Fall Prevention Games
for Seniors - 2022

Fall Prevention Games for Seniors

Fall prevention games for seniors? Is there really such a thing?


And, they can help us keep from suffering a fall and all the horrible things that can come along with falling.

Did You Know?

Fall Prevention Games for Seniors can help us stay upright

Did you know falls are the number one threat to aging in place (living independently in our own homes as we age)?

Yes. Falls can be a disaster for a seniors citizens. And, we don’t even have to be that old.

When little kids fall, they just pop right up and go on with what they were doing. If it’s a really bad fall, a kiss and maybe a little treat have them back outside again in a jiffy. It’s like they’re made out of rubber. Right? They never seem to get seriously hurt.

As we get older, however, things really change. A lot. Have you noticed? Forget being like rubber. We’re more like fine china tea cups. We fall, and a lot of us shatter. Mercilessly!

It doesn’t even have to be a great big event that makes us fall. So, when we trip we can be very unsteady, lose our balance easily, and boom! Down we go.

Add our smaller weaker older muscles to this scenario. The excess pounds we may have accumulated. Our skin is thinner and more delicate.

On top of all that, vision and hearing decline can make us less aware of a looming obstacle.

It’s no wonder that falling has become a real enemy for us!

But, don't worry. Most falls can be avoided. And, we're going to explain how playing fall prevention games for seniors can aid in our staying upright and stable.

How Many
Seniors Fall Each Year?


Probably more than you are imagining.

Want to take a guess how many?
1 out of 4 seniors fall each year. 1 out of 4. Holy cow!

And, too many falls are very serious for seniors.

Each year
at least 300,000 older people need professional help for hip fractures
because of falls.


So, let’s see how we can help avoid being one of these seniors.

Can You Guess
The Cost of a Serious Fall?

Not only are falls a real hazard to our enjoyment and well being, they are expensive. Take a look:

“While there is no such thing as a “typical” fall because the types and severity of fall injuries vary so widely, researchers have calculated the average cost of fall-related care and rehabilitation for a fall is $35,000. Only about 78% of this cost is usually covered by insurance. That leaves a substantial burden for older people and their caregivers living within modest means.” reference: lively.com “Falls”

What Can We Do
Avoid Falling?

There are quite a few things. Including strengthening our muscles and improving our balance.

BUT: The very first thing we seniors can do to avoid being part of that terrible statistic, starting right now, today, is to become more aware of our environment and our own strengths and shortcomings.

Yes, Awareness is the #1 thing we can start acquiring right now, today.

And, one of the best ways to acquire this awareness, and retain the ideas solidly is by playing Fall Prevention Games for Seniors!

Yes, start playing fall prevention games for seniors.

Of course we also need to:

  • Strengthen our legs

  • Improve Our Balance

  • Get Obstacles Out of Our Way (in our homes and offices)

  • Wear our Glasses

  • Wear Hearing Devices if Necessary

But, Fall Prevention Games for Seniors can be one of the best ways to learn what we need to do, and, keep aware of the things that can cause us to fall. These simple fun games can help us to learn and remember how to avoid a very large amount of falls that might otherwise have caused us terrible problems.

The Games

There are some really fun games you can play with other seniors that will help you remember all the things you need to know to greatly reduce your risk of falling.

Our two favorites are:

Fall Prevention Jeopardy

Fall Prevention Bingo

Let's take a look at both of these:

Fall Prevention Jeopardy

Fall Prevention Games for Seniors, Jeopardy

Fall Prevention Games for Seniors, Jeopardy (without Alex...)

Without doubt, I love Fall Prevention Jeopardy the best. It really makes us think. It’s played exactly the same way as the regular  Jeopardy game you watch on TV. And, Fall Prevention Jeopardy is as fun as any other jeopardy topic out there.

And the benefit? Each time we play, we know we are getting better and better at avoiding a fall.

You can play Fall Prevention Jeopardy anywhere you have access to a computer, tablet, or smartphone. With friends, or, alone.

Here’s a Free Fall Prevention Jeopardy Game for you online. This version is also my personal favorite.

Fall Prevention BINGO

Fall Prevention Games for Seniors, can help us stay upright

Next we have Fall Prevention Bingo. It’s just like regular BINGO, but, we get to sharpen our fall prevention awareness in the process.

No, it’s not going to take the place of our regular BINGO night. But, you can talk with the people who are in charge of your Bingo Night and ask if that could slip it in for one round during the evening.

It’s a new experience for the players (which makes it interesting) AND everyone playing can benefit!

This is a fun twist on the game, and, it can help everyone playing to increase their fall prevention.

What Are
The Fall Prevention Bingo
Questions and Answers?

Here is a list of questions and answers you can use in your Fall Prevention Bingo Game.

