Cute Old People

Cute Old People

These cute old people are going to put some SUNSHINE in your day and a SMILE on YOUR FACE!

So many old people ARE cute! And adorable. And, just plain wonderful!
 Age can be a very wonderful thing!

So, in this article, we’re going to honor and enjoy some of our favorite senior citizens!

cute old people, #1

“Cute Old People”
may be offensive


Can you believe this? I got an email from a person who read our Article about “Cute Old People”. She told me “Old people don’t like to be called 'Old People' ”. And, that they didn’t like being called “Cute”. She was very clear on those points.

Yes, I was personally chastised for saying Cute Old People. “It may be offensive….. You should say seniors....”


And, if they’re cute, why can’t we call them cute?

If people are old, why can’t we call them old? They are Old. And, what is wrong with being old?

Nothing! Getting old is a gift from God. I'm old and loving that I got this far!

This lady went on to say that if they were quite old I was supposed to call them “Elderly”, or, “Very Senior” (very senior??)….., “well kept” (that one would piss me off personally…), “still lovely”…. Oh vomit!…

Sure a 65 year old senior citizen is not really old these days. Our current average life expectancy is 79. Back in 1920 it was only 54. So, back then 65 was old. Still, if someone is 20, yes, 65 is old!

But, today 80+ is OLD! Agreed?

So, let’s call a spade a spade. Nothing wrong with that. Do you agree?

And, there is nothing in then entire world offensive about being cute seniors.

The Oxford dictionary defines “cute” as: “Attractive in a pretty or endearing way.”

Why would anyone take offense to that?

cute old people, #26

We Hope These Pictures
Bring You Joy!

Personally, I HATE the whole "Politically Correct" nonsense. Jeez Louise!

A garbage collector/garbageman is now called a “sanitation engineer” in the PC world.


Collecting the trash for everyone is a fine and respectable profession. It's also a darn hard job that not everyone can handle.

In reality: The garbageman most likely has no “engineering degree”. So why is he now called an “engineer”?

If not for these fellows we’d all be living in filth! Right? They are a necessary part of society. Working hard. Doing a great job for all of us… Why the phony title? We respect them just as they are!

Garbageman has no condescension in it’s connotation. Sanitation engineer is pure nonsense! And, unnecessary.

I will probably get chewed out for this by the PC police. Maybe I should have said “Garbage Person”. Same with “Mailman”. Now we have to call them all “Mail Person”. Even if they are a man.


Who really cares?

There will be no PC anything here!

“Cute Old People” ARE cute.

These seniors make us ALL smile. So, we’ve put together these 46 pictures of Cute Old People for you to enjoy. To put a smile on your face too. Hopefully these pictures will bring you as much Joy as they brought us while we collected them.

Cute Old People, #36

It's a Gift!

Old is no crime. Becoming seniors is wonderful!

It’s a Gift!

And, “Old” really does not refer to actual calendar age as it does to overall physical condition.

Yes, there does come a time in our lives (if we don’t drop dead before then for some reason) when we are mostly worn out. The body just doesn’t function at a high level anymore.

Still: If our minds remain clear (like my Mom’s was) it’s not such a bad place to be. She was fun to hang out with for sure!  In fact, old age can be the most enjoyable time of our entire lives.

Sure, someone 65 these days, who is in good physical shape, takes offense at being called “Old”. OK. We’re with you.

But, to a 16 or 20 year old, yes, at 65 you are OLD.

On the other hand, at say 82, we’re obviously “Old”. To everyone. What is the problem with being called “Old”?

And, if you’re cute, then you are one of the Cute Old People. Is that wrong?? We don’t think so. We think it’s Awesome!

Cute Old People, #12a

Use It!

Now, I have to tell you about our Mom again. Only because we knew her very well and she used “Old” to the best possible advantage!

Now: Our Mom was as fun as could be at 82. Sure she walked a bit slowly. Had a bit of an adventure getting in and out of the car, etc….

BUT, that didn’t stop her from going to Atlantic City (New Jersey) by herself to play the slot machines and drink champagne while she played. It was a 2 1/2 hour trip on the bus for her. And, she went every week!

All the cocktail waitresses knew her at her favorite casino. And, they always brought her champagne in a real crystal champagne flute and not the usual plastic glass that everyone else gets at the casino.


Because she was a “Cute Little Old Lady”. And, she knew it. AND, she used that to her advantage!

It’s a lesson about seniors I never forgot.

She was not only cute. She was charming!

And, used “Old” to her advantage? Oh yes!

At 55 I noticed she got a lot of things done for her by saying, “Would you help a little old lady….” at 55! Genius!

Cute Old People, #32

is our


The whole point of that story is just to say, PLEASE, forget about all the PC nonsense about us seniors. If “Old” offends someone, tell them to get a grip. Loosen up a little. Old is a luxury not everyone gets. Especially old and happy.

