Video Games for Seniors

That Are Fun!

video games for seniors that are fun

Video Games
for Senior?

Video games for seniors? You bet!

Why should seniors play video games? Do “old people” really play video games?

Yes. Absolutely. And, we’re good at them!

Did you know, over 40% of seniors over 60 and even over 70 are the new wave of “gamers” (video game players).


The same reason everybody else plays them:

  • They Are Fun

  • They are Boredom Busters

  • They Sharpen All of Our Abilities

  • We Can Make New Friends On Line (even the home bound)

Yes, old people love video games as much as young people do. Just because we become old people it doesn’t mean we don’t want to have just as much fun as ever. Right?

And, video games for seniors are turning out to be one of our favorite pastimes.

AND, besides all the fun, there are numerous real major benefits that seniors get from playing video games.

Video Games for Seniors
Give Us New Adventures

Video games get us involved in situations we’ve never seen before. There is nothing more exciting and energizing. These games are challenging and fun. And, we get to experience all kinds of new things and develop new skills.

"Virtual Reality"

virtual reality video games for seniors
video games for seniors, virtual reality

One of the most fun things with video games for seniors or anyone else is the virtual realities that are created.

After you've gotten comfortable playing the easier games like checkers, solitaire, bridge,.... you're ready to try an adventure!

Virtual reality participation games are not just for old people who need something to do besides sit around the house doing nothing but watching TV and making tea. (Have a young adult do that every day and they’d be miserable too.)

No. Virtual reality games are for people of ALL ages! Young people LOVE these virtual games. We’re old people, yes. But, we’re still people. People who want to have lots of fun and adventure when we can.

We may be old, the parts may be a little rusty, but, we’re still vibrant human beings inside. Don’t let anyone throw you on the trash heap. Ever! Let’s play as much as we can until the day we die. And, these virtual reality games are the ones your Grandkids will want to play with you. And, you can beat them!

Video games for seniors give us lots of chances to have fun! By ourselves. With friends. And, with those we love.

Video Games for Seniors
Help Keep Us Sharp

video games for seniors can improve our chess gamePlaying Video Games for Seniors
can even improve our chess game!

Did you know: “Playing even occasionally can help seniors remember things like names, addresses, phone numbers, date, and times better than they do without video game stimulation.”?
reference: “The Benefits of Video Games”

There are also other significant cognitive benefits that you can read about here: 

"Cognitive Benefits of Playing Video Games – 2020 Guide"

YES! There Are
Games for Everyone

Did you know, it doesn’t matter how old we are or what our physical ability level is. Or, our ability to reason and compute. There are video games for seniors, and yes, very old people too, young people and everyone in between.

There are easy games and very challenging games (like chess with masters around the world).

The technology is so advanced these days that with some of them you feel like you are watching a Hollywood Movie. You actually become a character in the plot. On the screen!

We’re seniors. Some of us are very old people. That doesn’t mean we don’t want to enjoy all this new technology. Maybe we aren’t in the mood to just sit and knit no matter how old we are. I certainly don’t.

Let’s play!

Renewed Interaction
Family and Friends

video games for seniors and grandchildren

Social events and social interaction really taper off as we get older. Do you agree?

Video gaming can help reconnect us and these games have a multitude of great social benefits.

How many times have you just wished your kids or Grandkids would call? Right?

And, when they do, they’re often in a hurry and we don’t have much time with them.

Video games give us senior people a chance to get together with our families as well as game on line. We can even spend time with our distant friends for nice long periods. No matter how far away they live.

We’re never too old to play Video games with family and friends. And, we’re never too far away.

Get a few games the grand children love and you’ll get to play with them a lot! They’ll start calling to come see you and play!

What to Look For
Video Games for Seniors

At first, getting started, can seem overwhelming. Which games are good Video Games for Seniors?

When we first decide to give video games a try, whether by ourselves or in games with others, there are so many choices available that it can make our heads spin!

