The Top 14
Games for Seniors - 2022

last updated January 1, 2022
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the best games for seniors

Games for seniors? You bet!

“We don’t stop playing because we grow old;

we grow old because we stop playing.”

George Bernard Shaw

There are hundreds of great games just waiting for you. And, limited mobility, or cost, is not an issue for most of them.

So, get ready to play!

Some Common Questions and Answers:

 1)  What are the best games for seniors?

 2)  Can most games be played by seniors and elderly people?

 3)  How many different games for seniors are there?

 4)  Can games provide new social opportunities for seniors and the elderly?

 5)  Can games for seniors reduce social isolation?


6)  Is playing games really important for seniors?


7)  Are there on on line games for seniors?

 8)  Are Video Games good for seniors and the elderly?

 9)  Are we ever too old to play games?

 10)  What are the benefits of games?


11)  What about those who can not leave home?

 12)  Can games really help us stay sharp, alert, and focused?

 13)  Can games help us make new friends?

 14)  What are the best games for seniors?


15)  What Are: The Most Popular Games for Seniors?

What Are:
The Best Games for Seniors

best games for seniors

We’re going to be talking about the best games for seniors. Games we can enjoy together. With each other and all the members of our family as well as the new friends we’ll be making on line.

Many of us can go out and play games. Like Bingo. Most towns and communities have Bingo Nights. There are poker games. Chess. Bowling. Mahjong....

For the athletic there are all sorts of sports.

But, what about the elderly?

Sometimes for the elderly, mobility or cash can be an issue. Don’t worry. There are a multitude of games for you too! On line. On your computer, tablet, or phone.

You don’t have to leave home to play games on line. You don't have to wait for a family member to come see you. You can play at any hour of the day you want to. With people from all over the world.


Sound good?

We All Love Games

Everybody loves games. And, there are so many good games for seniors out there that we can enjoy seated around a table. They run the gamut from card games, to word games, to brain twisters.

Joy, mental stimulation, amusement, just passing time with good company... We all love these things. And, just because we are seniors now doesn’t mean any of that has changed.

That’s the beauty of table games and video games for seniors. Even with some serious physical limitations, most of us can still play and engage in many wonderful games.

It’s all about having fun.

It’s All About
Having Fun

games for seniors eliminate isolation

Games for seniors give us a lot of convenient ways to have fun. Either with someone, in a group, or alone.

And, games are very beneficial to us. They are good for us. They are not just a way to pass time. They are not time wasters. Take a look at the incredible effects games can have.

Games for seniors, the elderly, and everyone else, can:

  • Eradicate Boredom

  • Brighten Our Day

  • Improve Concentration

  • Heighten Our Imagination

  • Test Our Skills

  • Relieve Stress

  • Give Us Achievable Fun Goals

  • Make Social Gatherings Less Intimidating

Is that a WoW! ?

Who knew that having fun playing games could improve our live so much?

Even More:

Playing games also exercises our brains! Yes. They help us with strategy, keeping track of things, mathematics, imagination, creativity, accomplishment,.... Did you know that? I didn’t.

And, games are especially beneficial for mind exercise when they require us to learn something new.

People Have Been Playing Games
Thousands of Years

Yes. People have been playing games for thousands of years just for these reasons. And, some of our very favorites are the oldest. Like one of my personal favorites: Backgammon. Backgammon is over 5,000 years old.

Games are fun and they make our days more enjoyable.

Can Most Games
Be Played By Seniors?


Most games can still be played by seniors because so many games can be modified for seniors and elderly people who have physical or cognitive limitations.

For Example:

If attention span or time are a concern, many games can be set up to be completed in less than thirty minutes. Or, they can be done in chapters and played like a TV mini series. An episode a day.

low vision playing cards

Vision problems? How many games do you think you can not play because your sight is not so great anymore?

Forget that!

Did you know that many games can be found that have large type? Favorite games like scrabble? This still makes scrabble an all time favorite and wonderful game for seniors with vision problems.

This is especially true because we older people know so many more words than those youngsters and we can whip them royally in scrabble. Just pretend you’re not sure you’ll be any good at it....

Same thing goes for ALL card games. Cards are now made with really big letters and symbols.

How Many Different
Games for Seniors Are There?

There are so many different senior friendly games now. In all categories. Thousands. Take a look at all these choices kindly assembled by Senior Living:

"81 Top Games for Seniors and the Elderly: Fun for All Abilities"

Once you take a look at this list, we think you’re going to be Amazed by the huge variety of senior-friendly games that are now available.

