Short Stories
Senior Citizens

short stories for senior citizens

Don’t you think we need more short stories for senior citizens?

But, where do we find them? For free. Without having to buy books or anything else.

Just because seniors usually tend to have lower incomes, and therefore less disposable cash, does not mean they should have to go without all the wonderful short stories that are available.

Sometime a Whole Book
Too Long

We don’t always want to read an entire book. Or, some magazine article that relates to us in no way.

We just want to read a pleasant story or two before bed, or, in the middle of the afternoon for no reason at all other than it seems like fun. Right?

Sometimes when we wake up in the middle of the night, a short story is so much more inviting than the junk one late night TV.

And, for the caregivers here, you sometimes just need nice short stories for senior citizens who do not retain much from day to day. Or, a little story to pass the time with. Or, something gentle to lull them off to sleep.

Reading Short Stories
So Satisfying!

Short stories are fun because we get to go on a complete journey in one sitting. That’s why so many people, old and young, love them. Short stories have an ageless audience.

With short stories, we can still go on great different adventures in our imaginations every night.

The Benefits
Reading Aloud

Short Stories for Senior Citizens have some Wonderful Benefits.

These include and are not limited to:

  • Stimulating Memories and Creativity

  • Improving Mood

  • Improving Concentration

  • Social Interaction

These benefits are there whether we read the stories ourselves or someone reads them to us.

Some Senior Citizens
Can No Longer Read By Themselves

There are a large number of reasons senior citizens give up reading by themselves:

  • Poor Vision
  • Lack of hand strength to hold books
  • Shaking hands
  • Other various disorders

Giving up reading does not mean elderly seniors don’t want to read. It doesn’t mean they no longer enjoy short stories.

But, not being able to read diminishes their world and this can make them feel isolated, sad, and withdrawn.

Reading short stories for senior citizens to elderly people can be an enormous gift. Enormous. One that has profound and wonderful results.

reading to elderly seniors, senior citizens

Reading to elderly seniors can help them feel:

  • Connected
  • Loved
  • Cared For
  • Appreciated
  • Socially Involved

Just by you reading some short stories to them regularly.

Even if it is only one or two nights a week, this engagement gives many lonely seniors a new happiness. Something to look forward to. Some social connect.

Sometimes there is no better gift.

Ask Them
What They Enjoy

What should you read to senior citizens?

That's a great question!

The easiest way to find the kinds of short stories for senior citizens that will be the best is simple: Ask them what they like.

Simple. Right?

If we like something we want to enjoy it more. As senior citizens that doesn’t change.

Once you know what topics or kinds of stories your senior likes the best, there are many places to look for the kinds of short stories they want.

Here are a few ideal sources:

  • Poems

  • Newspapers

  • Internet Search for “Short Stories”

  • Biographies

  • Religious Passages from the Bible

  • Plays are often wonderful, they read in about 90 minutes or less

  • Travel brochures. These also have lots of pictures to capture the imagination.

  • Magazines. The short stories in magazines are often the perfect length for a read in a night or two.

  • Comic books are often wonderful for elderly seniors

  • Recipe Books are very popular with some seniors and they inspire the imagination

Our 6 Best Resources
Short Stories for Senior Citizens

the best short stories for senior citizens

If you want to find some of the very best and most famous short stories, here are Our Favorite websites for short stories for senior citizens:

(my personal favorite)
“20 Great American Short Stories”

“Favorite Short Stories Collection”

“34 Short Stories You Can Read for Free Right Now”

“18 Great Short Stories You Can Read Free Online”

“These Classic Stories Are So Short,
You Have No Excuse Not To Read Them”

For the intellectually inclined, from “The New Yorker” magazine:

“Best Short Stories to Read Online for Free”

For the Caregiver

We all know reading to seniors is very satisfying for both the caregiver and the person being cared for.

However, trying to work through complex novels with twists and turns usually turns into a poor experience.

Short stories for senior citizens are the perfect length for those who want to enjoy reading to elderly seniors without confusing them.

Here are some excellent ones to get started with that you may want to consider:

1. “Parson’s Pleasure” – Roald Dahl

Roald Dahl actually started his writing career writing children’s books, including “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” which many of us know and love. This tale explores the world of scam artists who prey on vulnerable people.

2. “The Tuesday Night Club” – Agatha Christie

This is a lovely mystery for those who enjoy puzzles. The main character is a sly old woman who helps strangers solve their various problems which they have been unable to figure out by themselves. As an older wiser woman she uses her own life experiences to help younger people with the same problems she herself had in her past.

3. “The Tell-Tale Heart” – Edgar Allen Poe

Everyone who is a fan of short stories eventually needs to read this one to their seniors. “The Tell-Tale Heart” is considered to be one of Poe’s best!
It is just over 2,000 words and can easily be read in one evening. A classic!

4. “Hills Like White Elephants” – Ernest Hemingway

Hemingway is one of our most famous and favorite American authors. And, he really crafted a tale. He was known to spend an entire day just getting a single sentence to say exactly what he wanted in the most precise way.

“Hills Like White Elephants” follows a pair of travelers who are exploring new and exciting cities. The heroine is trying to decide if she should have a serious operation that could determine the future course of her life. When should a person put their own happiness first or sacrifice for their loved ones.

As with all of Hemingway’s writing, it’s thought provoking.

5. “The Garden Party” – Katherine Mansfield

“The Garden Party” looks at many different fascinating themes including how the perception of death changes as we age. Not as morose as I’m making it sound.

The Goal IS:
Have Fun!

senior citizens short stories

There are endless sources for short stories for senior citizens.

The GOAL with reading short stories, or reading them to someone, is to have fun. Right?

So, never be concerned what the material is, or, what the sources are. Just as long as we or the person we are reading to enjoys what we are reading.

Short stories are wonderful, and have been for hundreds of years, because we get an entire adventure in a short period of time. Start to finish.

This is especially important for those who do not remember things well from day to day.

As long as you (or the person you are reading to) enjoy what you are reading, it’s a good choice.

Those sources we gave you just above have literally hundreds to choose from.


Whether for yourself, or, for someone in your care, short stories are a wonderful little adventure we can take any time of the day. Or, night.

Remember:  Reading short stories for senior citizens aloud enables you to visit with your elderly loved ones in a most comfortable and warm way. With no pressure to make conversation if neither of you feel like it.

And, reading short stories to the elderly can make an elderly senior’s entire day, and, give them more Joy than you might imagine.

Have a Very Wonderful Day!  ~ William, Fiona, and Charlotte

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