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Doing The FUN Stuff!
(forget about the rest....)

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senior exercise, the fun stuff
fun senior exercise
fun senior exercising

Senior Exercise? Fun? Those two thoughts don't seem to go together. Right?

But, exercising can be fun if you’re doing the fun stuff.

And, yes, there is fun stuff.

Common Question and Answers:

1)  What if I don’t want to do this?

2)  What kind of exercise can seniors do?

3)  What can exercising do for me?

4)  Do I need to go to a gym?

5) What is good exercise specifically for seniors?

6)  What about dancing?

7)  Can exercising be simple and fun?

8)  What about exercise equipment for seniors?

9)  How strong do we need to be?

10)  What are the benefits?

11)  Senior Exercise VIDEOS

12)  What is the best single strengthening exercise for seniors?

13)  Will exercising be painful?

14)  What about balance?

15)  Will I have to do a lot?

16)  What are the two most important things?

“What If 
I Don’t Want to Do This?”

Fun Exercise for seniors?

“UGH! I don’t believe you. Don’t make me do this. Please!!”

Right? Senior exercise? I mean, who really wants to do this any more?

Do you?

But, you will want to. IF it is fun. Right?

So, let us show you how to have a good time exercising.

It Can Be Fun!

Almost every time I tell someone this will be fun they say: “You’re kidding.”

I hear that all the time. It is usually accompanied by a certain look of disdain.... You know the one...

You probably landed here because someone else is getting on you about exercising. Or, maybe you’re thinking you “need to”. And, you’re dreading it. All you can think of is how horrible this is going to be. Right?

Have you asked this question: “Why do my children want to torture me this way?”

It Wasn’t Part Of
The Retirement Plan

Am I right?

Senior Exercise? Most of us don’t have exercising in our retirement plans. Did you? It sounds absolutely dreadful. Doesn’t it?

Isn’t this supposed to be the time to just relax and have an easy life?

Here’s an interesting fact: Seniors who exercise have a better and easier life. With more energy. Both physical and mental.

There are even special gentle exercises and participation videos for very elderly seniors.

Senior Exercise

can be a lot easier and a lot more fun
than you are currently imagining.

senior exercising can be fun

REMEMBER:  If it’s not fun or pleasurable, neither I nor you nor any of our friends are going to do it anymore. Not willingly.

That pretty much goes for most things we do these days. Do you feel the same way?

So, let’s take a look at having some fun here. And, we’ll be getting stronger and feel better in the process.

What Kind of Exercise
Can Seniors Do?

You can do anything that you are able to do, and, anything that doesn’t hurt.

Did you know that just moving can be considered an exercise?

And, even the gentle stretching movements of Yoga are extremely good for us.

yoga for seniorsYoga is Great for Seniors!

Really. It can be almost that easy.

Just getting up and doing something physical each day, anything, is going to give us some nice exercise.

See? No gym. No classes. No trainers.

We just have to pick ourselves up and get moving.

Yep. It does not have to be complicated. Unless we make it that way. It doesn’t have to hurt. And, yes, it can be fun.

"What Can Exercising
Do For Me?"

“Exercising” is almost a distasteful word these days. Am I right?

 “Senior exercise” makes a lot of us want to run and hide. Maybe grab a piece of cake and turn on the TV. Right? And justly so.


Because we all know how exhausting it can be.

We can all remember those “workout programs” we tried when we were a lot younger. They usually left us feeling like crap for days after doing them.

And, with the way we already feel and move today, who wants to add misery on top of it? Am I telling the truth?

Also, there are so many “workouts” out there that are not appropriate for seniors like us. I think some are designed just specifically to kill us after we buy them.

Let the kids do those. They can recuperate from anything. Those are not for us.

Reality Check:  Listen, I know I’m not going to look anything like a model in a bathing suit these days no matter what I do. So why waste time on things that will never pay off. Hmm?

