From Old People Over 80

on Life, Love, and Happiness

advice from old people, life, love, happiness

Advice from OLD people? You bet! There is no better advice in the whole world.

Old People Have
Experience and Wisdom

advice from old people

Almost everyone seems to think their advice is the best in the world. Isn't that right?

BUT, old people, our senior seniors, have an abundance of experience and wisdom on their side. From them we often what seemed so important is not. What seemed unimportant in youth sometimes turns out to be the most important as we age.

And, did you ever notice that advice from old people is usually very concise? It doesn’t require a book, or an entire afternoon in a lecture?

Some of the very best and most sound advice we ever get often comes in just a sentence or two. I know this has been true for me.

Old people have a lifetime of experience and observation to pass on to young people. Sure, young people can choose to “go it alone” if they desire. Make all the mistakes themselves and come to the same understanding when they become seniors.

But, why waste 10, 20 or even 50 years learning things “the hard way” when someone, just like you but older, can give you a little advice that sends you more easily and more happily along your way?

The Benefits
Advice From Old People?

the benefits of advice from old people

What are the real benefits of this advice from old people? The benefits are: With little bits of wisdom garnered from our elder seniors, we can do more and be more than we ever could without them. Even if we are 60 or 70 today! Our old people have knowledge we can benefit from.

Is all the advice from old people good? NO. Of course not. Not all advice is good from anywhere.

But, a lot of these little wisdoms you will read here have passed the test of time. Over many generations.

So, we hope you will enjoy reading them. They are the very best and most popular from our 80+ seniors survey. It takes just a few minutes.

We hope you will enjoy a laugh here and there. And, hopefully gain a little wisdom from old people that helps you along your path in this amazing and beautiful journey we call our life.

Our 80+
Seniors Survey

advice from old people, survey

We did a survey with 142 old people (people over 80). We asked them what the one piece of advice they would give us is. We asked about:

  • Life

  • Love

  • Happiness

  • Exercise

  • Family

  • Friends

  • Possessions

  • Sorrow

  • Anything Else They Wanted to Share

This is what they told us:

Advice from Old People

the best advice from old people

Many of these statements are almost proverbs, and, have been around for a long time. That is, they are not necessarily original from our contributing participant (the person we credit for the contribution).

And, that’s just fine. All we wanted to know was what piece of advice each of our 80 and older seniors found to be on the top of the list of true importance for living in general.

The senior's name you see at the end of each piece of sage advice is the the person who gave it to us first. We include their name as a way of thanking them for their contribution to all of us.

Advice from Old People About:


advice from old people about life

1)  Save for the things that matter.  ~ Becky M.

2)  When it comes to chocolate, resistance is futile.  ~ Roberta S.

3)  Just do your thing. No matter what.  ~ Tim C.

4)  Life isn’t fair, but, it’s still good.  ~ Majorie F.

5)  Life is too short not to enjoy it.  ~ Ronnie M.

6)  Don’t compare your life to others. We all have out own unique journey.  ~ Sam V.

7)  When it comes to going after what you love in life, just go.  ~ Sally A.

8)  When in doubt, just take the next small step.  ~ Rabbi M.

9)  Always choose life.  ~ Betty Y.

10)  The best is yet to come……..  ~ Mike K.

11)  Life isn’t tied up with ribbon and a bow. But, it’s still a gift.  ~ Marvin G.

12)  Life is simple. We somehow insist on making it complicated.  ~ Olga L.

13)  You get in life what you have the courage to ask for.  ~ Robert M.

14)  An unexamined life is not worth living.  ~ Norman V.

15)  Don’t compare your life to anyone else’s. The grass is always greener….  ~ Diane W.

16)  Don’t take life so seriously.  ~ Sherry S.

17)  Take the long way home. You’ll enjoy many more things.  ~ Charles W.

18)  Miracles are waiting everywhere.  ~ Robert "Bob" H.

19)  Believe in Miracles!  ~ William D.

20)  Don’t audit your life. Just show up and make the most of it right now.  ~ Anna L.

21)  To really live is the rarest thing in the world. Most people just exist.  ~ Billy V.

22)  Burn the candles. Wear the fancy lingerie. Use the nice sheets. Don’t save anything for “that special occasion”. Today is special.  ~ Lucy N.

23)  Don’t look at the calendar. Just keep celebrating life each day.  ~  Jack L.

