Old Fashioned Names

What are the most beautiful old fashioned names?

Many of the most beautiful old fashioned names don’t seem to be around much anymore. Have you ever noticed that?

I’m sure you probably have.

Maybe you had a Granny or Great Aunt named Adeline, Bernadette, Fannie, or Anastasia. Ours was named Olga.

And, what about a Grandpa or Great Grandpa named Elijah, Ernest, Claude, or Alexander? Cool. Right?

Have you heard any of these names in the last 10 or 20 years?

And, wouldn’t it just be uniquely wonderful to help your own children give your new grandchildren a name of distinction? One of those most beautiful old fashioned names? Even just for their middle name?

Sitting around with your family and a pot of tea, and, finding wonderful names can be a lot of fun too!

a New Baby

How do we find an old fashioned classic name for our new baby?

He or she is not your baby…. Right? They are your children’s babies. So, you can only make suggestions.

BUT, wouldn’t it be cool to help your own kids find a unique and charming name for their next offspring?

This year, 2021, the most popular girl’s names were: Olivia, Emma, and Amelia. The most popular boy’s names were Liam, Noah, and Oliver.

All of those are pretty cool. Do you agree?

But, are they getting too over used and common?

If you’ve been out and about where the grandchildren are playing, you’ve probably heard these names a lot. Maybe a bit too much.

Names seem to be a bit like fashion. Every few years we get a few new ones that almost everyone seems to want to use on their new babies. Liam for example, was nowhere to be found in my neighborhood as a kid.

Now, it’s more common than John, or Bill, or Mike.

Our Generation’s Common Names
Are Getting Lost

What are the most beautiful old fashioned names for a new baby?

Also, our generation’s names seem to be getting lost.

In the top 50 list of popularity for Boys names:

William (that’s me! is down at #24 on the list. It used to be #5)

David (#40)

John, John one of the most popular names in my neighborhood as a kid is #48

Stevie (or Steven), Richard, Brian… a few of each in our local area. None are in the top 50 in 2021.

as for the Girls names:

Did you have an Elizabeth (#36) in your school?

An Emily (#41)?

What about Grace (#50)?

Judy, Jane and Margrette are not even in the top 50! Cathy? Kathy? Kathie?.. not anymore.

Remember: Those regular old names we heard as a kid can seem quite new these days. When was the last time you heard a kid called Judy, Becky, Jim, or Tom?

In Recent Years
Names Have Gotten More Interesting

In recent past years, naming the kids and grandkids has gotten more interesting.
 Still, I do miss John, Stevie, Margarette, Cathy (with all the different spellings)….

But, if we’re going to be really unique and outstanding in naming someone today, we can simply search back in time a bit more to find really gorgeous and classic ones. The often forgotten Most Beautiful Old Fashioned Names can fill the bill here perfectly.

Old fashioned names are becoming popular.

How about:


for the boys?


for the girl’s?

Nice. Right? So melodic....

Some Modern Ones
Are Just Bit Too Weird

Old fashioned names vs very modern ones.

We couldn't resist showing you these. We came upon them in our name searches. And, we got a good chuckle. We hope you do too. No offense meant to anyone here. A name is just a name. But, I'm older, a bit old fashioned, and I just can't relate to these.....

If you live in a major city, where there are lots of kids, I’m sure you know by now that we’ve even gotten into some really different names these days. Don’t you agree?

For example, have you heard any of these: Brick, Custard, Denim, Hashtag, Kale, Quiche, Window…. Yes, these are all real!

I kid you not. You can find all of those and more in this article from FamilyMinded: “60 Worst Baby Names Parents Have Ever Picked”

But, for those of us who prefer the old fashioned classics, here are some of the Most Beautiful Old Fashioned Names that a 109 member senior group put together with us.

We undoubtedly have missed some. So, if you have a special one to add to this list, please send us an email.

Choosing Something
Unique, Classic, and Wonderful

Some of the
Most Beautiful Old Fashioned Names
that date back 300+ years

Some of the most beautiful old fashioned names.

Now, if you want to find something really Old, Beautiful, and Unique, some of the Most Beautiful Old Fashioned Names, we’re going to take you back 200 - 300 years.

Sound fun?

We asked a group of 109 seniors what their favorite very old fashioned names for both a boy and girl would be. Maybe a name one of their grandparents or great grandparents had.

Here are the lists, boys and girls (in alphabetical order), of the very old names these seniors shared with us.

Way back then, names were often given to newborns because of the name’s meaning. So, we also added the origin of the name, and, the meaning that went along with each name.

We think you’ll love many of these names as much as we do.

The 32 Most Beautiful Old Fashioned Names for boys:

One of the most beautiful old fashioned names for boys: Aldous.Aldous Huxley
English writer and philosopher

1. Aldous (German) means “old and noble”. Famous name bearer: Writer Aldous Huxley

2. Alistair (Scottish) means “defender of men”. Famous name bearer: Cricketer Alastair Cook

3. Alton (English) means “river settlement”

4. Apollo (Greek) means “to destroy"

5. Aristotle (Greek) means “superior". We all know Aristotle the Greek philosopher. And, Aristotle, the famous shipping tycoon. But, it's one of the rarest boy names today.
 name bearer: Greek philosopher Aristotle

6. Auden (Danish and English origin) means “old friend"

One of the most beautiful old fashioned names for boys: Benedict.Benedict Cumberbatch

