Our Beautiful
Senior Citizens Pictures - 2021

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Senior Citizens Pictures:

“Elderly people are like plants.
Whereas some go to seed, or to pot,
others blossom in the most wonderful ways.

I believe beauty competitions should be held only for people
over seventy years of age.

When we are young, we have the face and figure God gave us.
We did nothing to earn our good looks.

But as we get older, character becomes etched on our face.

Beautiful old people are works of art. Like a white candle in a holy place, so it the beauty of an aged face.”      ~James Simpson

Yes! This is our beautiful senior citizens pictures gallery.

We want you to join us! Show yourself off!

Take a look. We senior citizens are the most beautiful people in the world. Yes we are. I’m not kidding.

We have:

  • The Most History

  • The Most Stories

  • The Most Experience

Do you know we've seen more major world changes in our lifetimes (the past 100 years) than occurred in the previous 1,000 years?

Wow! Pretty cool. Right?

Seniors Are Beautiful!

Here's why:

  • Senior citizens pictures tell a story.

  • Every line on our faces, every grey and white hair in our heads, we earned. The hard way. And, these are our medals. Our marks of honor.

  • We are a treasure trove of experience and knowledge for those coming up behind us.

  • We are the last generations to know about:

  • Writing a love letter by hand

  • Communicating by paper mail (with an envelope and a stamp)

  • Meeting a stranger while waiting for a train or bus and talking to them instead of having our faces buried in an iPhone

  • Driving a manual shift car


  • Doing our own baking.

  • Sewing with a needle and thread


  • Building things with our hands.

  • etc...etc...etc...

Seniors Are Awesome

We seniors have managed to live through wars, race riots, pollution of every kind.

We remember Black and White TV.

Some of us remember when there was no TV. When there were no computers.

We had more time outside in nature. More time with friends. And, a simpler life than today.

Seniors Are Amazing

And, as smart and technologically superior the modern generations are, we have a lot to show the newer generations about Human Interaction. Kindness. Compassion. And, just how to have some real human connection.

We must never forget how important that is. Or, how lucky we were to live during those times.

Welcome to:
The Senior Citizens Picture Gallery

So, dear friends, let’s see some of these Beautiful Faces.


If you can, email us your photo and we’ll paste it right here on this page. Tell us the names you’d like in the caption. The most recent pictures are at the top.

The Gallery

beautiful senior citizens pictures #6Merle and Frankie

active senior citizens picturesKarri and Steve

senior citizens pictures hikingEileen and Mark

senior citizens dancingPaul and Irma

beautiful senior couple pictureJim and Suzy

seniors citizens pictures #1Tom and Rose

seniors pictures #1Karen and Teddy

senior citizens pictures #5Grandpa Eddie
still Rocking Out!

seniors dancing for funLulu

happy senior citizensDiana and Eddy

great grandmother picturesAva and Great Great Grandson Willy

senior citizens pictures #4Loretta and Grand Daughter Ginny

beautiful senior citizens pictures #2Sophie and Sophie

senior citizens and their grandchildrenBeth and Grand Daughter Becky

beautiful senior citizens picture #3Mary

senior citizens pictures #8Jim

senior citizens pictures #7Harvey and Silvia

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