But, I do enjoy having:

  • More energy

  • More strength

  • And, a good night’s sleep

  • (Maybe a little slimmer body too)

The right senior exercise can do that.

And, when we do it correctly, in the right amount, it is such a pleasurable. Really. I’m not kidding.

It’s That Simple

We absolutely need movement.

Without movement there is no life. All of life requires movement.

Even when we sleep. We are breathing, our blood is pumping, and every tiny cell (if you magnify it enough) looks like a very tiny galaxy with protons, neutrons and all kinds of thinks spinning around.

“Exercising” makes you work a little harder than you normally would.

That “little bit harder” is the key point. That is what will strengthen you.

All our vital functions only work as hard as they have to. If everything we do is without effort, eventually ALL our efforts will become difficult.

This is why many very old people can’t even feed themselves. They just became weaker and weaker and weaker. Even lifting a fork became too difficult.

On the other hand, I had dear friend named Paul. He exercised every day. A lot. He was a physical fitness nut. He drowned in Hawaii. While he was swimming. A huge wave pulled him under. He was 94! Probably would have lived to be well over 100....

The rest of us lie somewhere between these two extremes.

What Happens
When You Exercise?

You don’t have to be a physical fitness nut like my friend Paul. You just need to keep things working nicely.

And, that is not difficult.

Here’s what happens when you exercise regularly:

When you exercise, you make your body work a little harder. Everything become stronger. Your breath. Your heartbeat. Your digestion

Every physical movement we make contributes to our overall functioning. It gets us where we want to go. Or, enables us to make things. But, it also helps to move our blood. Makes us breathe more deeply. And, refreshes and strengthens our life.

Even routine house cleaning and vacuuming is
excellent senior exercise.

Never really thought of it that way, did you? Most of us never have until now.

Let’s see what else is good senior exercise:

  • Walking

  • Hiking

  • Bicycling

  • Gardening

  • Yoga

  • Pilates

  • Table Tennis Badminton

  • Croquet

There are these and many other wonderful activities that you probably never even thought were great forms of senior exercise.

“Do I Need to
Go to a Gym?”

No. You can if you want to. But, you don’t need to.

seniors exercising with weightsin a gym

seniors exercising at homeat home

seniors exercising for funoutside with friends

Doing senior exercise does not mean that we have to go to a gym that smells bad, lift all kinds of hideous weights, and push the handles on all kinds of machines until we are so sore we think we may never walk again.


“Senior Exercise” simply means “exercise that is appropriate for us.

Going to a gym is not at all necessary. But, some people like it. And, they like the social environment. It motivates them.

You can go to a gym if you want. But, it’s totally not necessary. And, you can get stronger having a lot more fun than that.

What Is Good Exercise
Specifically for Seniors?

Good exercise for us seniors just means that we have to move our bodies a little harder than necessary. That’s all! Just a little will do the trick. That is what will make the daily movement we do each day easier. It makes the joints move smoother too.

Everyone starts from a different level of strength.

So just start from where you are. This is not a competition or test. We just want to get stronger than we are today.

And, we all can.

Now, Very Important:  We have to move the big muscles in our bodies.

The muscles that we walk with. And, the muscles we lift things with. Once we get used to exercising (this may take a while), we want to sweat a little too (yes, we really do). Not like a race horse. Just get nicely warm.

Senior exercise simply means:
moving our bodies a little more than necessary.
Enough to increase our strength.

So that everything else we do during the day is easier.
Make sense?

Any movement is actually a muscular exercise. Did you know that? That includes all the fun movements. Like dancing!

What About Dancing?

Dancing is the best single senior exercise that exists.

DANCING (definition):

"to move the body and feet to music"

reference: Cambridge Dictionary

seniors dancing for fun and exercise

seniors dancing when they are very old
seniors can dance

My favorite!

Dancing is the best senior exercise in the entire world.


It has proven to strengthen your body AND your mind like no other senior exercise can.

Did you know, besides being absolutely great exercise, dancing improves the mind and boosts memory?

