What’s Another Word
Senior Citizen?

What is another word for senior citizen?

Want another word for senior citizen?

some very funny
unexpected responses!

"What is another word for senior citizen?"

That was the survey question.

There are a lot of odds and ends terms used to describe us seniors. Right? And, some really really piss us off. Am I right again?

Others are just plain funny.

But, in our most recent survey, "What's Another Word for Senior Citizen", the reactions from some of our seniors to words used as another word for “senior citizen” were totally unexpected and hysterically funny.

So, we decided to share these comments with you here today and hope you  get a good laugh just like we did.

The Survey

If you’ve been with us for a while you know we do a lot of surveys with seniors because we want to know how seniors really feel about things and what seniors are thinking about different topics.

In this survey we wanted to learn four things:

1)  What "another word for senior citizen" was most common.

2)  How each senior felt when people used another word for senior citizen.

3)   Which words do they find most acceptable.

4)   Which words do they really HATE!

When we got the surveys back, THE MOST FUN PART was some of the reactions we got to "Another Word for Senior Citizen".

Here is where the fun really began for us:

The 16 Most HATED
Alternative Words for “Senior Citizen”

We only got the really funny (and strong) comments when the alternative words for senior citizens were high on the “Hate List”.

BUT, we also asked for the very favorite alternative word.

At the end of this article we’re going to give you the very favorite words that both male and female seniors said they love the most. They got 182 out of 200 votes from our seniors surveyed!

Here is
The List:

Now the fun part!

Another word for senior citizen? Here are the 16 alternatives voted the WORST alternatives to “senior citizen”( “…that can make me want to punch those young suckers in the nose…”, Ed Healy).


Word hated by 172 seniors.

“Doesn’t that make you feel like you’re going to be rolled away to a home, fed apple sauce, and and set in front of a TV for 16 hours a day. Who among us (that can even remember our own name) even relates to this word?? Much less those of us in our 70s and 80 who feel really wonderfully alive?” Adelle Viviant


Word Hated by 159 seniors.

“Unless you are over 75, Elderly is another one that has got to be pissing you off too. My sister hates this one worst of all. 159 of our seniors surveyed hate it. Doesn’t it just conjure up images of a frail bent over woman in a rocker, with a shawl, holding a cup to tea? If that’s who you are, great! God Bless You for getting so far. But, if you’re a young active senior, like myself (68) we’re not “elderly” at all. So watch it! Find another.” Myrna Blyther

Old Timer

Word Hated by 61 seniors.

“Oh yeah? How about I whip your snotty little ass??” Edward Passeo

(* I couldn’t stop laughing when I read Edward's comment!….)


Word Hated by 191 seniors.

“I'm only 66. And doesn't that word just make me feel vibrant and full of life? How about you? Geeze Louise! Thank you so much. It's like you're sucking the life directly from my veins.  ”
 Margarette Mason

Golden Ager

Word Hated by 144 seniors

"Are “Golden Agers” a spiritual angel or something that is supposed to glow? Jesus! One of the worst. You might as well just sit me in the corner, pat me on the head, and give me a plate of cookies. Find another." Marie Treban


Word Hated by only 34 seniors.

"Yeah, great word. If we’re living back in the 50s.”  Jay Levine


Word Hated by 31 seniors.

“Thank you for the immediate castration and feeling of uselessness when I was just getting into the most fun time I’ve ever had. That pension was not a gift kiddo. I worked my $#%^ off for it!” Harry Chaplin

Old Person

Words Hated by only 34 seniors.

“Well, though I may hate to admit it, I am. I actually have less trouble with this one than many of the others because it’s kind of direct, and, without the derogatory connotations. Old. Yes, and I'll tell you, happy and proud to be here.” Mary Bennett

Older Person

Word Hated by only 11 seniors.

"Nice one. It’s exactly what we are and there is no insult to our abilities here. I’ll take this one any day over a lot of those others.” Ed Healy


"You got a problem with my beard? Smart asses..." Roger Nimmery

Old Fogey

Word Hated by 92 seniors.

“Young snot!…. But, I used to use this one all the time myself. So, I guess it’s payback. Can't complain.” John Sullivan


Hated by 37 seniors.

“This one, for some reason, always makes me laugh! As kids, we used it all the time, and now it’s coming back to bite us! Fair enough. But, you really got to be a very old man, who needs a shave, and has a real personally problem, for this title. Don't you think? But, we’ve all seen them! And, the title fits! Ha! I still use it.” Manny Munroe


“Really? How many know who he is? And, funny enough, I hear it used only by older people who are talking about someone very old. Depending upon who this word is aimed at however, it can really make me laugh.” JoAnne Wadsforth


“If you’re under 90, you are not in this group. If you are in this group, God Bless You!” Mary Beth Sandoval


“Fair enough… and kind of cute.” Eleanor Wiseman

Old Codger

Word Hated by 112 seniors (all men).

We saved this one for last because it just broke us all up. The wonderful original expletive was in normal language:

“Young piece of &^%$!” Martin Freeman

What Was
Most Popular?

Do we need another word for senior citizen?

It looks like we don't. The old standards remained the favorite:

Seniors - Received 138 of the 200 votes

Senior Citizen - Received 62 of the the 200 votes.

But, was there another one that rated even better than these two?

You bet!  And, it swept 192 of our 200 seniors surveyed:

"Another Word for Senior Citizen?"

The #1 Favorite

192 out of 200 seniors voted these #1:

Granny and Grandpa
(or any variation of these two names)

“The Best!! When my darling little Jody (4 years old) calls me Granny it just warms my heart for the whole day.”  Elle Forster (66 years old)

“Any time, any day of the week. Puts a smile in my day.”  John Ellsworth (61 years old)

“The sweetest words from the sweetest mouths.”  Ravina Salton (70 years old)

“It doesn’t matter what else might have happened during the day. On any day I hear “Big Granpa” from one of our great grandkids (there are 6), my heart is overwhelmed with joy. I feel like the luckiest man in the world”  Tom Harris (84 years old)

Another word for senior citizen? Here's my favorite.

Another word for senior citizen that I love most is "Grandpa"

We hope you had a good time reading the funny comments and warm words from these seniors on our “Another Word for Senior Citizen” survey. And, we hope you got some unexpected laughs from some of those outrageous comments just like we did.

Have a Most Wonderful Day!  ~ William, Fiona, and Charlotte

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