The Best Pillow

a GREAT night’s sleep

Best Pillow for a GREAT night's sleep.

What is the best pillow for a Great Night's Sleep?

There are a number of very good quality pillows out there. They are all quite comfortable.

Which is the best one? We think it’s the SnugglePedic. And, here’s why:

Why Use a Pillow?

Does a pillow do us any good?

Yes. When we use them correctly.

Using the best pillow for our own sleeping position enables us to keep all the bones in our head, neck, and back in a “neutral position”. This can help provide the deepest, best, and most refreshing sleep.

A “neutral sleeping position” simply means a position where all the parts of your spine are lined up in an ideal posture so that nothing is pinched or strained while you sleep. And, this can be achieved in almost any sleeping position when we use the best pillow(s). And, that doesn't mean expensive either.

How to Stay In
Neutral Sleeping Position

The Best Pillow for good sleep.

A neutral sleeping position prevents unnecessary pressure on discs, muscles, and nerves. This removes the cause of those horrible aces and pains we sometimes wake up with that we didn’t have when we went to sleep. As seniors, most of us are all too familiar with these discomforts.

We’ve all said, “I think I must have slept in the wrong position last night”. Right? Well, now you know what happened and why you woke up feeling so uncomfortable. You went way out of neutral.

Did you know that sleeping positions can actually affect your respiration, spinal alignment, and even the wrinkling of your skin?

Your personal best pillow puts you in this neutral position.

Is Finding The Best Pillow
Really That Important?

You bet it is.

Sleeping with the wrong pillow can make you feel terrible in the morning.

As seniors, we are usually less flexible than we were before. So, we often suffer more sleeping discomforts than when we were young.

Did you know, the wrong pillow can give you:

A poor night’s sleep

Aching neck

Aching all over

A bad mood

Low energy during the day

Sleeping on the wrong pillow.

Just from using the wrong pillow? Even if it is a very expensive one?

Yes. You bet!

Using the best pillow for your way of sleeping, can make a world of difference in how well you sleep and how you feel the next day. And, us senior citizens know this most of all.

The Benefits

Using the Right Pillow

The BENEFITS of a great pillow.

The BENEFITS of using the best pillow.

Using the right pillow, the best pillow for your way of sleeping, enables you to enjoy your favorite sleeping position in the most comfort way and with the best back alignment.

And, knowing how to use your pillow in a way that keeps your position “neutral” helps provide some very wonderful benefits.

These Benefits Include:

  • Getting a better night’s sleep

  • Avoiding morning aches, pains, and discomforts

  • Being more refreshed when you wake up

  • Having a more energetic day

  • Improving the quality of your life

Doesn’t that sound great?

The best pillow for you can help do this by providing comfortable correct support for the way you sleep.

"The Best Pillow" Can Be
Hard to Choose

If you’ve ever gone to the stores looking for the best pillow, you know it can be overwhelming.

Shopping for the best pillow can be very frustrating.

You go in thinking there are soft, medium, and hard pillows. Standard, queen, and king. Cheap to very expensive. And, that’s it.



We soon find there are all kinds of stuffings, from the world’s best down to cheap lumpy polyester fill.

And the prices (let’s  say for a king size) $10.99 - $300.00+. Yes, $300 for ONE pillow.

How do we find the best pillow for our individual needs?

And: How much do we really have to pay to get a fantastic pillow that will give us a great night’s sleep in the position(s) we like to sleep in best?

You Can Get a GREAT Pillow
That Fits YOU Just Right

for Under $40

The best pillow for under $50.

Did you know: A great pillow can be very inexpensive. Under $40. If you understand what you need.

You don't have to spend $200 to $300 for an imported down filled one to have the best pillow. And, cost is a very important consideration for most of us seniors.

In Fact: One of those expensive gorgeous luxury down pillows can not give you the fit, and, the superior sleep quality, that a SnugglePedic can.

