Which Stores
Senior Discounts?

and, how can you get all of them?

which stores offer senior discounts?

Which stores offer senior discounts? I’d say many more than you might imagine right now.

And, how do we get these discounts if we don’t know about a store?

Here’s the way:


That’s really all there is to it. Yes, that's all it takes. And, if you learn to do this real nicely, you may even get some discounts that aren't even available to most of us.

I'm going to teach you how. It's very simple.

You'll soon learn just how much fun this can be:

Can Save You a Bundle!

Yes, at first the entire idea of asking makes most of us a bit nervous. Right? It feels kind of embarrassing to many of us. We'd rather just look on the web to see which stores offer senior discounts.

Unfortunately this can be a very time consuming endeavor, and, you won't find ALL the discounts on line anywhere.

Well, there's no need to be nervous.


Salespeople LOVE senior citizens AND they want to help us out. They love to help us out.

This initial nervousness is like stage fright. However, once you get the hang of it, and see how easy it is, you can’t wait to do it again!

So, I’ll say it again, the most important thing to learn when you want to know if a store offers senior discounts: Ask.

Now, you’re going to learn just how easy to is, AND, you’re going to learn the special magic tool (which we all have) that will open most doors.

The 4 Ways
To Find
Which Stores Offer Senior Discounts

You know, if you want to know which stores offer senior discounts, there are a number of ways to preselect where you are going if you want to take advantage of being a senior and getting all of our juicy discounts.

#1 - Our own list of senior citizen discounts is quite outstanding.

which stores offer senior discounts, AARP

#2 - AARP. Of course. Right? The #1 source for finding senior citizen discounts. On almost everything.

which stores offer senior discounts, digital coupons

#3 - The Senior List has a wonderful Big Book of Senior Discounts. These are digital coupons. It costs $20 and is worth it.

However:  #4 - BEST and MOST FUN: The very best and surest way to know which stores offer senior discounts, the very best way to make sure you are getting all the discounts available to you, is to: Ask. Don’t be afraid. Just ask.

We're going to show you the best way to do this.

Don’t Be Shy

Shyness is what keeps tens of thousands of seniors from getting all the discounts that are there for them.

Once you get over the hesitation of asking shyness, you’re going to love all the great deals you can get. And, you're going to learn, very quickly and easily, which stores offer senior discounts.

At first it’s a bit intimidating to ask. Right? “What if they say ‘No’, shout at me, call security, and send me out the door.”

That will never happen.

Yes, they may say "no", BUT, you’ll never get kicked out of a place, or shouted at, or even be given bad service or a bad attitude for asking. You will learn which stores offer senior discounts, and, where you have to ask for them.

Everybody Likes NICE Old People

It’s true. Everybody likes nice old people. It like a gift from God.

They don’t like mean or cranky ones. But, they ALL like nice ones.

Here’s something you might not know yet: The older you are, the sweeter sales people will be to you IF you just give a nice sweet smile before asking. Yes men, you too.

That is “the magic tool” I mentioned earlier. Let me repeat it: Smile sweetly. Memorize that. It’s going to make shopping,  learning which stores offer senior discounts, and getting senior discounts so much easier and so much more fun. Yes, it truly works!

Even a teenager who hates his job, with a snotty and bad attitude, who you might wish to strangle in another circumstance, will soften up, lose his/her attitude, and really try to help you if you smile sweetly first.

Seniors with a smile and gentle attitude (natural to most seniors) are God’s chosen people when it comes to getting assistance and discounts. Use your gift!

Senior Citizens
Have No Enemies In Stores

This is truly one of the greatest gifts of age!

Senior citizens who smile nicely have no enemies in stores. Did you know that? The more senior we appear, the kinder the world seems to be.

So USE IT! Flaunt it! Milk it! Have fun with it! It makes finding which stores offer senior discounts a real breeze. And, fun!

Kindness from strangers is one of the greatest perks of growing old. AND, the older you are, the truer this is.