Remember the first time you stepped into a library and saw the tens of thousands of books. We didn’t know there was an index file. Holy Cow! How do we find one that is right for us? Remember that?

Once we got used to the “card catalogue”, we were able to find whatever we wanted very easily.

Video games are just like that. Once you get a feel for them, and how to locate what you might like, the world is you oyster!

It’s a very good idea to start with games that we know like solitaire, go fish, scrabble… But, there are sooooo many new and exciting Video Game choices for us to explore. And, you’re going to be surprised how many games you can play for free!

So, here are the things we’re going to look for and learn about. After you read the list I’ll explain them all one at a time.

  • Interests

  • Platform (easier than the word sounds)

  • Ability

  • Socialization

Let’s Take a Look:


This isn’t going to be like some horrible formal interview we had with the high school guidance counselor who was trying to help you pick a career…. Oh no.

It’s Simple: What do you like? What interests you? That’s it!

There is so much variety on the internet and in Video Games these days that if you like growing cabbages and making sauerkraut from it, there is most likely a Video Game for you! Yes, there are that many video games out there.

If you want to find any video game easily all you have to do is run a search. For example, just type in your computer search box:

(you can click on these links)

 -  Free Video Bridge Game

video card games for seniors, bridge

 -  Free Mahjong Video Game

free video games for seniors, mahjong

-  Free Video Backgammon

free video games for seniors, backgammon

for those who enjoy casino games, you can find everything FREE on line::

-  Free Video Roulette

free video games for seniors, roulette

See? It’s very easy to find just what you want to play. And, so many games are.… Free!

* editors note:  If you play Casino Games on line MAKE SURE you pick the ones that say Free. Otherwise they will ask you for money to play for real.
REMEMBER:  Never set up an account to play free video games on line. Free means free. No account. No personal information.


There is something called: “Platform”.

Don’t let these words intimidate you. They are just “tech” (computer technology) words. You won’t have to learn more than a few of them.

All Platform means is this:

Are you going to play your game on your PC? On your iPhone? You will often hear these referred to as the different “Consoles”.

play video games for seniors on MAC or PC
video games for seniors played on PC
video games for seniors played on iphone, smartphone, android

Your platform is important if you need larger button or controls. An iPhone has small buttons and is too difficult for some seniors to use.

On the other hand, an iPhone may be just perfect for the seniors who are bed bound because a computer is just too large to play with in bed.

So, consider where you want to do your gaming. Then it is easy to pick the “platform” that will be right.

Most games can be used on all of your “Platforms”.


When looking for the Best Video Games for Seniors, don’t start with the great big $300 gaming kit. That’s like applying for college before you even finish grade school.

Those super dooper games can be great fun later on when you gain some gaming skills.

But, for now, just start off with the free games on line and get the feel of the play. If you start with the big gaming kits, you’ll get confused and frustrated and you’ll give up!

Start with the very basic beginner games.

Then, when you feel ready, ask a kid (even a 9 year old!) to help you find something more challenging. They know what to do and where to lead you.

Socialization Situations

video games for seniors in groups

You may enjoy playing all by yourself. In which case you can. From any “Platform”.

The same holds true for playing with on line partners. Both computer generated partners or real living people as partners.

If you want to play in person sports with friends (like with Wii Sports that we talked about above), you may need to buy a “console” (Special kit).

You can even play with others in “Video Game Communities” all over the world. People from all over the world play Video Games together, on line.

Here’s a place you can find some on line communities.

* Editors note:  Just a reminder: On line communities are a great place to make new on line friends. You’ll never be lonely again.
BUT: And this is very important: Keep your “on line” friends as friends on line only.
There are a great number of very wonderful people out there. HOWEVER: There are some bad apples. They look for vulnerable seniors. They seem nice. Often the nicest of all. And, they take their time before they strike.



