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Part Time Jobs for Seniors

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Are There Many
Fun and Rewarding
Part Time Jobs for Seniors?

You bet there are! LOTS!

Just because we have retired, or are thinking about retiring, it doesn’t mean we suddenly want to sit on a shelf and do nothing all day, rot, and die too early. Right?

Full time work is still very appealing to some of us.

But, most of us don’t want to work that hard anymore. Still, we would like to continue working a few hours a day and we’d enjoy making some extra money. Do you agree?

We’re still very strong, loving what we’re doing, and are more successful than at any other time in our lives.

But, 8 hours each day is just too much. It’s too taxing and most of us just don’t want it anymore. And, usually it’s just not necessary.

Yes, we want to do something.

Something pleasurable.

We want to be productive.

And, for sure, we like the idea of earning something more than our social security benefits or our pensions.

Part Time Jobs for Seniors are just exactly what we are looking for. And, that doesn’t mean flipping hamburgers at MacDonalds either.

My Sister
The Part Time School Teacher

part time jobs for seniors, school teacher

My sister Charlotte is a prime example of this type of senior citizen. She’s full of life.

But, at 72, being a full time school teacher was just taking all the energy out of her day. She had no energy left to enjoy the rest of her day with.

So, she talked with the school board and what they needed was a half time teacher for certain classes.

Now she starts work at 11 and is done by 3.

She gets extra sleep each morning. Has time for some fun activities before her school day begins. And, has lots of energy after school to ride her bicycle and participate in whatever other ejoyable activities she chooses.

She collects her social security, gets her pay check, and is doing just about as well financially as she was before “retirement”.

How does that sound to you?

Seem like a great lifestyle?

Well, it’s waiting for YOU!

After Retirement

Working after retirement seems like an oxymoron. Right?

But, at 65 we’re no longer considered “Old”.

100 Years ago living to 65 was longer than average.

Today, the life expectancy is 79.

Does that mean we are “Old People” for 14 or more years??

Today’s retirees are redefining what “retirement” means. These days it’s more of a transition period between quitting our life long occupation and transitioning to old age.

And, that old age may be 15 or 20 years away.

Did you know 55% of seniors  and people approaching “retirement” plan on continuing to keep working?

14% full time.

44% part time. Almost half of us!

So, what would You like to do during this time?

Our Reasons Vary

According to the Transamerica Center for Retirement Studies:

  • 53% say it’s because they want additional income and are capable of working for it.

  • 35% say if they don’t do some kind of work, they can’t afford retirement

  • 47% say they want to stay active

  • 39% say they want to keep their minds sharp

  • 34% say they enjoy continuing to work and that work gives their lives purpose

  • 21% say it is the best way to maintain a lot of social connections

Whatever the reason, there is a wonderful part time job just waiting for You!

How Do We Choose
Part Time Jobs for Seniors?

finding the best part time jobs for seniors

First: Choose something you enjoy and look forward to doing each day.

Whether you want the income, the social engagement, the feeling of purpose, or you just enjoy working, but would like a shorter work day, one of these interesting enjoyable part time jobs for seniors that we are going to show you may fill the bill very nicely.

Remember: Some Work is Better for Seniors Than Other Types

Putting our egos aside, the very physically challenging work probably isn’t for any of us anymore. Not even the most fit in our group. So, let’s leave those jobs to the younger people (who don’t have to worry about throwing theirs backs out!).

Putting all those physically demanding jobs aside, there are so many part time jobs for seniors that suit every skill set, background, preference, and desire.

Whether you prefer working from home, an office, or even in the great outdoors, there is a wonderful part time job that is just waiting for you.

Choose Something
You Can ENJOY!

Men and women over 60 know what hard work is. Right? We’ve done it for decades! Whether it’s a full time job in an office, outside on a tractor, or caring for children or elderly parents.

When we approach, or have reached, retirement age, we wonder what we can do not only to continue making money, but for personal fulfillment and enjoyment.

There are also some of us who no longer need to work for money. For those of us that have this beautiful luxury, keeping our minds active and strong,  keeping involved with others, as well as some social circles, is why we continue to work.

