Taking Good Care
Granny (and Grandpa) - 2020

You’re In The Right Place!

We Love Our Granny is the leading online destination for people who are seeking information on how to help their senior loved ones continue to live in their own home.

Happily, with Dignity, and as Independent as possible.

Whether it is you Mom and Dad, your spouse, or, even yourself, our goal is to help you find the resources you need to help make senior life more:

  • Wonderful

  • Joyful

  • Independent

They’re Not Just “Seniors”

They are our Moms. And, our Dads. Right?

They may be a bit slower now, and, a bit more challenged now. Some more than others. But, they’re still the same people. And, they still have the same capacity for joyful living as ever. They just need a bit more help with some daily tasks.

And, there’s no reason why they can’t handle most of these tasks themselves. When they have the right tools.

Independent senior living is much more possible than most people realize.

And, our entire purpose is to help you find the things you need and want to make Senior Living Happier and More Independent.

For a Happy and More Independent Tomorrow   ~ William

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