Games for Seniors to Exercise:
Our Minds!

games for seniors, jigsaw puzzles

As seniors, we know how important exercise is for our bodies. We know how much better we feel when we exercise. Even if we only do ten minutes a day.

Well, our minds are no different. Especially when we become elderly. They need exercise too. And, games are one of the best, if not the best, way to give us some exercise in this department.

To be in the best possible shape here, and stay sharp, we need to challenge ourselves a bit every. Thankfully, this can be easy for us seniors to do with just the pleasure of games that we enjoy.

It’s not work either. It’s not another thing we “have to do”. It’s not like school used to be where we so often had to engage in things we just didn’t want to learn about. Forget about the “have to do” stuff here.

No. We get to chose. Whatever games we want to play. Being a senior is really a blast when we know where the fun things are and what to choose.

And, the greatest thing is: Staying sharp is even more beneficial when we enjoy what we are doing. Who knew?

Can Games Provide
New Social Opportunities
for Seniors?


New social opportunities. Even in our 90s!

Playing games provides great social opportunities. It does matter how old we are. Or, even if we are confine to our homes. We have the internet!

games for seniors #2

We can make new friends. Yes. On line. We don’t even have leave the house.

And, we can play with our new friends regularly. Exchange emails. Chat. Challenge them. Laugh with them. And, share great stories together in the process.

Does that sound good? Does that sound like something you never thought could happen again?

Seniors never had this great internet resource even 30 years ago. Make the most of it. It can be one of the greatest things that ever came our way.

Old Age Can Really Suck

Right? I mean really.....

Do you agree?

Old age just isn’t fair.
Just when we get to the point where we know more than ever, our bodies become less capable of doing things that used to be so much fun and even things that we used to do easily.

Our minds are no different. They diminish and slow down too. Fortunately, just like our muscles, we can keep our thinking strong and improve it daily. With games! Even as we become quite elderly.

There is no truer saying than, “if you don’t use it, you lose it.”

I’m sure you can think of more than one person who is losing it right now.

That need not happen to all of us. Especially if we are exercising it every day.

The best part is, with games for seniors, it’s lots of fun! It’s not work. It’s not a chore. It’s fun stuff.

And, if you have a loved one who already has deteriorated greatly, there are still lots of games you can play together that will brighten their days immensely.

Can Games for Seniors
Reduce Social Isolation?

games for seniors, bingoBingo Party!

You bet!

Senior isolation is one of the very worst things that happen to too many seniors who get to grow really old. Too often elderly men and women have no one to play with and they rot.

Don’t let that happen!

Even those that are weak and house bound can find new friends on the internet. Just by playing games.

It doesn’t matter what games we seniors play. Simple or super challenging. When we play and socialize with other people, even just over the internet, we avoid probably the worst thing that happens to many seniors: Senior Isolation.
Here is a fantastic article on we found on called: "20 Facts about Senior Isolation That Will Stun You"

This article absolutely amazed me! You have to take a few minutes to read it. It tells us how important our social interaction are to our well being.

It also shows us how even the regular playing of simple games can eliminate this problem! the health dangers of senior isolation.

Yes games. Games for seniors. And, the elderly. How many of us realized how important they are?

Getting Comfortable
Family and Friends

There is almost nothing more uncomfortable than those horrible family gathering so many of us had to suffer our way through in our early years. Geeze! Remember?

And, as seniors, how many times do some of your family members visit just because they feel “they have to”. Right? Ugh.... We’d rather they didn’t.

But, we love them. And, they us. And, we want to see them, be comfortable, and have a good time. Right?

Now we can. Easily. Because there are great games that we can all play together.

Here’s what playing games together can do:

  • Games can get rid of all that awkwardness

  • Games take the pressure off of having to make forced conversation

  • With games, everyone gets to loosen up and just enjoy each other’s company

  • And, with games, we all have something fun to do together

When we play games together everyone has fun. AND, we start remembering why we loved these people so much.

In my own experience, we even made friends with members of our extended family who we used to avoid. And, found out they are pretty nice people! (I was shocked!)

Really Important for Seniors?

outdoor games for seniors

Yes. Playing. We’re never too old to need this.

How many of you have forgotten to do that? Hmmmm?

When was the last time you just took a good part of the day to play? Games.

