Memory Games for Seniors!

memory games for seniors

Memory games for seniors are one of the best ways to keep everything working properly upstairs. Most of us already know this. Right?

What you may not know is that you don’t need to pick difficult games and puzzles that leave you frazzled and exhausted and looking for some chocolate. No. Games like that are not even good for you.

Science has shown that: Picking games that are fun and enjoyable, that you look forward to playing, provide the most benefits.

Most online games can be played for free. But, if you prefer pencil and paper your local bookstore is the place to find the ones you want.

You Can
Start NOW

Thinking is like anything else. “Use it or lose it”. Remember that saying? If we wait until we have a severe problem, it is usually a lot harder to take care of than if we start doing the right things before a problem begins.

For Example: If you wait until you’re 60 pounds over weight to start dieting and exercising, it’s going to be a lot harder to have a normal weight than just controlling your eating while you’re still a normal weight. Right?

Same with our powers and abilities upstairs.

Memory games for seniors are one of the best ways to keep our minds sharp, strong, and active.

One of the very best thing about memory games is that you can start them todayFor free.

We Need
Plenty of Good Games

online memory games for seniors

The problem with games is, it is sometimes hard to find enough good games to keep us interested. Isn’t that true? So, we only play sporadically. Or, when we have company over.

We need variety in our game playing. Even the best ice cream can get boring and uninteresting if we have it at every meal. Or, for every meal. Right? So we need LOTS of good variety in our games.

To achieve the most brain strengthening benefits, and enjoy playing regularly, we need a variety of games. Just like exercising our bodies. We need to do different things.

So, here we are going to show you the Top 11 Memory Games for Seniors as determined by our latest survey of 242 seniors across the USA. We hope these will give you more game playing enjoyment.

The TOP 11
Memory Game for Seniors

in order of popularity

#1)  Word Games

memory word games for seniors

In our Memory Games for Seniors Survey, there were 40 word games that showed up. So, we grouped them all into one “Word Game” category.

Grouped this way, “Word Games” became 64% of the #1 answer for what are the best Memory Games for Seniors.

And, that’s no wonder.

Science is showing us that word games for seniors are one of the best ways for us to stay sharp forever. And, there are so many of them.

Two of the best features of word games are:

  • We can play them anywhere and anytime

  • They are almost all free online

What can these games do for us?

Playing Word Games calls on our logical reasoning abilities. They help our brains form and maintain connections. We learn new words and refresh our vocabulary.

A simple crossword puzzle can promote relaxation. This can be especially comforting during a busy or hectic day.

We can play them alone, with a friend, or a group. There are also hundreds of them free online.

Word Games Include:

Crossword Puzzles
Word Searches (one of my favorites!)
Words in Words
The Word Association Game
and so many more….

They can be played on paper or online. On your computer or smartphone. And, as you now know, most of the online games are free.

Word Games for Seniors are so much fun, so memory strengthening, and so popular that we have devoted an entire article introduce you to the Top 40 Word Games. It is simply called: “Word Games for Seniors”

#2)  Sudoku

memory games for seniors, Sudoku

Sudoku is a puzzle game. Similar to a crossword puzzle, but, with all numbers instead of words.

Sudoku requires the use of our problem solving skills in a fun way and playing it is very easy to learn.

In Sudoku we use memory skills and logic. This strengthens our problem solving abilities, concentration, and speed. There is a wonderful feeling of accomplishment and pride at the end of a game and as we become able to complete games more and more quickly.

To play you insert numbers, 1 - 9, into a grid that has 9 squares that are each divided into 9 squares. There are numbers in some of the squares to begin with. You must fill-in the blank squares so that every number, 1 - 9, appears once in each horizontal line, vertical line, and square.

This is like gymnastics for our thinking and great fun.

You can play Sudoku online for free.

#3)  Concentration

memory games for seniors, Concentration

Concentration is one of the most popular memory games of all time and is great to play with the grandchildren. It helps keep us really sharpen our memories besides!

All you need is a regular deck of playing cards. Here’s a short VIDEO that will quickly show you how to play.

#4)   Switch It Up

Switch it Up is a completely free game that you can do anywhere anytime.

What you do is use your non-dominant hand for all the tasks you usually do with your dominant hand.

Have you tried this before? Horribly hard? YES!

Brush your teeth, feed yourself, fasten your belt….. It’s hard and feels really weird. But, don’t give up. This switching builds new connections between you brain cells. And, you’ll find yourself doing everything more easily (with either hand) after a while.

#5)  Jigsaw Puzzles

memory games for seniors, Jigsaw Puzzles

We usually think of putting together Jigsaw Puzzles as an easy and fun pastime.

Did you know that playing jigsaw puzzles involves strategy and problem solving skills?

One of the real beauties of playing jigsaw puzzles is that they come in all complexity levels from 12 pieces to hundreds of pieces. So, no matter what you current ability is, there are jigsaw puzzles just right for you. And, some of the pictures are just gorgeous!

#6)  Board Games

memory games for seniors, Backgammon and other Board Games

Board games are every bit as beneficial as our new online and computer games. In fact, because of the physicality involved, they may even be superior.

Board Games include all of our old favorites like:

Backgammon (#1 favorite board game)
Scrabble (#2 favorite board game)
Life Battleship
Chinese Checkers

Mouse Trap

We have some old fashioned fun and stay sharp!

#7)  Video Games for Seniors

memory games for seniors, Video Games

Video Games for Seniors?


Video Games for Seniors are one of the fastest growing plays on the internet today. Why?

