Video Games

Video games for OLD People?

You betcha!

The fact is, video games may be more beneficial for old people than any other age group.


Because Video Games for Old People increase mentally ability and cognitive function.

When Do We Become

video games for old people, #2When do we become "Old People?"

Here is one of my favorite quotes about old people. It become more and more a favorite of mine as each year passes:

quotes about growing old, Francis BaconFrancis Bacon

“I will never be an old man.
To me, old age is always 15 years older than I am.”
~ Francis Bacon, an English Renaissance statesman and philosopher (1561 - 1626)

I don’t think I’ve met anybody these days who is 60 and calls themself an “old person” yet. Wonderful! Right?

What about 65? Or, 70? Yep, a bunch of us will start saying it them.

I just turned 69 and I’m not yet ready for the title (although I use it as an excuse to get out of things….)

And, at 80? Yes, we have to finally admit it. We’re Old People now. Isn’t it great?

And, do you know what?

Playing video games for old people, 70+,  is one of the best and most fun things we can do.

They also help keep us young, alert, and sharp!

Who is Too Old
Play Video Games?

video games for old people, 70, 80, 90Hamako Mori
Our Favorite
90 Year Old Gamer!

Are you not playing video games because you think you may be too old?


Do you think you may be too old at 70? Or, 80?

No way!

Take a look at this Video of Hamako Mori, a 90 YEAR OLD GAMER GRANNY:

And, take a look at this article from NBC News about 88 year old Audrey Buchanan
“Older People are Embracing Video Games”

What Are The Major Benefits
Video Games for Old People?

benefits of video games for old people

“Studies suggest that 3D computer games can help prevent memory loss. Volunteers between the ages of 55 and 75 spent half an hour playing Super Mario 64 every day for six months. At the end of the study, the volunteers had better short-term memory and more grey matter.”
reference: “Elderly Gaming: Video Games for Older People”

3D Action Games

3D video games for old people"War of the Worlds"

Surprisingly, the video games we often think will be too hard for our elderly (and flat out OLD people) are proving to be the most beneficial. These are the 3D actions games.

You have to buy these. And, you’ll be spending somewhere in the $300 - $350 range.

HOWEVER: As you read on, you’ll see why this is a small price to pay for video games that give enormous benefits to old people and in turn to you!

Video Games for Old People (and you!)

video games for old people and grand children

The first of the major benefits of the 3D video games for old people is : These are the games Grandkids love the most. What does that translate into?

Grandparents can count on:

  • More Visits From The Grandkids

  • More Family Social Interaction

  • More Fun

  • Less Boredom

  • More Joy

You can count on:

More wonderful FREE TIME to do whatever you want!

Just by having our older elders playing Video Games for Old People, everyone in the family benefits.

I don’t know if you can even imagine the amount of joy you will see on the faces of not just your children having these games to play, BUT, your parents really enjoying time with the Grandkids.

And, how great would it feel to see Mom and Dad talking easily with you like they always used to?

About Saying “OLD People” so much,
I’m Sorry….

Let me take a moment here to go off topic:

I must apologize for anyone I may be offending by saying “Old People” so often in this article about video games.

There is absolutely nothing derogatory meant in my use of this word. Or, in the word itself.

Old is not something bad. It is a Gift!

Old is truly a badge of honor in my eyes. How many of us don’t get to be old people? Right?

These truly can be your Golden Years. So, we must enjoy everything we possibly can. Don’t ever let anyone put us on the shelf to rot. No. No. No….

Now, point #2, do you want to know why I am specifically saying “Video Games for Old People”.

It’s because 5 times as many people do a search on line for “Video Games for Old People” than those who search “Video Games for Seniors”. Or, “Video Games for Eldery”.

And, I want to be sure to reach as many old people, and people caring for their very elderly seniors as I can.

Old people love video games as much as anyone else. Why not? And, according to the studies, there is nothing better to keep us sharp and vibrant.

That’s why I keep saying “for Old People” in this article. It’s the words most people search for here.

OK. Let’s get back to the fun and THE BENEFITS of video games for old people:

Are You Ready to Play?

Now, I want you to get into the swing of Video Games, and get your elderly and old family members playing, because I want you and your entire family to have more fun every day enjoying each other.