Take a look at this:

Play has been shown to release endorphins, improve brain functionality, and stimulate creativity. And it can even help to keep us young and feeling energetic. Studies show that play improves memory and stimulates the growth of the cerebral cortex. Play has also been shown to trigger the secretion of BDNF, a substance essential for the growth of brain cells.”
reference: The Importance of Play in Adulthood

“The importance of play for children is well documented. Now researchers are turning their attention to its possible benefits for adults. What they’re finding is that play isn’t just about goofing off; it can also be an important means of reducing stress and contributing to overall well-being.”
reference: The Well Being of Playful Adults  

Great, huh?

Yes. We all need to play. The young. The old. The elderly. And, the very old. We don’t have to feel guilty about it.

In fact, we should be proud of it. Just as proud as we are of the days we go to the gym or exercise at home. Games for seniors  are rejuvenating!

Are There
Online Games for Seniors?

How about games for seniors on line?

I want you to hear what this now famous on line Gamer Granny has to say:

This is so wonderful it is almost not to be believed. I mean even 50 years ago this whole internet thing didn’t even exist. Right?

NOW, we have not only fun with emails, shopping, and finding out about anything in the world, we also have a multitude of really fin games we can play. For FREE! Personally. I love this!

I mean, if we wake up in the middle of the night, and can’t sleep, we don’t have to just lay there and feel miserable. We can play all sorts of games that are really fun, and, that more often than not, lull us back to a sound and blissful sleep.

The hardest part is often choosing which games to play.

There are literally thousands of games to choose from, and, that can be quite overwhelming. Right?

So, what we did is put a nice little list together for you here of the best (FUN and FREE!) on line games for seniors.

One of the best ways to keep our minds in great shape at any age is with free brain games.

Here are our 6 favorite brainsters that don’t cost you a penny to play!

    1.     Sudoku

    2.     Chess

    3.     Mahjong

    4.     Jigsaw Puzzles

    5.     Solitaire

    6.     Crossword Puzzles

Are Video Games
Good for Seniors?

Yes! You bet!

And, there are hundreds of free games for seniors on line.

Deep down inside, everyone loves to compete with friends in a spirited game. It doesn’t matter if you love board games, strategy games, card games, or any other kind of game. Am I right?

It’s fun to compete in games!

Games keep our attitude young.

At, there is a great article entitled “4 Ways Video Gaming Benefits Older Adults”

In this article you’ll learn how playing games can:

  • Increase Cognitive Focus

  • Improve Balance

  • Reverse Brain Aging

  • Lead to Better Emotional Well Being

And, that’s not just for seniors and the elderly. That’s for everyone.

It doesn’t matter if these are board games, video games, strategy games, card games..... Just playing games!

With your internet connection, you can play against seniors anywhere in the world. FOR FREE! That’s right. It won’t cost you a cent to do this. How great is that?


Are We Ever Too Old
Play Games?

games for the elderly


You know, we reach 65 and suddenly many younger people think we’re all in adjustable beds, watching TV all day, eating apple sauce and drooling.... Right?

Well, get this:

One of my best friends (since I was 10 years old) wife is 65, a champion athlete who can dead lift (lift a weight from the floor) 210 pounds! Heck. Most health 40 year old men can’t do that. And, her Dad was a fitness nut too. He lived to be 92.

Again, we’re old. Not dead. Don’t bury us yet.

And, those of us, who may be a bit challenged in different areas, are still very present. We’re still very much alive. AND, still very much enjoy living and doing lots of things we used to do. Like playing games.

One of the best ways for us seniors to retain our youth.

Games for seniors are like the fountain of youth. Yes. Really.

Once We Become Seniors

You know, once we become seniors, it often seems that we are not considered to be regular normal people anymore. There is nothing further from the truth.

We’re the same people we always were. Maybe not as fast and as strong. But, we’re still who we always were. And, we’re actually far better in so many ways:

  • Understanding

  • Compassion

  • Kindness

  • Gentleness

  • Knowledge

Mistakenly, when we become seniors, we’re often suddenly put on the shelf and “tolerated” until we die. That’s what makes us rot and die miserably.

Not OK.

Don’t accept that. Ever.

First of all, 65 is not old. Unless you've mistreated yourself miserably or suffered from something terrible. So we need to stay active in all ways. And, even 20 or 30 years later, at 85, or 95, yes, we are only elderly. But, we're not dead!