Our #1 Pick
also has
The BEST Guarantee

Yes, we decided to take a look at all the leading brands to help you find just the pillow you want. We found you can have the best pillow for your way of sleeping for under $50.

After sorting through dozens of pillows, we found Snuggle Pedic to be the absolute winner.


Because you can customize your SnugglePedic pillow to fit the way you sleep. We’re all a little different, and, we all need to be able to customize our pillows to fit ourselves.

Now you can.

With a pillow that:

  • Costs under $40

  • Has a 20 years non-prorated warranty (That means, you get the full warranty even in year 20)

  • Has a 120 trial period so you can give it a real test

And, you don’t have to just take our word for it.

Here is the SnugglePedic Guarantee:

from the SnugglePedic website:

What is Snuggle-Pedic’s 'World's Best Guarantee'?

All Snuggle-Pedic products are made with extremely high quality, resilient materials that will keep the proper support throughout the years. Snuggle-Pedic offers an incredible 120-Night Sleep Trial! If you are not satisfied for any reason, contact us within 120 days and we'll do what it takes to make it right!”

What does that mean?

It means SnugglePedic will help you get the exact pillow fit you want.

AND, if you are not satisfied with your pillow, you can send it back for a full refund.

We Wrote to SnugglePedic
to Be Sure

We try to recommend only the very best products to our senior readers.

We really don't like when we recommend a product that for some reason doesn't make some of our readers happy. Therefore, we wanted to be sure these pillows were returnable for a refund if any of our readers did not think they were the best pillow ever.

We specifically wanted to make sure that all our readers really had a Money Back Guarantee if they did not like their purchase.

Christopher John Tamayo (customer care) wrote us back. And, here is something he said in his very nice letter to us:

“....Our 120-night sleep trial covers refund and replacement….If there is anything else we can help with, feel free to reach back.”

Yes, you can write to them anytime with a question about your pillow and they will get right back to you.

The 20 Year Warranty

How long will their pillows last?

Quite a while. They give a 20 year warranty non-prorated (that means even year 20 is still a full warranty).

Take a look at this quote (and link) direct from their webpage:

“Our Snuggle-Pedic bamboo and shredded memory
foam pillow has an industry leading 20-year non-prorated limited warranty that covers any flattening out of the pillow or loss of support over those 20 years. Should this occur, simply send your pillow in for a replacement of the foam. We will pay all shipping costs to send the pillow back to you after the repair.”

Are These Pillows

Finding the best non-toxic pillow.


And, this was a very important question to us when searching for the best. Especially to Charlotte, my sister, as she is very sensitive to chemical off gassing, and has suffered greatly from the off gassing side effects of other household products.

SnugglePedic pillow use some of the best memory foam for their filling.

Did you know there are many different types of memory foam? And, did you know that many types of memory foam products contain a lot of toxic chemicals that can off gas (they evaporate from the foam)?

The SnugglePedic Pillow memory foam is non-toxic.

Again, from their website:

"Do Snuggle-Pedic products contain harmful/flame-resistant chemicals?

No, Snuggle-Pedic products do not contain harmful levels of any chemical. All foam used in our products is non-toxic and has been tested and shown to be made without ozone depleters, PBDE flame retardants, mercury, lead and other heavy metals, formaldehyde, without phthalates and be low in VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) emissions for indoor air quality (less than 0.5 parts per million).

What certifications do Snuggle-Pedic products hold?

Snuggle-Pedic products are Greenguard Gold Certified and meet some of the world’s most rigorous third-party chemical emissions standards in an effort to reduce indoor air pollution and the risk of chemical exposure. In order to be Gold Certified, products must limit emissions of more than 360 volatile organic compounds and total chemical emissions, as well as comply with requirements of the state of California. In addition, Snuggle-Pedic products are also CertiPUR-US certified meaning that products contain flexible polyurethane foam that’s been certified and tested and crafted with no ozone depleters."