Yes, really.

 “Dancing was the only physical activity
associated with

a lower risk of dementia.

reference: The New England Journal of Medicine

Now, you may be thinking you are too old to dance. That you haven’t danced in decades (if ever). And, you’re not going to be able to now.


Wrong. Wrong. Wrong.

Erase that thought from your mind.

And, you don't have a partner?

You don't need one. Just enjoy moving to your favorite music. And, let yourself go!

Dancing simply means:

Moving to the music.
With or without a partner.
Moving anyway you like.

We’re not trying to get on “Dancing With The Stars”.

We’re just having fun and getting a whole lot stronger and happier in the process.

And, there is even such a thing as elderly dancing, for our very elderly  senior citizens. Even if you can't stand up!

It Doesn’t Matter
You Are A Terrible Dancer

You don’t have to be a great dancer. You may never have danced before. You may be a truly terrible horrible dancer.

It doesn’t matter.

Everyone who can move, can dance.

Just put on some music you like. Any kind. Then, stand up and move your body. Any way you want to. No one has to see you. Then let loose! Have all the fun you have been wanting to.

If you can’t stand up, move in your chair. Or, even your bed. Just MOVE.

For at least 10 minutes. The longer the better.

It’s not formal. Any movement you want that you can do comfortably is good. If you’re happy, wave your hands. If you’re angry at someone, pretend to slap their face. A lot! In time to the music. It will make you laugh. (And, it is very emotionally cathartic!....)

Get it? Have fun moving. Anyway that suits you. That’s the best exercise!

Here’s the most important part:

Have Fun!

If you are able, sign up for a beginner dance class. You will never regret this.

If you’re confined to a chair, or, even to bed, move anything and everything that doesn’t hurt. You can dance too! Just move to the music. That’s dancing too.

That’s all there is to it. That’s dancing for fun!

What I just described to you above is called “freestyle dancing”. I believe it will make you feel better and bring you more happiness and joy than any other senior exercise in the world.

Here Are
5 Major Benefits From Dancing

Here’s a great article from

“5 Major Benefits of Dancing” (click the link)

It will tell you 5 Surprising Benefits from dancing. (Even if you think you’re the absolute worst dancer in the world.)

Can Senior Exercising Be
Simple and Fun?

Yes. Definitely!

Here a few tips to keep it pleasurable:

Keep it simple. Exercise doesn’t have to be a dirty word. Have fun.

Do different things. Don’t get stuck in a single exercise routine. That’s the surest way to guarantee you’ll quit doing it.

Have Fun. Don’t become serious about. Play. Like a child. Only do the senior exercises you enjoy.

I wanted to find the most basic definition of "exercise" that I could find. So, as usual, I went to the kids.wordsmyth dictionary on line. Here's what it said:

Exercise simply means:

“activity done to keep the body or mind strong or to make them stronger.”

Activity. That’s all. Moving your body. Simple. You choose what You like! Nice, right? Is the whole idea getting better now?

You know what else physical activity can do for you? It will make you forget about a lot of things that bother you when you’re moving instead of sitting and stewing.

What About
Exercise Equipment for Seniors?

Now, what about exercise equipment for seniors?

You can use all the equipment you desire. You just don't need it. All the equipment you really need is a couple of water bottles and a solid sturdy chair.

We don’t have to jog, or lift weights, or buy machines, or hire a trainer..... Boring..... Expensive.... You can if you want to. If it brings you pleasure, do it. But, you don’t have to in order to tune the muscles up.

We just need to move. ALL the muscles. Especially the big ones. Our legs and our backs.

And, we just need some simple good movements that are FUN.

I keep mentioning “fun”. Right.


Why is fun required?

Are you going to do these things if they’re not fun?

Me neither.

So, that’s why.

Can We Choose
What We Like?

You bet! Most definitely.

This is so important.

Any movements we can do, that use most of our muscles, make us breathe a bit harder, and are fun, is all that we need to concentrate on.

