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Let’s talk about walkers for seniors. And, the wonderful walker rollator.  Both of these items are great! If you get decently good ones.

Common Questions and Answers:

 1)  Why get a walker?

 2)  What can walkers do for us?

 3)  How can they help us seniors?

 4)  How is a Rollator Walker different than a standard one?

 5)  Can they keep us walking longer?

 6)  How much do walkers for seniors cost?

 7)  Here’s a great story about my stubborn neighbor Les and his rollator walker

 8)  What is the difference between walkers and rollators?

 9)  “What should I look for in a rollator walker?”

 10) Reexperiencing the Joy of Walking!

 11)  How much will a good rollator cost?

 12) How do I choose the right one?

Why Get A Walker?

Because when you need one, they are absolutely wonderful!


Here's what they can do for us.

Walkers for seniors can make us:

  • More Independent

  • More Mobile

  • Stronger

  • Better Balanced

  • More Capable

  • More Confident

Wow! Right?

How do walkers for seniors do this?

Let’s take a look:

Can Walkers Do For Seniors?

senior citizens walkers

Walkers for seniors have one basic purpose: Support.

We all know walkers help seniors with weak legs become more mobile.

But, strength is really less of an issue for most of us than balance. Yes, BALANCE.

One of the unfortunate things aging does to many of us seniors is it causes a loss of balance. Even if we’re strong.

The whole balance mechanism is contained in our ears. Did you know that.

We won’t go into all the things that happen in there. We just need to know that balance does diminish in many people as they get older.

Be Proud of Your Walking Stick

Being a senior is not for sissies! It takes a bit more effort. Right?

And, we’re still able. We still love living. So let’s live to the max! Don’t let anyone put you on a shelf. Don’t let anyone steal your joy!  Keep going! It feels good. Right?

OK. Back to balance. And, a walking stick.

I’m sure you’ve seen a lot of movies where the older people walk with a cane. Especially those romantic Victorian period pieces where you see Maggie Smith (always the Grandmother) dressed to the nines and walking proudly with the most beautiful walking stick (cane) imaginable. My God she she looks regal!

That walking stick isn’t just a prop. It is for balance! And, it looks great. You’ll find people used these all through history.

If you can get by with just a cane. Use one. And, get a good looking one. A good looking one makes us feel very regal.

And, that’s important. Because, things that make us feel good give us happiness, pride, and joy.

There are too many items bestowed on us that have become all too functional looking. Do you agree?

We don’t need any more of those things to make us feel old and worn out. We’re not. We’re amazing! We still have a lot of life left. Let’s live that way.

If we’re going to use a cane, let’s get a good looking one and be proud of it! Forget the ugly functional aluminum ones that make you feel crippled. You’re not! You simply have reached a place in life that not everyone gets to reach. Be proud of that. Hold your head high.

Be proud and get a good looking “walking stick”. Handle it like a prized possession. You’ll be admired. And, you’ll walk with gusto.

Now, back to walkers for seniors.

There Are
Great Walkers for Seniors

Some of us need a bit more support than a cane can give. That's where walkers for seniors come in. Especially when we get very old. Or, if we’ve had an injury. Or, if balance has become a real problem.

That’s when walkers for seniors become a gift from the heavens! Really.

Don’t be depressed about needing one. They extend our years of walking by a lot.

Just Be Sure:  to get a good one. The good walkers for seniors don’t cost much more than the terrible ones and they’re pretty awesome pieces of equipment.

Can They Help Us Seniors?

Here’s what walkers for seniors can do.

They help us:

  • Help Us Stand Up

  • Walk Comfortably from here to there

  • Help Us With Exercise

  • Make Us More Independent

  • Give Us Confidence

How many times have you waited to go to the bathroom because it’s just too much of a job? Getting up. Going to the loo. Sitting on the throne and then worrying about getting up again. AM I right?
So, we don’t go.

You know, first thing in the morning, or, in the middle of the night, this can be a real chore for anybody. Even younger people hate it.