24)  No matter what you feel like: Get up! Get dressed! Show up!  ~ Linda Q.

25)  Don’t expect life to be fair.  ~ Charlie D.

26)  Make peace with the things and events of your past. Don’t let them get in the way of the present.  ~ Margarett M.

27)  Everything can change in the blink of an eye. Still, don’t worry. God never blinks.  ~  Sandy H.

28)  However good or bad a situation is, it will change.  ~ Smitty R.

29)  Be honest. It’s too much work keeping up with a lie.  ~ Joe W.

30)  Just keep going. ~ Sam D.

Advice from Old People About:


advice from old people about love

31)  Never give up on love.  ~ Lisa R.

32)  If a relationship needs to be a secret, you shouldn’t be in it.  ~ Helen T.

33)  The sexiest organ is the brain.  ~ Lydia S.

34)  God loves you because of who he is. Not because of anything you did or did not do.  ~ Joel Q.

35)  All that truly matters at the end is that you loved.  ~ Billy U.

36)  Fall in love. Get married.  ~ Anelia G.

37)  Don’t ever give up on love.  ~ Mary M.

38)  Find something to like about everyone. We’re all just people.  ~ Bobby G.

39)  Never go to bed angry.  ~ Anne L.

40)  Family matters.Take time for them.  ~ Marty A.

41)  When someone hugs you, let them be the first to let go.  ~ Cathy M.

42)   Make it a habit to do nice things for people who will never find out.  ~ Billie Y.

43)  Never waste an opportunity to tell someone you love them.  ~ Rebecca P.

Advice from Old People About:


advice from old people about happiness

44)  Do at least one thing each day that is just for You~ Brittany M.

45)  Yield.  ~ Gary H.

46)  It’s never too late to be happy.  ~ Mike M.

47)  Wave at children on the school bus.  ~ Jeannie R.

48)  Be eccentric NOW. Don’t wait for old age to wear purple.  ~ Adele O.

49)  No one is in charge of your happiness except YOU!  ~ Kathy H.

50)  Forgive.  ~ Les B.

51)  Make time to laugh each day.  ~ Reverend Brown

52)  Make time to cry.  ~ Dr. Lisa S.

53)  Humor is a way of surviving the difficulties in life.  ~ Ronnie C.

54)  Laughter keeps you healthy. You can’t laugh and be angry. You can’t laugh and feel sad. You can’t laugh and feel envious.  ~ Jerry K.

55)  Laugh at yourself. You’ll be happier.  ~ Marty E.

56)  Take time to laugh, sing, dance, and love.  ~ Mindy K.

57)  Sing in the shower.  ~ Elvie Y.

58)  If you can be right or be kind, always choose kind.  ~ Mary B.

59)  Happiness is a choice.  ~ Harvey H.

60)  When you have the choice to sit it out or dance, Dance!  ~ Lee Ann W.

Advice from Old People About:


advice from old people about family

61)  Your job won’t take care of you when you are sick. Your friends and family will.  ~ Adele M.

62)  Your children (and grandchildren) get only one childhood.  ~ Beth W.

63)  Have a pet.  ~ Mike T.

64)  Always make time for family and friends.  ~ Robert B.

Advice from Old People About:


advice from old people about friends

65)  Keep secrets.  ~ Linda R.

66)  Help others whenever you have the opportunity and you are able to.  ~ Mike C.

67)  Always be kind. You never know what someone else is enduring.  ~ Pastor George

68)  Give people a second chance. But, never a third.  ~ John D.

69)  Mind your own business.  ~ Ollie S.

70)  What other people think of you is none of your business.  ~ Tim S.

71)  Those that mind don’t matter. Those that matter don’t mind.  ~ Michael W.

Advice from Old People About:


advice from old people about taking care of yourself

72)  Don’t buy stuff you don’t need.  ~ Bob P.

73)  You don’t have to win every argument.  ~ Donald J.

74)  Cry with someone. It’s more healing than crying alone  ~ Sherry H.

75)  A few deep breaths can calm the mind.  ~ Mo G.

76)  Get rid of anything that isn’t useful or that no longer brings you Joy.  ~ Gail T.

77)  Over prepare, then, go with the flow.  ~ Robert T.

78)  Frame every so called disaster with these words: “Five years from now, will it matter?”  ~ Harry I.

79)  Time heals almost everything. Give time to time.  ~ Amanda P.