Because Video Games for Seniors:

  • Are Fun

  • Are Boredom Busters

  • Sharpen All of Our Abilities

  • Can Help Us Make New Friends On Line (even the home bound)

And these are only a few of  the Benefits.

Video Games build faster response times, they require planning, and memory as to which buttons to use. They are not only fun, they are like aerobic exercises for our thinking powers.

We have an entire article for you just on the benefits of Video Games for Seniors here: “Video Games for Seniors”

#8)  Chess

memory games for seniors, Chess

Even though Chess is a board game, we place it in a class by itself because it is a game for masters, beginners, and everyone in between. It is also one of the most popular games of all time.

If you are already a chess player, you know how much fun this is. You just may not have realized all the memory benefits playing chess provides.

If you are new to Chess, or think it is “too hard”, it’s not. Just like any other game or sport there are different levels of players. And, you can always find someone of your ability level on line who wants to play with you. Even if you are a very beginner.

How does playing Chess benefit us?

Chess involves focusing on strategy as well as thinking steps ahead. This is Amazing brain exercise. There is almost nothing better.

You can play with a friend or go online to play (for free). Online you can play against a computer (at your own selected level) or a real live person anywhere in the world. You never have to wait to play this fantastic game.

Even if you are a very limited player, as I am, it is a great game to sharpen your thinking powers.

#9)  The Language Game

memory games for seniors, Learn a New Language

If you’ve ever wanted to learn another language, or, sharpen up a second or third language, this may be just the place for you! The game is called Duolingo.

With Duolingo you can learn a new language for free. Yes completely free.

Choose from over 35 languages including:


You get an app for daily practice. You can watch your progress daily.

How does leaning a new language help our memory?

"Language learning helps improve people's thinking skills and memory abilities. Bilingual students concentrate better, ignoring distractions more effectively than those who only speak one language. Because the language centers in the brain are so flexible, learning a second language can develop new areas of your mind and strengthen your brain's natural ability to focus.” reference:

Nice! Right?

High Tech
Memory Games for Seniors

This is a whole new category of games.

As you read about this category of Memory Games for Seniors:

Remember, You don’t have to buy special games or subscriptions to obtain the benefits of Memory Games for Seniors.

That being said, there are a couple of pretty great high tech games that made it on to our survey.

So, for those who want the latest high tech scientifically developed Memory Games for Seniors, these two scored well on popularity in our Memory Games for Seniors Survey:

  • Lumosity

  • PEAK

Both are available on line for a low monthly subscription fee.

#10)  Lumosity

memory games for seniors, Lumosity

Lumosity is an online subscription game. It is considered the #1 premier Mind Game. It was scientifically created from cognitive tracing exercises that were turned into fun games to play.

One of the very best things about Lumosity is that it adapts to every player on their own personal level of abilities, strengths, and weaknesses.

It helps us develop:

  • Memory
  • Problem Solving
  • Processing Speed
  • Alertness
  • Attention
  • Flexibility
  • Language

Lumosity targets the skills that matter to you most. On top of all this:  It’s FUN! And, you only need to play 15 minutes a day to reap the benefits.

You get different games to play each day and the system keeps track of your progress.

You can play on you computer or on you smartphone if you are out and about.


There is a free plan and a subscription plan for the full program. The free plan, like all the “free trial plans” is very limited and you don’t get to access the full benefits. We find no real point in this free one other than you get a feel for how it is played.

The full program is on a subscription basis. It comes out to about $5 per month if you get a yearly plan. You also have a 30 day period to receive a full refund on the yearly plans if you find you don’t like it. So, it’s worth a try.

#11)  PEAK

memory games for seniors, PEAK

Peak is a game program you can find in the Apple Store and on Google Play. It is a collection of exercises developed to:

  • Sharpen our memory
  • Improve thinking agility
  • Improve problem solving skills and more

Peak is another of the developed memory/mind games for seniors. It’s fun to play. And, scientifically beneficial. The basic version is free, The advanced version requires a subscription.

Again, this is one of the “designer” and “ scientifically developed” memory games for seniors. A good product. But, not a necessary item.

Memory Games for Seniors:
A Reality Check

A reality check on all this high tech stuff: Most of us seniors have enough things "we should do and have to do" already. These days, we usually really do just prefer the old fashioned games that are just plain fun. Am I right?

The Good News Is:

The studies are showing that it’s not the game or complexity of the games that matters most. It is the elements of fun and interest in playing that deliver the most benefits.

Memory Games for Seniors


memory games for seniors, pick the most fun ones

Most of us seem to already know that memory games for seniors help keep us strong and able upstairs.

And, it is clear that there are numerous games that seniors can play to stimulate, exercise, and strengthen their brains as well as their memory skills.

The two most important points for getting the most benefits from Memory Games for Seniors are:

  • #1)  Finding the games best suited to and the most fun for each individual

  • #2)  Playing regularly. Daily if possible. Even 15 minutes daily can bring great benefits

Besides memory improvement, what are the benefits of seniors can expect from playing these games?

Memory Games for Seniors Can:

  • Help our brains stay, and grow, stronger

  • Help us perform our daily tasks with greater ease and certainty

  • Help us enjoy life more

One last thing to Remember: If choosing the best games for yourself or a loved one seems a bit overwhelming, don't fret. The studies are showing that it’s not the game or complexity of the games that matters most. It is the elements of fun and interest in playing that deliver the most benefits.

memory games for seniors should be fun

We Wish You a Beautiful Day!  ~ William, Fiona, and Charlotte

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