Home Security Systems
for Seniors

The BENEFITS of Home Security Systems.

The benefits of home security systems for us seniors are enormous. The first two are:

1) Increased Safety

2) Peace Mind

Is it Worth Buying
a Home Security System?

Everyone knows there are benefits of home security systems. Right?

Is it worth buying one? Well, yes, of course. It always has been a good idea. But, they used to be too expensive for many of us seniors.

Not anymore.

Did you ever price one for your home in the past?

We put one in for our Mom, right after our Dad passed, almost 30 years ago. It was quite basic. And, it cost us $2,700.

A system with the same capability today today costs only $292. And, we're going to show you why.

Our Mom's
Favorite Feature

The BENEFITS of Home Security Systems: The "Panic Button". Summons emergency help whenever you need it.

One of the most important benefits of home security systems is what is call "The Panic Button".

The main benefit our Mom's had, besides burglar protection, was the “Panic Button”. That is a pendant our Mom wore around her neck with a button in the middle that she could press at any time she might need help of any kind, and help would be sent immediately.

Especially because we now lived 3,000 miles away from her, we all felt much more confident in her security. And, she started sleeping much better.

Well, that same system, with all the same features today would cost $292 from Frontpoint (the Best of the easy to install Home Security Systems). It is their “Home Shield Package, plus a “Panic Pendant”.

No. The new systems are not inferior. In fact they are more capable and can do more things than the old systems that cost so much more. So, why are the new ones so much less expensive?

The Reason
The Cost is SO Much Less Now

rThe reason you can get so much more today for so much less money is: technology.

Years ago a home security system needed a lot of professional wiring in the home. That’s a lot of installation time, charged by the hour and for all the materials.

Today the systems are wireless. You simply put the sensors and cameras where you want them. Yes, you can do it all by yourself. Super easy.

An entire house can be set up in just one hour. It all runs on WiFi and the same way your iPhone or Smartphone do. No wiring or drilling needed.

Here's a short Video that shows you just how easy it is to install your wireless sensors:

Benefits of Home Security Systems:

The New Wireless Systems Can Do
So Many More Things

The BENEFITS of Home Security Systems. So much more than just a burglar alarm.

Burglary Protection used to be the only thing a home security system could do. And, it was still a very good reason to put in a home system.

Did you know that besides Burglar Protection, there are so many other things a modern home security system can do. It all depends on what sensors you choose.

So, let’s take a look at the wide variety of available sensors:


When a door or window is opened, the system is activated and an alert is sent.


There is a difference in the sound of a smashed window and a dropped plate or glass. These sensors can differentiate and sound an alarm when there is a break-in.

Does a potential intruder think he’ll get by your window frame sensor simply by breaking the glass and going in? Guess what Mr. Burglar? The glass break sensor will set off the alarm. Alarms sounds. Police are immediately dispatched. Gotcha!


An even more clever intruder? He cut out the glass and slips right in. Oh yes! That’s when the motion sensor sees him. Alarm sounds. And, the boys in blue are on their way.

And, these motion sensors are precision engineered to differentiate between human movement and that of pets. So, you don’t have to worry that your dog or cat is going to set them off every time they cross a room.


Fires and floods can result in costly damages to your home. The hazard sensors can detect danger before any damage is done. These include:


You probably already have smoke detectors. Right? But, do the ones you have summon the fire department at the same time the alarm goes off?

Combine you smoke detection with your Security System. With your monitoring plan, operators are notified immediately and the fire department will be dispatched right away.


This is one of the most dangerous gasses because you can’t see, smell or taste carbon monoxide. And, what if you are sleeping?

The Carbon Monoxide Detector sounds a siren whenever carbon monoxide is detected. Again, with your monitoring plan, operators are notified immediately and the fire department will be dispatched right away.


Did you know floods are one of the most expensive home insurance claims? Are you in an older house? With old plumbing? These Water Sensors trigger an alarm whenever they come into contact with water.


This is one most of us never knew existed.

If you are away from home and the temperature falls below 41° F, an alarm is triggered. This let’s you take care of things before pipes can freeze and break.

And, for the pet lovers like us, you can set an upper temperature limit to protect pets when those mid August days can make the heat inside a home unbearable.

The BENEFITS of Home Security Systems. The DOORBELL CAMERA lets you see who is at the door before you even go near the door.


This is a favorite of every senior we talked to.

This doorbell is more than just a sensor. It allows you to see who is there and have a two way conversation before you even get near the door. Welcome your guests. Tell them you’ll be there in a moment. Scare off possible intruders with the two way audio. See everything that happens outside your front door at any time of day or night.

This Doorbell Camera is equipped with motion-sensing technology that can catch thieves in the act of stealing deliveries — and it can capture it all on video — even in the dark.

And, even if you are far from home, if the Doorbell Camera senses movement, you’ll get an alert on your smartphone. Expecting a delivery? Just tell the delivery person to leave the package where you want it. Or, tell a would be thief you see him and the police have already been summoned.


We already talked about this one, but, it is worth repeating here because it is one of the most important feature for seniors. Especially seniors who live alone.

The Panic Button is not actually a sensor. What it is is a small button you wear around your neck beneath your clothing. You can press it at any time day or night. It will send an immediate alert to your monitoring station that you need help “right now”.

If you fall and can't get up, if you have a medical emergency, a fire, a fear or immediate need of any nature, you press this button. The central monitoring system will be alerted and assistance will be dispatched immediately.

This is the one single part of the system that enabled our own Mom to sleep well again at night and not worry about being alone during the day.


Again not a sensor. But, a real game changer for would be intruders.

Your Base Station already has a 95dB siren. That’s loud! If there's a break-in, and you really want the neighbors to pay attention, add an extra siren or two. They may hate you for it, but, the potential intruder will be gone fast.

What Does All This Mean
to YOU?

This means the benefits of home security systems these days extend beyond just excellent burglar protection and immediate needs for assistance.

A well assembled system can take care of warning you and summoning help for most other things that could cause you harm in the home.

This means:

The BENEFITS of Home Security Systems. What can one do for you?

        #1)  You can sleep without worrying

      #2)  You can always feel safe when you’re at home. Day or night.

      #3)  You can scare burglars away before they get inside. This is most important.

      #4)  You can summon medical assistance at any moment. Even if you fall and can’t get up.

      #5)  If you are alone and fall, someone will come to help

       #6)  Whole home burglar protection

      #7)  See who is at your door from any location in the home, or, when you are far away

      #8)  Medical alert

      #9)  Fire alarms

     #10)  Flood protection

      #11)  Smoke detectors

      #12)  Carbon dioxide alarms

     #13)  Carbon Monoxide alarms

     #14)  Sirens that alert the neighbors and help the police

     #15)  Two way monitoring, so you can tell your monitoring station exactly what is going on

     #16)  A secure home, even when you are away

     #17)  “Smart Home” integration

      #18) Increased Safety

     #19)  Peace of Mind

That’s Real Home Security.

And, packages, of the best modern wireless equipment, start around just $300.

Benefits of a Home Security System

We don’t have to live worried and in fear of burglaries, fires, carbon monoxide poisoning, flooding, etc.… anymore.

Unlike years ago, today, for just a few hundred dollars, you can get your house set up in a way that will frighten off most possible intruders and get you the immediate assistance you need in case of an emergency.

You can also integrate your security into your “Smart Home” system.

Now that you have a better idea of the benefits of home security systems, here’s a detailed article for you on “Selecting a Home Security System for SENIORS”.

The BENEFITS of Home Security Systems. Always feeling secure.

Feel Secure!  ~ William, Fiona, and Charlotte

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