Walking. Hiking. Bicycling. Croquet. Table tennis...... Even getting in and out of our chair. Going up and down stairs. And, of course, my favorite: Dancing! Just moving to music you like.

Any and all of those type of things can be your choice.

Picking The Right Senior Exercises
for YOU!

All of us seniors have varying degrees of strength.

Some of us are very strong. We run, play sports, etc...

Some of us are older and quite frail.

Most of us are between these two groups.

It’s very important to pick senior exercise that is appropriate for you. A good physical trainer can help you with that. But, not all of us have $90+ an hour each week to have one. And, you don’t need one.

So, when you begin, chose movement you know you can do already. Just do a bunch of them. Maybe 3. Maybe 10.

Wave your hand in the air.

Twist gently from the waist.

Roll your head to the left and right.

Yes, these all count as exercise. They will all improve the muscles, strength, and physical ability.

If you do them to music it becomes a real pleasure. (And, you can tell your friends you are now dancing!....)

Have someone right there with you. Especially in the beginning. Just to make sure you are safe.

Also, get a check up first and ask your doc what is OK for you to do.

How Strong
Do We Need to Be?

We don’t have to build great strength to live comfortably. Even just a little more strength will make life easier and a lot more fun. Over time strength will increase if you just keep doing your exercises.

Don’t stress out on this. Strength will come as long as you keep moving.

In fact just a little more strength than you have today is going to make everything you do easier. Add, a little to that, and you very well may feel rejuvenated.

Once you feel that difference, and how refreshing it is, you’ll never want to miss your “senior exercises”.

Decent Strength is Attainable
At Any Age

Decent strength, as seniors and even in old age, is a very attainable goal for most of us.

seniors exercising with weights

Sure, if you’re another Jack LaLanne, go lift those big heavy weights, run 50 miles, and pull those tug boats through the bay. God Bless You.

The rest of will watch you in awe.

For the rest of us. Exercising is a lot simpler. And, a lot more fun.

What are
The Benefits?

Now, here’s the whole point of exercising. The Benefits.

Here’s what some fun regular exercise can do.

Take a look. It’s pretty amazing.

Exercise can:

  •   Make us stronger

  •   Let us enjoy walking again

  •   Make it easier to get up out of a chair

  •   Have better sounder sleep

  •   Move our joints more freely and with less pain

  •   Increase mental alertness

  •   Speed recovery from almost everything

  •   Improve mood and sense of well being

  •   Give us some FUN and a release from worries Each Day!

"Research shows that resistance training, whether done via body weight, resistance bands or machines, dumbbells or free weights, not only helps us build strength, but also improves muscle size and can help counteract age-related muscle loss."
reference: "Resistance Training"

Can We Get Stronger
even if
We Are Very Old?

senior old people getting strong

Yes! Even at advanced age.

“....Researchers with the MacArthur Study of Aging in America, a 10-year investigation of aging, were finding that people in their 70s and 80s could become more physically fit, even if they had never exercised before.”

reference: “Exercise After Age 70”, Harvard Publishing

We’re never too old to move our bodies. It just gets a bit harder to do. Things ache. So, we often tend to do nothing and avoid the pain and discomfort.

Remember:  We’re never too old to be able to improve our physical strength.

Even after 90, we can get stronger.

“After doing specific training for 12 weeks, people over the age of 90 improved their strength, power and muscle mass. This was reflected in an increase in their walking speed, a greater capacity to get out of their chairs, an improvement in their balance, a significant reduction in the incidence of falls and a significant improvement in muscle power and mass in the lower limbs. These are some of the outcomes of the study recently published in the journal Age of the American Aging Association and which was led by Mikel Izquierdo-Redín, Professor of Physiotherapy at the NUP/UPNA-Public University of Navarre.”

reference:  “Study on 90-year-olds reveals the benefits of strength training”, Science Daily

Stick to The Fun Stuff

Stick to the fun stuff.