Early in the morning, in the middle of the night, we’re tired. Weaker than the rest the day. Not in the mood for the battle. Afraid of falling.... Geeze!

With a walker:

  • It’s a LOT easier

  • Falling is not an issue

  • We get up off the throne comfortably

  • We have confidence

Or, what about just getting from here to there?

Walkers for seniors make getting from here to there easier, and, they give us more confidence.

We become more independent.

Getting Where We Want To
When We Want To

How, many times do we not go where we want to just because it’s a real job? So, we just sit inside and watch TV.

With a rollator walker, it’s so much easier. So, we do get up. We do go there. We live more. We have more freedom. We enjoy our lives more.

Sitting all the time causes weakness to develop. Moving around with a rollator walker adds to our strength.

Does It Mean You’re “Old”?


It just means you’re being smart and not taking a lot of unnecessary chances.

If you’re one of us who needs a little help getting from here to there, then a good high quality senior walker or rollator can be your new best friend. Nobody wants to just sit around all day. Right?

We still want to enjoy our lives. Right?

At first, walkers for seniors are something most of us say this to: “Ugh. These are for old people. I don’t want one of those. I’m not ready to be that old.” Am I right? We all have our pride.

Well, we are old. And, lucky to be here. God bless us! So let’s celebrate and keep walking and enjoying things.

Let’s be proud that we reached an age not everyone gets to. We are the lucky ones. Let’s enjoy that luck. Not suffer through it.

And, let me tell you this: When the time comes, walkers for seniors are Great! They let those of us who need a little help with balance or leg strength get where we want to go. You’ll be so happy you have one.

And, most importantly, we get places:

  • By Ourself

  • When We Want To

And, if we’re going for a longer stroll, a rollator walker is the best thing ever.

How is a Rollator Walker Different
Than a Standard One?

walkers for seniors, rollator walker #2

A Rollator Walker is even easier (and more fun!). And, they are fun!

  • They have 4 wheels and they roll

  • They have hand brakes

  • You can stop them anytime

  • They even have a built in seat and a basket to carry things in

We can travel pretty darn far with one of these.

If we get suddenly tired, the rollator walker has a built in seat so we can rest. Right there on the spot! So, we never need to worry about suddenly needing to sit down.

Remember:  The more exercise we get, the better we feel. Walkers for seniors and Rollators can help tremendously with this. And, they can give us more time outside in the fresh air. So, let’s keep walking!

God Bless Us!

Not everyone gets to be old. Old is GREAT. As long as we can still enjoy our life. Right?

Walkers for seniors and the Rollator Walker are like gifts from God. They let us go where we want to when we want to. They help keep us moving and keep us stronger.

Not everyone of us is going to need a walker. And, some of us will need one kind of early on. So what?

Let’s keep active. Let’s keep enjoying life. Let’s keep moving and getting where we want to go. By ourselves as much as possible.

Remember: Only the luck people get to be old. And, just like our automobiles, when we get older we require a little more care and attention. And, we are a little more special than the new models for many reasons. God Bless Us!

So let’s keep walking as long as we can!

Can Walkers for Seniors
Keep Us Walking Longer?

I mention this quite a bit on the website, old age is a gift from God! It is very important to remember. There is nothing wrong with getting old. It’s a gift. If we do it right.

When we become seniors, our independence is the first thing that seems to get taken away from us. Going to the store. Shopping. Cruising the Mall. Going to the park. Right?

It’s more of a challenge. And, our kids keep trying to stop us.

Well, let’s forget about all the stuff those nay sayers tell us we can’t do by ourselves. Screw them! Let’s do as many things as we can that we feel like doing. In our own time and in our own way. Right?

A good rollator walker can keep you on this track for many more years. Many more. And, the happier we are during these years the more of them we’re going to have. It’s a fact!

How Much Do
Walkers for Seniors Cost?

Walkers for seniors are not expensive.