DON’T MEET IN PERSON  No matter how desperate they say they are for help (usually money). It’s the truest sign they are not good people.
Just be friends “on line” only and you’ll have a ball!

Simple FREE Video Games for Seniors
Get You Started

Are you ready to play?

We’re going to start you off with some simple games so that you can get the feel of playing games on line. These are all FREE!

Here are 5 basic games to get you going:

These first three are old favorites that people all over the country know. If you forgot how to play any of these, there are instructions you can access right on the screen. We’re going to start with these so you can see just how easy it is to play video games:

Checkers (you’ll have a computerized partner)

free video games for seniors, checkers

Once you try those out, you are ready to try something new. So, here are two more easy fun video games for seniors that you probably don’t know yet.

video games for seniors, bridge

Please try them both. Get the feel of video games you’ve never tried. They’re really fun. Easy to learn. And, playing basic games at first will show you just how easy and what a pleasure video gaming can be.

Now, if you want more games like these, here’s a list of old friends you can pick from, also free, at 247Checkers: (remember to scroll down to the bottom to find them):

  • Hearts

  • Sudoku

  • Poker

  • Spades

  • Bridge

  • Chess

  • Mahjong

  • Word Search

  • Freecall

if you like casino games:

  • Slots (yes, slot machines!)
  • Blackjack

  • Roulette

When you click on the 247Checkers link (right above)  scroll down the page and you’ll see all these games in a section just waiting for you. It looks like this:

video games for seniors, #2

Click on the icon (small picture with the name) of the game you want to play and you’re ready to go!

For those just beginning, there are also 77 simple, fun, free, easy to play Video Games for Seniors available from AARP (yes, there are annoying adds that precede the games...).

You Can Even Get Exercise
Video Games

video games for seniors, Wii bowlingWii Bowling!!

Yes, video games for seniors is not just for intellectual stimulation and pleasure.

They are not just something to give to us old people to keep us occupied. Video games for seniors are fun! And, they can even provide us with a place to get valuable physical exercise.

Did you know we can get physical exercise with certain video games?

It’s true!

Although most Video Games for seniors are sedentary, there is a system called Wii Sports that gets you up, out of your chair, and into the action. In real time (shows what you are doing right now) on the screen.

video games for seniors, Wii bowling #2

These sport video games played by senior citizens, and people of all ages, can give the most perfect workout for seniors and even the very old among us. Wii (which I’ll discuss in more detail soon) has the choice of five games to participate in:

video games for seniors, Wii, #2

Tennis, bowling, golf, baseball, and boxing.

Wii video games for seniors

We actually play the game (virtually). In our own living rooms. There is a sensor that watches us and translates our motions right on to the video screen. We are in the game.

Wii Sport is one of my favorite pieces of Video Game equipment.

We can play these games by ourselves, or, against a computerized opponent, or, with a friend right there with us. Or even a group of friends.

These Video Games for Seniors are not like sitting around playing Bingo. And, they are more fun than elderly exercise video classesYou’re really using your body and playing a sport!

But, playing Wii is gentler than the actual sport. This makes these Video games ideal for seniors and even the elderly who enjoyed sports and want some exercise that is both fun and gentle.

If you’re into music, another of the fun active participation Video Games for Seniors is “Rock Band”.

Here's a Video that shows you how "Rock Band" works:

Rock band gets us up having a blast being rock stars! We are seeing our own movements as the members of the rock band on the screen.

If you think you’re too old to be acting like a rock star, you haven’t been watching Mick Jagger lately (he’s 77 now!).

Exercise does NOT have to be boring and lonely when you have Video Games for seniors like these.

more on

Wii Sports

Because it is such an awesome and beneficial video game for seniors, I want to take an extra moment here to tell you more about Wii Sports for us seniors.

Wii Sports is one of the best Video Game inventions for seniors ever because it combines actual light physical activity with intellectual activity.