Now it’s Time to
Choose the Best Pillow for YOU!

What Sleeping Position Do You Like Best?

There really is no right or wrong to the sleeping position you prefer: Side, Stomach, or Back.

Each position requires a different pillow thickness to keep your spine properly aligned. The position you like to sleep in will determine the best pillow for you.

Do you need multiple pillows if you change positions often?


You just need one properly designed pillow that you can adjust quickly while you are sleeping.

Most of us move around and change position while we sleep. I certainly do. That’s another reason we love the SnugglePedic. You can adjust their shape and thickness very easily in just a few seconds. Even in the middle of the night while you sleep.

What is YOUR
Sleeping Position?

Side Sleeper:

The best pillow for side sleepers.

Sleeping on our side is the most common way to sleep. A National Sleep Survey found that 74% of people sleep this way. If your pillow is not supporting your head properly, it can lead to serious neck and back pain.

A high loft (thick) pillow is best for us side sleepers.


Because when we are on our side, we need the most height to keep our necks straight.

Why we need the right pillow.
Getting proper pillow support.

The best pillow for us needs to be thick enough to keep our neck straight, but, not so thick that that it bends our neck in the other direction.

Remember:  The goal is to keep our spine in it’s normal alignment (straight) so as not to cause tensions, strains, or kinks.

A common issue when sleeping on our side is, the pillow slowly collapses (gets flatter) as we sleep. This causes our head to tilt more and more toward the bed. And, this can cause straining in the neck that leads to pain in the back as well as the neck, the next day.

Back Sleeper

The Best Pillow for the back sleeper.

Did you know that only about 8% of us sleep on our backs?

The good news is: If you sleep on your back, a pillow of the correct height will put your body in it’s most neutral position. And, the chance of developing aches is the least.

The bad news is: When you sleep on your back your a much more prone to snore! Funny right? But, not funny for your bed partner. Also many people develop breathing problems when back sleeping.

So, if you decide to try back sleeping, and develop different new odd manifestations, back sleeping may not be right for you.

Which is the Best Pillow for back sleepers?

The best pillow for back sleepers is a thin low loft pillow. Just the opposite of the side sleeper.

A pillow that is too high will bend your neck upward. This can cause strained muscle, nerves and discs.

A pillow that is too low can put an uncomfortable downward bend in your neck.

These bends, that last for hours as we sleep, can cause discomforts that may hinder good sleep quality and haunt us throughout the day.

ALSO: Our heads also tend to flop left or right as we back sleep. This causes a side twist that can cause a stiff neck in the morning.

So: A supportive, yet easily moldable (with just a motion or two) pillow, that supports your head on both sides, will prevent large neck twists and side straining (preventing aches, stiffness and discomforts when you wake) is the best choice here. You don't have to buy a special pillow for this.

You can form this side support with your SnugglePedic pillow in just a few seconds simply by pushing the foam away from the middle of the pillow.

Stomach Sleeper

Stomach sleeping is considered the worst, way of sleeping because it creates the most problems.

You are more likely to develop neck and/or back pains from stomach sleeping that from any other position.

The reason for this is:

Sleeping on your stomach cranks tour head and neck to one side or the other
for hours on end.
There is no neutral position.

Still, 16% of us sleep this way.

The main advantage of stomach sleeping is that it reduces (or stops) snoring, and sleep apnea because it keeps the airways open.

Sleeping on your stomach, however, forces your neck and spine into a most unnatural upward bend that can cause restless sleep and a lot of discomfort when you wake.

What is the best pillow for a stomach sleepr? Traditional pillows (and hotel pillows) are just too thick. A very thin pillow will cause the least amount of twisting and strain.

The best pillow for stomach sleepers is very thin.

Stomach sleepers need a very thin pillow.

to Show You

Here’s a short video that we found very helpful from Dr. Blake Kalkstein from Kalkstein Chiropractic in Towson, Maryland. In this video he demonstrates the best pillow for side and back sleepers. He also explains why stomach sleeping causes so many problems.