Good work, pleasurable, productive enriching work is a most wonderful thing. Even if we have to work for financial needs. It is not a burden. Especially in a part time capacity.

No matter what your reason
for continuing to work after retirement,

it is Most Important to find something you enjoy!

If you have no idea in the world what kind of part time jobs may be right for you now, just think of all the things you have enjoyed doing during your life and which of them you may still enjoy doing now. And, think of what you always wanted to try, but never yet had the chance to.

Here are some ideas to get your imagination going:

The Top 24 Best

Part-Time Jobs for Seniors

So, here we go! Some of these part time jobs for seniors are a few hours a day, some are seasonal, and some you just make your own hours.

in alphabetical order:

part time jobs for seniors:
#1  Athletic Coach

part time jobs for seniors, Athletic Coach

Do you still LOVE Sports? Do you know your game? Want to share your skills and help kids get better and better at their game?

Being an athletic coach may be the most fun you can have and get paid!

The pay isn’t usually high. A few thousand dollars for the entire season is common.

But, if you miss being in the game, and, want to earn a little extra money to boot, consider coaching. It’s a totally rewarding experience.

You will be working with young people, so be prepared for a background check.

part time jobs for seniors:
#2  Bookkeeper

part time jobs for seniors, Bookkeeper

If you have previous experience as a Bookkeeper for any kind of business, there are literally hundreds of small businesses who can not afford (or do not need) a full time bookkeeper.

How much you charge is entirely negotiable. It all depends on your experience and the clients needs.

But, every company has books that need to be kept. You’ll be surprised at how many small business owners would like to get out from under this “chore” and are willing to pay nicely for it.

There are also many remote bookkeeper jobs available (you work from home).

part time jobs for seniors:
#3  Consultant

part time jobs for seniors, Consultant

Many of us love the job and career we had. It just got tom be too much hour and energy wise. Right? A lot of us wouldn’t mind, or even would LOVE to continue our careers if they were less demanding. Took up less of our daily hours.

Consulting may be the perfect answer!

You have years of experience, vast expertise, and a load of network connections. You are a very valuable player. So, how about working part time for your former employer(s)? Or, letting  other companies know you are available for by the hour consulting work?

Did you know there are hundreds of companies who need your skills, but, can’t afford a full time person of your capabilities?

How much should you charge?

First, that depends on your field. The average pay is… there is no average pay in consulting.

The best way to price yourself is to call other consultants in your field and ask how much they would charge you for any given project. Some will charge by the hour. Some will charge by the project. Some will need a retainer.

Find out what the current practices are and charge accordingly. In the beginning you may have to charge waaaay less than the competition. And, that’s OK. Once you get a few projects under your belt, get references from them. Once you have some credentials, you can adjust your prices accordingly.

Most people who venture out on their own for the first time don’t know that undercharging a bit will get them their first jobs. And, it’s those first jobs that will give you confidence and credibility.

part time jobs for seniors:
#4  Courier

part time jobs for seniors, Courier

Yes, it sounds like something out of an old James Bond movie! Right?

If you like driving around your city, or county, being a courier can be a rather peaceful and pleasant one of the best part time jobs for seniors.

Couriers are actually just delivery people. It may be packages, letters, restaurant food, stuff from stores or warehouses…. All going to whomever ordered them.

Some of the deliveries are very casual. Some are very time sensitive and so you need to be efficient in your driving abilities. Usually no problem at all. Just make sure they are not sending you out with really heavy items.

Services like Amazon Flex are leading to more of these courier opportunities.

There is also medical courier work where you are delivering lab results, specimens, medications, x-ray films, and the medical things.

Average pay is $15 an hour. If you are doing food delivery, you also get tips!!

part time jobs for seniors:
#5  Crafting

part time jobs for seniors, crafting, hand made goods

Make money from things you love to create.

Did you know there is a very big market for handmade items like: soaps, candles, knitting stuffs, pottery, etc….

With all the manufactured trash out there, people LOVE purchasing beautiful gifts for themselves and for others that are hand made.

You don’t have to get a truck and tables and start traveling all over the place to fairs, etc… to sell your items. But, you can if this is something you enjoy doing.

