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Seniors Survey!

this month
One Question

As you know we survey our senior citizens regularly to find out what seniors just like you really want.

This month we are surveying the question:

“What would you like to see next
on this website?”

weloveourgranny.com is all about you! And, many of our readers have asked how they could find articles on things they want to know about. Others have asked where they could find stories, pictures, and poems just for seniors. Still others wanted exercises that are fun and make sense for senior bodies.

Previous requests include:

Easy smart TVs (under $500)

A simple easy to read and hear senior Cell Phone

The best Home Security Systems for seniors

The most comfortable pillow to sleep on

Computer classes just for us

Exercises that are FUN

Power lift recliners chairs

The best walkers and rollators

Good gifts for old people who say they have everything

The best Dogs for seniors

And: all those Survey Requests are now on the website. You’ll find them all in the Navigation bar at the top of each page.

We Know
There's More!

Still, we know there’s more you'd like to see. To read about. To enjoy. So, please, take a minute to let us know. Obviously we can’t answer every question or request. At least right away. But, we’ll do our very best to answer and research the most popular topics as soon as possible.

  • Is there a product you’d like researched?

  • Is there a service you’d like to find?

  • Are there stories you’d like to read?

  • Senior assistance you’d like to know more about?

  • Information on vacations for seniors?

  • Anything....

Let us know. Nothing is too far fetched or unimportant if it is important to you. And, if it is important to you, you can be sure it is equally important to other seniors just like yourself.

So drop us a line, in our “Contact Us” page and let us know.

Thanks!  ~ William, Fiona, and Charlotte

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