This is what will keep you exercising and not having a piece of cake instead.

A lot of people like to life some weights. A lot don’t.

Some like walking. Some don’t.

Some seniors are quite good swimmers. Some only use water to wash with.

Again:  It doesn’t matter.

Choose what You like. That’s very important. I’ll say it again: Choose what You like.

Your exercising doesn’t have to be a painful chore. It doesn’t require all kinds of equipment.

In fact it should not be painful at all. As you learned, 95% of what we’ll do will be only the fun stuff.

We just have to adjust our own physical activity to fit our own current condition, abilities, and enjoyment.

Reality Check

I’m not trying to turn you into an athlete. If you are one great. Most of us are not. And, we don’t need to be.

No. If you’re an 80+ year old senior and you’ve never exercised, or quit doing it decades ago, you’re not going to go and run in the Olympics. Ever. Right?

None of us are. None of us.

Who cares? That’s not the point.

But, how about just being able to enjoy the simple little daily things we used to take for granted that are now starting to become a little problematic, or, a painful sometimes impossible chore?

Wouldn’t it be nice if they were easy again?

Wouldn’t This Be Nice?

Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to do some of these things again as easily and painlessly as we used to:

  • How about being able to go for a nice walk. Without discomfort?

  • Or, how about holding or even lifting up your new grandchild? Easily.

  • How about opening those jar lids easily? By yourself.

  • And, how about just getting up out of your chair easily? Without a struggle.

  • Or even, comfortably rolling over in bed?

All these simple normal things can become a real task for so many of us as we age. They CAN get easier again.

Do We Need
Special Senior Exercise Equipment?


Some of us really want, or need, to do some resistance exercise. To build up our muscles a little.

That’s nice. And, it takes a little equipment to do this.

We are always told weight lifting is the best thing for our bones and that it builds strength the fastest.

This true.

So, who wants to lift weights??? I see no hands being raised.

Will you need to buy weights?


Not unless you want to. Or, unless you are trying to get very strong.

I’m going to show you how a couple of water bottles and a chair will be all the equipment you’ll need.

Senior Exercise Videos

We're Going to Start
With The Easy Stuff First

FIRST, Let's get started with some simple easy senior exercises that you can do in just 5 minutes each day. You'll do more later.

Second, You will find you will do better if you wait until mid day somewhere for your physical activities. Anytime right before lunch into late afternoon.

First thing in the morning can be very refreshing if you've already been exercising.

But, during mid day your body will be looser, stronger and move more freely. You'll get the most out of your program if you do it during these hours.

A Good 5 Minute Starter Program

Here is a very nice starter program. I takes just 5 minutes.

The instructor, Mike Kutcher is a licensed Physiotherapist. He is Australian, so, you may have to listen closely when you hear his charming accent. This workout is a great way to start.

You may not be able to do the movements as far as he does. That's OK. Just move as far as is comfortable for you. Even if it's just a few inches.

This program strengthens the legs, and, loosens up the hips. Something all of us can appreciate.

OK. Ready? Here we go:

For Those Who Must
Remain Seated

Balance and leg strength are both issues for many seniors. Just standing comfortably can be difficult and a challenge..

So, here is a wonderful video by Julie Buckeye. Julie is the creator of the Balloflex program. Seated exercising. You will be able to do these alone. You remain seated (use a chair that has arms for safety). And, these are lots of fun!

The whole routine lasts only 2 minutes. So, after you get used to it, try it 2 times in a row. Then 3. As you get stronger and you remember the movements, you can put on any music you like and do the exercises for as long as you like. These are Super Refreshing!

The first time, watch the video from the beginning. After that you can just pick up the exercises from the 5:45 time mark at the bottom of the video screen.

Now For
the 15 Minute
Intermediate Level

This video is from The National Institute on Aging. The instructor is Go4Life fitness instructor Sandy Magrath.

This is an intermediate level senior fitness video.