Walkers for seniors usually cost anywhere between $30 and about  $80. They are almost always under $80. You don’t need the most expensive one to have a great walk. But, you also want to stay away from the poorly made ones. Two reasons:

  •  1)  They are not very sturdy or reliable

  •  2)  They are poorly made and need to be replaced so often that they wind up costing you more than a good one

So what is the best choice?

You’re Going to Be Surprised

We need to decided just how far we’re going to be walking with one of these.

Are we only going to the kitchen and bathroom?

Are we planning on walking the marathon?

Or, something in between these two goals?

I want to tell you this: Your initial expectations are going to be a LOT smaller then your desires are once you start using one.


Because these things help us balance. They give us support. And, we have a place to just sit when we need to.

You’ll be amazed at how much more you can do, and, how much more you’re going to want to do once you start using a rollator walker.

Here's a Great Story About
My Stubborn Neighbor Les

Les made me laugh!

Let me tell you his story:

My neighbor Les was as stubborn as a man can be when he was getting his first walker. He fought it like mad.

Les lived alone. But, he liked going here and there. Now, it was getting harder for him. But, no one was going to stop him from doing what he wanted to do.

Les was 86 years old at that time. He had always walked daily. But, his hips both just suddenly got really stiff and he was having trouble balancing. So, after years of refusal, he finally decided to get a walker.

Les was a very frugal man and he made a particularly bad choice on a super cheap one because he though he was only going to the bathroom, down the mail box, and in and out of the car. So, he “didn’t want to waste money on a better one”.

The two wheels were too small, the frame was thin and wasn’t very steady, the rivets were a bit loose, the darn thing started to peel paint after only one month....

But, Les was in love!

He started taking that thing down the side walk a few feet each morning and again each night. Big smile on his face.Then further. The smile always growing on his face the further he went.

After about a month, I thought I saw the skin on his face starting to get a little color in it from all this walking.

He would say “Hello” to me again now when I saw him, instead of just grunting. And, he smiled more. His eyes started to sparkle again when we talked. He even started making a few jokes here and there. All because of that crappy little piece of garbage walker he got.

Well.....  SOON Les was complaining about how difficult it was to get a real walk with the thing because it wasn’t moving fast enough or smoothly enough. And, it had no wheels in the back. The handles weren’t comfortable. The thing shook too much. The basket kept falling off.... On and on...

SO: One night I sat him down in front of his computer and we looked for a “decent” rollator walker that he could enjoy and “use a little longer”. That is: walk farther with in comfort. (Without complaining...)

And, of course, he still wanted to save as much money as possible. He didn’t want what he called, “another piece of crap.”

That man could make me laugh. But, he was stubborn.

We had a little chat and I reminded him that he had a decent amount of money put away and that if he didn’t spend at least a little on himself, his kids were going to spend it all quite freely later. Even the kid he didn’t really like. And, on plenty of stuff he didn’t approve of. So, why shouldn’t he have some pleasure out of it now?

He thought for a short moment, then he nodded his head, and agreed. With one exception: “No wasting money on fancy paint jobs.” I agreed.

Well, we came up with two beauties that are:

Well Built


Had a Good Guarantee

Were built for a real walk, not just standing support

Moderately Priced

Now, can you guess what Les is doing?

He now walks 4 blocks to the market All By Himself. This is a guy who would barely step out the front door three months earlier.

He gets the groceries he needs. Puts them in the basket of his Rollator Walker and strolls home. He never complains about this one.

Yes, his steps are on the small side and it takes him a while. But, he’s out there 5 or 6 days a week. Sometimes he buys only two bananas. Why? So, he’ll have an excuse to “have to go to the store” the next day.

Where We Want to Go
When We Want to Go

Not everyone is going to be as enthusiastic as my good friend Les. (Or as feisty.)

But, everyone who needs a little walking help is going to find they can get around a lot better, feel more independent, and get some refreshing exercise with a dandy little walker or a rollator walker. All by themself!

That’s why I think rollator walkers for seniors are one of the very best and very most important items for adding a lot of joy and even some years to our senior lives.

