never heard a single person say, "No". Ever.

She began this wonderful technique when she was…. ONLY 55 and fit as a fiddle.

You don’t have to do as she did… Just don’t worry about asking. Most people are very willing to help us seniors out. Even if they are just other passengers. You may even make a new friend in the process!

The most important thing is:  However you ask, begin with a smile. You’ll find almost everyone, flight attendant or other passengers, turn out to be kind and helpful when you do.

#10  Bring Plenty of
Healthy Snacks

International travel for senior citizens. Bring plenty of healthy snacks.

Don’t let yourself become too hungry when you travel. it can make you weak and miserable. Keep some healthy snacks in your carry on. Food bars, nuts, dried fruits, sliced fresh fruit, grapes, etc…

Unless you’re in the first class cabin, the food boxes for purchase are usually less than appetizing.

Bring some thing you know you like. Pack them in plastic zip bags so nothing leaks in your bag.

Personally, I have brought sliced steak and asparagus in my carry on. And, a cloth napkin. I’m always laughing inside when I see the eyes widen in the passengers next to me.

#11  Stand Up, Stretch, and
Move Around Often

International travel for senior citizens. Stand up, stretch, and move around often.

Most of us seniors don’t realize that sitting for so long can be a real hazard for us. International travel for senior citizens is a main culprit here. Flights are...long!

One of the most critical of these problems is something called Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT). It can cause death after a flight, and, only occurred because the person did not move around about or stretch often.

So, when you are traveling, do yourself an enormous favor: Wriggle around in your seat regularly. Move your feet and toes very regularly. Stand up. Stretch out your arms. No one on the plane will make fun of you. They will wish they were the ones doing it. Sitting endlessly is not comfortable for anyone.

Go to the lavatory even if you don’t need to.

Walk the isles once in a while.

I even go to the end of the isle, touch my toes, maybe squat down for a second or two, stand and walk back. It’s amazingly refreshing. And, when I arrive I feel pretty great. Not like a flat tire.

If the seat belt sign remains on too much you can still move your feet about. Wriggle the toes a bunch. lift your feet up off the ground like you are walking in place (not so high that you freak out those next to you).

You’ll be absolutely amazed at how much fresher you feel at the end of your flight.

#12  Get Help
with Your Luggage

International travel for senior citizens. Get help with your luggage.

Again: Don’t be afraid or too shy or too proud to ask. You don’t want to start or end your trip with a back that is thrown out.

Even though we just sit most of the time, traveling at 33,000 feet  through the sky is quite hard on the body. It’s not just jet lag that can get us at the end of a flight.

If you reach for a bag on a crowed carousel, you may fall. That can ruin your trip all together. Especially if you are far from home in a foreign country.

International travel for senior citizens should bring some of the most wonderful experiences in our lives. Be kind to your body. Ask a younger family member to grab your bag. Or, even another passenger if you have no younger family members there. Get a porter to load your bags on a cart and help you to a taxi or hotel van. It’s so worth the $2 or $3 tip. And, have only good memories!

#13  Pack Light

International travel for senior citizens. Pack LIGHT!

International travel for senior citizens too often means too much luggage. We want to make sure we have everything. Right? So, we typically take too much extra... everything.

However: When you pack light you move easily through your journey.

Clothing is very often the most burdensome. Don’t worry about being seen in the same outfit more than once. One way to minimize your clothing is to take drip dry clothing that you can hang in the bath overnight and do laundry more often.

Here’s a VIDEO by a very personable fellow named Rick Steves. Rick spends 1/3 of his life traveling Europe. He will will show you the best way to pack very light for the most mobility.

You’ll learn all about “Roller Bags” and the “Day Bag”. And, all the things you don’t need to take.

He’ll tell you all about:

  • Electronics
  • Toiletries
  • Picking up what you need (when you are there)
  • Laundromats
  • Money Belts
  • Having the right guide books

#14  Request
a Ground-Floor Room

International travel for senior citizens. Request a ground floor room.