This physically interactive Video Game is so wonderful for older seniors and seniors on a rainy day. It keeps us moving. Gives us some great exercise, and is fun to boot! It’s not some boring exercise class. You can stay active without overdoing it. No matter how old you are. And, there are many great benefits to playing Wii Sports.

Here’s a Video where you can see some seniors playing and what they have to say:

As you already learned, you can pick any of the 5 sports that come with it:

Tennis, bowling, golf, baseball, and boxing.

You can play alone against the computer. Or, you can play with a live friend.

You create a custom character that looks like you (or who you would like to look like!) to make it more fun.

3D Technology

This is where modern computers really begin to thrill me. 3 Dimensional Activity.

With Wii you have a motion sensor that is placed on top of the TV screen. It reads your motions and mimics them on the screen.

These athletic Video Games for seniors are so wonderful because we can get some fantastic gentle exercise (working at our own personal level), and, we don’t get bored doing the same exercise movement over and over and over again…. like with an exercise class video.

One reason seniors (and everyone else) quit working with exercise videos is that they get stale. The same old work outs day after day after day…. get tedious, boring and actually annoying. So, awe quit.

When we play Wii Sports, we have a different fresh game each day. Just like in real life sports.

Easy to Use

The controls non Wii Sports are easy to use and you play as hard or as gently as you choose.

Wii is the most physically fun of the Video Games for seniors because you really get to experience the game with real time (actually presently happening) movement.

These are great competitive sport games for seniors who want to play together because both people actually really play the game. Only it’s not as strenuous. And, each player plays at his or her own level.

Another really nice feature is that you don’t need to have any prior sports skills to play and enjoy the games.

Wii sports is a fun social experience for senior friends to experience together.

* Editors Note: Wii is a game manufactured by Nintendo. It has now been discontinued and is replaced by the modern upgrade by Nintendo called “Switch” that has a number of additional sports to play.

Video Games for Seniors

advanced video games for seniors

Gaming has become serious fun for many seniors as well as young people.

AS you just learned above, over 40% of people over the age of 60 AND even over the age of 70 play Video Games.

Yes! Video games are all the rage! And, it’s your turn to get involved and start enjoying them.

Gaming can become quite thrilling. And, there are many games you can buy that are like being in a Steven Spielberg movie. Super High Tech.

These are the advanced video games for the very serious gamer I was mentioning before. I never play them. But, you may fall in love with them.

You’ll spend some money ($300+) if you get into these advanced games, and, we are definitely not trying to sell them here. We just want you to know how far you can go with video gamed for seniors.

Caution:  If you get involved with the advanced  games, your grandchildren may be visiting you every day.

How Far
Can We Go?

How far can we go with Video Games? What kinds of things can we look forward to?

Let’s take a look:

Do you want to try role playing games? Where there is a story and you are a character in a cast? On the screen?

Do you prefer fantasy, building things, action games (like action movies that you are a player in)?

What about a sandbox game? Got you there…Right? It’s OK. I was miffed when I first heard that term too. No, it’s not like babies playing in the sand.

What “sandbox game” means is: A video game that has a lot of elements of creativity. You work toward completing a task or goal in the game.

There are also games called called an “Open World Games”.

Open world games are the type of Video Game where the player can roam freely through the virtual world of the game and is given a lot of freedom in choosing how and when to approach objects.

All this terminology and all these possibilities can be a lot for us to take in right away. Don’t worry. You’re not alone. As I told you, I was THE slowest learner in the class!

Here’s a Video that will explain the difference between Sand Box Games and Open World video games:

Does it Sound Like
Too Much Information
Too Fast (so far?)

It is.

Again:  Don’t Worry.

Don’t try to understand all of that right now. We just want you to know how far you can go with Video Games. Save all this for much later.

Those advanced games are for the serious seasoned game players (called “gamers”). And, grandchildren. Who all happen to be the Video Games Masters of the Universe. I’m not kidding.