Check with your community for seasonal craft fairs and set up a small table with your crafts for sale.

On the other hand:  It’s easy to set up a “Virtual Store” on a website called Etsy.

If you’ve never shopped there, click on that link and take a look at all the wonderful handmade things people are selling directly from their homes which they made themselves. I can spend hours browsing that website.

Etsy’s website is quite user friendly. They take you step by step setting up your “Virtual Store”. From your “Store” you can reach potential customers all over the country and most of the world. You pay a small fee for their services.

part time jobs for seniors:
#6  Customer Service Representative

part time jobs for seniors, Customer Service

Customer Service Representatives are always in demand. Why? because it takes a special kind of person to hand cranky upset people all day long, or, even every day on a part time basis.

Have you ever called up a company because some product or service really upset you? That person you talked to is who you will become!

ADVANTAGES: Many Customer Service Representative jobs can be worked from home!

If you’re good at helping out people who are not in their best mood, and, you enjoy helping people solve a problem to their satisfaction, being a customer service representative can be a very rewarding job every single day.

Helping others, helping strangers, is a very wonderful thing and it can bring enormous satisfaction (as you probably already know).

Being able to work part time from home makes this one of the best part time jobs for seniors who enjoy helping others solve irritating problems.

In person trying may be required. Pay varies by company. Usually it’s an hourly rate.

part time jobs for seniors:
#7  Driver On Demand

part time jobs for seniors, Driver on Demand, Uber, Lyft

You’ve probably already heard of Uber. Right? And, maybe even Lyft? The companies that have individuals like you and me to help people get from place to place for far less than the traditional taxi.

Want to drive for them?

In these jobs you’ll set your own hours.

On Demand driving is one of the most flexible part time jobs for seniors.

According to a survey by the Benenson Strategy Group:

23% of Uber Drivers are over 50!

Two thirds Have no previous job history as drivers.

If you have no experience, but a clean driving record, these can be some of the most desirable part time jobs for seniors.

You’ll need your own car. And, all the maintenance expenses are your own.

BUT, according to the Economic Policy Institute the average Uber pay is $24 an hour. Sounds pretty great. Right?

But, after all your expenses in owning and maintaining your car, you’re going to come up with $9.21 an hour.

If you have an old dependable car, you will obviously come out with less expenses and more money. If you have a newer car, the whole thing may not be worth doing.

Here’s an article at the business insider that tells one man’s story: “I'm a Driver for Uber and Lyft — here's exactly how much I make in one week on the job”

part time jobs for seniors:
#8  ESL Teacher
(English as a Second Language)

part time jobs for seniors, ESL Teacher, English as a second language

This is a really one the best part time jobs for seniors who are comfortable teaching others. And, for those who love to work with the English language.

Unlike teaching in public school, there are no disciplinary problems here. ALL the students want to be there. And, they are eager to learn.

Helping other learn and master out language is one of the best jobs for seniors who enjoy meeting new people and learning about foreign countries.

Certification is not always necessary, but it will improve your chances fo finding a good job easily. Getting certified is about a 100 hour study and a cost of $250 - $1,000.

You can work in the USA or overseas.

The pay is excellent, averaging $28 an hour.

part time jobs for seniors:
#9  Gardener

part time jobs for seniors, gardener, gardening

We live in the country. My wife has a huge garden and decided to try selling bouquets of beautiful flowers roadside, and, on local facebook. She does a decent business and never feels like she is really “working”.

Others up here sell vegetables (wonderful ones!) along the road and at local farmer’s markets. I don’t think I ever met anyone who doesn’t like this produce better than the local markets (which are quite good!).

Or, maybe you love working outside in a garden? Possibly cutting the lawn? Planting things?

A lot of people in the more affluent areas always want a gardener.

Gardening doesn’t pay well. But, for people with free time, a green thumb, and a love of growing things, being a gardener part time may be a very fulfilling daily experience.

The way to get these jobs? Usually, unless you have someone referring you, you need to walk through the neighborhood and knock on doors. Have a single sheet resume of what you offer, and, a couple personal references on it (even if they are not for gardening, just personal references).

