Top 6 Easy Memory Games
for Seniors to Enjoy

Top 6 Easy memory games for seniors.

What Benefits Can
Easy Memory Games for Seniors

Easy memory games for seniors. Video computer games.

Easy memory games for seniors can brighten their days and actually improve their sharpness and reasoning powers. These games can help thinking and memory grow stronger.

Did you know more than half of seniors have concern with these issues?

In a recent survey of 287 seniors over the age of 65, we found that 3 in 5 seniors have concerns about memory loss.

And, did you know: Growing older doesn’t have to mean losing our powers upstairs?

That’s right. The fact is: Many seniors get smarter and improve their ability to remember as they get older and older. Many, now that they have the time, will even do things like learn a new language that they always wanted to learn but never had the time to go to school for.

If you keep your mind active,
you'll find that as you age, your mental powers and abilities
will grow stronger rather then weaker.

The Importance of
Playing Memory Games

The importance of playing easy memory games for seniors.

Most top executives are over the ages of 50 and 60. Some are in their 70s and even their 80s.

Barring some disease or degenerative condition, it’s not age that causes memory loss. What causes the loss is just like what causes muscular loss. Lack of use. When we stop using our minds our brain starts to atrophy (waste away).

One way to avoid memory loss and actually improve your ability is to challenge yourself every day. Play memory games.

And, for our loved ones who already have lost a lot in this area. EASY memory games can help:

  • Improve memory

  • Improve Reasoning Ability

  • Brighten Their Days

Fun and Easy
Memory Games for Seniors

Memory games for seniors can help us keep sharp. But, EASY games can also be of great benefit to seniors with cognitive impairment.

Remember: Some forgetfulness is a normal part of aging. Don’t get all kinds of worried if you forget something here and there. It’s normal.

What we are talking about here is that slow and considerable long term decline that now makes some of our dear senior far less able than normal.

Fortunately, there are things we can do to slow these declining abilities down, and, even get our loved ones improving. When working with seniors who are quite compromised, EASY memory games are a great strengthening workout for their minds.

Equally as wonderful, these Easy memory Games for Seniors bring our declining loved ones feelings of Joy and connection to us and others.

Did you know that regularly playing memory games for seniors can not only help slow down forgetfulness, they can actually make thinking sharper and more astute?

Yes, easy memory games for seniors serve as brain exercise. And, just like exercise for the muscles, playing these games regularly reduces the risk of cognitive decline and can sharpen thinking. The same way physical exercises improve and strengthen our muscles.

What Makes Certain Games
Ideal for Us Seniors?

What easy memory games are the best for seniors?

This is a very important question. And, the answer has a number of criteria.

There are different factors that make games ideal for seniors who require easy games. These include:

Easy Memory Games for Seniors

First: Games come in different formats. We have:

  • Board Games
  • Word Puzzles
  • Physical Games
  • Video Games
  • Vocal Games

Easy Memory Games for Seniors
Difficulty Levels:

Learn how to choose easy memory games for seniors.

This is where “Easy” becomes most important for declining seniors. These are the games we will be talking about in this article.

These games are far too easy for you and me. But, they may be quite a challenge for the seriously declining senior. So, it’s very important to select the right level of difficulty for the senior(s) you are playing with.

Challenging but not frustrating is what we strive for here.

For Example: For you and me, putting together a 500 or 1,000 piece Jigsaw Puzzle may be a delightful way to spend a rainy afternoon. For those who have lost a lot of ability, a simple 6 or 12 piece Jigsaw Puzzle may be a comfortable challenge and exactly what they need to succeed.

If you are in doubt as where to start with your loved one, start slowly with beginner puzzles. Puzzles for children barely of school age. Gradually progress to more difficult ones. This improves problem solving ability. And, puzzles are fun!

You can find wonderful and beautiful puzzles from 12 to 500 pieces FREE.

Easy Memory Games for Seniors
Monthly Fees:

Video games for seniors are all the rage now because they are so easy to access on a computer or iPhone, and, there are literally hundreds to choose from. Most of the basic simple ones are free.

BUT, to get the more in depth features on many games, or support, you will find many online games charge a fee.

Since it is EASY Memory Games for Seniors that we are looking for here, you probably won’t have to get to the paid level to get the easy ones you’ll want.

The paid programs are not for everyone. The extra features in the paid subscriptions may be what the advanced player requires. The easy plays that we are looking for are almost always free.

Easy Memory Games for Seniors
Game Type:

Not everyone enjoys the same type of games. This applies to the geniuses, us regular folk, and those with major challenges. And, because of the vast number of games available at all levels, there is no reason to force anyone to play something they don’t like because it will be “good for them”.