Again, you don't have to do as many repetitions of each exercise as Sandy does. And, your movement need not be as large. Just do the best you can.

WATER BOTTLES:  You'll see that when Sandy gets to the arm exercises with weights, simple water bottles, or, even full soup cans can be used.

What About Other
Senior Exercise Equipment?

I have many people asking:

  • What is the correct exercise equipment for seniors?

  • Will it be very costly?

  • Where can I get it?

Well, here’s some very good news:

All you’re going to need to get some decent resistance exercise, and build some very practical strength, is a couple of water bottles. Start with small ones and work your way up.

senior exercise with weightsAny comfortable size water bottle can be used
Use ones that are EASY to hold

With a couple of these you’ll be able to create your own adjustable exercise equipment. You can put in a pint of water for a 1 pound weight. A quart for 2 pounds, etc... When you are ready, fill up the gallon ones with water and you have two eight pound weights.

Pretty cool! Right?

If you are so inclined, and have dollars to spend on exercise equipment, by all means get yourself anything that looks good to you. But, you don’t need to.

How to Use
The Water Bottle Weights

If you have watched the Intermediate Video above, you'll see the people using the water bottles for weight resistance.

How else can you use these?

Simple. Just hold them and move your arms all around.

Push your hands up overhead.

Curl your biceps.

Hold them when you walk around the house once in while. Or, when you are doing the getting up from the chair exercises.

This is called resistance exercise because the weight is resisting your movement.

Resistance exercise is the best for building muscles and bone strength.

reference: “Exercise for Your Bones”

What Is The Single Best
Senior Exercise for Strengthening?

A lot of people (who never exercised before) ask me if there is just one seniorexercise they can do.

You really are going to enjoy doing the exercises in the videos you saw above. And, moving all your muscles is going to make you feel much more refreshed.

But, if you're just getting started and only want to start with one, this is it: Getting up and down from a seated position in a chair.

This will strengthen your legs and it helps improve balance.

The Single Best Senior Exercise:

Get up and down from your chair. That’s it!

When it becomes easy: Holding your choice of weights (water bottles, etc...)

Here's a Great short Video from the Royal Free London NHS Foundation Trust that shows how to do this perfectly.

This senior exercise takes less than 1 minute and it can improve your strength immensely.

OK, Here we go!:

If you need to hold on to the chair, or a walker for support, that’s OK. And, a good idea.

Start by doing this 3 times in a row.

When 3 times gets easy, try 4 times in a row.

When that’s easy, five times. Work up to 10.

When 10 times in a row each day becomes easy, you’ll never have trouble getting in or out of a chair again.

You'll also find walking is much easier.

It may take you a few months to get up to 10 times in a row. But, boy oh boy is it worth it!

What About
Exercise Machines?

Do you need special expensive exercise machines and other contraptions? Not usually. Again, you’re not training for the Olympics.

Are there special pieces of senior exercise equipment?

There are. But, are they necessary? Rarely.

Don’t bother with the stuff you see on TV in the infomercials either. It’s just designed to make the sellers some money.

If you feel you would like some aerobic exercise, but, running is too strenuous, or, too hard on your back, an Elliptical Machine will give the same aerobic work out as running without the strain on the back or knees. I use one of these myself.

“What Kind of Senior Exercise
Can I Do at Home?”

Besides dancing? And, the chair exercise?

That’s an excellent question.

There are a lot of free senior exercise videos on the internet. The three you watched above are a great place to start.

If (when) you get bored from these, just do an internet search for “senior exercise videos”. There are lots of them. Choose any you like and feel capable of doing.

Variety is the spice of life. And, that applies here too. So, change up your routines whenever you feel the need to.

Starting With Just One
Senior Exercise

You want to start with ONE very simple but effective movement. And, MOST IMPORTANT, one that is easy to do. Each day.

That’s a very important point: Each Day.