Getting the jobs sometimes takes a while, but, once you have them, if you do a good job, you sully can keep it as long as you like.

OR, apply to the local nurseries. Tell them you’d like to work for them part time in whatever capacity they may need.

For those of us who love to care for plants, these “jobs” are ideal!

part time jobs for seniors:
#10  Handyman

part time jobs for seniors, Handyman

Being available as a Handyman is a GREAT part time job for men (and women) who are good with their hands and good at fixing things.

I’ve always considered myself good at these things. But, when we move to the country, I was not as great as I thought! The first thing that happened was my barn door fell off.

I talked to one of the few people I knew and they sent a guy right over to do the job. A retired senior who does Handyman work. I was overjoyed to have him.

As a Handyman you have your own business and your own hours. You can advertise on the grocery store bulletin board, on the church bulletin board, spread the words with friends, and even make fliers and put one on every door you can find.

You can even hook up with TaskRabbit. It’s an app that matches Handymen with people who need repair or miscellaneous household jobs done.

Handymen these days charge an average of $20 per hour.

part time jobs for seniors:
#11  Housekeeper

part time jobs for seniors, Housekeeper

Hey, we’re over 60 and most of us have a LOT of experience cleaning our own house right? Our own! So, we’re well qualified.

Being a Housekeeper requires a lot of physical energy. But, for some of us, this kind of physical work is great!

The nice things about working as a Housekeeper are that you can choose just how much work you want and no more. You can work locally. You can work in homes or businesses.

It’s somewhat demanding physical work, but, usually not too strenuous. Did you know housework is actually considered good moderate exercise?

Yes, you can make some extra money and keep more fit with Housekeeping jobs. GoNannies is a reliable place to start looking.

part time jobs for seniors:
#12  House Sitter

part time jobs for seniors, House Sitter

House sitting is like a little vacation “somewhere else”.

Basically you will be going and living in someone else’s home while they are away on vacation, a business trip, etc… Many times the owners need a house sitter because they have a friendly pet who needs to be looked after while they are away, and, they don’t want to put their pet in a kennel.

You can simply do a Web Search for “House sitting Jobs” and see what is available near you, or, in some wonderful far away place.

Choose good neighborhoods only.

part time jobs for seniors:
#13  Librarian

part time jobs for seniors, Librarian, Library Assistant

Do you like working in a quiet peaceful place? Do you enjoy some gentle social interaction on your job and not just a stack of papers? Or, a computer?

Libraries often need some assistance.

A Librarian typically has a Master’s Degree in Library Science.

But, some libraries and some Librarians need some additional help.

Often these jobs are volunteer. Some pay. You simply have to ask. Our Aunt Helen worked at her local library until she was 91!

There are not only public libraries, but, libraries in schools and colleges that often need some help.

If this appeals to you, just call around where you live and see if there is a position available that you might be right for.

part time jobs for seniors:
#14  Medical Billing/Coding

part time jobs for seniors, Medical billing and coding

Medical Billing and Coding is a specialized type of work. It requires schooling and certification.

To people with an artistic creative temperament, it is brain numbing work. It’s not fun like gardening. But, it pays much better than average.

Medical billers and coders translate a patients visit and needs into diagnostic codes. They may also prepare and send the coded bills to all necessary parties.

The pay varies with complexity of the job and with a person’s experience and the size of the company you work for. Not a good part time job for most of us, but, if this kind of work suits you, and, you don’t mind the necessary schooling, it can pay quite well. Even part time.

part time jobs for seniors:
#15  Movie Extra

part time jobs for seniors, movie extra, atmosphere, background player

Don’t think you are too old for this. Even if you’re in your 90s!

Movie makers and TV shows always need people of ALL ages for “extra” work.

“Extras” are the people you see in a crowd scene. Sitting in a park. Walking down a hall. Sitting in an office, etc….

This is fun Super Easy job. AND, you get to see yourself on TV or in the movies!

You’ll need to be in a big city like New York or Los Angeles if you want to get regular work. Still, no matter where you live, movies are made everywhere and if you sign up with an agency, they may on occasion have a need for extras where, or near, where you live.