Remember: Sales peoples LOVE sweet senior citizens!

Our Mother
The Genius

which stores offer senior discounts?, granny

I have to tell you this story:

Our Mother had an enormous gift for getting people to do things for her and to get discounts pretty much everywhere.

She started at age 55. Yes, she was only 55 when she began this. Who looks old at 55? No one really. Neither did she. But, she worked it for almost 30 years! Until the day she died.

She was a charmer. When she needed something done, she would smile sweetly, look a bit helpless at whoever was there, like they were the dearest person in the entire world, and say, “Could you help a little old lady?”

It never failed.

My jaw would drop watching her.

When she was looking for a discount in stores, same thing. Charming smile, then: “Do you have a discount for seniors?”

I can not even remember how many times a person said, “Well, no. But, I’ll see what I can do for you.” They check with the manager and come back with a discount.

It’s not this easy for everyone.

BUT, I found that the older you are, and the more charming you can be with the smile, the more you will easily find which stores offer senior discounts just to you.

Of course the directories and free lists are nice because you know, before you get there, just how much you will save.

The whole point of this little story was just to let you know there are sometimes even more discounts available to us in stores when we… “ask”. With a sweet smile.

Should You Ask?

which stores offer senior discounts, #1

Usually the best time to ask for a discount is when you are talking to a sales person.

In the store, get the attention of any sales person. Remember, always smile first. Then wave one down. Wait for them to come over.

If you go chasing after one or hunt one down, they may be not quite as easy to work with. They love to feel that they are really helping a senior. Milk it! Let them do their good deed for the day.

The more they have to assist you, the more they want to help you.

When the sales person comes over, ask about whatever product you are interested in. Even if all you say is, “Do you have stockings?”, and the stockings are directly in front of you. It doesn’t matter. Ask.

Then when they show you the product, and you’ve thanked them, ask: “Do you have a senior citizen discount?” And, if they do, they will make sure you get it right away. Even if the discount isn’t advertised. Or, if it doesn’t start for a few days.

If they say “no”, it only took a few seconds of your time.

You’re a senior citizen now. Turn on that senior charm. People want to help us! They will if you give them a chance to. It’s really fun.

Which stores offer senior discounts just because you asked? Quite a few will.

Is There

Always a Senior Discount?

No. Of course not.

Sometimes, you won’t get a discount. So what? Very often you will.

So, asking is just a great habit to get into.

And, asking becomes a LOT of fun once you get over the initial nervousness and you start getting lots of deals.

Remember: We ALL are nervous about asking at first. Don’t be. You’ll never be treated poorly for asking.

BUT, you can miss a lot of savings if you don’t.

Your Smile

which stores offer senior discounts, #2
which stores offer senior discounts, #3
which stores offer senior discounts, #4

OK. It’s that simple.

Practice smiling a little at home in the mirror before you get started on this. You want to learn to smile nicely at anyone. Even if they look like they could bite your head off.

You’ll often find that being sweet and nice to the most horrible mean looking ones is way more beneficial than doing the same to the sweeter ones.


Because sometimes these tigers are only having a bad day. Or, nobody likes them in general. And, although it may not be obvious, these people are really hungry for some human kindness.

You get to do your good deed for the day by showing these tough ones some true kindness (I mean this sincerely) and, almost invariably they will give you special attention just because you were nice to them when no one else was.

Everybody wins!


Finding out which stores offer senior discounts is easy.

  • You can check our list

  • Check the papers, internet, and catalogues (time consuming!)

  • Call the store you’re interested in ahead of time

  • Find out when you get to any store by asking (by far the most fun!)

And remember, wherever you are buying anything:

#1 - Smile first. That’s where the magic is.

#2 - Ask: “Do you have a discount for senior citizens?”

That’s all you need to learn.

Doing that will get you every available senior discount out there. And, even some discounts that didn’t exist!

Happy Shopping!  ~ William, Fiona, and Charlotte

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