If some of the people who were close to you seem to no longer have time for you, forget about them. Good riddance! Becoming a senior citizen is one place we find out who our real friends are.

AND, now that we have the internet, even if we are severely physically challenged, we can make Great New Friends anywhere in the world just by playing games. For free!

We can remain private. No one needs to know where we live. Or, our phone number. And, we can get in touch anytime we want to just by logging on.

How wonderful is that?

Really. Right?

This was not possible even 40 years ago.

We still need to stimulate and engage our minds.  We all need and want friends. It still is fun and pleasurable to hang out with others. That part of the beauty of being human.

For heaven’s sake! We’re old. NOT dead. Right?

AND, there are literally thousands of other seniors all over the world who want to play with you.

So, let’s get to it!

This Can and Should Be
The Best Time We’ve Ever Had

card games for seniors

As young and middle age people out in the world, we were constantly bombarded with deadlines, problems, taking care of our kids,... we played sports, played games, enjoyed puzzles,... all of which kept us vital and energized.

Now, as seniors, retired, we usually have too much time on our hands. Right? Not a good thing! So, we must keep proactive in keeping ourselves active both physically and mentally to what ever degree we are able.

If you’re still living in your own house, this is something you need to keep on top of. If you’re living in a nursing home, ask the people who assist you there how you can get more interactive games going. And, persist. Some of those people who are supposed to be taking care of us can be a bit lazy.

Where ever you live, let’s make our senior hours fun filled. And, games (which we always used to wish we had more time for) are just the way to do this.

What are the Benefits
Games for Seniors?

Games are fun and entertaining for ALL ages. Not just for kids. Not just for seniors and the elderly. For everyone! And, we can play games with anyone of any age. We just need to pick the ones we like and are capable of.

And, again, don't worry about any limitations you may have. There are literally hundreds of great games for people of all abilities.

Did you know that competing in games is beneficial to everyone at every age? As you already learned, games contribute to an improved sense of well being and over all higher confidence.

But, there is so much more. And, this I found fascinating:

"Benefits of games for seniors include:

  • A Greater Sense of Independence

  • Improvements to Memory Capabilities

  • Improved Concentration Level

  • A Greater Understanding of General Knowledge

  • A Greater Understanding of Reality

  • Improve Hand-Eye Coordination

  • Improvements to Motor Skills  (such as writing and drawing)
  • Enhanced Reaction Times

  • Improved Ability to Do Things Independently

  • A Greater Sense of Well Being

  • Increased Development of Social Skills"

Just from playing engaging games! That we like! Wow!

reference: "9 Great Brain Games for Seniors"

What About Those
Who Can Not Leave Home?

games for seniors who can not leave home

Games can be played solo, with a partner, or, a group.

But, did you know: Even if you can’t leave the house, you can play group games, on line. On the internet. Yes. Group games. With others. Live.

Forget about feeling isolated. It’s time to make some great new friends.

No matter how elderly or house bound one of us may be, we can still play in groups, on line, and have a ball! As well as create a group of friends we see regularly. Chat with. Laugh with. Talk to.

This can eliminate all the unnecessary loneliness and depression so many face after retirement. We are social creatures. We need each other. And, with games, we seniors get a chance to reconnect with all sorts of New Friends.

Games are like magic! And, they’re fun. Never stop playing games. Ever.

It doesn’t matter who we play games with, family, friends, new on-line friends, groups, young old.... the benefits of games for senior remain the same.

Can Games Really Help Us Stay
Sharp, Alert, and Focussed?


Never under estimate the power of a good game!

Fun games for seniors are a great way to stay sharp and quick.

Studies have shown that playing games with our senior loved ones, including the very elderly, helps keep them engaged, alert, focused, while at the same time giving them a good time.

What games we choose depends only on what we all like and are capable of playing.

As you already learned, just the togetherness is a major factor in the well being of seniors. Too often we seniors can feel isolated, forgotten, unimportant, useless..... It’s terrible. And, not necessary at all.

Studies have shown that “older adults who maintain strong social relationships have fewer chronic health conditions, experience greater longevity, and report a higher quality of life overall.”

“In fact, helping your senior loved ones remain socially active is one of the easiest and most effective ways to help them stay healthy for longer.”

Games Bring People Together

games for seniors for friendship

This is probably the most significant part of games for seniors. So, We’re going to stress it a bit more.

Feeling isolated and lonely isn’t just as simple as being alone. We can be in a large group of people, in a friendly environment, and still feel alone because we feel unable to engage and connect with those around us. Am I right?