Now, let’s take a look at the very Best Video Games for Old People:

Which Video Games for Old People
Are The Best?

video games for old people, #3

The best games to start off with are the simple ones we all know, like:

  • Checkers

  • Bridge

  • Mahjong

  • Solitaire Hearts

  • Poker

Yes, there is a video version of almost every game we know.

After you get comfortable with these video games you already know how to play, or, just feel a need for greater action, you’re ready to delve into the amazing 3D games that all the scientific studies are praising.

These babies are FUN and exciting! And, you don’t need any athletic abilities at all to become the Master of The Universe when you play.

Here they are:

The TOP 3

Video Games for Old People

video games for old people, #6

Here are the top three video games for old people, ranked by a study that was done at North Carolina State University by psychology professors Anne McLaughlin and Jason Allaire:

#1  World of Warcraft  (the world’s most popular multiplayer role-playing gameNeuroRacer)

“It (World of Warcraft) met a bunch of criteria we had. Primarily that it is really engaging and cognitively complex, so we chose a game that we thought would have the best chance of exercising older adults’ abilities and thereby improving them.” - Anne McLaughlin, professor, North Carolina State University

“The people who needed these games most —
those who performed the worst on the initial testing —
saw the most improvement.”

reference: “Can playing World of Warcraft make you smarter?”

#2  NeuroRacer

You can learn all about the science behind these games on this video:

#3  War Thunder

The #3 rated best video game for old people.

I know! Funny. Right?

These sound exactly like the 3D Video Games your 10 and 12 year olds are trying to get you to buy for them. And, they are!

Well, Joy of Joys:

You buy these for Granny and Gramps (instead of the kids… you sly devils…) and your kids will be visiting the Grandparents more often than you will believe. You get free babysitters. Granny and Gramps get to see the Grandkids! You get some very cherished free time!

Well… Win! Win! Win!

Old People Who Play Video Games

video games for old people, #4

video games for old people, happy

Did you know Old People who play video games are HAPPIER??

Yes! Video games for Old People are a totally wonderful thing. They make old people happier!

Yes. It’s scientifically proven.

Here’s what two prominent professors found in a study of 140 senior adults:

“Lead author Jason Allaire, an associate professor of psychology, and Anne McLaughlin, an assistant professor of psychology, and colleagues asked 140 adults age 63 and older how often they played video games -- if at all….
The study found participants who played video games, including those who only played occasionally, reported higher levels of well-being. Those who did not play video games reported more negative emotions….”
reference: "U.S. Seniors Happier Playing Video Games"

Now look at what other MAJOR BENEFIT seniors, elderly and downright old people can get:

Better Memory

video games for old people, memory

Yes, old peoples’ memory improves.

Have you been praying for this? Want to see your parents really know what you are saying to them? Want some real conversations again? A gift from God!!

Take a look at what the University of San Francisco (California) has to say:

“Playing video games exercises a gamer’s memory, especially short-term. Playing even occasionally can help seniors remember things like names, addresses, phone numbers, date, and times better than they do without video game stimulation. They also force players to switch quickly between different tasks, which can lead to increased mental flexibility and multi-tasking ability for seniors.
Furthermore, VR (the Virtual Reality of video games) has been an effective tool for relaxation and increasing social connections as well as making exercising more fun for seniors who need motivation.”

And, take a look at what Université de Montréal psychology professors Gregory West, Sylvie Belleville and Isabelle Peretz. have to say in Science Daily:

“If you're between 55 and 75 years old, you may want to try playing 3D platform games like Super Mario 64.”


best video games for old people, senior citizens memory games

Video games for old people are fun. BUT, they are much more than that.

Playing video games help seniors, even elderly seniors and very old people remain sharp. And, according to the studies and reports, playing video games can help even the very elderly and old regain sharpness and vitality.

Yes, the 3D video games that are talked about in this article will cost you in the $300 - $350 range.

Now, take a moment. Think about:

  • How much you will save in all the other expenses related to a forgetful elderly loved one.

  • How much fun they will have

  • How much fun the grandchildren will have

  • How much more free time you will have to enjoy

All this when your loved elderly play and enjoy these video games for old people.


Ready to get started?

video games for old people, elderly seniors

video games for old people and grandkids

May you and your family have endless hours of enjoyment together!   ~ William, Fiona, and Charlotte

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