Fall Prevention Games for Seniors, BINGO!
How to play fall prevention BINGO

And, here's an example of what a Fall Prevention Bingo Card can look like. You can make these as plain as this one, or, as fancy as you like:

Playing Fall Prevention Bingo for Seniors

Here Are Full Instructions
Fall Prevention Bingo

Now here we have full instructions on how to:  Make Your Own Fall Prevention Bingo Game

You Can Even Get
BINGO Cards for FREE!

You can even get 30 FREE Fall Prevention Bingo cards here for FREE!:  My FREE Bingo Cards

4 Important Reasons

Create and Play
Fall Prevention Games for Seniors

Here are 4 great reasons to start playing Fall Prevention Games for Seniors:

#1)  1 Out of 4 Seniors 65 and Older
Fall Each Year

Yes, as you already learned, the odds are 1 out of 4 that, if you’re a senior, you’re going down this year. That’s a lot of falling. Far too much. And, so many of these falls could have been avoided with simple fall prevention awareness.

It’s not so much the fall. It’s the injuries we get when we fall.

We’re older. We’re more fragile (want to admit it or not). And, we need to take better care of ourselves. We need to be much more careful than young people do.

Want to hear a shocking static? Approximately 2.8 million (yes million…) seniors wound up in the emergency room due to a fall.

Let’s not be one of them.

Falls are the leading cause of both fatal and non-fatal injuries among people aged 65 and older (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 2005). The high incidence, long-term effects, and significant costs associated with fall related injuries (Hornbrook, Stevens, Wingfield, et al., 1994) present a significant burden to our care system (Hodgson & Cohen, 1999). As many as 20% of falls result in serious injuries that may require prolonged professional care including hospitalization and rehabilitative services (Alexander, Rivara, & Wolf, 1992). 5 Reasons to Work on Fall Prevention with our Patients”

#2)  More Social Interaction (and FUN!)
With Other Seniors

Playing Fall Prevention Games for Seniors also provides great social fun and interaction

Did you know that participation in social activities is critical to well being in people of ALL ages? Yes, that includes us seniors, and, even our very elderly.

Participating in social activities that require intellectual, cognitive, physical and socials skills has been shown to decrease cognitive decline, promote well being, and, help an individual thrive.

#3)  Playing Fall Prevention Games for Seniors
Increases a Person’s Ability
Reason and Formulate Strategies

Just giving a handout to read usually does little or nothing to help seniors. Either we don’t bother to read it. Or, we read it once and quickly forget most of it because it was boring reading and we have no physical connection to it.

With Fall Prevention Bingo, every senior participates on both a physical and thinking level. This combination makes the information “stick” much more effectively in our minds and thoughts.

Fall Prevention Bingo is engaging. It’s fun. And, we perform a physical task at the same time. We have actionable steps to perform. This combination of physical and mind activity solidifies our thoughts of fall reduction strategies and preparedness in our minds.

At the same time, we have fun with a sense and feeling of togetherness and community. We don’t feel alone. Did you know that when we are happy, we retain ideas and information better?

#4)  Fall Prevention Bingo Can
Meet Multiple Needs

Many seniors with low vision can not play a lot of games.

With Fall Prevention Bingo, you can make the card nice and large. Use half sized poster board. You’ll be amazed at the joy this brings to so many seniors who often feel left out of social games and activities because of low vision.

Here's a Great VIDEO
Aging Wisely

Playing our Fall Prevention Games for Seniors is one of the best ways to help us to keep staying upright.

But, it's nice to get some more personal detailed training from some of the experts who can help us. They can show us how to avoid dangers we never even thought of.And, there are lots more ideas to use on you Fall Prevention Bingo Cards.

So, we're going to add this Great VIDEO here in this article for you. It's the best VIDEO we found with many more easy to assimilate (and apply) fall prevention practices for us seniors.

This Video runs 26 minutes. You don’t have to watch it all at once. But, there is so much great information and help on here that it is worth watching at least a few times over the course of a month. It's also a really good one to share with your senior group.

Fall Prevention Games for Seniors

Why should we play Fall Prevention Games for Seniors

We all know how devastating a fall can be at our age. And, how especially terrible falls can be for those of us who are quite elderly. Right?


  • Learning

  • Remembering and

  • Implementing

things that can help prevent a fall, is very important to us now. That is why Fall Prevention Games for Seniors are so beneficial.

When we put our fall prevention learning and memory building into game form, it becomes fun. Playing Games can produce the best and fastest results for us.

Did you know we learn and retain information better when we are having fun doing it?

So, give these two Fall Prevention Games for Seniors a try.

Play them regularly. Alone, and, with your friends.

Playing Fall Prevention Games for Seniors can help you become more confident and free from falling each and every day.

Let’s Stay Upright and Free From Falls!  ~ William, Fiona, and Charlotte

Fall Prevention Games for Seniors help keep us upright

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