Being near people is not enough. We need (and crave at any age) human interaction. Connections.

Can you remember, long ago, being at a high school dance and feeling like you just weren’t part of the whole thing?

OK, not if you were Home Coming Queen. But, you get what I’m saying. Right?

It’s no different as seniors.

Games, games for seniors, are the ideal solution to this problem for elderly and aging seniors. It’s time to reconnect with more people. It’s no different than when we were in high school.

We were nervous about it then. We’re nervous about it now.

BUT, remember when you first got started way back when? Get started now again. It is equally amazing. And, equally easy on line.

Can Games Help Us
Make New Friends?

games for seniors, making new friends

Yes! And, it doesn't matter how old you are.

The specific game we play is the least important part of the whole thing.


Because when we are playing games we get to interact, laugh, share stories and develop, as well as keep, meaningful relationships.

That’s what maters.

Yes, the games are fun. And, exhilarating.

But, it is the social connect. The true involvement with others that is the most important part.

Remember as a kid the excitement you felt making new friends?

Nothing has changed!

It’s time to make lots of new friends. If not in person (church, clubs, etc), then: On Line. On the internet. Playing interactive games for seniors.

Remember when we were kids and our Mom would say, “Where are you going? What are you going to do?” And, you would say, “We’re just going to hang out.”

Games for seniors: “We’re just going to hang out.” With lots of new friends.

It may seem scary at first. But, once you get going, you’re going to have a blast.

In our games we let our guards down. We let our personalities come out and shine through.

Games give us common ground with whomever we are playing with. Young. Old. Rich. Poor. Tall. Short. Fat. Skinny.... We can all share some fun quality time together with a game.


Here is a quote from an article in The Scientific American that shows us just how important games are for us seniors and the elderly:

“In a study of roughly 2,800 seniors, researchers found that by regularly engaging in activities (games) related to memory, reasoning and mental speed, individuals saw notable improvements in brain function. These cognitive benefits persisted over the next five years, showing how easy it can be to hone a mind and keep it sharp with a small investment of time.”  reference: Scientific American

What Are
The Best 
Games for Seniors?

games for seniors, mahjong

What are the best games for seniors, and, elderly men and women?


The ones we like and want to play. We don’t have to bother with any others. If you don’t like a particular one, find a different one. If it’s not fun move on to one that is. The ones you like are the ones to play.

Sometimes we have to try quite a few before we find ones we want to stick with for a while. And, that’s OK.

Remember: The best games will be different for each individuals. Find the ones YOU enjoy playing.

No need to worry here. There are literally millions of seniors out there on line looking for game partners, and, thousands share the same likes as you do. Finding partners will not be difficult.

Want to Have a Party?

party games for seniors

Yes, a PARTY!

How about this idea? Are you ready for a party?

“But, at my age?”

YES! At your age. We’re never too old.

Sound like fun?

We usually think “party” means a special occasion, Birthday, Anniversary.... Right?

Forget it! Just have a party for the fun of it. Even better, a regular weekly Friday night party. Or, Tuesday. Or, whatever day suits you. OK?

And, if you’re home bound, have one on line. Really. Thousands of people are doing this ever night of the week.

If you ask me, the best parties are often thrown for no reason at all. We just want to get together and have some fun. Sound good?

And, if we have some fun games to play, it will be a success! Even with the grouchy people.

What to Choose?

Choose party games for seniors that are easy to learn and interesting to play. And, remember: You can customize your games to fit the crowd.

For Example: If you don’t want to fuss with pencil and paper, use verbal answers....

The whole idea is just to get together and have fun. Hang out. Like we used to.

Interesting Indoor Games

“With aging, our bodies are older and fragile and we tend to lose the capacity of doing many things easily. Apart from loss in physical strength, there is diminishing of the mind functions. Just as physical exercise is important for health, maintaining mental equilibrium is equally crucial for engaging the brain in meaningful activities. This is where interesting senior indoor activities come into play.

There are a variety of games and activities available for seniors which can be played indoors. This not only helps them in having fun but also enunciates joy, amusement and intellectual stimulation either individually or in a group.” reference:  "Interesting Indoor Games for Seniors" ,

The Top 14
Most Popular
Games for Seniors

OK. So here we are.

What are the most popular games for seniors?

Let’s go category by category:


The table top and best board games for seniors are, of course, going to be fun. BUT, they are also going to be absorbing, and challenging without being too difficult.