It's the little things we often forget. So, here's tip #14 in our list of international travel for senior citizens tips. If stairs are a difficulty, request a first floor room. Also, consider what easy transportation options are available nearby when choosing a hotel.

#15  Senior Discounts

International travel for senior citizens. Remember to ask for your senior discounts.

International travel for senior citizens also has many available discounts along the way. Just like at home. If you ask for them.

Just like we have Senior Discounts all over the place in the USA, European countries offer many also. You just have to know how to ask for them.

The British call their discounts “concessions”, or “pensioner’s rates”. In non-English speaking countries learn the phrase for senior discounts. You can even write it on a notepad and hand the note to the admissions person wherever you go. There’s no shame in saving a buck!

Many places including museums, special attractions, churches, train tickets and other transportation have discounted ticket prices for senior citizens.

Keeping your passport handy, or any ID card, would make you eligible.

Discounts are always fun. So don't miss out. You’re seniors. You’ve earned them!

#16  Double Check Everything

International travel for senior citizens. Double check everything.

Sure, you made the car reservation six weeks ahead. BUT, you arrive and they have no car for you. The agency’s fault. You bet. But, you still don’t have the car.

Call a day or two ahead (even though you shouldn’t have to). You can almost always avoid these annoying situations if you do.

Remember: Everyday people make mistakes everywhere in the world. It just part of being human. Double checking important things can minimize the chance of your plans being messed up by other people’s mistakes.

International travel for senior citizens can be made much smoother, with less unexpected difficulties, when we take the time to double check everything along the way, a day or two before.

#17  Learn What to Expect
on Your Trip

International travel for senior citizens. Learn what to expect on your trip.

As amazing as our trip might be, international travel for senior citizens can have a number of unpleasant surprises that we didn't expect if we don't learn the rules in other countries.

Getting pulled out of line and checked is a real drag. And, a bit unnerving. Especially if they find you carrying something you didn’t know was not OK. It might be something as simple as a sausage. Or plant seeds.

You want a smooth, easy, relaxing trip.

So, get as much information as you can on each country’s customs regulations. Yes, including your own country. You don’t want to unknowingly be carrying anything that is not allowed.

For Example: You can’t bring plants, fruits, or seeds into our very own USA. No sausages either.

It sounds so minor. But, if you are caught you may face fines and/or other legal problems. That could really ruin your longed for dream vacation(s). So, ask your travel agent AND do a little internet check yourself before you travel to find out what you need to know. It’s well worth the time.

#18  Beware of “Free Wi-Fi”

International travel for senior citizens. Beware of "Free WiFi".

International travel for senior citizens, these days, means always having a cell phone. And, they are a great help in getting around.

BUT: "Free Wifi" may cause you a serious problem. If you are in a hotel or airport make sure you are using the legitimate wi-fi by asking a staff member how to access it. Avoid any personal information or banking information when using “free wi-fi” anywhere. Especially on the street or in a cafe.

And, ALWAYS make sure you are on a secure website. The URL will always begin with “https”. If there is no “s” it is not secure.

For more security, it’s also possible to encrypt your data with a “Virtual Private Network” (VPN). This is a technology that encrypts your internet traffic on unsecured networks to protect your online identity.

#19  Travel Scams

International travel for senior citizens. How to avoid travel scams.

Like most other good things these days, booking international travel for senior citizens has a number of scammers out there. More than we often realize. With trip prices that seem too good to be true.

\Unfortunately, us seniors are too often the target.

Only book your travel plans through reputable well known agencies.

Remember:  If you see a trip that is priced “too good to be true”, it probably is. You don't want to wind up staying in some terrible hotel in the seedy part of a city you know nothing about. Stick with an agency that has a solid reputation. Paying a few more dollars in the beginning can save all kinds of problems once you get to your destination.

#20  Contact
Credit Card Companies

International travel for senior citizens. Contact your credit card companies before traveling.