Remember:  If you exercise 2 or 3 times a month, you’ll get no significant results and you’ll just get more aches and quit.

It’s better to do less exercise each time, but to do some Every Day.

Sure, skip a day once a week. Sundays for church or Saturday Temple. But, don’t miss on the other days.

The getting up and down in the chair exercise, you read about and saw in the video just above, takes under one minute each day. If you can’t devote that much time to feel better, and, get stronger, you’re hopeless!! Don’t send me an email saying that’s too much. Shame on you! Get up. Get moving!  Or, if you are unable get up, sit in your chair and do those chair exercises. Just move!


Avoid Hard Exercises

This is very important. Especially now that we are older.

If the exercise is very hard or difficult, if it leaves you feeling miserable from fatigue, if it hurts to do, don’t do it. You could injure yourself.

If you do those kinds of exercises you’re you’ll give up in a short time. They made us feel crappy when we were kids, and, they’re not going to make us feel any better now.

Then you’re just going to give up. Feel sore. And, never improve.

The whole idea of exercising is to feel better, get stronger, and have some physical fun.

If the getting up from the chair is difficult, get someone to help you in the beginning. Use your walker for help if you need to. I can’t stress enough how much happier you will be when getting up and down from your chair is easy again.

Will Exercising Be Painful?

Avoid Painful Movements.

This is soooo important!

Any movements that cause you pain should not be done.

We’re a little more fragile now and recuperation takes longer.

Pain means something is wrong.

“No pain. No gain.” Right?


Pain is the road to injury for us seniors.

There are so many excellent senior exercises out there that doing the ones that really hurt are not necessary. And, they are NOT good for you. They will NOT make your stronger. They will most likely injure you.

Even if it is called “best senior exercise in the world”, if it hurts to do: Don’t do it. Find something else.

And Remember: Everyone can dance (even if you’re stuck in bed).

Do I Have
Favorite Exercise?

You probably already know: I love to dance!

I’m actually quite a skilled Argentine Tango Dancer. I’m almost 70 now.

I started dancing about 10 years ago when I was 60.

At that time, my back was a mess. I had bad sciatica. My right foot would get tingly and numb quite easily. Standing was not comfortable for more than a minute. I had a stiff back and disfigured posture. And, I was wondering when I would lose the ability to walk decently.

I have also suffered from roto scoliosis since I was a kid (a twisted curved spine).

But, I was darn tired of doing nothing. I always wanted to learn to dance formally. I never did. So, I started taking ballroom classes. Very soon after, I switched to Tango because it looked so sexy. It is!

Well, after a few years, I noticed my leg was fine. It never tingled anymore. It never bothered me anymore. It still does not.

My back stopped hurting so much. It moves a lot more easily. And, my posture is straighter. I’m actually in better shape now than I was 10 years ago.

I also am taking stairs easily. And, as a bonus, I get to dance with lots of nice ladies and I make a lot of good new friends.

No. You don’t have to be a formal dancer like I am.

Just dance. In any way you can. Not only is it the best and most enjoyable senior exercise in the world, it will put a smile on your face.

Senior Exercise
Can Be Simple and Easy

Let’s take a look at how simple and easy it can be to get started exercising:

Even if you’re in a wheel chair you can do this one:

Clap your hands 3 times. Put your hands back down.

Clap 3 more times. Then, put your hands back down.

Do it all one more time.

You have just successfully exercised over 35 different muscles.

If you just sit and clap along to music each day, your hands and arms will become stronger.


You bet.

Kind of fun?


Remember: Move in any way you like. Just move.

And, if you can: Dance.

No, you don’t have to become a dancer as I did. Just put on some music, get up, hold on to a chair if you have to, and move. ‘Shake your booty”. Shake your head. Swing your arms. Shake your legs. Have some fun. Close the window blinds, and the doors, and pretend you’re fantastic! Because you are.

senior exercising can be funRock On Grandpa!

What About Balance?

Can balance be improved?


Balance is a major issue for make seniors.

