Balance Ball Workouts
(and Seniors!)

The most basic balance ball workouts for beginners are some of the very BEST balance exercises for elderly seniors.

Yes, just sitting on their ball each day can improve balance dramatically.

More advanced balance ball workouts are perfect for more athletic senior citizens.

Why Are
Balance Ball Workouts for Beginners
So Good for Senior Citizens?

First, balance balls are really fun. Going for your daily exercise with just a big soft ball is also not intimidating. Remember the first time you stepped into a Gym and saw all that equipment? And, the guys with the gigantic muscles?

balance ball workouts for beginners seniors

Balance ball workouts for beginners (and seniors) are totally different. The ball is soft, squishy, lightweight, and friendly. Seriously. Virtually everyone I ever met, who has one, Loves it!

  • Balance ball workouts are fun

  • They don’t stress you out

  • They improve balance

  • They improve strength in a fun way

  • They feel more like play than exercise

  • They build and strengthen ALL your core (abdominal) muscles

How to Use
Exercise Balance Ball

Exercise balls, also sometimes called “Swiss Balls”, require you to balance.

This balance is what uses ALL the muscles in your mid section. The big ones and the little ones (that almost never get any exercise).

Young people simply find the ball to be fun.

Many of us seniors, however, as we get older and older, often find balance becomes an issue. Part of the problem is weak muscles in our mid sections (abdomen).

These balance ball workouts for beginners can help reverse that problem.

If you have really terrible balance now

due to some physical condition,


Some of us have certain conditions that don’t improve over time. If balance is a real issue, and you are in this group, the ball may not be right for you.


If you are like most seniors and just want to improve your balance, and/or your posture, and overall strength, an exercise balance ball is one of the best ways there is.


Because just sitting on a balance ball forces you to balance. That is also why these balls are the best balance exercises for elderly seniors.

Did you know:

The most basic “exercise” on the ball
Just sit on it?

Yes. It’s a very gentle exercise. Because, just sitting on the Swiss Ball makes your muscles work. And, it makes them cooperate with each other. Balance ball workouts for beginners and seniors begin with just sitting on the ball. No other exercises.

You'll notice she has no "Spotter" ready to catch her. Only do this alone of you are well experienced and sure of your balance. ALL BEGINNERS should ALWAYS have a "Spotter".

best seniors balance ball workouts for beginners

The ball is round. If you are not balanced on it, you will roll you off and you’ll wind up on the floor.

Just sitting on the ball forces your abdominal, arm, and back muscles to immediately respond to keep you from falling off.

This alone, over a short period of time, can and usually will improve balance and posture.

Just sitting on the ball is probably the best of all the first balance exercises for elderly.

Just Sitting on The Ball
is a Good Balance Exercise for Elderly Seniors

balance ball workouts for seniors, senior citizens

Yes. That’s right.

Just sitting on the ball each day for only 10 minutes is probably the best of the first balance exercises for elderly seniors.

If all you can do is sit on the ball (no other exercises) you are still doing a most wonderful exercise for balance and for engaging ALL of your abdominal and lower back muscles.

No, you won’t gain a lot of strength just sitting on the ball. BUT, you will notice over time that your walking is more balanced and confident, and, your posture improves.


Because in order to just sit on an exercise balance ball comfortably, without shaking, and not roll off, your body uses all the core (abdominal and low back) muscles to balance you.

Once you gain this control, it feels entirely effortless. But, those muscles are still working. Gaining strength and control.

Many of us are so used to being crooked (like I was) that we don’t even realize we are.

Gaining balance will help improve posture. Improved posture requires a straighter back. A straighter stature puts balanced weight on the bones that support us.


  • We move better

  • We move more easily

  • We feel better

Sound good?

It Feels GREAT too!

There are Dozens
Dozens of Great Ball Exercises

Swiss balance ball exercises for beginners, seniors

There are so many exercises that can be done with an exercise balance ball. And, this includes balance exercises for elderly.

Take a look at this chart: Balance Exercise Chart

these are NOT balance ball workouts for beginnersNOT for Beginners


NONE OF US is ready to do ALL of these the first time we use our ball. In the beginning, we will stick strictly with Balance Ball Workouts for Beginners.