There’s nothing quite like being thousands of miles from home and having your credit card rejected….

Credit card companies usually try to protect our cards as we use them. International travel for senior citizens means, as you travel, charges will suddenly be sent to the card from foreign locations. If the company doesn't know you're there, a red flag goes up at the company and they put a hold on your card.

So, call your credit card companies before you travel. Tell them what countries you will be visiting. And, tell them when you will be in each location. This way the fraud department will not put an unnecessary stop on the cards you use while you travel.

#21  Have Luggage Delivered

International travel for senior citizens. How to enjoy having your luggage delivered.

Imagine arriving at your destination without having to deal with hauling all your luggage around. Especially after a long tiring trip. Sound wonderful?

There are luggage delivery services like Luggage Forward that can transport your luggage and ALL your gear like skis, bicycles, golf clubs, etc… directly to your hotel(s) or cruise liner.

With this service you’ll be able to just walk through the airport unencumbered with any kind of baggage other than your carry ons. With international travel you could save a lot of time in customs also. When you reach your destinations, that can be bliss!

International travel for senior citizens can be pricey. And, yes, this luggage service is an extra expense. But, if you have the extra to spend, you'll feel like a King or Queen! It’s a wonderful worthwhile luxury.

#22  AARP

When planning international travel for senior citizens, don’t forget about AARP. At AARP you'll find almost anything that has to do with “Senior Citizens”.

AARP is also a great resource for international travel for senior citizens information, tips, and discounts.  It’s worth reviewing their travel pages while you are planning your trip. Especially if you are alone and would like to hook up with a senior group.


International Travel for Senior Citizens

OK. Now for those of you who still need to set up your trip, but, aren’t sure how to get started, here is a list of 15 Excellent and Reputable Agencies that specialize in international travel for senior citizens.

Whether you want to travel with a small group or even by yourself, there are agencies here that are ready to help you make your international travel dreams come true.

We usually suggest, especially for the newer international travelers, being part of a small group.


Because: it’s fun. The prices are better. You’ll make new friends. And, there is more safety and security in numbers. Especially if you have a wonderful experienced guide.

The 15 companies below are all well known and they put together some Amazing international travel for senior citizens. Their is no priority in their order. They are all excellent.

#1  Globus

Globus has been a trusted guided tour specialist for over 90 years. International travel for senior citizens is one of their specialties.

If you’re new to international travel and want to see all the major “tourist spots” they have trips for you.

If on the other hand you want to go beyond the guide books and explore coasts without crowds, thrilling sights that don’t have throngs of other tourists, and towns without traffic, local hideaways…. they can set you up with their “Undiscovered Tours”.

“Globus Undiscovered Tours in Europe and North America lead you off the beaten piazzas and onto the cobblestones and trails less traveled, getting you up close to the untouched, unspoiled, and unexpected discoveries that are nothing short of extraordinary.”

#2  Firebird Tours

Firebird Tours, comes to us from Fort Lauderdale, Florida. They also have international offices in Switzerland, Australia, and Malta.

Firebird has small group tours with destinations in North America, Europe, Morocco, South Africa, Asia, and the Middle East.

They focus on international travel for senior citizens 50 plus. They strive for quality, comfort, and good value.

Themes for their tours include cuisine, architecture, northern lights, history, as well as classical arts like Opera and theater.

“Firebird Tours organizes private and small group tours to European countries. We are best known for our world’s top tours to Scandinavia and Russia, for the superior value of our private tours to Italy, Spain, and Portugal, and for our unique ability to customize trips as customers wish.”

#3  Overseas Adventure Travel

Overseas Adventure Travel, out of Boston, Massachusetts offers trips to destinations on every continent. They specialize in small group tours.

Overseas Adventure Travel also specializes in trips for the solo traveler and trips just for women.