*editor’s note:  If you ever have a question about a Video Game, ask your grandchildren. Or, your neighbor’s children. Forget about asking anyone over 40… It’s futile.

In this section we just wanted to introduce you to the ultimate games so that you could get an idea of just how far and how exciting Video Games for Senior can become. They’re not tea and toast. They’re a real adventure.

Just like watching an action movie. But, this time you’re a character, on screen, involved in the action!

What About Those Sports Games
We Can Really Play?

Are there  Sports Games for seniors that we can really play?

You bet! Video Games for Seniors include the active sports participation games. We talked about this a bit earlier in this article.  The video sports games are a great way for seniors, and, even elderly to get involved playing a sport right in our own living rooms.

Wii (that we wrote about near the top of this article)  has been discontinued, BUT, Nintendo (the makers of Wii) replaced it with “Switch”. This is the newest version of their 3D (three dimensional) game playing Video Games.

Here’s a Video where you can see how "Switch" works:

And, here’s a great source of the more advanced Video Games for Seniors called: “The Complete Beginner's Buying Guide for 2020!”.

This one is really helpful if you want to start playing advanced and 3D Video games as well as get your grandchildren over more often.

Remember:  Buy these super games for YOUR HOME. If you make the mistake of giving this to your grandchildren for Christmas or Birthday, they will never leave the house and you will probably never see them again until their wedding.

Place the game in your home, and, they will call to come and visit you regularly! (Maybe too regularly!)

Video Games for Seniors:
Which One Should You Buy?

That’s a great question. There are so many. Which Video Games for Seniors should we choose?

First: We’re not here to sell you anything. We just want you to help get something that will make you happy and enable you to play the games you want, and, be able to play with friends and family if you want to.

You don’t have to buy anything to enjoy Video Games forever.

Personally, I love the simple free games on line. Those are the ones I play.

My wife, on the other hand, is a wizard on anything on the computer. Including games. She’s a Video Master!

If you become interested in more serious Video Games for Seniors, or, you want a place for your grandkids to come and play, the very best way to get the right system for you is to go to a computer store. Or, ask your grand kids….

What’s the Best Place

video games for seniors, where to buyMake SURE you get a very young sales person. They know the most about video games.

Where do we go to make sure we make the right choice when choosing our advanced video games for seniors?

Any major store like Best Buy, Walmart, etc… will have these games. But, going to a computer store or a gaming store is the best place to shop.


Because the computer “Geeks” (geniuses and masters) work there.

These “Masters" are not what you might expect. Typically they are in their early 20s (even late teens!), skinny as a stick, many wear glasses…. (Meaning absolutely no disrespect here). Any very young salesperson will usually do fine because they will know more about video games than anyone older. If they don’t fit the description, find one that does. A middle age guy in a tie is going to be no real help. He’ll just try to sell you anything he can.

The Geeks are the guys and gals you want to talk with. They know everything about tech (computer) things. And, they know everything about Video Games.

Tell them exactly what you want to do. Who you want to play with. What kinds of games interest you. Ask them to recommend something right for you.

The Grandkids
With You

buying video games for seniors

If you want to be sure too get the right stuff, and, the games that bring the grand kids over, take the Grandkids with you and no one will be able to sell you the wrong thing.

You have a 99.99% chance of getting exactly what you want this way.

And, don’t be afraid to tell the salesperson you are basically a Video Game or computer illiterate (which they know by the questions we ask, anyway). The Geeks don’t mind. And, they'll give you points for respecting them.

The very much appreciate and are complimented by you asking for their superior knowledge (because the mean kids in school always made fun of them). AND, they usually enjoy helping us senior citizens into the 21st century.

OK, tell us now, what is the COST?

How Much Do
Advanced Video Games Cost?

Yes. There’s a price when you get to the advanced level.

Fortunately, it’s not too bad.

Cost is an important factor for most of us. If cost is a real problem don’t worry for even one second!