What Do You Think?

Maybe we get cute when we are old because we are so non threatening. I mean who, as an 82 or 90 years old, is really going to harm anyone physically? Right?

So, other people just put their guard down and enjoy us.

Or, maybe it’s because by that time, as seniors we’ve finally learned to really appreciate life.

As seniors, we’ve become more grateful for every day. We appreciate people and things much more. We have more compassion in our hearts. We are softer and kinder. So, those that see us can see the beautiful childlike spirit inside of us and are charmed by it.

What do you think?

Cute Old People, #10

Why Are So Many
Old People Cute?

We wanted to find out what other people thought about why we so often call over very elders “Cute”. Here’s a great answer we found while searching the internet:

“I think they just are (cute), like we don’t need an explanation for why babies or kids are cute.

Or, perhaps its because we have this feeling of want to protect and help them, since babies and old people are less able to defend themselves, while middle aged people are capable and a lot more judging and violent at times, however this is only my theory” - Marco Lee-

Cute Old People, #52

Let’s Embrace
Our Beauty and Charm

At any rate, “Cute Old People” is the title of this article, and, these photographs. These pictures embraces the beauty and charm so many of us have when we are truly “Old”.

I don’t think most 65 year old seniors appreciate being called old because, in reality, 65 is no longer really old. It was just 100 years ago when the life expectancy was only 54. Back then, 65 was old. Not now.

And today, if we’re under 80 being called “old” seems to be insulting. It’s not if the person calling you old is only 16.

After 80, we all know we are truly old. And, if we get there, that’s Awesome!

Cute Old People, #43

It’s Time
Enjoy Our Age!

A lot of us seniors, myself included, dreamed about being Rock Stars when we were young. Did you?

Elvis Presley was the “King”. What guy didn’t want to be Elvis? Later on, Michael Jackson was the “King of Pop”. A billionaire!

They had millions and millions of dollars, fame, popularity… Wow!!! Beautiful cars and giant gorgeous homes. Everyone wanted to be their friend….

King Elvis died at 42.

Micheal Jackson at 50.

Now, who is luckier? Them or us?

Old is Gold!!

Those who reach advanced age over 80, feeling decently, getting around ok, and are able to think clearly and communicate well, are the truly lucky among us.

AND, a lot of these great old seniors are cute (“Attractive in a pretty or endearing way.” - Oxford Dictionary)


Probably (in our conclusion) because they don’t want to waste another second being grumpy or miserable. They have so much sweetness and sparkle left in their souls. It comes out in their eyes. Their smiles. And, makes them as cute as can be.

Cute Old People, #51

Cute Old People
A Little Bit of Daily Inspiration!

Whenever we feel like the best is all behind us…. FORGET ABOUT THAT THOUGHT!

Whenever you think the fun is over because we're seniors: Come back and look at these faces. Take a look at all the fun these guys and ladies are having. You can too! No matter how old you are.

And, look at how CUTE most of these old people are.

Wow! There is still so much fun left to have. Even over 80!

Our Catalogue
Cute Old People

So, come with us and enjoy our little catalogue of, with greatest respect and love:  “Cute Old People”:

Cute Old People, #5a

Cute Old People, #4

Cute Old People, #5

Cute Old People, #6

Cute Old People, #100

Cute Old People, #7

Cute Old People, #8

Cute Old People, #9

Cute Old People, #10

Cute Old People, #11

Cute Old People, #12

Cute Old People, #14

Cute Old People, #15

Cute Old People, #16

Cute Old People, #17

Cute Old People, #18

Cute Old People, #19

Cute Old People, #20

Cute Old People, #21

Cute Old People, #22

Cute Old People, #23

Cute Old People, #24

Cute Old People, #25

Cute Old People, #26

Cute Old People, #27

Cute Old People, #28It's hard to believe these two are 100 years old!

Cute Old People, #29

Cute Old People, #30

Cute Old People, #31

Cute Old People, #32

Cute Old People, #33

Cute Old People, #34

Cute Old People, #35

Cute Old People, #36

Cute Old People, #37

Cute Old People, #38Our 9 year old neice asked us this question...

What Do You Think?

Did those faces just make you smile? Warm your heart?

If anyone is looking at these Cute Old People and hasn’t smiled at least a few times, please check your pulse to see if you still have one.

Aren’t these seniors (just like us) wonderful? Did some make you smile? Or, even laugh out loud with Joy?

Don’t you just want to get to know these Cute Old People? As seniors, don’t we want to be that joyful in our later years? I certainly do!

Oh my gosh! I want to know them all. They warm my heart and bring joy to my soul. As well as a promise of a Beautiful, Joyful Life, should I be lucky enough to live so long.

We hope your life unfolds with so much beauty also.

~ William, Fiona, and Charlotte

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