“There are other ways for independent travelers to join us, such as our Roommate Matching Program. Or, consider bringing a friend to share the adventure. Travelers taking advantage of this increasingly popular option express that they create memories with their traveling companions that will be cherished for a lifetime.”

#4  Adventures Abroad

Adventures Abroad will never have you feeling limited in where you may want to go on this magnificent planet of ours. They offer trips on every continent. Their seniors are usually active and often well traveled.

They cater to seniors 50 and older, but are open to adults of all ages.

The trips are rated in four levels, one to four, based on the level of physical intensity.

Level One may only include leisurely walks. And, for some of us this is plenty. And, the best way to spend our time outside. These are called “soft adventures”. They include history of your destination and it’s culture. There are no strenuous activities. But, you will still need a reasonable amount of physical fitness and the ability to walk around comfortably.

Level four is for the physical strong. Hiking can last 3 to 7 hours and cover uneven ground. Challenging hikes for even the fit.

“Senior Travel Tours by Adventures Abroad: exceptional-value, small-group senior travel packages to 120 countries across Asia, Africa, Europe, Latin America and beyond.

Adventures Abroad's signature guided tours for seniors are designed for travellers who want to see the world with like-minded friends of the same generation. For those who like to travel in comfort, but without sacrificing the ‘adventure’ experience, our tours blend the best of both.”

#5  Walking the World

Walking the World, is based in Grand Junction, Colorado. If you're looking for international travel for senior citizens that is all about getting immersed in the places you go by walking through as you visit, this agency is one you'll want to chat with.

They are set up mostly for travelers over 50 who want to walk and hike, and take their time in the places they go. Spain, Ireland, England, Italy, Norway, francs and so many other locations.

They have different trips for different energy levels. Daily walks and hikes range from four to eight miles. So, this is not a vacation for those who are out of shape. Definitely for the physically active senior.

There are all kinds of interesting trips. For example, there is an 11 day trip to Ireland where you can wander through the rolling green hills, see the gorgeous Cliffs of Moher, the Dingle peninsula, explore fishing villages, and Killarney National Park.

If you’re an avid experienced hiker and really like your hiking, you can take a trip through Rocky Mountain National Park. You’ll hike up to 10 miles on some of your eight day stay.

“Adventure travel is a way of experiencing the world, not as a passive observer, but as an active participant…. With Walking The World you’ll be exploring on foot small villages, meeting local people, and sampling some of the world’s finest food and drink. Over 30 years experience taking people on unforgettable adventures the world over.”

#6  Road Scholar

Road Scholar, used to be called “Elderhotel”. It began in 1975 and was renamed Road Scholar in 2010. It’s a magnificent get away for lifelong learners who want to enjoy fascinating educational experiences and field trips.

When planning international travel for senior citizens, Road Scholar is a must talk to agency for the educationally oriented.

Again, travelers here are typically over 50.

There are historical trips, city explorations, cruises, national parks, and so much more. They even have something called Grandparent travel, for those of you who want a special trip with the grand children.

They have different trips that are based on activity level, desired duration, price and any additional information the traveler may supply.

“At Road Scholar, we develop learning adventures for those who want a depth of perspective not found on standard travel excursions.

We call the lifelong learners who participate in our adventures Road Scholars because they are as fun and stimulating as our learning adventures. Road Scholars are a diverse group of lifelong learners.”

#7  Eldertreks

Eldertreks is one of the original adventure travel companies that specializes in international travel for senior citizens 50 and over.

Their small group adventures make them a favorite for hikers and walkers everywhere.

They go to over 100 countries. The trips include unique expeditions, wildlife safaris, hiking, cultural journeys, and more.

Again, at Eldertreks, the various trips are set up with various physical capabilities in mind. And, they are rated on intensity levels from one to five.

At level One, the traveler must be able to hike for one to two hours and be able to cover at least one mile.
At level five (you have left me at the canteen here…) travelers should be able to hike five or more hours, and be able to cover 5 miles.