7. Baxter (Anglo-Saxon and Scottish origin) means “baker”

8. Benedict (Latin) means “blessed”. Famous name bearer: Actor Benedict Cumberbatch

9. Bertram (Germanic) means “bright raven”. Admiral Sir Bertram Home Ramsay

10. Boaz (Hebrew) means “swiftness”

11. Caspar (Hebrew) means “treasurer”

12. Clifton (English) means “cliff settlement”

13. Clovis (French) means “famous warrior”

14. Dietrich (German) means “ruler”

15. Eleazar (Hebrew) means “God helps”. Once a common name, it isn't as popular anymore

16. Elmer (Germanic and British origin) means “noble”

One of the most beautiful old fashioned names for boys: Elton.Elton John
Singer Song Writer

17. Elton (English) means “settlement”. One of our favorite Singer/Songwriters: Elton John

18. Everton (English) means “wild boar settlement”

19. Fenton (English) means “marsh settlement”. It can also be used as a surname that will define the character of your son

20. Gabe (Hebrew) means “God is my strength”. It could also be used as a nickname

21. Hemming (Swedish) means “shape changer”

22. Ivor (Old Norse) means “bow warrior”. Ivor Francis, Canadian actor, father of American soap opera actress Genie Francis

23. Janus (Roman) means “gateway”. In Roman mythology, he is the God of beginnings. A strong name with strong roots

One of the most beautiful old fashioned names for boys: Sylvester.Sylvester Stallone

24. Lambert (English) means “bright land”

25. Lazarus (Hebrew) means “God is my help”. Again, one of the baby names that aren't as popular anymore

26. Morten (Latin) means “ancient”

27. Oswald (Anglo-Saxon) means “divine ruler”

28. Stirling (English) means “dwelling of Melyn”

29. Styles (English) means “steep ascent”

30. Sylvester (English) means “woodland”. Rocky: Sylvester Stallone

31. Waldo (English) means “rule”

32. Zadok (English) means “righteous”. You may think this rare name has been almost forgotten, but it is making a comeback

The 27 Most Beautiful Old Fashioned names for girls:

We couldn’t find quite as many for the girls. But, we think these 27 names, dating back some 300 years, are just wonderful:

One of the most beautiful old fashioned names for girls: Chloe.Chloe Grace Moretz

1. Abigail (Biblical) meaning "my father is joy". Abigail is one of the most uncommon female names. Tennis player: Abigail Spears

2. Ada (English) means "noble". This is a beautiful name for a daughter

3. Arabella (English) meaning "yielding to power"

4. Berenice (Ancient Greek) meaning "bringing victory"

5. Briar (English) means "thorny plant"

6. Chloe (Latin) meaning "green shoot". The name refers to new plant growth. American actress: Chloe Grace Moretz

7. Claudia (German) means " lame or crippled". This name is actually quite popular still

One of the most beautiful old fashioned names for girls: Faith.Faith Hill
Country Western Singer

8. Elsie (English) meaning "my God is an oath"

9. Faith (English) meaning "to trust”. Country singer Faith Hill

10. Felicity (English) means "happiness". Actress: Felicity Huffman

11. Frances (French) meaning "Frenchwoman". This name is still a classic beauty

12. Grace (English) means "by virtue". A Classic that is old but not forgotten and still relatively common today. Actress: Grace Kelly

13. Hannah (Hebrew) meaning "by favor". She was the wife of Elkanah in the Old Testament

14. Joan (Old French) meaning "gracious". Joan of Arc the 17 year old peasant girl who rose as a leader for the French army. She also defeated the British at the 'Battle of Orleans' in the 15th century

One of the most beautiful old fashioned names for girls: Grace.Grace Kelly

15. Joy (English) defines joyous nature. Joy is still a popular middle name for baby girls

16. Leah (Hebrew) meaning “weary"

17. Lydia (German) described a woman who was from the place 'Lydia'

18. Mercy (English) meaning "wages or rewards"

19. Omelia (Ancient American) meaning "self-sufficient"

20. Orinda (Hebrew) means "pine trees"

21. Patience (Latin) meaning "to suffer"

22. Renata (Italian) meaning born again". Famous Opera singer Renata Tebaldi

23. Selene (Ancient Greek) meaning "moon". She was also the Goddess of Moon

24. Skylar (English) meaning scholar. Skylar Grey is a famous singer

25. Temperance (Archaic English) meaning “moderation"

26. Tracy (French) meaning " the domain of Thracians". Such baby girl names are quite old fashioned

27. Veronica (Roman) meaning "true image”. Maybe you remember Veronica from the “Archie” comic books?

What Were the
Top 3
Most Beautiful Old Fashioned Names?

When we had the lists complete, we asked our group of 109 seniors to vote on which they liked best. Which of the names did they think were the most beautiful old fashioned names to give boy and girls.

These are the names that ranked #1, #2, and #3 by our seniors group.

For the Boys:


For the Girls:


From the longer lists, which did you like best?

You Really Have
Unlimited Choices

What are the most beautiful old fashioned names for girls?

As you may already know, when it comes to picking a name, the task can seem daunting.

Did you know there are over 10,000 baby names for boys and over 10,000 more for girls?


Still, for many of us, the Most Beautiful Old Fashioned Names are our favorites. The old classics, that almost always came with history and a meaning, as well as Elegance and Charm.

Maybe those of us who love these names best are a very unique group. Or, maybe, too many of these beautiful names have been forgotten and we just need to see them again to use and enjoy them.

Most Beautiful Old Fashioned Names


Most Beautiful Old Fashioned Names

We hope we helped you find the Most Beautiful Old Fashioned Names that you were wanting to find. Aren’t they just wonderful?

For myself, I would choose Alistair for my middle name. Why? Simply because I like it. William Alistair. What do you think? Doesn't that have a nice ring to it?

And, isn’t that the way a name should be chosen? Just because you like it? Right?

So, tell us, which name(s) did you like best?

We Hope You Have Lots of Fun Choosing!  ~ William, Fiona, and Charlotte

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