If you try a game with your loved one, and they don’t enjoy it, don’t insist on it. Just pick another. When you find any that they like, you’ll soon see there are literally dozens of the same type available.

It is important to vary the types of games you play.

Providing variety of easy games requires more thought and decision making on the part of the players. Yet, you can retain the easy level of play you desire.

Playing the same game over and over again does not have the same strengthening ability. It becomes habit. Rote. Very little thinking becomes required. And, thinking is what we want to stimulate with our easy memory games for seniors.

Also, if your loved one is not in deep decline, try to find games they can play with others. The social integration is incredibly enjoyable and valuable for them.

Do Seniors
Want to Play These Games?

Do seniors enjoy playing memory games?

This is the BIG question.

According to the studies, there is no question that memory games for seniors improve mental function.

It’s great to get together with your loved one and play easy mind games for seniors. It can have a remarkable effect just like that.

But, do seniors want to play these games?

When we asked them, they said, "Yes. If they are having fun doing it." That's why it is important to pick the right games.

And, did you know that games also  provide one of the best formats for socialization amongst seniors? Especially seniors who are home bound and have lost a circle of friends? This is one of the most important Benefits that easy memory games for seniors provides.

So, do seniors want to go to Adult Day Care where they can be with other seniors and have time to socialize and play games together? Again, when we asked they said, "Yes. IF they are comfortable and having fun at the center.

A Note
Hearing Loss

Uncorrected hearing loss may make playing memory games difficult.

Did you know one of the main reasons many seniors shy away from socializing with others is hearing loss?

This condition is usually very easy to correct, But, we first have to realize that it may be a problem that is discouraging your loved one from participating in playing games with other seniors.

So, if socializing is not something your loved one wants to engage in, be sure to ask them if they can hear everything OK. If not, get the problem corrected.

You’ll be amazed at how much improved hearing can change the outlook of a loved one who has been hesitant to socialize.

The Three
Most Important Things

The best easy memory games for seniors.

In order for these easy memory games for seniors to be of any benefit at all we have to find out a few things:

   1)  Are they fun?

   2)  Is your loved one interested in playing them?

   3)  Do they provide an enjoyable amount of challenge? (not too hard, and, not too easy)

In order for memory games for seniors to be of any benefit at all, our seniors have to play them. Right?

Other reasons not all senior who could benefit greatly from playing memory games are willing to play them is because the games are either no fun, they are not interested in the games or the games do not provide the right amount of challenge (too hard or too easy).

So, as you start playing games with your loved one, see which ones they seem to like. As you try new games you may have to adjust the difficulty a few times to get them interested.

Here’s the main thing to remember: If your loved one is having fun, the game is going to work for them.

It really doesn’t matter which of the memory games for seniors you choose. What matters is: Are they engaged and having fun playing the game?

Easy Memory Games for Seniors
Advanced Technology Games

Are expensive memory games for seniors worth it?

The “advanced technology” scientifically developed games are great. They can bring very noticeable and impressive results. But are they worth buying?

The only two real differences in Easy Memory Games for Seniors and Advanced Technology game is:

 1)  With the expensive “advanced technology games” you get to spend lots of money to play them.

 2)  Over the long term, seniors (and everyone else) prefer to play games they are enjoying. Games they are having fun with. Not games that are like work.

After all isn’t it playing games we are talking about?

When games are no longer are fun, when they are no longer play, who really wants to engage in them? Would you? Our seniors don't want to either.

And, if our seniors don’t continue to play them, they no longer benefit from them.

Just like exercise for our bodies, memory games are most effective when they are played regularly for the rest of our lives. So, let’s be sure to keep that word “play” in mind as we choose our games. We never grow tired of having fun playing. Right?

The Top 6 Easy Memory Games
Seniors Love to Play

As you probably already know, we do a lot of surveys to find out what seniors enjoy the most.

One question we put on a number of our surveys was, “What memory game do you enjoy playing the most?”

Not everyone of our seniors had an answer for this one.

But, out of 438 seniors who replied, these were the top choices:

#1 Simple Remembering Games

Easy memory games for seniors.

Obviously. Right?

As we were researching the best easy memory games for seniors, I came across this website and wound up spending hours enjoying many of the different games it has to offer. For free!

All the games start simple and become more and more challenging.

This website that has more FREE memory games than anywhere else we looked. They are all easy to access:

  • Anytime

  • Anywhere

  • for FREE!

All your loved one needs to play is their laptop computer.

Here’s what you’ll find there:

Magic Cards

Halloween Memory

Halloween Cards

Easter Memory

Casino Cards


Tricky Cups (a favorite)

Balls and Boxes

Count the Sheep

Track the Balls

Memory Fruit (another favorite)


Wow! Right?

