After First Date?

Should we text after a first date?

Is it OK to text after first date?

Yes. And, No.

It depends if you had a good date or a bad one.

After a Good
First Date

Texting is fun. If you already have a connection of some kind with someone.

Texting after the first date? Yes. If the date went well.

Receiving a sweet text after first date.

After a good first date, a text that says something nice like, “I really enjoyed meeting you today. I hope to see you again soon.” Or, “ Thanks for the great day!” Or, “You are such a Lovely person.”

Any warm text after first date, that went well, can be nice. And, very welcome by the receiver of it.

After a BAD
First Date

But, never text when you don’t want to see someone again.

A text like that is just rude, the cowards way out, and it’s mean and thoughtless. It’s like the person you’re texting is not worth the time to talk to for even one minute. It’s hurtful. I’ve seen this happen a number of times and the person receiving the text usually looks rather devastated.

Have the courage to make a real phone call.

Have the courage to be kind.

Every person has feelings. And, whether we hit it off with them or not, they took the time to meet us. To get ready and all dressed up for us. And, every person deserves the respect of a phone call, and not a cold lifeless text, if there is unfavorable news for them.

Even if it was just the first date.

That person may have really liked you. You are definitely under no obligation to feel the same way. For sure.

But, take the time to be kind and consider his/her feelings as a human being and call them. Don’t just leave a cold soulless text after first date that didn't work out for you. All you have to say is say, “I enjoyed meeting you. But, it just wasn’t a match for me.”

Easy, actually.

Now, if you both had a really obviously crappy time on the first date? No text needed. No text wanted. You’re off the hook.

A Note on


Seniors: Use whole sentences when you text after a first date.

Texting can be lots of fun. Simple one or two word messages are fast and easy. It’s the only way the kids do it. There is no lack of respect in it.

But, we all came from the time long before texting. We spoke and wrote in full sentences. With punctuation. So, when you text, if you use complete sentences, it will be very appreciated.

For us seniors, it means you took the time to treat a person with care and respect.

Poor texts for seniors to use after first date:

“Great time”
“Fun day”
“Fun enjoyed”

Instead of "Great time", wouldn’t you rather hear (or read):

“I had a great time with you. I am looking forward to seeing you again soon.”

Wow! What a difference. Right? Doesn’t that one put a smile on your face and warm your heart a whole lot more than: “Great time”

Instead of “Fun Day”, how about: “I had such a fun day with you. I really enjoyed our time together.”

Instead of “Fun enjoyed”, how about: “I had lots of fun with you today. Thanks for the great day.”

Which text would you rather receive after the first date?

It makes such a difference.

Text After First Date

The Best Way
Know What to Say

If it’s been a while since you dated, and, you had a really good first date, but, you’re not quite sure what to say after, here’s a little info that will make it easy for you to find the right words:

The best way to know what to say, is just imagine what you would like to hear if it was being said to you. It’s that simple.

If you keep that in mind, your messages will be excellent! And, happily received.

There's nothing like a sweet text after the first date.Receiving a sweet text after the first date is always a pleasure!

Best Wishes for a Great First Date! ~ William, Fiona, and Charlotte

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