The down side is, the days can be long. 8 -12 hours. But, you sit around most of the time just waiting for when they need you to be in a crowd scene or walking down a street.

If you love reading, you can spend most of your day doing that while”on the job” because there is so much time you won’t be working.

Being a Movie Extra is sporadic work, easy, undependable… But, you’ll have some fun and meet some cool people.

Average pay is $180 for the day.

part time jobs for seniors:
#16  National Parks

National Parks part time jobs for seniors

Maybe you always wanted to do some work in the great outdoors! How about helping to take care of some of our National Parks for a few months each year?

There is something called “The Experienced Services Program”. And, it’s not all physical work. They need all types of skills.

Here’s what they say:

The Experienced Services Program allows for temporary employment opportunities for individuals 55 years or older to work on specific project assignments. This is an exciting program that provides selected applicants with an opportunity to use their diverse and extremely valuable skills to support the critical mission of the National Park Service. Whether you have a background in budget, engineering, facilities management, administration, information technology, or many other fields, your experience is valued. We would love for you to apply to join our team.”

part time jobs for seniors:
#17  Nonprofit Worker

part time jobs for seniors, nonprofit, volunteer

We've had a number of requests from our seniors that want to know where they can connect with meaningful volunteer work.

If making money is not important to you right now, and, you just want to be productive, do something meaningful, and help make the world a better place for others who are less fortunate, Nonprofit Volunteer Work is always available.

There are many worthy organization in need of the skills and willingness you possess. A great place to start looking is: Volunteer Match.

part time jobs for seniors:
#18  Pet Sitter/Dog Walker

part time jobs for seniors, pet sitter, dog walker

If you love dogs, want to get outside for a walk each day, and love your independence, being a dog walker can’t be beat! With enough dogs it can be quite lucrative.

If you’d rather just stay in and chat with some of our furry friends for a few hours, or, even a few overnights, Pet Sitting is a Joy!

You can sign up with one of the nationwide agencies like Wag, or rover.com.

Those two places make it easy to get started dog walking, or, dog sitting.

OR, you can simply talk to the people at the local dog park and spread the word that you’re available. Posting notices at the local pet shops and grocery markets works too.

A friend of ours did this and wound up making a full time income!

Walk as many or as few as is comfortable for you. Same with babysitting.

And, you’ll make a LOT of new furry friends!

Here’s a great article from Canine Journal on “How to Become a Dog Sitter”.

part time jobs for seniors:
#19  School Bus Driver

part time jobs for seniors, school bus driver

Like saying “Good Morning” to kids? How about becoming a school bus driver?

We also listed School Bus Driver in our article “The 37 Best Jobs For Senior Citizens”.

If you love casual interaction with young people driving a School Bus may make you feel young again, AND, put some great smiles on your face each day.

Yes, you do need to enforce school rules and discipline on the bus, but, that goes with any job with kids.

You’ll need to get a commercial driver’s license and have a clean driving record. Most areas are willing to train you to drive the bus and pay you while training. Average pay $16 -$17 hr.

part time jobs for seniors:
#20  Shop Assistant

part time jobs for seniors, shop assistant

If you have always enjoyed retail environments like shops, cafes, coffee shops, specialty stores, restaurants, etc…. maybe you could get a part time job working in one. Why not apply?

Working in a busy shop is a great way to stay actively connected to people and your community. Did you know retail outlets offer some of the most reliable part time jobs for seniors?

And, most retail stores need extra help during the Christmas Season. So, if you just want to work a few weeks each year, this can be a good option.

Our dear friend Dana is 74 and she is a cashier at a Christmas Tree farm for the month of December. She loves it and tells us she makes a pretty penny doing this!

part time jobs for seniors:
#21  Substitute Teaching

part time jobs for seniors, substitute teacher, teaching

For those who used to be teachers, or, those who think teaching students at school on a sporadic regular basis, Substitute Teaching may be just the job to make those extra dollars you are looking for.

“Subbing” can be fun. You get to work with the different grades and subjects, and, you get to choose which of these you will do.

You don’t need a teaching degree or certificate in most states. But, most states do require a bachelors degree in anything.