When it comes to international travel for senior citizens who want to explore where they are on foot, these are fantastic outdoor experiences. The memories will last the rest of your life. Still, if you are not up for a physical adventure, this is not the place to make your reservations.

“A world of exotic adventure travel for the over 50 traveler.

Eldertreks is the world's first adventure travel company designed exclusively for people 50 and over. Established in 1987, ElderTreks offers active, off-the-beaten-path, small-group adventures by both land and sea in over 100 countries.”

#8  Senior Cycling

Senior Cycling, has it’s home base in Asheville, North Carolina. If international travel for senior citizens, by bicycle, is a dream of your, you'll want to talk with these folks.

Just as it sounds, they specialize in bicycle tours for active adults 50 and over. Being an avid biker, this is one of the favorite places for me!

The groups are comfortably small. A maximum of 13 participants. So, you won’t feel like you are competing in the Tour de France. And, don’t worry about falling behind and being lost. Every trip is accompanied by a “sag wagon” in case the riding gets a little too challenging and you need a rest.

Here there are three levels of riding:

Easy: For the occasional bike rider who is used to flat roads and bike paths.

Advanced: For those who are used to riding 50 miles in a day on all kinds of terrain and in traffic.

Custom: For your family, friends, or group.

“Senior Cycling offers bicycle tours for seniors & active adults age 50 and up. Whether it be the Florida Keys, Canada, or points in between…We promise you a unique, fun and friendly tour!”

#9  Backroads

Backroads, home office in Berkeley, California. They specializes in international travel for active seniors 50 and over.

They have world wide bike tours, walking and hiking tours, and their relaxed pace “Dolce Tempo” tours. Just right for most of us seniors who want to experience a lot, but, not be out of breath each night.

“Breeze over hills on your e-bike, stroll along stunning footpaths or mix it up on a multi-adventure. Our easygoing active trips are tailored to your interests, with hand-crafted itineraries that unfold seamlessly each day. Experience the local magic of your destination and explore more than ever before. Never wait in a concierge line or be turned away because the activity you wanted was no longer available.”

#10  EF Go Ahead Tours

EF Go Ahead Tours, is also based in Massachusetts. This time in Cambridge. They offer group tours with 14 - 38 guests. Private rooms are available.

EF is another company that also offers international travel for senior citizens who are traveling solo and want to go as part of a group.

Trips focus on on destinations and interests that can include adventure, food and wine, wildlife and safari, etc…

“As the world’s largest private education company, we draw on over 50 years of experience and a rich network of local Tour Directors, historians, and experts to create one-of-a-kind journeys for curious travelers. Each trip offers the perfect balance of carefully planned activities and free time to explore your interests, so you’ll return home with memories that last a lifetime.”

#11  Kensington Tours

Kensington Tours is headquartered in Wilmington, Delaware. They specialize in creating personalized privately guided tours based on your requirements. When you arrive at your destination, a Kensington Tours representative will meet you at the airport to start your personalized trip.

It’s not just England, Ireland, France… How about Antarctica, Kenya, Galapagos, Iceland, Peru, India, Indonesia…. and much more?

Kensington goes to over 100 worldwide destinations. They have 24/7 worldwide support. So, no matter where you are in the world, they are there to assist you if a hiccup occurs or you have a question. Any time. This makes them one of the ideal agencies when looking for international travel for senior citizens.

Enjoy the local foods and wines, discover the location’s history, immerse yourself in the culture you’ve been wanting to see.

Ideal arrangements for seniors who appreciate luxury and ease.

“We create personalized trips based on your preferences, this means no two trips are the same. Our expertise in over 100 countries worldwide means we take on all the complexities and logistics of planning your trip, so you can simply enjoy.
Whether you’re looking for culturally immersive experiences, relaxation, culinary delights, exclusive access or unique places to stay, we make it happen. While your local private guide takes it one step further by helping you authentically experience their country.”