And, these games are enjoyable for people of all ages.

One of the best things about table top and board games is they also are just right for seniors with limited mobility.

#1  Qwirkle

Quirkle won the “Game of the Year” award back in 2011.

Qwirkle is a wonderful game to hone player's tactical maneuvers, strategy planning, and forward thinking.
It is an engaging game that has simple easy to follow rules. It only takes a few moments to explain. So, new players can jump right in and play.

Quirkle VIDEO:

#2  Checkers

Everybody knows how to play checkers. Right? And, if they don’t, it’s very easy to tech them.  I used to play this game with my Grand Daddy all the time.

games for seniors, backgammon

#3  Backgammon

This is my personal favorite for two people. I’m not quite good enough for Chess, and, I lose interest in Checkers too quickly these days.

Did you know Backgammon is one of the oldest board games? It’s been around for about 5,000 years. Pretty cool. Right?

What I like best is that Backgammon is complicated enough to be interesting and easy enough to have good conversations over.

If you like high quality game boards, you can go crazy here.

#4  Jenga

Everybody who has ever played Jenga for the first time LOVES it!

It’s a challenge in the physical universe. Real wooden pieces an wonderful catastrophic demolitions when the wrong piece is pulled out.

Again, suitable for all ages. The younger family members can understand it fully, and, grown ups still love the challenge.

Jenga VIDEO:

#5  Dixit

Dixit is a beautifully creative game that requires imagination and simple creative story telling.

Great for a group of 3 - 6. Usually runs for about 30 minutes a play.


In case you have been thinking Video Games are just for kids with an X Box, here’s a very interesting excerpt from an AARP article called: "Video Games: Attitudes and Habits of Adults Age 50-plus"

“-  Close to four in ten adults aged 50-plus are gamers (38%) while 62% are non-gamers.

-  Gamers aged 50-plus most commonly use computers/laptops (59%) and phone/other mobile devices (57%) to play video games.

-  Nearly six in ten (59%) gamers say they play games online. 

-  Three-quarters of gamers play video games weekly, with four in ten gamers saying they play video games every day.  Interestingly, a greater proportion of older gamers compared to younger gamers report playing video games weekly or more often (37% of 50-59 year olds compared to 43% of 60-plus say they play every day).”

 -  “Most seniors play video games on their laptops or desktop computers. But you can also play games on a smartphone, digital tablet, handheld game console, or TV game console (such as the Nintendo Switch, Sony PlayStation, or Microsoft Xbox). Games for computers and mobile devices can often be downloaded for free or played online at no cost.”

So, if you were wondering if there are any other seniors out there to play with, there are loads!

#1  Words With Friends

Words With Friends is The world’s most popular social mobile word game.

You will increase your word skills and strategy in a Solo Challenge against fun, fictional characters. This games is updated monthly with new opponents and new themes. Words With Friends never gets old. It’s easy to see why it is the most popular social video mobile game.

You can play it by yourself or with others. You can challenge friends or family to a game or let them find you an opponent for you with their smart matching feature.

Even if you are very shy, there is no reason to feel lonely anymore. They will find opponents for you to play.

#2  1-2 Switch Nintendo Switch

1-2 Switch is loads of fun because you play it live facing your opponent.

A great party game because all the people watching the competition are also engaged and involved watching the players instead of the computer screen. Copycat dance offs, wild west duels, cow-milking competitions....  All kinds of stuff goes on here. An instant party success!

#3  AARP’s FREE On Line Games

If you’re not a member of AARP (American Association of Retired Persons) yet, JOIN!  It’s only $12 for the first year and then $16 a year thereafter.

There are so many benefits to being a member.
And, you get discounts almost everywhere.

Take a look at all the free online games AARP offers. Games that include:

  • Mahjong

  • True

  • All Kinds of Crossword Games

  • Memory Games

  • Bridge

  • BlackJack

  • Chess

  • 9 Ball Pool......

You really have to take a look: AARP Games List


#1 Gin Rummy

We’ve all heard about Gin Rummy. It’s one of the favorite card games in the country. But, how many of us know how to play?

Here’s a video that w3ill teach you how to play:

#2 Crazy Eights

This is another of the most popular card games ever. It’s easy to learn. And, a lot of people already know how to play. So, finding partners is usually easy.

#3 Old Maid

I always like playing Old Maid. Old Maid actually dates back to Victorian times. It’s fun, entertaining, causes a lot of laughter and is just a great relaxing game for seniors or anyone else.