They’re all about:

  • Getting where we want to go

  • When we want to go

  • Getting there by ourselves

What is the Difference Between:
Rollator Walkers
for Seniors?

OK. Walkers and the Rollator Walker are a bit different.

It’s good to have one of each.


Because they have slightly different functions.

Plain Walkers for Seniors:

standard aluminum walker for seniors

The plain walkers for seniors either have no wheels, or, just two small wheels in front.

These are best for getting out of bed. Getting up off the toilet, crossing the room, exercising with, etc... They are not really meant for “going for a walk”.

Standard walkers for seniors usually cost under $80 and are great help around the house. Or, if you’re not going too far from the car.

The Rollator Walkers for Seniors:

rollator walker for seniors #2

When we want to walk a bit farther, or, even a LOT further, we go for a Rollator Walker.

These are amazing. And, fun!

A Rollator Walker has wheels on all the legs.

A Rollator Walker
Built for Ease and Distance

You don’t have to lift them every time you take a step. You just walk. They roll like a shopping cart at the grocery store.

They’re built for ease and distance. Everybody who gets one loves these!

A Rollator Walker has hand brakes. So, we can control the speed going down a slope, and, stop when ever we want to. With ease.

You can get a rollator walker with a seat. So, you can stop anytime you need to and take a rest. Or, just enjoy sitting in the park. Or, under a tree on a hot summer day.

They have a basket to carry things in: a snack, lunch, groceries, etc....

A rollator walker enables us to comfortably walk a LOT further. Confidently. And, we never need to lift the thing up. You just walk and hang on.

Sound like fun?

They are.

Everyone I know who got one of these told me it was the best purchase they ever made. Just because they can go so many places again that they couldn’t go before.

First: Let’s Take a Look At
Plain Walkers for Seniors

First we’ll talk about plain walkers for seniors.

There are basically two kinds of standard walkers for seniors.

1)  Those with no wheels:

senior walkers with no wheels

 2)  Those with wheels

senior walkers with front wheels

The ones with no wheels are great inside the house. They are usually the most solid support because nothing moves around at the feet.

Everyone should have one of these around.

These are great for getting up from the toilet or any bench that has no arms to help you up. They are also real nice to use as support when doing your exercises.

The ones with wheels are easier to walk further with because you don’t have to lift the whole thing up every time you take a step. All that lifting can really tire the arms.

The best of both worlds, that we found, is the Vive Folding Interchangeable Wheels model.

senior walkers with front wheels

With this one you can put the wheels on when you want. And, take them off when you are inside the house.

These are well made. The cost is about $75. Almost double the price of a standard walker. But, less than the price of buying one with wheels and one without.

Standard walkers for seniors are really quite inexpensive and lightweight.

If you are having balance issues or trouble rising from a chair or the toilet, these things are absolutely wonderful. And, very much worth the cost.

Again, if you’ve never had a walker, don’t tell me it will “make you feel old”. We are old. Be proud of the fact. These things will help you keep moving. By yourself. When you want to.

“What Should I look For
A Rollator Walker?”

This is a very common and excellent question.

Let’s take a look:

The rollator walkers for seniors are, I feel, one of the greatest inventions ever for senior mobility.

The rollator is more complex that just the plain support walker.

There are certain things we need to look for that will make the difference between joy and annoyance with these things.

What makes a wonderful rollator walker experience as opposed to a crappy one?

There are four things to look for in a Rollator Walker:


The wheels make a HUGE difference in how comfortable the unit is and how easily the unit moves. The larger the wheels the better.


Small wheels get stuck in every little rough spot on the ground.

(please forgive my poor artwork....)

The larger wheels go over these spots much more easily and smoothly.

Next:  How many wheels are there? There can be 3 or 4.

Look for a rollator with 4 wheels. They are more stable.

Also, get the thickest tires you can. They are also smoother and sturdier than the thin tires when the ground is rough.


The frame you want will depend on how you plan to use your rollator walker.