#12  YMT Vacations

YMT Vacations is located in Bothell, Washington. Hawaii was their original specialty. They know all the ins and outs there.

YMT now also offers international travel for senior citizens, and helps seniors plan and have dream vacations to Alaska, Europe, the continental United States, Asia, Australia, New Zealand, and beyond.

The focus on all-inclusive trips that include hotels, sightseeing, tour directors, driver guides, and baggage handling.

“Making your vacation perfect, and offering you the best value for your dollar, is our goal. That’s why we only offer full travel packages. By thoughtfully bringing together each separate element of your vacation, we are able to handle all of your travel logistics. Guaranteeing the best price and ensuring that you’re able to enjoy an easy, worry-free trip.”

#13  Intrepid Travel

Intrepid Travel, is headquartered in Melbourne, Australia. They are dedicated to responsible travel and to taking people all over the globe. If your looking for international travel for senior citizens off the usual tourist track, this is an agency you'll want to talk with.

Intrepid operates more than 1,000 tour itineraries all over the world. They provide fully custom or ready-made itineraries that can be adapted to suit your group's comfort level.

When you travel with Intrepid, you have full access to specialists in your destination(s). Their knowledge will help you choose the right accommodations, activities, transportation, and tours.

“For over 30 years we've been taking travelers around the globe.

That's over 30 years of adventures, of visiting new places and old friends, of countless unforgettable moments. More than 30 years of changing the way people see the world, on small group tours with like-minded Intrepid people.

The real magic for us happens well away from a beaten path, the real life experiences you won’t find from an internet search engine.”

#14  Country Walkers

Country Walkers has been in Vermont since 1979. This agency is for serious walkers.

Originally it was walking tours in Vermont. Now, they also offer international travel for senior citizens who are walking enthusiasts. You can find the same type of great walking tours with them in North America, South America, Europe, Asia, and even Africa.

Their goal is to introduce their travelers to the landscapes and cultures on foot.

You can tour self guided, fully guided, or “guided flex”.

BUT: You need to be a serious walker. There are five levels of walking here:
EASY: 2 - 4 miles per day.
MODERATE: 4 - 10 miles spread over up to six hours a day.
CHALLENGING: 6 - 14 miles in up to 7 hours. (WHEW!!)

If walking and exploring is your passion, Country Walkers may be just what you are looking for.

“Country Walkers began with a simple idea: explore the world actively, passionately, and with a commitment to authentically engaging with local cultures. With this guiding principle, we launched the company in 1979 from an old barn in Vermont. Although we were small (and our office space rustic), our love for the beauty of the surrounding Green Mountains became contagious. Soon we expanded from local to international destinations, introducing travelers to new landscapes and cultures around the world on foot.”

#15  Grand European Travel

And, in keeping with the high reputation of AARP you have Grand European Travel. Simple and personal. A favorite of ours.

Grand European Travel in Tigard, Oregon is an AARP preferred travel provider. And, a “one stop shopping” travel experience.

Grand European represents 30 travel brands covering seven continents. You will find budget as well as luxury vacations, cruises as well as land trips.

They are very worth checking out.

“For more than 40 years, we've been providing a wonderfully simple, and genuinely personal, way to plan, experience and enjoy the vacation of your dreams.”

don't forget
AARP Travel

As with so many things for seniors, AARP has a travel department just for us! Be sure to see what they have to say about international travel for senior citizens.

Exciting International Travel
for Seniors Citizens


We hope these tips on International Travel for Senior Citizens will help insure you have a Safe, Smooth, Easy Dream Trip of a lifetime. Each time you travel.

And, if you’re still just in the planning/dreaming stage of your travels, start by giving some of the agencies above a call. Just tell them what you are dreaming of. We’re sure the conversations will get your juices flowing!

Booking International Travel for Senior Citizens.
International Travel for Senior Citizens. France!
Amazing international travel for senior citizens.

We Wish You the Most Amazing and Wonderful Time!  ~ William, Fiona, and Charlotte

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