Right now, with this chart, we just want you to see the possibilities an exercise balance ball brings.

Right NOW: As seniors, we want balance ball workouts for BEGINNERS. NOT workouts and exercises for the young and athletic.

We want to improve our balance and strength. Not cause ourselves all kinds of problems.

So, here at, we decided to do some searching for nice balance ball workouts for beginners. Beginner beginners! Get the idea. Newbies. First timers.

Exercises for senior citizens and balance exercises for elderly. That’s the right place for us to start.

Don’t be embarrassed if just sitting on the ball at first is a bit of an ordeal. That just means you’re normal.

Did We Find?

Great News!

We have found some excellent balance ball workouts for beginners on Videos that are just right for beginning. Even if you are elderly, or, even quite old.

These are perfect balance ball workouts for beginners. And, us seniors.

The very first “workout” is: Just sitting comfortably on the ball. That sounds too simple. Right?

Until we try it.....

Just sitting comfortably and confidently on the ball may take you a while. If it does, it simply means you are doing exactly the right thing for now. And, enough for right now. There are no better first balance exercises for elderly.

Here are our best balance ball workouts for beginners and seniors:


As a beginner,
ALWAYS have a person
spotting you.
That means someone right next to you who is strong enough to support you
if you start slipping or falling.

The #1 Most Very Basic Exercise:
learn to sit on the ball comfortably

Here is a very MOST BASIC and PERFECT START in exercise balance ball workouts for beginners. We especially like this one because almost everyone can do it. Even the very elderly can do this one with their spotter.

We’re just going to sit on the ball and move around on it a little bit. On our first day we will be joining instructor Dave Stahl:

balance ball workouts for beginners and seniors, #3


As a beginner,
ALWAYS have a person spotting you.
That means someone right next to you who is strong enough to support you
if you start slipping or falling.

Again, I can not over stress the importance of always having a spotter. You NEED a spotter. Always. Even the best athletes in the world use a spotter when they work out.

We all can lose our balance and suddenly be on the floor without a spotter.

See the fellow in the video above (Dave)? He is not just her instructor. She how close he sits? Ready to catch her? He is also her “Spotter”.

If you have to do this one sitting “exercise” for six months before you do anything else, that’s OK. This isn’t a race or a competition.

It took a lot of us senior citizens many many years to get as weak as we are (yes, admit it. It’s not a sin). And, age may have affected our balance as well.

So, for some of us, it’s going to take a while to get back to normal. Be patient. Be persistent. It’s worth it!

Ready for a Little More?

Now, here’s another basic basic first time set of balance ball exercises for beginners from Dr. Jo.

I just love Dr. Jo’s attitude and especially her enthusiasm. If this is the only exercise you do with a balance ball for the first few months, that’s just fine. Especially of you are quite elderly. You will see some very pleasant results.

This is the Video to watch AFTER you are comfortable and confident with the one just above:

Once You Feel
Balanced, and Ready

When you feel comfortable on the ball, and the exercises in the Video just above are easy and comfortable, it’s time to start having some real FUN on your ball!

If you’re already athletic, you can start here.

Again, Dave will be the instructor on the next Video. These are all simple ball exercises that will exercise your whole body in under 10 minutes. A GREAT way to get back into exercising (or, get exercising for the first time).

If you reach the point where you do nothing more than these exercises, you’re going to be writing us some very nice emails!

NOTE: The last section of the video has some more advanced weight exercises. Forget about them for now. They are a bit too challenging for beginners and you don’t need them right now.

Are You
Already Athletic?

Here’s a good first set of balance ball exercises for beginners and for seniors who now already have some athletic ability from Cindy (Fitness with Cindy). She’s in our age group and I always love her video classes:

Your Exercise Balance Ball

Ready to go?


Just one more thing:

Before beginning balance ball workouts for beginners, you have to get the right balance ball.

The right one?

Yes. We’re not talking about brands here. We’re talking about a ball that is the right size for your body.

You need to get the right size ball so that you can move properly on it.

Think of it like getting a pair of shoes. The right size is comfortable and moves correctly with you.