Here are the things to consider:

Weight. If you want a lightweight walker (which is much easier to move around) you’ll be paying attention to the materials used in the frame. “Steel” is the heaviest. The alloys and carbon fiber models are the lightest.

You don’t need to get the lightest one in the world. That one is 10.58 pounds.

12 - 15 pounds is considered lightweight.

20 - 25 pounds is considered heavy.

Width and Height. This is an important point. Is it narrow enough to be convenient? Is it wide enough to be easy to use? Is it tall enough for comfort? How much weight will it support?

Most rollators and walkers for seniors are adjustable. But, check that in the specifications of the product.

Weight Support. How much weight the device will support is very important if you’re a larger person.

If the weight capacity is 300 pounds, a 100 pound lady will have more than enough support.

But, a 300 pound person will not be adequately supported. Look for at least 100 pounds over your body weight in support.


Because if you slip and grab your walker, your falling weight is much more than your stationary weight.

Yes, there are even walkers especially made for very heavy people. They are called Bariatric Walkers.

Folding. Can you fold it easily? This is important for storage and especially important for transportation (putting it in the car).


Are the hand grips padded? This is really helpful when the ground is a little rough. It keeps the vibration down and is much more comfortable. Especially when you are going a distance.

A cushioned seat and a backrest are also things you want to look for. These things make a lot of difference. Especially if you take longer walks and/or just like to sit outside for a while.


Ease of folding, mentioned above, is going to make you use your rollator more. If it’s annoying or difficult to take out or put away, we all don’t want to deal with that. Right?

The easier it is to use, the more you will use it.

Also, they have covers. Cages. Bags. All kinds of fancy things are available. Most people never use those. They just collapse the thing and put it in the car. Easy!


Do you like it? Does it feel good to use? Do you like the way it looks? Some are more comfortable than others to use.

  • Lightweight

  • Adjustable

  • Large Wheels

  • Comfortable Hand Grips

  • A Seat and Backrest

  • Easy to Fold Up

These are the the things to look for.

Also, do you like the way it looks? The more you like it, the more you’ll use it.

The Joy of Walking

Too many of us don’t go where we want to because there are challenges that didn’t exist before: Balance. Strength. Endurance. A place to sit. Carrying a snack and a drink.


So, what do we do when these things happen? We sit on the couch and stare out the window and feel terrible and sad.

Right again?

A rollator walker can help us get up and get outside. With confidence. Any time we want.

Even if we just walk down the block and back. Or, even just to the end of our driveway and back. We get to have some fun being outside.

Getting Outside For a While
When You Want To

If you read our story (above) about my friend Les, you’ll see just how great one of these can be.

Les, at 86, was walking to the grocery store 4 blocks away almost every day. Sometimes just to buy a banana. Because he loved to walk. He just needed something to hold on to.

Sure, his steps were small and a bit slow. But, he had a good time outside almost every day that it didn’t rain.

Now, not everyone wants to walk that far.

But, just to get outside. To be able to sit down at anytime, anywhere you are, feels great.

When you have a little basket to carry a snack, a drink, a book, a magazine, etc... You can make a whole afternoon of it and not go even 50 feet from your front door. How does that sound?

Talk to the neighbors. Watch the kids play. See the birds. Feel the sunshine. Breathe some nice fresh air. Sit and relax outside where ever you are.

That’s why we say rollators and walkers for senios are the best investment in pleasure, that a senior with small mobility issues can make.

How does that sound to you?

How Much Will a Good
Rollator Walker COST?

If you’ve done even a simple search for a rollator you’ve suddenly seen at least 40.

They range in price from $53.99 to $1,269. That’s a very wide range.

Are the most expensive ones worth the price?

Are the inexpensive ones any good?

FIRST:  $1,269 is too much to pay for your rollator. Don’t do it. You won’t get your money’s worth from it. But, if you’re a billionaire and you have two Bentleys in your garage, this may be the walker for you.