Here’s a good article to get you going: “How to Become a Substitute Teacher: Step-by-Step Guide”

part time jobs for seniors:
#22  Tax Preparer

part time jobs for seniors, tax preparer

If your background is accounting, preparing taxes is a great way to make good money working from home for only a few months a year.

You don’t need to be a CPA (certified public accountant) or have any real credentials to do this kind of work. There are restrictions as to what you will be able to do without certification.

However, if your friends or associates are just overwhelmed with the idea of doing their own, or, just want to hire the job out and not pay the $200 per hour a CPA charges, this is a great little niche area for those who enjoy working with n umbers and are good with details.

Microsoft has a great article by Stephen Fishman called, “How to Become a Tax Preparer” that will give you all the information you need to know to get started in this “work you own hours” part time job for seniors.

Pay varies by experience, credentials, and whether you work for a firm, a small company, or independently.

For retired accountants, working freelance enables you to pick how many clients you want, how much work you want to do, and what hours you want to work.

part time jobs for seniors:
#23  Tutor

part time jobs for seniors, tutor

Becoming a tutor is ideal for former school teachers or any senior who is proficient in ANY academic area.

Seniors who are former teachers have all the skills and all the knowledge to be the best tutors available. And, most people needing a tutor know this. Word of mouth at the local schools (meet with the principals) is all you need to get going.

If you are going to be working for a company, they may require certification. Certification is very easy to get.

If you are only interested in private tutoring in your neighborhood, no certification is necessary. People in town know you and are most likely hoping you can help their kid(s) get better grades and better SAT scores.

Even if you’re not a certified teacher, you may be able to offer tutoring in any area in which you are proficient. Math, English, Writing, Chemistry…..

Pay varies and depends on your skill level and the level of tutoring. Grade school, high school, college, etc….

If you work for an agency they usually have a standard hourly rate they charge the customer and an hourly rate they pay you.

part time jobs for seniors:
#24  Virtual Assistant

part time jobs for seniors, virtual assistant

What is a Virtual Assistant?

Another bonus from the age of computers!

A Virtual Assistant is a person who provides support services to a business from a location other than the business itself. That is: From Home!!

It’s like working in an office without having to go to the office.

These jobs are becoming more and more available these days as they save employers huge amounts of money in office space, desks, phones, etc….

Also, many smaller businesses and offices need administrative work done, but, not enough to pay a full time employee.

Part time. From home. Office work. Win. Win. Win! For you AND your employer.

A Virtual Assistant can do most anything any other office worker can do with exception of bringing coffee or other physical tasks.

A Virtual Assistant may provide:

  • Website design Social media management
  • Community management and moderation
  • Content creation for blogs and ghostwriting
  • Lead generation
  • Bookkeeping
  • Editing and proofreading
  • Email management
  • Customer support
  • Data entry
  • Processing online orders and refunds
  • Project management
  • Creating sales pages
  • Managing product launches
  • WordPress maintenance
  • Graphic design and layout
  • Calendar management and travel arrangements
  • Transcription
  • Content research
  • Keyword research
  • Data entry
  • Performing outreach
  • Editing videos

Pay varies according to duties, experience, skills, and the company needs.

For anyone with good office skills, becoming a part time Virtual Assistant may be the ideal retirement job.

There are always many Virtual Assistant Jobs Available. You can often apply on line.

Why Work
After Retirement?

Why on Earth would anyone look for a job after retirement? Right? We waited a long time for this luxury.

Retirement, and doing nothing, is always great for the first month or two.

Then what?……

It’s not usually exactly what we envisioned. Many of you already know this and that’s how you found this article. Right? The first thing that happens is it usually gets too quiet. And, then a lot of us get lonely.

Others of us miss the routine and motion going to work always had. The daily mental stimulation. The important social connection is gone.

Often times we get part time jobs as seniors because it’s more than just the extra money.

Maybe we just want to explore new interests that we didn’t have time for before.

What do you think?

There are so many reasons to go find some new work after retirement.

And, they all make sense!