80)  Don’t take yourself too seriously. No on else does.  ~ Jack M.

81)  Get outside every day.  ~ Paul B.

82)  Envy is a waste of time. Be grateful for what you have. So many envy your life.  ~ Joseph M.

83)  Learn to adapt.  ~ Al E.

84)  Figure out what you believe in NOW. Then live that.  ~ Ed W.

85)  Make fun a priority.  ~ Robi W.

86)  Let the sun shine on your face at least 10 minutes each day.  ~ Henry K.

87)  Stop worrying. Have enough trust and confidence in yourself to deal with things as they come.  ~ Charlie W.

88)  Take naps.  ~ Emily N.

89)  Sleep as long as you like.  ~ Dr. Mike

90)  Do something interesting every day  ~ Stevie M.

91)  Eat good foods.  ~ Bernadette G.

92)  If you still have them, take care of your teeth.  ~ Iris T.

93)  You’re never too old to dream a new dream.  ~ Sadie G.

94)  Don’t forget to take care of yourself.  ~ Evelyn N.

95)  Take time to relax, and sit on your fanny.  ~ Mary L.

96)  Stay true to yourself.  ~ John U.

97) Eat your oatmeal every day.  ~ Agnes Y.

Advice from Old People About:


advice from old people about sorrow

98)  If you ever get angry with God, it’s OK. He can take it.  ~ Emma E.

99)  It’s OK to let your children see you cry.  ~ Rebecca B.

100)  Spend time with other people.  ~ Harry W.

101)  Pain is mysterious, and having fun is the best way to forget it.  ~ George S.

102)  Hard times are like bad weather. They will pass.  ~ Paul L.

Advice from Old People About:


advice from old people about possessions, things, stuff

103)  Crave time, not things.  ~ Marvin G.

104)  Stuff is just stuff. Hoard time instead.  ~ Alvita B.

105)  Spend your time creating more experiences. Not more things.  ~ Prof. George

Advice from Old People About:


advice from old people about exercise

106)  The key to staying young, is to keep moving.  ~ Bob H.

107)  Make yourself walk each day.  ~ Sophie C.

108)  Get some fresh air and sunshine everyday.  ~ Mitch J.

109)  Exercise each day. It doesn’t matter what kind you choose. Keep moving.  ~ Charles Z.

110)  Always take the stairs when you can.  ~ Alex L.

111)  Keep busy doing things you like to do.  ~ Olga L.

112)  Treat your body like you’ll need it for 100 years.  ~ Marthe B.

Advice from Old People About:


advice from old people about everything

113)  Growing old beats dying young.  ~ Jimmy I.

114)  If we all threw our problems in a pile, and saw everybody else’s, we’d grab ours back.  ~ Olivia A.

115)  Quality never goes out of style.  ~ Nicholas F.

116)  Travel while you’re young and able. Don’t worry about the money, just make it work. Experience is far more valuable than money will ever be.  ~ Anna S.

117)  Don’t be a cheapskate.  ~ Charlie Y.

118)  Most of the time, things will figure themselves out.  ~ Ed R.

119)  Laughter and sunshine are the best medicine.  ~ Mike N.

120)  There is no need to retire. If you must, it should be long after 65.  ~ George B.

121)  Don’t strive for perfection.  ~ Jarvis L.

122)  Age is not a disease. Age is not toxic.  ~ Paul R.

123)  Have a glass of wine each day. Or, a shot of Brandy.  ~ Imogene Y.

124)  Nobody ever dies wishing they had worked more. Work hard, but don’t prioritize work over family, friends, or Joy.  ~ Robert T.

125)  When you wake up in the morning, think of one wonderful thing, even if yesterday was the worst day ever, and be thankful for it. Then, begin your day.  ~ Myrna G.

126)  Clutter weighs you down.  ~ Frank K.

127) Eat your oatmeal every day.  ~ Audrey K.

Advice from Old People
Over 100!

advice from old people over 100

How did seniors over 100 years old live that long?

Not a lot of us will get that far. No matter how well we care for ourselves.

But, here’s a charming little article of advice from old people who lived past 100 years: “40 Secrets of People Who Lived Past 100”  

Some of these people are quite funny. And, no, not everything here is the best advice these seniors have.... Some of it was said in jest. It's fun to read.

May You Have a Most Wonder Journey!  ~ William, Fiona, and Charlotte

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