It’s Easy to learn:

#4 Go Fish

Remember this one?

We all played this as kids.

BUT, if you’re like me, you need to learn it again. Here’s the VIDEO:


For some reason, throwing dice and winning things is fun. Am I right? So, here we go with dice games for seniors:

#1  Yahtzee

Yahtzee is probably the most well known dice game. It was invented by a Canadian couple (who remain anonymous). Originally it was called “The Yachy Games” because they played it on their yachts with their friends.

Yahtzee is easy to learn and enjoyable to play.

#2  Bunco

A great and easy game to learn that really requires no skill. Making it all the more enjoyable in groups.

#3  Farkle

Farkle is easy to learn and fun to play. Just about any age person can play it. Youngsters, the elderly, there is really no limit and everyone will have fun throwing the die.


#1  Crossword Puzzles

Everyone has played these. If this is your enjoyment, here is a great place to find all kinds of FREE crossword puzzles:

Free Online Crossword Puzzles

#2  Scrabble

We all know Scrabble. Most of us have played it. And, it is one of the best games for people who love words.

For those who don’t know how to play scrabble, it is very easy to learn. And, you can play with people of any age. Very young and the elderly.

Scrabble is always a delight because as seniors we can beat the crap out of the youngsters! Always a delight. We know so many words they never heard of! (I hope you share my sense of humor!)

#3  Balderdash

Balderdash is really fun because you get to make up so much stuff trying to fool you opponents. It is the classic bluffing game.

Would you believe that in Fairbanks, Alaska, it was illegal to serve beverages to a moose? You better, ’cause it’s true!

You get to make up answers that are as silly or as serious as you want! Then, you mix in the real answer and vote. You score points for guessing correctly and for bluffing the other players. It’s almost impossible not to start laughing as you play.This game is truly hilarious.

Here’s a typical Balderdash game night:


Yes. Games outside. In the fresh air and sunshine!

Outdoor games, when weather and strength permit, can be the most wonderful form of exercise. We get fresh air, move our bodies, and have fun all at the same time. A LOT more fun than going to a gym.

For seniors who still have decent mobility outdoor games give opportunities for enjoyable exercise that refreshes us both physically and mentally.

Tennis and baseball are great games for the very athletic. But, it is not at all necessary to engage in such strenuous sport to get all the benefits of outdoor activities.

Here are some other popular outdoor games for seniors to enjoy:

#1  Shuffleboard

Shuffleboard is an old one! It began over 500 years ago as a game for European Royalty.

It’s very easy to play. It utilizes a lot of the major muscle groups. So, it is a wonderfully refreshing exercise for fitness too.

You win by sliding your colored disks into the highest scoring zones and knocking out the disks of your opponents.

Take a look:

<#2  Bocce Ball

Bocce (bä-chē), or Baccie Ball is also known as Italian lawn bowling. It is one of the most widely played games in the world. And, it is one of the most enjoyable and relaxing outdoor games for seniors.

Bocce Ball is best known in Italy. I grew up next to an Italian neighborhood and all the retired men played this game almost every afternoon. It’s very relaxing. But it can become quite competitive. And again, you’re out in the fresh air chatting with your friends.

The game is simple. Roll more of your balls closer to the target than your opponents. 2 or more can play. You can use almost any outdoor grassy or dirt area as a Bocce court.

Take a look:

#3  Croquet

I think most of us who grew up in the suburbs played Croquet at one time or another.

Croquet sets vary in price (about $50 - $350) depending on how fancy you want your set to be. The most basic set is all that is need to have a great time.

Here is a VIDEO that will teach you the whole game, and, you can see how much fun it is to play.

#4 Bean Bag Toss

bean bag toss, games for seniors

Bean Bag Toss can be played outdoors or indoors.

You toss your bean bag to a target with an opening. Score 21 points before your opponents do by getting your bean bags to land in the hole or within a designated target area.

You can place the targets as far apart or as close as you want, making it an ideal game for seniors who may have limited throwing strength.

Games for Seniors

  • Having fun

  • Making new friends

  • Keeping active both mentally and physically

  • Spending enjoyable quality time with family and friends

All these things can be achieved with any of the hundreds of wonderful games for seniors.

For a Happy and More Independent Tomorrow  ~ William

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FREE "Computer Classes for Senior Citizens"

Word Games for Seniors


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