Two of the most important things we want as we age
decent leg strength and decent balance.

Did you know the reason that most seniors start using a cane or walker? It’s not because their legs have become too weak to walk. It is because of balance issues. Not strength issues.

Here’s a really great video you can watch and exercise along with that was designed just for seniors to help improve balance.

In this video, Mike shows how to do some excellent balance exercises that take just 10 minutes. The only equipment you need is a kitchen, dining room, or living room chair. If you will exercise along with Mike just 3 or 4 days a week, I think in a very short time you are going to be very pleasantly surprised. And, you'll get a nice energy boost!

Leg Strengthening
Most Important

I know I’ve been dwelling on this point, But, it is so important that I want to repeat it:

The first thing (along with balance) that we want to concentrate on, as you learned earlier, is leg strength.

The very most practical senior exercise for those who want/need to get stronger legs is the chair exercise you learned above.

I’ll review it for you here because it is the #1 most important senior exercise you will learn.

Here we go:


1)  Sit in a chair that has arms. And, hold on to the arms. Or, if you use a walker, hold on to it.

2)  Now get up.

3)  Now sit back down.

4)  Now get up again.

Do that 3 times in a row. Then rest.

Do this at least once each day.

When 3 times not too hard. Do 4 times. The 5. Then 6.... Work up to 10 times in a row.

When you can do 10 in a row easily, you’ll be noticing getting up from any chair is no longer difficult.

NEXT:   When you feel comfortable enough, and your balance feels good, try it without holding on. Have a friend or family member stand in front of you in case you need a little help.

Then try it with the water jugs as you learned in the beginning of this article.

Yeah. This will get real boring after a while. I admit it.  But, it only takes about 1 minute. So don’t be a wus. Do this every day.

If you’ll keep at it, for just one minute every day, you will get stronger.

"Will I
Have To Do A Lot?"


Remember:  You don’t have to do a lot.

Just the balance exercise and the simple getting up from the chair exercise is going to be enough for you for the first 2 or 3 months.

Don’t start with more. You won’t like it.

You don’t need to work out every part of your body in a great big boring, tiring, unpleasant program. EVER. If you start one of those, you have a 99.9% chance of quitting.

We’re old now. We don’t need to bore ourselves to death.

But, being able to get up and around easily for our entire life is a wonderful Blessing that most of us can achieve. And, maintain.

Those long programs are really only for the very advanced or the fitness nuts. Forget about them. We’re never going there.

The Whole Point

We're all a little bit different. And, what we choose for our own personal senior exercise is going to vary depending upon our likes and our abilities.

Just Remember:  The whole point of our own personal senior exercise programs is to:

  • Feel Better

  • Get Stronger

  • Sleep Better

  • Be Happier

  • Have More Fun

  • Enjoy Life More

That would be plenty. Right?

It only takes about 15-20 minutes a day to greatly improve our lives.

And, the only exercise equipment for seniors that we really need is a solid chair, and, 2 water bottles.

Not bad. Right?

The Two Most Important Things


The Two Most Important Points about senior exercise:

  • Have Fun

  • Exercise in some way every day

I can not stress those two things enough. Do whatever senior exercise you like. Dance. Walk (even with a can or walker). Ride a bicycle. Play shuffleboard. Vacuum the rugs... Anything physical.  That moves the big muscles in your body for a while. Every Day!


1)  Senior exercise really is necessary if we’re going to feel good and function happily.

2)  Senior exercise can be SIMPLE and FUN.

3)  Senior exercise improves both our body and our mind.

4)  Exercise equipment for seniors can be as simple as 2 water bottles and a chair. You don’t have to spend lots of money or join a gym to get sufficiently and pleasantly physically fit again.

5)  Always do your exercises when you have someone there to assist you if needed.

6)  Get a check up before you begin and tell your doc what you are planning on doing. Get the go ahead before you start.

For a Happy and More Independent Tomorrow  ~ William

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