If you’re like the rest of us, and, you just want a darn good item that’s easy to use, strong, and comfortable, you’re going to be in the $200 - $300 range.

If you buy one of the cheap $53 walkers, it may be all you need inside your home.These rollator walkers may be handy there, but, forget about using them outside.

The wheels are small and the frames are relatively weak. They may say they support 250 lbs. But, if you slip and grab onto one, it may collapse under the pressure of the fall.

SECOND:  Don’t cheap out on your rollator walker.

Yes, many seniors are living on very tiny budgets. So, you can only do the best you can. And an extra $20 can sometimes be a very difficult thing to come up with.

A decent walker can be had for about $40.

But a decent rollator walker is going to cost in the $200 - $300 range.

If a rollator is something you want, and the price is too high for you today, save, and wait until you can get a decent solid one with good sized wheels.You’ll never regret it. And, a good quality one will last a long time. They can easily outlast three poorly made ones.

I remember when I was a kid, I saved a whole year to buy the bicycle I wanted.

A dear friend from church saved over 6 months to get the rollator walker she wanted. She has had it for over 2 years now and could not be more pleased with it.

Hers is not one of the best. It was under $200. But, it is nicely made, is sturdy, will support 300 lbs, has decent sized wheels, a seat, a basket, and it looks great!

Whether you have plenty of money for one, or, if you have to save a while, get the best one you can afford. It’s going to be a very good friend.

“How Do I Choose
the Right One?

That’s another great question. Here are our suggestions:

If your tired of sitting around and just need a little help getting up and moving around, having both a standard walker and a rollator are a good idea.

The standard plain model walker is great for around the house. But, it’s clumsy and slow outside. And, it doesn’t give you a place to sit when you want to. It’s not much fun for “taking a walk”.

The rollator walker is a dream come true when you go outside the house. But, it is too big and clumsy for inside the house.

Having both is the ideal situation.

As we said earlier, if you can’t afford to get a rollator right nownow, just get a simple walker. You can get a good one for under $50.

And, save up for a decent rollator (under $200). Don’t waste money on a cheaply made one. You’ll just have to replace it. Save. Wait. Even if it takes you a year. You’ll never regret it.

And, very important: Buy from people you can trust.

A Store
You Can Trust

Deciding on walkers for seniors and rollator walkers can seem a bit daunting. Am I right?

There are so many different kinds of walkers for seniors, and, so many different stores that sell them. How do we know where to go? What to get? And, who we can trust?

Here at weloveourgranny.com we have spent countless hours researching these questions so that you can get the walker you want from people you can trust.

Our #1 choice for finding the right walker or rollator is Carewell - the caregivers shop.

We love these guys and recommend them for two main reasons:

1) They carry the best product brands

2) They give you a direct phone number at the bottom of each page that you can call and discuss your needs with. 24 hours a day. 7 days a week.

Here is their story (from their website):

"Our story began in 2015, when our co-founder and CEO Bianca helped her mom care for her grandmother. They had no clue which products they needed, much less where to find them or how to use them. Online marketplaces were confusing, local shops had limited selection and no discretion, and both experiences lacked empathy. Bianca was shocked there was no What to Expect guide like there is for new parents, so she and her husband/co-founder Jonathan dedicated their lives to creating a solution for family caregivers just like you."

This is a Great Family Owned company that truly wants to help you get the best products for your dearest seniors.

And, here is a link directly to their first of three pages of:  Walkers and Rollators for Seniors from Carewell.

Walkers for Seniors


When and if the time comes, there is no better item for daily independence than walkers for seniors and rollator walkers.

They help us keep moving. By ourselves.

They help us maintain more independence.

  • They help us get where we want to go

  • By Ourselves

  • When we want to go there

If you want to find the best walkers and rollators for seniors, and want to get yours from people you can trust and count on, we suggest you take a look at Carewell, the caregivers shop.

senior citizen with a rollator
walkers for seniors #6
walkers for seniors #7

For a Happy and More Independent Tomorrow,    ~  William, Fiona, and Charlotte

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