There are an abundance of FREE Video Games for us seniors. Again, you can start with the list we gave you above.

If you eventually decide you want to buy an advanced console gaming kit you’re going to be looking at spending $350+. So, don’t go there until you are ready. Or, until your Grandkids are begging.

If funds are low, your local gaming store often has good used ones for sale. They may also show you how to use them.

A great new “Switch” kit from Nintendo will run in the $300 - $350 range. A used Wii kit, less than half. It may be only a year or two old. But, that can be termed “old” in video game technology.

Again, if this is to lure the grand children over, you’ll have to spring for a brand new one. The technology changes fast and the kids always want to play the newest versions.

If it’s just to play indoor sports with senior friends, the old models are just fine.

If you decide on a new kit, ask the sales person if it has everything you need for all the games you want to play, or, if there are extras you will need to buy.

Video Games for Seniors:

“How Do I Get Started?”


Go back to the beginner games above. A1

Click on Checkers247. Play a game! That’s it. Now you are officially a “Gamer”.

Video Games are one of the wonderful inventions of our times that give pleasure to hundreds of thousands of us seniors every day. Even the very elderly.

Don’t let your favorite seniors, Grannies and Grandpas, sit around growing miserable watching horrible TV shows and the ever disturbing news programs. And, if you're a senior, don't you do that either! Ever.

Start playing Video Games for seniors. You’ll never be bored again! And, you may even make some great nice new on line friends!

video games for seniors

Have a Great New Adventure!  ~ William, Fiona, and Charlotte

Commonly Asked Questions

Video Games for Seniors

“How do I know I’ll like what I buy?”

Games can get pricey. $350 or so for the top ones.

So, check with the people you are thinking of playing with. Again, the experts: your grandchildren. If they love it, they’ll come over to play, and you’ll all have fun no matter what.

Also: Find a store that lets you try them out.

Again: Take the grand kids with you. The expressions on their faces will tell you the whole story and which one you will want to get.

“Can I Play Video Games on My Smartphone?”


If you don’t want to buy a new console set, you can download and enjoy  dozens and dozens of Video Games for seniors for free. It’s the best way to get started.

“I’m not good with computers and I’m afraid I won’t be able to learn these games. Can I?”

Personally, as I believe I mentioned, I am one of the most computer challenged (s l o w tech learners) adults on the planet.

FORTUNATELY most libraries have learning programs that include Video Games! These are fun. The other students are mostly young teens. And, these young gamers seem to be very friendly and willing to help the “old” newbies like us.

*Once again:  If you have grand kids, you’re all set up! When it come to computers and video games, the most recent human generations seem to have a new tech knowledge gene that we do not possess.

“Is it true that playing Video Games has actual benefits for seniors?


Video games for seniors are an Amazing thing.

Not only are they fun and a way to engage socially, they have many other wonderful benefits.

Take a look at this article from A Place for Mom. “4 Ways Video Gaming Benefits Older Adults”

“Can I Stay Private On Line?”

Yes! And, you must!

ALWAYS keep ALL your personal information private. No exceptions.

Remember This:  When playing on line Video Games, never put any information on the internet that you don’t want the whole, yes, the entire world to know. Hackers can access everybody.

Most of the free games don’t ask for any information.

If a game, or, on line store asks for any, don’t give it. Go to another website. There are plenty.

If you need to set up an account to play a game, never use your real name. Make up an on line alter ego. Even a funny name like “doc McAlister”, sheriff Bob, etc…..

Never post your photo.

Never reveal private information or details to anyone on line. Never. Seriously.

Not your name, where you live (not even the state), phone number, etc…. Stay Private!

If you want to purchase anything on line, set up a PayPal account. That way you can buy things and no one knows the actual source of the money.

It’s fun to play Video Games on line. With people from all around the world. Just be sure to stay private and safe.

go to:

Video Games for Old People

Party Games for Seniors

Top 14 Best Games for Seniors

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