You Have to Actually Sleep on It
Know if It Is The Best Pillow for YOU

By now I'm sure you have learned that the best pillow for you may not be best for someone else. And, vice versa. Their best pillow may be just terrible for you.

So, how do you find the right pillow for you? Especially if you change positions during the night?

Going to the store and squeezing the pillows (in their plastic wrappings) isn’t really going to do you any good.

The only real way to figure out if the pillow you chose is right for you is to use it while you sleep in your own bed for a couple of weeks. Or, a month. See if you sleep well each night and feel real nice when you wake up the next morning. If not, send it back.


You have to actually use a pillow for a while
to know if it is the best one
for You.

So, before purchasing, you need to know that you can return whatever pillow you buy for a full refund, should that become necessary.

Not all pillows have a decent warranty. Many of the better pillows do because they know they are selling a quality product and they want you to be happy with it. Snuggle Pedic, as you read above, gives you the Best Guarantee:  A 120 night sleep trial. And, then a 20 year non-prorated guarantee. (Hard to believe for a pillow that costs under $40)

If your pillow isn’t doing what you want it to, SnugglePedic will “do what it takes to make it right!” That means replace it, or, give you a refund. Your choice.

120 days is way more than you’re going to need to test any pillow. You’ll know in a week. But, with Snugglepedic, you know you have time to really put your pillow(s) to the test.

And, since their pillows offer all kinds of adjustment you can do at home (firmness, shape, etc…) you can really custom fit their pillows to your exact needs easily, in a few seconds, all by yourself.

Taking some extra time to experiment with them will make you never want to give them up. Yes, they are that good!

Who Created SnugglePedic?

One of the points of most importance to me is that the founder of SnugglePedic is a chiropractor. His name is Dr. Rick Swartzburg. His goal with his pillows was to provide “A flawless night of sleep”.

SnugglePedic pillows can fit all types of sleepers.

from the SnugglePedic website:

“Our Philosophy

We believe that when you sleep better, you lead a happier and healthier life. If only getting a good night’s sleep was that simple!

We at Snuggle-Pedic know all too well that achieving a perfect night of sleep doesn’t come easy, and that there’s no such a thing as the perfect pillow or mattress for every person. Yet, whether you’re a stomach or back sleeper, or a firm or soft mattress-lover, there are a few things we all enjoy when it comes to getting the best shuteye. Staying cool throughout the night, quality materials that keep their shape for years, and full body support are all things that set apart a good night of sleep from a great night of sleep.

We offer a range of bedding products that will pinpoint your specific sleep needs, including overheating in your sleep, spinal alignment support, allergy-friendly materials, and much more to help you sleep better and dream better.”

Here are a few customer comments:

“I have never found a pillow I love as much as this pillow already...and I have tried A LOT.”

“I was so impressed with this body pillow that I got a second one. This way I could rest my arms and legs no matter which side I turn without having to grab and reposition the body pillow.”
Tapas D.

“Between [Snuggle-Pedic’s] mattress and body pillow, my sciatica doesn't wake me up or keep me awake anymore. There is no price that I could ever put on that.”
Ema V.


We’re Sold!

As we stated in the beginning, there are a number of very fine quality pillows available. Most of them are in the $150 - $300 range.

But, the one that stands out as unquestionably the best is SnugglePedic.


There are 3 main reasons:

  • They are made with a non-toxic memory foam filling

  • You can easily customize yours, by yourself, to give the best support in any sleeping position

  • You can spend less than $40

Here at we’re totally sold on the SnugglePedic pillows. We love them!

If you are craving a better night’s sleep, and, if you wish you could wake up more refreshed in the morning, you owe it to yourself to give a SnugglePedic Pillow a try.

Finding the Best Pillow for You!

For a Great Night’s Sleep!  ~ William, Fiona, and Charlotte

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