And, that’s just in the list of one of the 15 categories they give you to choose from! There are dozens and dozens of free games to play here.

Here’s the link: “Memory Games”

This is by far our favorite Video Games for Seniors website.

#2 We Went Shopping

Easy memory games for seniors: We Went Shopping.

“We Went Shopping” is one of the best memory strengthening games there is.

This game usually puts a smile on most players faces because not only are they playing a game, they themselves are creating the items in the game. It requires 2 or more players.

Here’s how it goes:

The first player starts by saying: ‘We went shopping and bought a ______.” (identifying any item they care to)

The next player then says: “We went shopping and bought a (whatever the first player chose) and a ______ (adding whatever item they want)”

The players continue back and forth (or in a circle for a group) and take their turns remembering all the items bought and adding one more. The winner is the last person who can correctly name all of the items in order.

If you are playing with someone who is more challenged, it’s OK to give hints on each item on the list.

Variations:  You can also change this game up a bit by making the list a totally different topic.

For Example: “I went on vacation and packed a ______.” or, “I went for a walk and saw a ______.”

This can also be played as “The Number String” where we start with one number and keep adding another. Each number may be used over and over again. The whole idea is to remember the entire string of numbers. Colors work well for a variation also.

#3 Jigsaw Puzzles

Easy memory games for seniors: Yes, Jigsaw Puzzles are included.

Yes. Playing Jigsaw Puzzles is actually considered a “memory game”.

Did you know, Jigsaw Puzzles are one of the all around best games for improving and exercising our thinking abilities at any age?

One of the best parts of playing Jigsaw Puzzles is that they are not only fun, they can be quite Beautiful!

And: You can choose any beautiful scene you want, and, the computer will cut it into as many pieces as you want. From 12 to 500. You can find these for free here: “Online Jigsaw Puzzles”

So when it comes to easy memory games for seniors, Jigsaw Puzzles are one of the most aesthetic and pleasing.

Here’s a VIDEO by our friend Karen Puzzles who we have dubbed “The Queen of Jigsaw Puzzles”. She’ll give you lots of different tips and techniques that make Jigsaw Puzzle building easier and more fun:

#4 Concentration

Easy memory games for seniors: Concentration.

Concentration is an old favorite card game that can played with
others, or, even alone.

In the usually game, a deck of 52 cards is used.

What makes “Concentration” and ideal game for seniors of all levels is that you can use as few cards as you like.

For Example: If you have a loved one who is severely impaired, you can use only 4 cards. Say, two 2s and two 7s. You can increase the difficulty simply by increasing the number of cards used.

Here is a short VIDEO that will show you how to play:

If you want to play this game online with pictures instead of with a deck of playing card, you can do it here: “Play Memory” You can choose the difficulty level between 12 and 36 picture cards per play.

#5 What’s Missing?

Easy memory games for seniors: What's Missing?

An excellent game played one on one, or, with a group.

Place a number of items on a table. If can be as few as 3 or as many as can be comfortably remembered by the player. We suggest starting with 3 and increasing as you go along.

Name each item and discuss each one with the player. The more things the player can name about each item, such as color, shape, weight, what it is used for, etc…. the more likely it is the player will remember them.

Then as the player to close their eyes. When they do, remove one item from the table and hide it behind yourself.

Ask the player to open their eyes and tell you what is missing.

Here's a VIDEO showing you how easy this game is to play:

#6 The Category Game

Easy memory games for seniors: The Category Game.

Pick any category: Foods, Cars, Colors, States in the USA, breeds of dogs…..

Here we’ll use colors for our example:

First Player chooses a color. The moderator writes it down on their piece of paper or pad so there is a record of all the colors mentioned.

Second player repeats the color, then adds a color. Moderator adds it to the list.

Next Player (same as the first if there are only 2 players) repeats the two previous colors in order and adds another color. Moderator adds it to her list.

Keep adding a color as each player continues to go in turn.

If a player misses a color already listed, they are out of the game.

The Winner is the last one who can still name all the previous colors.

This game is wonderful because it forces us to use and explore our memories.

Top 6 Easy Memory Games for Seniors to Enjoy


As you can see, in the six categories we listed, there are actually dozens and dozens more easy memory games for seniors.

All these games a fun and can be mad easier or more difficult as the circumstances require. That is why they are all excellent games for seniors who want to sharpen and even improve their memories.

Remember: Just like the muscles in our bodies require some physical exercise to remain strong and useful, our minds need exercise to remain strong and useful as well.

Easy memory games for senior can provide this necessary exercise for even minds that have become quite challenged.

Benefits of Easy Memory Games for Seniors.

Enjoy Playing!  ~ William, Fiona, and Charlotte

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