Here’s a sizing chart for you: Correct Ball Sizing

balance ball workouts for beginners and seniors, getting the right size ball

What About
Overweight and Obese Seniors?

balance ball workouts for beginners, obese, plus size, seniors

This is an important consideration. If you’re overweight or obese, don’t worry. Many of us are.

You’re going to need a ball that that is designed for the extra weight and is: “Burst Resistant”.

Burst Resistant doesn’t mean it can’t explode. It just means the chances of that happening are much less.

We recommend everyone, no matter your weight, use a burst resistant ball.

A Burst Resistant ball is often rated as “Gym Quality”. This means it gets a lot of use and abuse. If it punctures the air will slowly leak out instead of dropping you on the floor in a split second.

The Gym Quality Burst Resistant ball should have an anti-burst weight of 2,000 pounds. A cheap ball from Walmart or Target usually only hold up to 250 pounds.

250 pounds may be OK for just sitting. BUT, when you bounce or fall on it you can be putting over 1,000 pounds of sudden shock on the ball.

Here’s an excellent Video to show you what I am talking about and the importance of getting a “Burst Resistant” balance ball:

The ball I use is the Duraball Pro.  I weigh 178 pounds. The first three balls I had were the cheap ones. They all broke after 3 - 5 months of use. I have had my Duraball for almost 10 years now. It cost me $129.

I have the pro model. There is also an Extreme and a Max model available. They are the strongest ones made and recommenced for those seniors who are heavy.

Are The Better Balance Balls
Worth It?


I started with cheap balls. They didn’t last very long.

The three cheap balls I first bought each cost me about $20 each. So, in a year and a half I had spent $60 on balls and still needed a new one.

My trainer, Alfred, had a Duraball Pro. He said he had his for 3 years already. I tried it. I liked it a lot. It had very strong support. So, I bought one.

Not only did I enjoy the quality so much more, this ball lasted! I still use it. For 10 years now. And, it is still giving “like new” support.

Cheap balls over the past 10 yeas would have cost me about $360 at the rate they were wearing out for me. My Duraball saved me $240 and provided much better support.

If you have doubts about using a ball, buy a cheap one first. That way if you don’t balance ball exercises, you’re only out $20.

If you find you like using the ball (as I do), get one of the good ones. You’ll save a lot of money in the long run.

The better exercise balance balls are:

  • Sturdier

  • Easier to use

  • Give much better support

  • Money Savers in the long run

Finding the best ball gets even more important when doing balance exercises for elderly seniors. The older we get, the more breakable we become. So, don’t scrimp on your ball.

Can You Buy a Good
Balance Exercise Ball?

Exercise balance balls can be obtained at any sporting goods store or exercise equipment store.

Walmart, Target, K Mart all have them.

If you’re just curious about trying a ball out, a cheap one (under $20) will do. If you joined a gym, use theirs at first. The balls in my gym were all kind of soft and mushy (that’s what happens to cheap balls in a short time).

But, any ball will give you an idea of what it’s like to balance on one.

For your first ball, any Burst Resistant ball the right size will do. Unless you are very large. Then you need a strong anti-burst ball right from the start.

If you find you want to continue using an exercise balance ball, get yourself a very good one. You will never regret the purchase.

balance ball workouts for beginners


best Swiss balance ball workouts for beginners, seniors #2

 -  The exercise balance ball is one of the very best pieces of exercise equipment for senior citizens.

 -  There are no better balance exercises for elderly, when starting out, than those done sitting on an exercise balance ball.

 -  The balance ball workouts for beginners on this page can be a great start for any senior citizen who wishes to improve their strength and balance.

 -  Most of all:  These balance ball workouts for beginners are:

  • Fun

  • Energizing

  • Strengthening

  • Refreshing

On the balance ball workouts for beginners videos above, you saw that you only needed about 10 - 15 minutes a day to improve your strength and balance.

So, give them a try. You’ll be glad you did.

And, once again, please:

REMEMBER:  As a beginner: ALWAYS have a person spotting you. That means someone right next to you strong enough to support you if you start slipping or falling.

seniors balance ball workouts for beginners

Enjoy!  ~ William, Fiona, and Charlotte

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