Here are some of the not so obvious benefits of getting part time jobs as seniors:

Part Time Jobs for Seniors

Working After Retirement

Did you know that, besides the paycheck, there are other actual real and significant benefits to working after retirement? Including a longer life expectancy?

Let's take a look at these Benefits:

1. A Longer Life

Did you know this?

Wow! Awesome!!

Working part time after retirement helps us stay active and socially connected. Even if our jobs paid nothing, there is great benefit in these things. Among which is living longer!

2. Opportunities to Try New Things

Did you know that almost 60% of working seniors say they are working because they, “wanted to try something new.”

How about you?

I told you my Dad’s story about having a roadside vegetable stand. What might you like to try that you were never able to do before?

3. Sharper Mental Capacity

There is no question from all the research that staying sharp upstairs is one of the great benefits of continuing to work after retirement. Even part time.

Many seniors say part of their overall feeling of well-being comes from having a productive job or small business.

And, did you know that: “Nearly three out of five retirees launch into a new line of work, and working retirees are three times more likely than pre-retirees to be entrepreneurs.” reference:“Work in Retirement:Myths and Motivations”

Yes, for many of us, this is the time to start that small or part time business we always dreamed of.

I know for a fact this is true because my own Dad AWLAYS dreamed of having a roadside stand where the could sell the things he grew.

At Age 66 he said to me, “What the hell…” and he began. And, he grew things and sold them every summer until the day he died.

4.  Greater Social Connection

We never expected it. We thought retirement would be Heaven on Earth… Then, we can become so horribly lonely. NO ONE TOLD US ABOUT THIS!

Part time jobs for seniors can eliminate this problem all together. That’s why part time jobs for seniors can be so important.

With our part time jobs we have daily social connection and community engagement.

Did you know that one of the main reason seniors return to work and get part time jobs is so that they can be doing meaningful things with other people again? Yes, not money. Social connection and interaction.

5. Greater Happiness

Life is better when we are active and productive. It is also longer!
In a Merrill Lynch study 83% of retired senior citizens agreed!

We waited so long for our retirement, and, NOW we find out we are happier working!

Full time is usually too much. But, part time is ideal! And, it keeps us happier!https://iea.org.uk/publications/research/work-longer-live-healthier-the-relationship-between-economic-activity-health-a

6. More Retirement Savings

Every year we continue to work, we keep, or, accumulate more money for our future needs and desires. Continuing to work also increases or SS benefits!

Continuing to work also can put off our dipping into our retirement savings as soon. That means our investments have more time to grow. That could a substantial amount!

7. The Most Obvious: A Paycheck

A paycheck is what most people think we are going to look for a part time job for. And, it is an important thing for many of us. Our pensions and SS don’t give all of us quite enough to have fun with.

The fact is 1 out of 5 seniors don’t anticipate ever being able to retire.

There are also a large number of us who want to do more than just survive the rest of our lives. Which may be another 20 or 25+ years.

Many of us want to travel, remodel the house, buy a new car, help pay for our grand children’s college, etc… And, we need more money for these things than a pension or SS offers.

The right part time job, or part time business for us seniors can be the answer to many of these goals and desires.

Part Time Jobs for Seniors


Part time jobs for seniors are not just about the money.

Part time jobs for seniors give us many other major benefits:

  • Opportunity to Try New Things We Always Wanted to Do

  • Continued Enjoyable Social Connections

  • Greater Happiness

  • Sharper Mental Capacity

  • A Longer Life

  • More Retirement Savings

  • More Money to Do The Things You Want to Do

Do yourself an enormous favor: Take another look at these part time jobs for seniors. See if they get you thinking.

If none of them excite you, at least maybe they will get you thinking about what else you may enjoy doing for the next 20 years or so.

Remember: Part time jobs for seniors help us to keep living an Active, Productive, Socially Enjoyable Life.

Most of us are not looking for another full time career. Most of us have had enough of that. Right? But, neither do we want to suddenly drop off the face of the Earth into a lonely empty oblivion. Right?

Part time jobs for seniors, or, our own small part time business ventures, may just be the fountain of youth!

part time jobs for seniors have these 7 benefits

Enjoy Your New Adventure!  ~ William, Fiona, and Charlotte

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